How to cut a beard for a haircut with a beard properly

How to cut a beard yourself

In order to cut it off on your own and tidy even the most magnificent beard, it is not at all necessary to go to Barber or resort to the services of a hairdresser. Everything can be done by yourself. To do this, select the desired tool and carry out a small preparatory work.

Wahl will help us with the tool, with the support of which this material will be created. The Wahl catalog is a huge number of trimmers and haircuts that can solve almost any hair cutting problems.

And to achieve the goal, we will prepare a small plan, which will follow further. So what needs to be done:

  • Decide what we want to see in the mirror after the haircut is completed. The choice is best done with an eye on the face shape.
  • Collect the necessary tools.
  • Prepare the skin and hair on the face for a haircut.
  • Conduct a haircut.
  • Find out how to properly care for a beard, so that the result will persist as long as possible.

Choosing the shape of a beard and haircuts

First of all, select the type of haircut. At the same time, it is important to consider the type of face and hair color. Then we determine with the style. The beard can add the appearance of brutality, masculinity, severity or friendliness. It all depends on preferences.

  • A thick beard is perfect for everyone: brunettes, blondes, and red. A short beard looks more spectacular if the hair is dark. In contrast with light skin, some types of haircuts look especially good.
  • Men of a short stature are usually not recommended a lush beard, but here a lot depends on the hairstyle and the chosen style in clothes. Media and high growth can afford a beard of any volume.
  • Narrow forehead and wide chin. Here the principle is simple: select a haircut that visually increases the upper part of the face and reduces the lower. An excellent option in this case would be a toad, square or skipper haircut.
  • Wide forehead and narrow chin. A similar principle: select a haircut that visually expands the lower part of the face and narrows the upper. A horseshoe.shaped haircut or any round beard is good.
  • Oval face. This is an almost universal option. Almost all types of haircuts are great for men with an oval type of face. Everything will depend on the chosen style here.
  • Elongated face (rectangular shape). In this case, it is better to avoid thick haircuts. A short bristle to create an original style may be quite enough.

Before proceeding with a haircut, it is recommended not to shave for 4-5 weeks and just allow the beard to grow. Real experience says that it is most difficult to create initial geometry and shape on its own, so you need to take the task responsibly. After a haircut, it is advisable not to tighten and shave your face every 3-4 days so that the edging lines remain clear.

Inventory of bearded or what cuts the beard

Haircuts of beard and mustache at home are possible using both improvised inexpensive tools (scissors and razors), and with the help of special accessories (trimmer for grass, machine). Consider how to make beautiful mustache and beard using each of these devices, as well as the features of devices.

Scissors. This is a classic universal tool for cutting mustache and beard. There are many varieties of scissors for cutting a beard. Their difference in:

  • Manufacturing material. This is usually stainless steel. The harder the metal, the longer the service life. Molibden, vanadium is added to increase hardness. Sometimes the device has an additional coating with titanium or chromium, due to which it becomes hypoallergenic and wear.resistant.
  • Form. Scissors for cutting a beard should be comfortably lying in the hand, otherwise it will be difficult to use them. There are various forms of devices. For example, with a sharp end. they are great for the edging. The handle can also be different, sometimes it is longer than the cutting part. The choice of one or another tool should be carried out on the basis of the convenience of operation, so it is better to buy directly in the store so that it is possible to hold the goods in the hand.
  • Sharpening blades. The smaller the angle of sharpening the blade, the more acute the tool.
  • Smoothness. A high.quality tool is correctly adjusted, so when opening and closing the cutting elements move softly and smoothly. If you leave the scissors in a position, then they will fix the form.

The tool is suitable for those who think about how to cut a long lush beard. For short hair on the face, there are more convenient options.

Trimmer for grass. These devices allow you to quickly and accurately simulate the shape of a beard and mustache, without applying special efforts to this. Devices differ in the width of the cutting head, cut length (often in the kit there are interchangeable nozzles), the power of the motor, the type of power, the speed of rotation of the blades, etc. parameters. Using a trimmer for grass, you can create a stylish haircut made of short vegetation: the effect of light unshaven; neat, brutal or, almost under the root, bristles. Devices also help make a clear contour of a beard and mustache.

Machine. These electrical appliances are characterized by the type of engine: rotary (the most powerful, used mainly in beauty salons), battery (can work continuously for 30-60 minutes, the life of such devices varies from several months to several years), vibrational (have a slight power, at The haircut vibrates in the hand, the time of continuous work-10-20 minutes). There can be a few nozzles for a machine, allowing you to choose the optimal hair cut length.

