How to curl hair with a hair dryer attachment

examples how to style curly hair with a diffuser

After a long season of warm hats that imposed some restrictions on hair choices, it’s finally time for women to be free. Springtime is a time for romance, and what better way to achieve this than with curly hair? Today we will figure out how to do a wavy style with a diffuser.


With this hair dryer attachment you can make both large and light curls and fine curls. And on any length of hair. The styling principles are much the same, but there are some secrets that will help you get the best effect.

Styling short hair

Short hair looks good with slight large waves, the stylists say. To do these, you need to dry your hair a little after washing, and then apply a styling product or heat protectant. Then we need to take turns drying the hair strands in the diffuser, which is better to put on minimum mode.

During this, you can rotate the nozzle a little, this will give the hair extra smooth curls. Once the hair is dry, it is worth laying it down with your hands. The result can be fixed with nail polish.

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How I Diffuse Curly Hair

Medium hair styling

Owners of medium-length hair hairdressers also advise hairstyles with large waves. However, unlike women with short hair, here the ladies are suggested to make the hairstyle more voluminous. To create an airy and soft look, you need to divide slightly dried hair after washing into seven to eight strands in the areas of the crown, nape, temples and temples.

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And it is important to determine in advance where the parting will be. Then each of the areas should be combed and treated with a means of fixation. Then, starting at the nape of the neck, blow dry each strand on the weak diffuser mode, slowly rotating it. The final touch. easy fix hair and varnish fix it.

Long Hair Styling

Good news for women with long hair. the diffuser and they can help pretty quickly make beautiful curls. As in other cases, it is worth drying the hair a little before you start styling. Then divide them into strands in zones as in the medium length hair option, treat them with styling product, twist them into curls and alternately blow dry on a small diffuser mode, starting at the nape of your neck.

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Having dried the hair in its entirety, do not touch it immediately, let the hair “cool down”, only after that hairdressers advise to give your hair the desired look by hand. The result is fixed with hairspray.

Diffuser. a great option for women who love curly hairstyles and do not want to spend a lot of time on them.

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ways to make curls without curlers, curling irons, and irons

If you want to make a romantic hairstyle with curls it is not necessary to damage the hair with high temperatures. To make curls without a curler and iron do not need a lot of money, it is enough to apply improvised materials in an unusual way.

When choosing how to make curls, it is worth remembering that curlers are not the only method. There are at least 11 popular ways to replace them.

Cone curler: How to use it

Getting ready for a curl

Any thermal hair styling begins with the application of a protective agent, professionals agree that the most effective are sprays that do not require rinsing

  • Before curling, apply hair thermal protection, your choice can be a spray or cream that does not need to be washed off.
  • Only perform the procedure on dry, clean hair. The desire to curl wet strands will not only fail, but also harm your hair.
  • If you are using a taper curler for the first time, we recommend wearing a thermal glove on your thumb and forefinger.

The advantage of tapered curlers is that it has no restrictions on the length of the hair

Curling Techniques

  • The classic use of tapered curlers. large curls that successfully complement the evening look and quickly transformed into a complex hairstyle. Apply thermal protection to dry, clean hair and divide the hair into two zones with a horizontal parting. Separate a strand 1.5-2 cm wide at the bottom. Wrap the strand, starting from the widest part of the curler and continue curling, superimposing each successive curl on 1/4 of the previous one. Secure the result with nail polish.

Here’s a quick tutorial on the classic curling method on a cone curler

Using a cone curler can create and popular today’s effect of “sea waves”, which differ from the classic curls slightly sloppy. Prepare the hair as described above, divide it into 6-8 equal strands (the number depends on how thick the hair is)

Curl the bottom strand into a light tangle, and wrap it around the cone, it is important that the curler at this point is vertical. The same way to curl the entire mass of hair.

Once you’ve curled your hair, tilt your head forward and “comb” the curls with your fingers.

