How to connect an electrolux convector to WI-FI

Convectors with Wi-Fi module. a fairly popular solution for turning on the heating of the house at a distance. Consider the model from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Mi Smart Space Heater S. The power of this heater is 2200 W, which is enough for rooms up to 20 m2.

Mi Smart Space Heater S has a splash protection standard IPX4, automatic protection against overheating, which is triggered if the temperature of the housing or heating elements rises above normal. There is also an automatic shutdown in case of violation of the horizontal position (tipping).

From the pleasant little things we can highlight the crossbar for drying small things.

And of course Mi Smart Space Heater S supports remote control. This is done using the Xiaomi smart home app. Mi Home, available for both Android and Apple smartphones. If you do not want to be limited to one device, then the manufacturer has many other devices. outlets, switches, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Back to the heater. In the application, you can set the time at which the heater will turn off, or set a full schedule, specifying the days of the week and the time when the convector will work. Maintaining the temperature at the set point is also available. Step of regulation. 1 degree, the range. from 18 to 28 degrees. In addition, you can turn on child protection, which blocks the touch control. Also at any time you can connect to the convector and remotely turn on the heating of the room.

In addition, you can control the app using the touch buttons on the side of the device to set the temperature (in two-degree increments) or set the auto-off timer.

The disadvantages are the lack of wall mounting and inoperability of the temperature maintenance function. The latter should be corrected in new versions of firmware.

Of the pluses. it warms, controlled remotely, an interesting design and the presence of the crossbar for drying. Well, and integration into the Xiaomi smart home system.

How to connect and control the convector with WI-FI. Ballu and Electrolux inverter convector

How to connect and control the convector with WI-FI. Inverter convector Ballu and Electrolux! Using our 2kW Ballu Evolution Transformer office convector as an example, I will show you how to connect to Wi-Fi. Similar procedure for Electrolux Rapid Transformer and Air Gate 2. Everything is very simple. 0. Picked up your phone, connected to your home wifi and stayed in it. 1. Turned off the convector. 2. Started the Baloo Home app. (Ballu Home) 3. Insert the Wi-Fi module, the blue light at the top lights up dimly. 4. Pressed the button for 3 seconds. Letting go. The light bulb went out (actually there is an orange blinking, only you can see it in the dark). 5. As released the button, on the phone pressed “connect device”. 6. Designate the location of the device in a convenient way (bedroom / balcony / living room), in the middle line. Home Wi-Fi (which the phone is connected to in point 0), on the bottom line. home wifi password. Pressed the “connect device” button. 7. Wait a while (a minute at most) for the device to be added to the server and your inverter convector to show up in your app. Some things that may help: 1. The circle spins indefinitely and won’t connect. 99% of the time, just wait a day. I don’t know what this has to do with, but just wait. Helps, then everything works. Sometimes it spins two times, but on the third try everything is okay. Honestly, I once spent an hour trying to connect. plugged in. Why so. I don’t know. Main. Result, it works steadily. 2. At the bottom just hangs the status “Waiting for communication with the server: 1” and nothing else. Here it is simple. reload the application and the desired tab “electric heating” is displayed. 3. My android smartphone has “unknown SSID” on the wifi and I can’t select wifi Waiting for update. This joint has to do with some particular version of Android. 4. How to control from another phone. On the other cell phone just enter the same phone number, enter under the same data and everything will work fine. Friends, I hope this helps someone. If anything. post in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we’ll figure it out together. Thanks for the wonderful music in the background. Slava Makovsky piano covers. #heater #convector #electrolux #Ballu #air salesman

Also hold the button, but the yellow light does not turn on. does not go into Smartlink modeWhat could be the problem?

Oh great lord help and teach me how to turn on the convector Elm

Even though it’s been 2 years, but this video has rewired my convectors. And I also read in one comment that the name of the network on the router had no spaces or dashes and it worked the first time.

Please tell me why I can’t connect two convectors? Can they conflict with each other??

