How to correctly charge the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

How much the robot vacuum cleaner needs to be charged and what to do if this does not happen

Household appliances are constantly being improved, which facilitates everyday household work. To combat dust, automatic devices that work according to a given program appeared. But what to do if the robot vacuum cleaner suddenly does not charge? What repair is required for an expensive device? Is it possible to find and fix the problem yourself without resorting to service centers?

The robot vacuum cleaner is charged in two ways: manually and automatically.

Through the adapter

The power plug from the base is directly connected to the vacuum cleaner connector.

From the base

The robot stops at the charger or put it on it.

Popular problems and their solution

The robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Perhaps a low charge, put for exercises.

The docking station does not charge. Check the power cord and contact surfaces of the station and bonds.

Charger docking does not charge a vacuum cleaner. Move the main unit of BB more free space in the room.

During cleaning from a smart vacuum cleaner, extraneous sounds are heard. Turn it off and clean all the counts (main and side).

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C подключение настройка инструкция новые функции

The robot vacuum cleaner began to clean worse, leaves dust behind itself. Probably filled a vacuum cleaner or filter, clean them. Or garbage or extraneous objects confused in the main count.

The vacuum cleaner does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. Make sure the connection is made after 2.4 GHz and a signal of sufficient power.

Not completed on schedule. Probably a battery charge less than 20%, set to charge.

Is it necessary to charge the vacuum cleaner battery for 16 hours in the first time? No, lithium batteries without memory effect. Feel free to recharge as necessary.

Cleaning management

When the user is given the corresponding command, the Xiaomi robot vertebrae will begin cleaning, which is performed according to the intellectual scheme and separation of space into zones. First, the device removes garbage along the edges of furniture and walls, and then makes a route like the letter Z. When the cleaning process is completed, the gadget will return automatically to the base.

Partial cleaning option is available, which is designed to eliminate pollution in the area of ​​1.5×1.5 meters around the circle of the Xiaomi robot-vertebrae.

To pause, you need to click on any button on the case or select the corresponding point in the Mi Home appendix. If a different command was not given within 10 seconds, then the device will go into sleep mode.

The Cleanup Mode item provides an opportunity to choose one of the four options for the actions of the unit. So, the choice of minimum and maximum intensity, quiet mode and standard is available.

The possibility of viewing data on how the main elements of the apparatus wear out the possibility of viewing data. This requires to go to Care, where information will be presented as a percentage of the degree of wear of both brushes, filter and sensor.

The option of determining the time to start cleaning by schedule on the Timer menu is also available.

By going to the Remote Control point, the user will be able to control the device manually, giving him commands to move forward, left and right.

Possible difficulties

When connecting a vacuum cleaner to the application on the phone, we can encounter such nuances:

Firstly, change the DNS addresses: enter the Wi-Fi settings, open the current connection and click on the label of the “Networks Properties”. Hold it for no more than three seconds. Next, click on “Change the Network”, then select “Additionally”, at the end. “User”. Change the current value to

If IOS is installed, then download will be the same as on Android. But in the absence of recognition of the Xiaomi robot, go to the following modes: “Profile”-“setting”-“regions”, select India, or China. So you change the region and eliminate the problem.

There is no way to enter your account

Sometimes problems are in the server itself, which does not accept traffic from the device. In this case, install the VPN program, start and select Singapore or Germany. And already re.Go to the Mi Home application

Timely cleaning of the vacuum cleaner and filter replacement

The volume of vacuumboards of robotes-perclescouses is an average of 600 ml, and after almost every cleaning you need to free it from garbage, even if it has not filled it entirely-it is unlikely that the container capacity is cleaned for two harvesting capacities of the container capacity. Constant non.Compliance with this rule will lead to a deterioration in the quality of cleaning, to a faster discharge of the battery and, over time, to the appearance of gaps and violation of the tightness of the structure. Because of this, the vacuum cleaner will pour part of the garbage to the floor.

Motor and exhaust filters need to be cleaned and replaced: the timing can be different depending on the model and intensity of operation, but, as a rule, they are small: on average from 3 months to six months. Lifehack: Filters are well cleaned with an ordinary vacuum cleaner if you have it.

Answers to frequent questions: Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum

If you have already bought yourself Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum with dry cleaning or are you just going to take it, then this article can be useful to you once;) In it we answer the most popular questions about eliminating possible malfunctions in this robot and perception.

One. Is it necessary to charge the battery to 100% and discharge it to zero in the first days?

The vacuum cleaner uses a lithium battery that does not have a “memory effect”, which is why there is no need to charge/discharge the robot vacuum cleaner completely.

Is it possible to independently update the firmware?