Perfectly looks beach “chaos” on short hair in a bob or a square haircut

  • Vintage and vintage is timeless, which means Hollywood curls will always be on-trend. They are an unmistakable choice for a graceful and sophisticated look. Use a fine comb to create a side parting. Divide the entire mass of hair into three equal parts. Curl the strand on a cone curler the classic way, without waiting for cooling hair, curl them and fix hairdresser clamp. When the last strand has cooled down remove the clips and comb through the curls with a comb with large, sparse teeth and be sure to fix the curls with nail polish.

The wider the strand taken, the softer the curl will be, this is worth keeping in mind when creating a retro style

Types of short curls

There are a huge number of curls on the hair of short length:

  • Hollywood waves;
  • Brazilian curls;
  • spiral;
  • corkscrew;
  • zigzag (or broken curls);
  • Careless curls;
  • And many other types.

The main thing is to choose the right type of curl, so that the hairstyle not only harmonized with the overall image of the woman, but also brought her full satisfaction.

Volume at the roots

How to use foam hair styling for volume? Excellent root volume is performed according to the following instructions:

  • It is necessary to wash your head and slightly blot the hair with a towel.
  • You can then go about your personal business and when the strands are 40% dry, you can style your hair.
  • It is necessary to shake the can of foam and squeeze out in the palm of your hand the desired amount of foam, to apply to the roots.
  • Use a blow dryer and a round brush to dry your hair, lifting it at the roots.
  • Fix it in place with a cold air blast.

These instructions will help to achieve an excellent effect. And it “works” with all foams. The hair dryer is perfect for everyday or special occasions.

Use a hair dryer for styling means to get rid of two birds with one stone: to dry your hair and curl curls. But not every device is suitable for these purposes. It must have the right curling attachments in the kit.

According to the equipment, there are different types of nozzles:

  • The concentrator. The basic device for a hair dryer, regardless of what price category the device belongs to. Looks like a nozzle, where one end is narrower, as if flattened. Thanks to this slot, the airflow is directed to a specific strand, increasing the efficiency of drying. The concentrator is not suitable as an independent device for obtaining curls. However, it is very useful when you want to dry curled hair with curlers, cloths, curlers, and springs. The slot opening can be of variable width, the optimal size of about 1 centimeter. There are models with a rotating concentrator for more convenient use of the hair dryer.
  • Diffuser. This nozzle is a helper for girls with curls, as it helps model curls. It looks like a small disc with holes that let hot air flow through. Additionally equipped with special protrusions fingers, which form the volume and curls. This design protects the strands and skin from overheating and, as a bonus, massages the head, improving blood circulation, stimulating hair growth. The longer and thicker the curls, the longer and larger the fingers should be. The bumps on the diffuser can be plastic or silicone. The former is ideal for massage, the latter is more suitable for delicate, sensitive skin.
  • Air centrifuge. The cylindrical nozzle got its name for a reason. Its principle of operation is similar to the centrifuge from a washing machine. The circulation of air inside the nozzle makes it quick and easy to form slightly disheveled, natural curls of great volume. You can also use this tool to make more elastic curls, although it will take time. But if too long to act on the strands and skin with hot air, the risk of overheating increases. This curling method is best suited for short to medium-length hair. With a long air centrifuge can not cope.

Usually, any hair dryer comes with one or two heads for different purposes. That’s why a special standout in the range of electric styling tools is the hair dryer-styler universal device for curl curls. Is a handy device with interchangeable nozzles. Also commonly referred to as a brush-dryer or blow-dryer, depending on the appliance. In the kit to the device can go such nozzles:

  • A brushing brush or a round comb can be used to make large curls;
  • Rounded brush with natural hair fibers makes the dried hair shiny and glossy;
  • Thin comb makes the volume in the root zone;
  • The nozzle, which looks like half of a round brush serves to straighten the strands;
  • Curling iron or curling iron can be of different diameters. It affects how big the curl is.