Razors. Conditionally divided into machines and electric shoes. The design of the first beard requires the use of funds for and after shaving, t. to. The blades are in contact with the skin and often cause irritation. But cut hair under the root. When using the latter, there is no need not only to use shaving cosmetics, but also. The principle of operation is a few sliding blades that cut the hair that has fallen between them. The first cutting element is the grid, the second. a vibrating or spinning blade hidden in the head. T. to. There is no contact with the skin, the probability of a cut is reduced to zero. But the quality of shaving is inferior to machines. Impeccable smoothness, as when using a razor machine, it will not be possible to achieve, but the effect is still as close as possible to the ideal.

Additionally, for modeling the shape of a beard and mustache, you may need:

Preparation of the face and hair for haircut

Beard modeling requires a certain preparation. Before cutting a short or long beard and mustache at home, you should choose its shape. First you should take into account the following tips:

  • Blondes and red can afford the vegetation longer and longer than brunettes;
  • With low growth, voluminous, lush vegetation is not recommended. in this case it should be symbolic. With medium and high. a large.

Tepetzoid face with a wide jaw and narrow forehead. Suitable forms of beard: square, toad, skipper. They visually reduce the wide part and expand the narrow. Such men are recommended to combine a beard with a voluminous hairstyle in order to visually align the shape of the face.

Triangular with a narrow chin and wide forehead. In order for the volume of the lower part of the face to make visually larger, an espanyolka, a beard in the form of a horseshoe or a little rounded is suitable. Such vegetation will give masculinity and solidity.

How to arrange a mustache and a beard with an oval face. Almost all forms of vegetation are suitable for such men. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment and select your option.

How to make a mustache and a beard with a round face. To visually make the face elongated, the shape of the vegetation from the temple to the temple, covering the part of the neck, chin, cheeks, for example, chinstep, Brett.

How to cut a mustache and a beard with an elongated rectangular shape. Such a face looks elongated, so long or narrow beards (for example, Espanyolka, French beard) will not work. The best option will be a horseshoe.shaped haircut, for example, anchor.

How to wash your hair on your face and how to steam your skin before shaving

Before cutting a beard and a mustache with a machine, trimmer or other tool, it is necessary to steam the skin, thoroughly wash the hair on the face and moisturize it. Soft bristles and skin will make the shaving process more comfortable, which will help prevent irritation and injury.

If you steam the skin, then the vegetation will become more supple to the haircut. First you should rinse your face and neck with hot water. Then attach a hot wet towel to your face for a couple of minutes.

After that, you need to start washing hair. For this, it is recommended to use special cosmetics. Some use ordinary shampoos, but the latter contain quite aggressive surfactants, which quickly and efficiently clean, but are very dried. Ultimately, this can lead to peeling of the epidermis and increased hair stiffness. Shampoos intended specifically for the beard, delicately clean the vegetation on the face and gently moisturize the skin. They contain less aggressive substances, so they provide more delicate and delicate care.

To wash the hair on the face, you need:

  • Apply a small amount of shampoo to carefully moistened vegetation.
  • Distribute over the entire length of the hair with massaging movements.
  • Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

After washing, the hair must be moistened so that it becomes softer and obedient. To do this, you can use special air conditioners or oils. They quickly turn the hard, dry, dull hair of a beard into moisturized, shiny and smooth. It is recommended to apply them not only on the hairline, but also on the skin with rubbing movements immediately after washing.

Dry hair before shaving

You can dry the beard yourself with the help of a conventional towel. It is enough to attach it to the hair so that they give excess moisture. For long vegetation, you can use a hair dryer. On sale there are special devices for drying a beard, they help straighten and lay the hair beautifully, while maintaining natural hydration of the skin.

Such devices are intended for barber and professional hairdressers, but you can use them at home. The force of air flow and the temperature regime in such devices are regulated, which allows them to be used to dry hair on the face and head.


After washing, the vegetation should be thoroughly combed. The comb should be convenient to operate, do not tear the hairs, have the optimal density of the teeth. It is better to buy a special crest for a beard, t. to. Such an accessory has certain advantages over a regular comb:

  • durable materials. bristles are much tougher of the hair on the head, so the comb has increased strength and greater thickness;
  • The distance between the teeth. for long vegetation, the teeth are more rarely located than for a short one, thanks to this the hairs are not injured, they are easier to comb (often the teeth on the crest are located on two sides with different density).

If after combing the hair remains naughty, stick out in different directions, then you can use the tool to straighten them. an iron for a beard. Such a device has a small size, especially for short vegetation on the face. You can purchase such a device at specialized retail outlets or order in an online store. The hairs are ironed in layers, in the direction of their growth. Previously, vegetation is recommended to be treated with heat protection products to prevent the evaporation of moisture from the hair rod and prevent its dryness, brittleness, increased rigidity.

After high.quality styling, cut the beard will be much easier. To consolidate the result, you can use a spray, varnish, special lipstick, wax or cream. Such funds have a different degree of fixation, it is necessary to select the type of hair. To evenly distribute the latch, you can use a special brush.