Yes, of course, this is very easy! Just need to go to the mobile application. But remember! When updating, the robot should be connected to the dock, and its charging should be more than 20%. If the indicator is near the buttons (see. Photo below) blows white, then you won again, updating the vacuum cleaner! You can go to celebrate;)

If Mi Robot Vacuum decided not to respond to you: the keys are not pressed, the vacuum cleaner itself does not turn on, etc.D., then you should just understand your “friend”, he is tired and he needs a reboot. To do this, just click on the reset button (a small reset button under the lid), and the robot will come to life again and will begin to please you with cleanliness in the house.

Attention! The reloading of the system will drop synchronization, Wi-Fi cleaning and settings mode.

The reset of settings did not help 🙁 what can you do else?

Yes, this happens too. But there is no need to worry.

If the reset of the settings did not help, click on the “Reset” and “Home” buttons and wait for the voice notification, which means that the vacuum cleaner is restored to factory settings.

Why the robot doesn’t want to turn on?

Perhaps the robot just sat down and to solve the problem you only need to connect it to the docking station, thanks to which it will charge. Well, there is also an option that you use it in improper temperature regime. The working range of the robot: from 0 ° to 40 °.

РОБОТ ПЫЛЕСОС С ВЛАЖНОЙ УБОРКОЙ Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. Полный Обзор

Why can’t I charge a robot vacuum cleaner?

There are also two scenarios. Firstly, no matter how trite it sounds, check if the docking station is connected to the network. Well, secondly, look at whether connectors are polluted at the docking stations and chargers at the robot itself.

Eight. What if the robot has become bad to fit, or if dirt remains after it?

In this case, we recommend cleaning the garbage container, filters and a central brush on which hair and wool can be confused.

Nine. How much energy is consumed by a vacuum cleaner, standing on charging?

At the dock, the vacuum cleaner consumes energy only until complete charging, then it goes into rest mode to maintain maximum performance.

correctly, charge, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Ten. Drawing is not working on schedule. What to do?

For the schedule function to work properly, the robot must have a charge of more than 20%. And nothing else;)

Well, here are all the main issues that came to us in Smart Fox from customers by malfunctions of the vacuum cleaner Mi Robot vacuum. It is also worth noting that the answers on the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S55 robot-blast.

Features of Xiaomi robots

Different versions are characterized by the type of postponement system, the presence or absence of wet cleaning. For this reason, the malfunction arising in the process of. For example, the error of the Xiaomi robot-blade is characteristic only.

The model line of Chinese devices includes budget, premium devices and models of the average price segment. All of them cope well with maintaining the daily cleanliness of the house, well equipped technically.

correctly, charge, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Xiaomi produces the following rulers of electronic cleaners:

Due to similar design features of the filter part, error 0 Xiaomi vacuum cleaner can appear on any brand model. Timely replacement of consumables will protect from the occurrence of some problems, extend the service life of the device. Infutable departure and worn.Out consumables can lead to the failure of the device. In this case, often an error of the 18th robot Xiaomi robot, due to which the device may require repairs in the service center.

Ways to recharge

Recently, all devices were charged exclusively from the network using a special adapter. Now manufacturers offer devices loaded from the dock, the so-called base.

The recharging through the adapter begins after the full discharge of the battery of the vacuum cleaner. This can be done as follows:

  • Disconnect power. The switch is located on the bottom of the device;
  • Steam the adapter plug in a special nest located on the case;
  • Connect the adapter to the power supply system. The indication system available in the device allows you to determine the level of charge at the moment of time;
  • Disconnect the adapter from the network and the device as soon as the device informs the completion of the process. After that, turn off the power and return the robot vacuum cleaner to the purified surface.

Many modern models are delivered without an adapter. For their charging, a special docking station is used, which is sometimes called the basis. The advantage of this option is the autonomy of the device. He himself determines whether he needs recharging. The user can choose the function “Return to the base”, which will allow the robot-blanket to return to the docking station after the next cleaning cycle.

Some models have a similar function. In this case, to send the device to the base, you need to use a special button on the case or remote control.

Attention! With the independent sending of the robot permissive to the docking station, the coincidence of contacts should be monitored.

Regardless of the recharge method, it is important to remember that only a completely charged device is acceptable. In addition, you must always store the docking station disconnected from the network, and the device itself turned off.

How to load the battery correctly

Any model works exclusively from the battery. How long it lasts depends on how charging occurs. The first time to charge lithium-ion battery is necessary until the full charge level.

There are two options for charging a robot permutaum:

  • Using a network adapter. First you need to turn off the vacuum cleaner with a button on the case. Then stick the booter of the charger into the nest. Light indicators will be displayed on the display. When the device informs of the full charge level, the adapter must be disconnected.
  • Through the dock station. In this case, the robot vacuum cleaner is charged automatically when the charge level is low. Some models have a function of returning to the base. Immediately after cleaning, the device will set off on its own exercise. If there is no such functionality, send a robot vacuum cleaner to a docking station through the button on the remote control.

How to find out that the robot vacuum cleaner is not difficult. An appropriate indication will appear on the case. The green light will light up.

To extend the life of a smart device, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple recommendations:

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