Attention! As a rule, the brush heads can rotate in one or two directions.

The process consists of two steps. hair preparation and styling.


Before styling, hair should be washed with warm water (hot will make it frizzy) and moisturize, then the curls will be more clear and neat. And if the strands are naturally thin, instead of applying a mask you should put a conditioner on them. it will not weigh them down.

Tip: Use SexyHair’s DinamiX conditioner. It is designed specifically for curly hair. Its formula is based on silk proteins, panthenol, soy, which softens the curls, making them silky, manageable, shiny. After using it, the curls stop tangling and keep their shape for the rest of the day.

After washing the hair should be wrapped with a waffle towel to absorb the moisture. Use a thermal protectant like the FRIZZ CONTROL PROTECTOR spray from Lakme before you curl your hair. It protects from high temperatures up to 220 ° C, provides the effect of smoothness, fixation. It prevents the curls from falling apart and holds their shape, even in very humid conditions.

Hair styling

To curl the strands without using a hair dryer, it is better to use a hairbrush. A round comb with a sufficient diameter can help to achieve the desired curls, be it big or small. The main thing is to choose a thermo-brush, as its base has holes that allow to get rid of excessive hot air. Thanks to this, each curl sets quickly, but does not dry out.

Belgian brushes, such as NanoThermic from OliviaGarden, have good reviews. This model has a ceramic coating on the worktop. And ceramics is known to generate negatively charged ions that in contact with hair, affect their structure, smoothing the scales, softening, neutralizing static electricity. The bristles are made of nylon, and with its help you can achieve the desired curls (models with natural bristles are designed to straighten curls).

For curling curls on short hair or medium length, you need to conditionally divide the scalp into 3 parts. the two sides and the back of the head. It is better to work with long hair in stages, separating them into strands, and then curling separately on the brush and drying with a hair dryer to get curls.

Before curling and styling hair, dry the roots well by tilting your head down. It gives your hair volume.

Try to take as little hair as possible when twisting the strands, then each strand will make a beautiful curl (wide strands provide only waviness, volume).

After drying with a hair dryer, remove the strands from the comb carefully, otherwise you will not be able to achieve clear, neat curls.

Finally, you do not need to comb the finished hairstyle, just ruffle the hair with your fingers, and then spray lightly (after combing each curl will smooth out and give fluffiness).

Tip: Use Schwarzkopf Professionnelle hairspray for hold. It contains polymeric compounds that, on the one hand, provide an extra strong hold and, on the other hand, strengthen the structure of damaged and weakened strands, protecting them from negative environmental factors. It is easy to use, evenly disperses in microdrops and dries quickly without weighing the curls down. Gives your hair a natural shine after application.

Features of curling depending on the length of the hair

To make curls and curls beautiful and natural, there are some rules when curling them. Basically it depends on the length of your hair.

  • Divided into 3 parts;
  • First curl the top strands, and gradually move to the lower part of the head;
  • If your hair is too short, don’t do any curls. Otherwise, the result will be like grandma’s chemistry. This hairstyle won’t give you much beauty;
  • Experts recommend to start styling from the top of the head, and finish the strands near the face.
  • They are already divided into 3 parts: right, left and nape;
  • Start twisting the strands from the back, the back of the head. Make the first curls from the top and move downwards;
  • Do not curl the curl all the way to the base, but leave about 2-3 cm from the head.
  • Divided into 4 parts: 2 side, top and back of the head;
  • Start working with the back and top parts, and then start working on the side parts;
  • Form a curl from the middle of the strand, gradually rising to the roots.

Tools for styling

Today’s beauty industry provides a huge selection of various tools for blow drying. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

    round brush comb. It’s also called a brushing. This is a universal tool for hair styling. With several brushes of different diameters, you can volumize your hair, model curls, or straighten your hair. You can also use a brushing brush to curl the tips of your hair inwards or outwards. Brushes are available as regular combs and hair dryer attachments;

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