How to Connect and Control a Ballu And Electrolux Inverter Convector With WI-FI

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How to connect a convector to Wi-Fi. Step by step instructions for Electrolux and Ballu convectors.

Wi-Fi for Electrolux and Ballu convectors. Connecting 2021 Wi-Fi modules. Electrolux Rapid. Ballu Evolution. Ballu Apollo.

Buy a convector from us.

Hi All! We have recorded a video guide on how to connect the Wi-Fi module to the convector. What convectors can be connected: Electrolux Rapid. The most reliable inverter convector Electrolux Air Gate 2 Electrolux Marble Brilliant Ballu Apollo Ballu Evolution

Important, each of these convectors must be equipped with the latest control unit! If it’s an Electrolux, the control unit is 2020 model. If Balu. then the control unit model 2021.

00:00. intro 00:30. connect Wi-Fi to the unit 01:19. creating a pair on the local network 01:24. go to app 01:43. connect the convector in the app 01:58. choose home wi-fi in the app 02:29. result

Answers to frequently asked questions:. what kind of app? hommyn. I need to be on the same Wi-Fi network with him? no. so i’m in town and the heater is in the vegetable garden? Right. this is the technology! you can’t tell otherwise. How many convectors can be connected? how many. and what is it, a wi-fi module for each convector?! exactly. The external thermostat can be connected to the app? you can. and the external thermostat is out? release in november 2021. Whether it works with the 2018 control unit? no. Will it work? unknown. and the application balu and electrolux? All at hommyn. what frequency of work? 2.4 and 5 GHz and with one unit and one Wi-Fi you can control all convectors? of course, and also to invoke a rainbow at will. Which control units will fit? to inverter. but to electronic? to the inverter

Gentlemen, Комментарии и мнения владельцев are open. We will share our experiences with connection or disconnection. Wi-Fi should work flawlessly.

Buy a convector from us.

Find the right air washer, purifier, air intake, split system. welcome to our web-shop. “Air Salesman.”. 8-800-600-75-13. for calls within Russia 7 (495) 647-67-13. for calls in Moscow and Moscow region 7 (343) 266-75-13. for calls around Yekaterinburg and the Urals 7 (905) 806-75-13. mobile, as well as for whatsapp / sms

Air Dealer. specialized store of climatic equipment. We know everything about the equipment we sell, because we use it ourselves.

How to connect the convector to the Wi-Fi. Step by step instructions for convectors Electrolux and Ballu.

Wi-Fi for convectors Electrolux and Ballu. Connecting the Wi-Fi modules of the sample 2021. Electrolux Rapid. Ballu Evolution. Ballu Apollo. Buy a convector from us.! We recorded a video guide on how to connect Wi-Fi module to the convector. What convectors can be connected: Electrolux Rapid. The most reliable inverter convector Electrolux Air Gate 2 Electrolux Marble Brilliant Ballu Apollo Ballu Evolution Important, each of these convectors must be equipped with the latest control unit! If it’s Electrolux, then the control unit is model 2020. If Balu. control unit model 2021. : 00:00. intro 00:30. Connecting Wi-Fi to the unit 01:19. creating a local network pair 01:24. go to application 01:43. connect the converter in the app 01:58. choose your home Wi-Fi in the app 02:29. Result Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:. what kind of app? hommyn. I need to be on the same wifi network with it? no. I am in the city and the heater is in the garden? correct. this is the technology! There’s no other way to tell. how many convectors can be connected? as much as you like. And what is that, one wi-fi module per converter?! exactly. external thermostat can be connected to the app? you can. And the external thermostat is out? release in november 2021. does it work with the 2018 control unit? no. will it work? unknown. and the application balu and electrolux? everything in the hommyn. What is the frequency of operation? 2.4 and 5 ghz and with one unit and one wifi you can control all the convectors? Of course, and also to summon rainbows at will. Which control units are suitable for? to inverter. but to electronic? To the inverter gentlemen, Комментарии и мнения владельцев are open. Let’s share our experiences with connection or disconnection. Wi-Fi should work flawlessly. Buy a convector from us. air-seller.Choose the most correct air washer, air cleaner, air intake, split system. Welcome to our online store. “air-seller”. 8-800-600-75-13. for calls within Russia 7 (495) 647-67-13. for calls in Moscow and Moscow region 7 (343) 266-75-13. For calls around Yekaterinburg and the Urals 7 (905) 806-75-13. mobile, and for whatsapp / SMS Air Seller. specialized store of climatic equipment. We know all about the technique that we sell, in detail, as we use the same technique.