Stages and types of shaving beard

A large selection of tools and cosmetics greatly simplifies vegetation care on the face. Even with minimal skills, you can independently adjust the length and contours of the beard.

Preferably adhering to the recommendations of specialists, how to shave and cut a beard correctly, act consistently and in stages.

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  • Before shaving, you need to prepare all the tools, if necessary, disinfect scissors, razor blades. Install a mirror, configure lighting, prepare shaving products, clean towel. Check the performance of electrical appliances.
  • At the preparatory stage, the skin and hair on the face must be prepared for shaving. To do this, the beard is washed with shampoo, dried and carefully combed. The face is steamed to soften areas with hard bristles.
  • You can shave the beard correctly with the help of a regular machine, hair machine, trimmer for grass or scissors. Since the length is not the same in various areas, the hair is cut in stages, according to the rules for using a particular device.
  • Next, indicate the border of the beard on the neck and cheekbones. Smoothly shave the stubble to the intended level. Together with foam, remove the remains of hairs and proceed to the haircut of the mustache.
  • At the final stage, the symmetry of vegetation is checked, depending on its shape, bacenbard is aligned and their conjugation with the temporal area.
  • When the procedures are over, the face is rinsed with cold water. The skin is treated with a lotion or cologne. Fires for laying are applied to the beard and fix it in the right position.
  • All tools are cleaned of hair residues and cosmetics, washed, dried.

Depending on the set of tools, choose shaving. Since a number of cars perform similar functions, it is not necessary to have everything in the house at all.

Shaving a machine

To care for the beard, a traditional razor machine is used, which almost every man has. This is the main tool that can perfectly smoothly select skin areas. The machine is used to remove hair on the neck, cheeks, in the temple, mustache, under the lower lip. With it, it is convenient to align the upper boundary of the beard on the cheekbones. You can shave a beard with a machine with a dangerous or safe blade, but the procedure requires accuracy. It takes a lot of time to grow the desired hair length, and you can cut them with one careless movement.

  • At the initial stage, you need to wash with warm water and soap to cleanse the skin of dirt, fat, particles of dead skin. A warm towel is applied to the face or areas with hard bristles with hot bristles are heated. This will soften the hairs and lift the cuticles.
  • Before shaving a beard, the skin is covered with a layer of foam or gel to ensure smooth sliding of the blades. The product is applied with a brown or palm, distributing evenly on the surface in circular motions.
  • First of all, shave the stubble on the cheeks. The machine should move smoothly, without jerks, from top to bottom, during the growth of hair, from the temple towards the chin. The blade is periodically rinsed so as not to score with cut hair.
  • Then they shave the neck area to the intended boundary of the lower edge of the beard. The skin in these areas is very sensitive. With a strong press, you can both shake a beard and cut. The machine lead up from the base of the neck.
  • Then proceed to shaving the mustache zone. The blade is directed at a slight angle from the nose to the upper lip. The next next in line is the chin. They shave him in the direction from top to bottom. In the event that the boundary of the beard passes under the lower lip, this stage disappears.

At the end of the shaving, the skin is rinsed with cool water, gently wiped, treated with softening or disinfectants.

Scissors haircut

Scissors. a simple tool that is used not only for hair cutting on the head, but also very convenient to care for the beard. With their help, you can remove naughty hairs, shorten the length of the beard, mustache, and adjust the outline. Scissors are used to cut and shorten the beard of medium and long length.

In addition to scissors, a comb or a frequent scallop is used. You also need a mirror with a large review. Before cutting, the beard is washed and dried. Mandatory preliminary procedure is hair combing.

  • The comb is separated by a strand. Hair protruding outside the outer side of the teeth is cut off. Thus, in stages, they reduce the outer contour of the beard on the one hand and move to the opposite side.
  • To correct the length, it is convenient to use an angular comb. It is attached over the hair, and helps to cut the lower edge evenly.
  • Also trim their mustache. In the course of work, it is important to cut excess hair in stages and monitor compliance with symmetry from the right and left side.
  • At the end, shave your hair behind the outer end, and treat the skin with care products.

After the end of the procedure, give the vegetation to return to the natural state. Check the result of the work in front of the mirror and remove naughty hairs that violate the overall pattern. You can make such adjustment daily, during morning washing. This is a simple, convenient and completely free way to care for vegetation on the face.

Trammer haircut

Trimmer for grass. a device for vegetation on the face. In fact, this is an improved hair cutting machine. Unlike an electric razor machine, a trimmer for grass does not contact with the skin, and cuts the hairs not at the base, but leaving a minimum height. The device has a frequent step of teeth from 0.4-1.0 mm. With it, you can make very accurate sections.