Good day. Please advise on the following questions. Situation: There are 3 rapids with smart blocks. Each has a “flash drive” connected to it. Setting up the devices in the hommyn app was successful. The devices are visible and controllable. But. 1 convector is not willing to listen. Yes, that’s right! ) To be more precise: on the convector, it is set to 25. I want 30. In the app I set t. 30. The app hesitates for a few seconds and resets the desired 30 to the original 25. And so on several times. Two three times. On the fourth. The fifth time the converter listened and set it to 30. How to fight it? Next. I still can’t get a centralized control of all convectors through the hommyn app. Playing with rooms, rooms and groups of devices did not lead to anything. The temperature is set only separately on each device. How do I fight it?? And lastly. The problem above can be solved by connecting the devices to Alice. And so it’s done. But, 1 out of 3 devices Alice does not see, for the life of me. I swapped the flash cards but it didn’t help. Alice can’t see 1 and the same unit. And it’s the one that doesn’t listen well. “Good” convectors were purchased in 2020. Bad Fall 2021. That’s the difference. I want a really smart house, but it doesn’t work. It’s not done there, it’s not done there, etc. Raw, in general. Thanks.

Afternoon! What is the difference between “COMFORT” and “ECO” modes in the application? Thanks

I have Ballou working fine with Rubetech, no problems with the connection, downloaded the mobile app, set everything up, everything, convenient

Please add indoor temperature. It is clear that there will be a margin of error. But this is a very important parameter. The other apps have this. If I had known they would have removed this, I would have taken the Ballu model with the Rubetek module.

How convectors work in an unheated room? At minus temperature

Wi-Fi module does not associate you as Marble. Wi-Fi module sees the control head with a specific ID. This control head can connect to 5 different heating elements. What exactly is the Wi-Fi module itself can not know. In order for the user to call the convector in the app the same way as in real life, the app suggests you to choose from the following 5 convectors.

I connect to electro lux ag digital inverter module 01The Wi-Fi icon does not appear In the new application is not foundThe old home comfort application does not start at all Tell me what to do?

Review of the inverter convector Electrolux Air Gate 2

Hello all, today we will tell you about the inverter convector Electrolux Air Gate 2.

  • What is the convector and what’s so special about it?
  • The inverter technology and its implementation in this convector
  • Energy efficiency of the convector or why it saves money
  • Safety of the convector: can it be left unattended
  • Remote convector control via Wi-Fi (for gardeners and farmers is especially important)
  • Kit that saves: how to buy what you need and not run into a dumb seller who sells the wrong thing.

Unit : Electrolux Air Gate 2 Transformer with inverter control.

Everyone asks why it is a transformer? We tell you. it is sold in parts in different boxes (heating module chassis wi-fi control unit), you assemble it yourself, so it is called a transformer. We will tell in details in one of the last paragraphs.

The model appeared in the fall of 2018, the line consists of three devices of different capacities:

About the heating element:

In the inverter convector there is a monolithic heating element of a new model: it is smaller in size but the heat output is higher, because additional ribbing was made (previously it was smooth, like an enameled spoon) over its entire area and therefore the body of the heater was made smaller by ¼, while maintaining the same power. So, the convector managed to make the size smaller, but it heats even better.The speed of the heating element to reach operating temperature is only 75 seconds, which means that it takes just over a minute to start heating in normal mode. So can only a few heaters, it is a very high rate.

The convector body is made of metal and plastic elements are made of non-flammable plastic that cannot become source of fire and ignition. Air distribution louvers. Also made of metal. The maximum temperature of heating element. 130 degrees, which corresponds to GOST and fire safety standards. If you think that much, then tell us: Stitch-heating elements in heaters heat up to 600 degrees, steel heating elements in the aluminum jacket. 300-400 degrees.

Placement of the convector: to hang on the wall or put on a wheeled chassis:

You can install the convector on the wheeled chassis, or hang it on the wall on brackets, they are included. When wall mounting, note that the power cord is only 1 meter long and it comes from the top of the convector (from the inverter control unit), so you will most likely need a separate outlet (to be as aesthetically pleasing and not to pull wires all over the house). The 220 wire is on the left side at the top of the convector, so the socket is better to be on the same side. Here’s an example of our customer’s wall mounted convector.

And here is a general view of the inverter convector on the wall (published with the kind permission of our customer):

The installation process itself is easy and does not take more than 10 minutes. it comes with all the necessary fasteners and an installation sheet, which you just attach to the wall (it has all the markings) and do everything according to the instructions.

Filtration system in the Air Gate 2:

The green thing in your hand. dust filter. And that’s the only filter that’s a normal size. The rest of the filters. see below.

Another distinctive feature of the Electrolux air gate 2 inverter convector is the filtration system. I say bluntly. I do not fucking need this system, as any filter installed on the air intake, reduces the flow of incoming air and lowers the efficiency of the device. Comes with 4 filters:

I have to disappoint on all filters except the dust filter, they look like this. Yeah, they’re just some little lozenges. When I first got them in my hands I thought they were samples, I could buy more filters if I wanted to. No, I was wrong))) And these “test filters” made me laugh a lot)) What’s the point of them? None at all. So if you are choosing between the Electrolux Rapid Transformer and Air Gate 2 and the presence of filters on the AG2 somehow motivates you to buy it, don’t bother with those filters, choose the one you like best.

Block : about inverter technology and its implementation in this convector.

Inverter technology control convector. know-how, which at the time of this writing (February 8, 2019) has only Electrolux and Ballou. The inverter control box provides step-by-step regulation of the heating element’s output in 20% increments.

Why 1.5 kW convector starts at 400 (more than 20%). this is the minimum power, below which it makes no sense to go. The remainder of the maximum power is divided into exactly 5 parts.Let’s explain: the inverter convector has 5 power levels which it selects by itself depending on the situation by analyzing the temperature in the room. It adapts to its changes, spending only the amount of electricity needed to maintain this temperature, not taking more than necessary, due to this occurs and saves electricity. The process is fully automatic and requires no human control.There is a nuance: the reference voltage at which you measure the power is 230V. If you have a voltage of 220 ±10-15%. then the maximum power of the convector can be slightly lower and each step too.

Important: If there are frequent power surges, you will need to put a stabilizer. Permissible voltage drops, at which electronics works without problems. ±10-15% of 220 volts. If the difference is too big, it’s better not to use inverter convector control unit, because it can be defective. In this case the best way out is a mechanical control unit with a usual bimetallic thermostat. It is not afraid of power surges and in case of power outage it will start again and resume its work.

Continuous operation or constant on/off? What’s best?

One of the features of the inverter convector is that it practically never shuts off. If you take regular heaters, they work in on / off mode, ie on / off. Almost all fridges work in this way: If you have ever noticed that when you go to bed at night the house is perfectly quiet and the refrigerator suddenly starts to work, it means that the temperature in it has increased and the compressor has started to work. And such iterations happen all the time. The inverter convector never shuts off: it operates in partial load mode, allowing it to maintain the temperature as evenly as possible and not consume more electricity than necessary. Below we have diagrams to illustrate the principle of the inverter convector and the on/off system.

Power consumption of convectors with standard convectors (which are on/off) and inverter convectors (inverter technology in action)

Schematic representation of inverter convector operation (not switched off, running continuously, as a result. burns less electricity)

This is what the convector control looks like when the convector is on. Note the 5 bars: each bar is a step of 20% power. As the set temperature is reached, the number of columns will begin to decrease and you will see and understand how much power the convector is really running now and how much it consumes.

Block : about energy efficiency and why an inverter convector saves money.

The inverter technology itself is not new. it is used in air conditioners for a long time and even in refrigerators not so long ago. Here are two examples, which are equivalent to the inverter technology

Example : Two drivers in identical cars: absolutely equal conditions. Both need to drive from Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk. One drives very aggressively. accelerates sharply, brakes sharply, in short, does everything that causes high fuel consumption. The second driver is the exact opposite: smooth acceleration and smooth deceleration, which provide minimal fuel consumption. In our context, the fuel is electricity. The situation is absolutely real. It is not the task to be the first to arrive. The conversation here is exactly about efficiency. And the second driver is more efficient (inverter convector).

Example: The heater in the car never turns off, it is always on, it just has a different wattage. If the car is already warm and well. it works to maintain those conditions. It does not take too much, it does not overheat interior of the car, it keeps there a normal degree, in which you feel comfortable! If you drive at minus 25 degrees and you open the door wide open. it quickly gets cold in the car and the heater starts to struggle against this by increasing its work intensity.

Savings are achieved through a high variability in the use of the heating element, its continuous operation, the partial load mode. It will save a significant amount of money on electricity precisely because of the precise maintenance of the temperature over a long period, the so-called seasonal energy efficiency.

Unit : safety and whether this convector can be left unattended?

In short, the convector is fireproof and you can leave it unattended with a clear conscience, nothing will happen. The convector was given to the Ministry of Emergency Situations for tests and they showed that it could not be source of fire, that it meets all the standards and requirements and even more.The enclosure is metal, a safe coating (not just some paint), which rules out fire. The plastic parts are made of non-flammable plastic, which in case of something can only become a puddle, but not catch fire.

The level of dust and moisture protection. ip24: you can safely put it even in the anteroom, it easily withstands high humidity and falls on it water spray at any angle he is not afraid of.

There are two safety sensors inside. from overheating of the case and from overturning. Overtemperature sensor will trip if the enclosure begins to get too hot and turn the unit off. The tilt sensor monitors the position of the convector. if the position of the housing changes by 30 degrees or more, it shuts off, the circuit is opened. Have not tried dropping it forcibly ourselves, but the manufacturer talked about this sensor.

As for temperature operation, it can be brought into a very cold room (up to.25 degrees) and turn it on there, nothing terrible will happen to it, the heating element is not afraid of it.

Unit: remote convector control via Wi-Fi.

One of the most popular features for gardeners: when in town you can switch on your inverter convector in advance and it will heat the room for your arrival. The function is realized by connecting the convector to your home wi-fi network and its continuous presence in the network. How it looks in practice: come to the cottage, connect the convector to wi-fi, leave the wi-fi working, go back to the city. You pick up your cell phone, open the app, turn on the convector remotely. The screen of the application will show you the current temperature of the convector, so you’ll be in full control and know what temperature you need to set for the house to get warm.

For those who are worried and think that since there is no stable wi-fi at the cottage, do not get upset before time. It is now 2019 (at the time of writing. February 8, 2019) and you can buy a router with a SIM card inside from any mobile operator, choose the cheapest tariff and take it to the cottage. Wi-Fi control. first and foremost about comfort.

Other functions, which gives Wi-Fi control convector. you can set the timer to turn on / off, you can block the ability to control the convector with his control unit (if there are children, it will be a protection against them), you can turn off the control unit backlight (Electrolux it is a nice blue color).

You can put an inverter convector in each room and name them accordingly, so that it is clear from your cell phone which convector you control. One convector requires 1 Wi-Fi module.

Unit: the correct configuration of the convector and how not to buy the wrong one.

The need to tell about it is dictated by two things:

  • Because of the stupidity of salespeople who do not know anything about inverter convectors and can’t distinguish the electronic control unit from the inverter, thinking that they are two identical, just one with wi-fi and one without.
  • The lack of understanding of buyers, why everything is sold in parts.

Here we come to why the convector is a transformer. It is sold in different boxes. Minimum working set. heating module inverter control unit. It is from the control unit comes the wire 220 volts, the heating module itself has only the input connection type “papa-mama” for the control unit, otherwise it can not be connected to the network.

  • The box with the heating module. it contains the heating module itself, two brackets, a set of fasteners for wall installation and a sheet with markings.
  • The box with the inverter control unit. in it lies the control unit itself, there may also lie a bag with a screw to fix it on the heating module. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. If it’s not there, don’t be alarmed. You can take the screw out of the bag with the heating module.
  • The box with the wheel chassis. there are 4 wheels, two butterfly bolts, two legs to create a wheel base.
  • The wi-fi box is a plastic box with a wi-fi module. That’s all, there is nothing else in it.

If you will be installing the convector on the wall, then you just need the heating module inverter control unit, no more elements you need. The wheel chassis and wi-fi are optional.If you want to put a convector on wheels and make it mobile, you need a heating module control unit wheeled chassis. Wi-Fi. as you wish. Here you can buy an inverter convector in any configuration, we have them both assembled and in parts.

And this is what the package from under the Wi-Fi module looks like:

Important: do not let dumb sellers mislead you, they can sell you instead of an inverter control unit. electronic. Look at the photo below, there’s an inverter control box, it’s big and there’s a jack for wi-fi. Electronic is much smaller and without wi-fi.

Another important point: you need exactly Electrolux air gate 2 transformer. not just air gate, not air gate mechanic, not air gate eco. exactly Electrolux air gate 2 transformer (marking. Electrolux ech/ag2-1500 t, where 1500. the necessary capacity), and it needs an inverter control unit. Then you get the right package. You can see the complete scope of delivery in the picture below. Sellers can be stupid and do not understand (do not know, deliberately not talking) about the difference between the models air gate and air gate 2, so after reading this text, do not let them mislead you.

Управление водонагревателем Electrolux Centurio IQ 2.0 через мобильное приложение

To summarize:

Think, decide, choose. Remember that when you buy an inverter convector Electrolux (also Ballu, they are exactly the same on the inside, just Ballu costs less), you are not just buying a heater, you are buying an opportunity to save on electricity. The maximum allowable savings, which has been recorded and confirmed. 83.6%, which means that at 83.6% it consumed less electricity and did not let you give the money to the local power grid company. The inverter convector is about saving money. At the moment this technology is only used in devices from Electrolux and Balu, it is new within convective heating. Here, the difference in money is recouped fairly quickly, it can save about 1-1.5 rubles a month, so the investment in this convector pays off quickly enough and then just save. Yes, you can buy any other convector that will be cheaper, you will save money, but then he will pull and pull money out of you to pay the power bill.

You can buy an inverter convector Electrolux Air Gate 2 Transformer with the inverter control unit in our online store, we can send it both in Russia and in some CIS cities. Within the city of Yekaterinburg. delivery the same day, because our warehouse is located here.

Review: Convector Electrolux Air Gate Transformer ECH/AG2-2000T. The convector can be assembled as a transformer

The heater is sold as a construction set: convector separately, control unit separately, separately wheels. In principle it is a rational approach. why pay for the wheels, if the convector will be attached to the wall (the bracket for mounting is included). And you choose the type of control unit. with a mechanical regulator, electronic (more expensive) or inverter (even more expensive). I chose the easiest. mechanical unit, and what a fin of other blocks figured out in the process of using this convector.Bought in the country, to replace the old poorly working convector. The house is heated with electric convectors. For a room of 18 sq.m. м. 1,5 kW power.Since convectors are not removed for the summer, the convector is attached to the wall. the bracket is included in the basic set. Important. The control unit is purchased separately, so if you buy only the heating part, you can’t connect the convector to the network without the control unit.

Liked the design. not just a steel box, but a convector with its own style and design.The convector has a small filter at the bottom to trap dust so that the natural convection of air does not draw dust to the bottom of the heating element and does not burn with unpleasant odors. Speaking of the heating element. it’s a monolith with scales, similar to a grater or a large file. No THEN, no needle heater, there is no naked heating thread, so it is safe. There is no risk of fire if foreign objects get inside. Monolith both in name and in appearance is monumental. Heats the air in the room convector quickly, with no noise and does not emit a smell of burning.Now about the choice of control unit. The options were. a mechanical unit, electronic unit and inverter. Since the purchase was spontaneous. I had to quickly buy a convector for a replacement, I chose the easiest, cheapest and most understandable. a mechanical unit. Here everything is clear and familiar: two power modes. full and half and a mechanical temperature regulator. I would like to share the conclusions I came to after studying the convector Electrolux Transformer, other options for control units (thermostats) and generally using electric convectors for heating the house in which we live on weekends, including the winter.

If convectors are not used occasionally, but for a long time, as in my case, the important thing is the ability to remotely turn on, off and regulate the temperature of the heater and its cost-effectiveness. For remote power convectors (I have several. all from different manufacturers) used WI-FI sockets from AlieXpress, through which convectors are included in the mains. Before you go to the cottage through a mobile app, I turn on the outlets and convectors start to work. This is a bit of a crutch. convectors have to be turned off before returning to town, afraid to leave them on unattended. It is not possible to remotely check the current temperature in the house.This convector Electrolux Transformer has the ability to install instead of a mechanical unit. Inverter control unit, which has a USB port to install a WI-FI module, similar to a flash drive. This flash drive allows you to connect a WI-FI router to the convector and control the convector via the Internet. Only for this you need to download a special mobile app Hommin. With this control unit can not only turn on and off, but also change the temperature, adjust the schedule by day and hour.There is also a variant with the electronic control unit. it is the same as the inverter, but without the possibility of connecting to the Internet. Also has a display and allows you to set the exact temperature with the buttons. In addition, it has a programmer for the modes of operation. To set once the convector on the hours and days of the week and forget about it, it will work by the set schedule. How it works: There are three modes of operation. comfort, economy and anti-freeze. You set the comfortable mode, for example for me it is 21 degrees. Economic mode is set automatically a few degrees below the comfort and anti-freezing. it’s about 7 degrees, the minimum temperature to the house does not freeze. After that you set up a schedule. on what day of the week and at what hour what mode to operate the convector. When no one is home. anti-freezing, on weekends. a comfortable mode, economic. at night on weekends, sleep comfortably, not stuffy and economical.As I said before, with long-term use of heaters, it is important to work economically. not to heat more than necessary for comfort, and at the same time not to freeze. This economy consists of several components: the accuracy of temperature setting, which is difficult to do with the wheel on the mechanical control unit. The ability to program the modes of operation by time. Inverter control power operation: when the temperature in the room reaches a predetermined comfort temperature, the convector automatically reduces power and already at minimum speed maintains the desired temperature. It saves a lot on electricity costs. Another important thing is that the control panel can be locked so that children or someone curious can not dislodge the settings, because for a complete adjustment should be tinkered with.So after trying to figure out the whole mess, I decided to go with an inverter control. But not to throw out my already bought mechanical control unit, I bought a second convector Electrolux Transformer, but already complete with an inverter control unit.In general, the cause is done, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will gradually swap all their convectors with different age and different convectors on one model Electrolux with inverter control unit digital inverter, will bring heating to a single standard.

Underfloor heating controller with Wi-Fi, which saves money

Hi all! Very often the manufacturers of underfloor heating produce their own thermostats, which are only compatible with their own underfloor heating sensors. After a while the thermostat fails, you have to buy a new one. And okay, if the thermostat of this manufacturer can be found on sale and replaced by an identical, but most often they are no longer on sale, and the floor heating at home remains buried under a layer of tile adhesive or concrete screed, without any benefit.

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In this text we will tell you about a universal temperature controller, which fits to the vast majority of underfloor heating, and it’s also incredibly beautiful, has wi-fi control, helps to save on electricity and it has a full 5 years warranty. Friends, meet the Electrolux ThermoTronic Smart ETS-16.


The model has two control options. mechanical and remote, by wi-fi. The mechanical controls are ingeniously simple: you can change the temperature by turning the knob, and the temperature is set in increments of 0.1ºC. Turning clockwise increases the temperature, counterclockwise decreases it. A blue backlight shows that the floor heating is not on at the moment, while an orange backlight shows that it is. The current and target temperatures are shown in white numerals on the display.

Electrolux ThermoTronic Smart ETS-16 Wi-Fi. That’s how it looks in a really neat and functional way.

The Wi-Fi remote control is controlled from the mobile app and offers a very flexible way of controlling the floor heating: Here you can set the intensity of its operation in detail, up to a specific hour. You want the floor heating in the kitchen to work only from 8 to 9 am and in the living room to work from 21-23 every evening? It’s all adjustable. every hour of operation, accurate to 1/10th of a degree. It’s really cool and a big money saver, you can eliminate the running time of the floor heating in your absence, so it does not run idle.

Even if you have some old cable in the floor, which was installed many years ago, but it works, you can always remove your old thermostat, install a new one from Electrolux, select the right resistance and get a modern solution and the ability to significantly save on energy consumption. It is a super-modern underfloor heating control system, only Electrolux has this.

Mobile App Overview

The mobile app doesn’t just control your underfloor heating, it also controls other climate control devices, like air conditioning, humidifiers, water heaters, and inverter convectors. Go to the section we’re interested in today. floor heating. Here you enter the rooms by yourself and name them in a way that is convenient for you: children’s room, living room, bedroom, bathroom.

The average temperature of the house and the average temperature of the floors are displayed here

If you have a floor heating not from Electrolux, then the first thing to do is to go to the “temperature sensor selection” section and choose the desired resistance value.

Then go to the tab “select the type of control” and select the desired mode of target temperature control. Choose one based on your sensor. floor/air or floor/air. Our thermostat has two sensors. half-air.

Then go to the “Choose a flooring” tab and choose your choice from the list. Each flooring has its own upper heating threshold and if you accidentally set the laminate to 35 degrees the app will warn you that you can damage it and will not turn on the heating on this power. Press the “ok” button. turn on.

Then go to the tab temperature modes and adjust them to your liking

  • “Eco mode”. the minimum target temperature for underfloor heating.
  • “Comfort”. The optimal target temperature for underfloor heating.
  • “Forsazh”. Maximum target temperature of the underfloor heating.
  • “Holiday”. Minimal plus temperature.
  • “No freezing”. threshold of 5 to 8 degrees.

In the window “energy consumption” you can set the cost per kW of energy, it supports up to three tariffs and then you can see how much money it cost you to use the floor heating, it’s very convenient

There is also an adjustment of the brightness level of the thermostat, child lock, the choice of time interval (choose according to your geolocation).

This is a unique thermostat which gives you very precise and effective control of your underfloor heating in your home. If you seek to make rational savings, it makes sense to put this thermostat, it will be able to save a lot of money by not allowing the floor to work in vain, and it just looks amazing, and has a five-year warranty and is suitable for all types of floor heating. Buy a floor heating Electrolux Thermotronic Smart ETS-16 Wi-Fi in our online store with delivery throughout the CIS.

Подключение конвектора к Hommyn с помощью Wi-Fi модуля WFN-02

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