A large number of nozzles significantly expands the possibilities. A trimmer for grass will help both beautifully select a beard and mustache, and remove unnecessary vegetation in places. With it, it is convenient to shave the drawings on the bristles, simulate a mustache, bacenbard.

How to cut it?

Fortunately, at the moment, any man can not only independently choose a beard’s hairstyle on his own, but also correctly shake and end her at home. By the way, the fact that only an experienced barber can model a beard. a wrong judgment. If desired, everyone can decide which form of a beard is perfect for him. there are special computer programs that simulate an individual image from a photograph, and everyone is familiar with this technique today.

Beautifully, you can cut a beard to yourself, knowing the following general design rules:

  • The beard can be trimmed both through the hair growth and in the opposite direction, as well as make horizontal and vertical movements with the tool, provided that you have a chaotic growth direction in different areas of the face;
  • You should always start adjustment from the cheek zone, as well as barbers recommend cleaning excess hairs on the neck, since the hair in these areas is more supple to processing, then a cutting mustache and side parts are performed; The areas of the temples are very carefully worked out, since they can visually make the face wider and already. here success depends on the correctly selected beard contours;
  • If you do not want to get an unpredictable haircut result, do not cut your beard while it is wet;
  • Regardless of the chosen tool, neatly, to smoothly, the bristles can be selected only with the help of a razor machine;
  • When processing places near the corners of the mouth and nose, the mouth must be kept closed. the removal of the hairs in this zone will make the general type of vegetation more neat;
  • The long beard must first be shortened with scissors with the tips, bent up, without taking too much length. everything will depend on the final result, the hairs may have to be leveled later;
  • It is better to cut a short, rare beard with a trimmer, using this device it is easy to create a stylish image, leaving a slight unshaven, which is well combined with rare vegetation; scissors for this form are not suitable;
  • It is possible to cut the vegetation evenly and evenly using stencils or nozzles of a machine, a trimmer for grass; In any case, the form should be symmetrical, otherwise the male attribute will lose its attractiveness;
  • The final stage of any adjustment. edging, trimming, removing individual hairs, shaving bristles on the neck; A prerequisite. passing the line of beard exactly along the lower jaw.

Next, we consider step by step how to use different tools in adjusting and haircut of the beard.


To work with long hair, you will need a good hairdresser and comb for combing. The main task is to remove excess hair that makes the form of blurry. The procedure is as follows:

  • determination of the desired length;
  • separation of hair into two lateral parts and central zone;
  • Then, using the ridge, you should comb the desired strand in the center of the beard and cut it off parallel to comb, without taking it out;
  • Having managed with the middle, you can start cutting the side zones;
  • After that, individual hairs in the cheek area are removed with scissors, a mustache cut from the central part to the edges;
  • Lastly, the fishing line for the trimmer of the temples is aligned;
  • It is important to cut your hair without grabbing large curls, so that in case of an error you can reduce the same length.

Important! At the end, it is necessary to neatly trim the hair, following the symmetry of both sides.


The use of the machine provides for the correct choice of nozzle, in accordance with the required length. If you are not sure which is better to apply, take the one that is longer. later you can adjust the cut hair. The main rules for processing the beard are smooth movements of the device, the optimal fit to the skin of the face, the lack of strong pressure on the device. It is worth performing the following actions:

  • It is necessary to start a haircut from the earlobes, moving to the area of ​​the chin, holding the machine in the direction of hair growth;
  • The second step is to move from the center of the upper lip to the corners, and then to the chin for processing the mustache;
  • Next, you can remove the nozzle, cut the bristle on the neck, moving from the bottom up to the lower jaw.

With some skills in working with this tool, you can create smooth transitions from short bristles to longer hair. this is relevant when the shape of a beard in some areas of the face does not require clear boundaries of vegetation. Soft transitions are achievable if the device has a filter nozzle in the device.

The advantage of working with the machine is that there is no need to constantly check symmetry. the tool makes it possible to uniformly cut vegetation in any zone.


Trimmer for grass is a useful, easily controlled device that allows you to use several important functions at once. Applying it to independently design a beard at home is quite simple. The tool will help to cope with hair that have different thickness and the degree of stiffness, the main thing is to choose a not too light and heavy apparatus with a rubberized body, which is convenient to keep in the hand. An additional plus is that for hair development, special products and water will not be needed. The haircut and adjustment procedure includes the following stages:

Recommendations of specialists

The hair on the face requires perhaps even more careful care than the hairstyle on the head. This is the only way to expect that the beard will become part of a spectacular male image. In order for the vegetation to become a real decoration of a man, an inseparable part of the image, you should listen to the following advice of professionals and bearded men who know everything about proper care:

  • The greenery of the beard should begin with the complete shaving of all the hair on this part of the face, only the longest hair that is knocked out of the total mass can be trimmed;
  • Do not be scared, but you will have to adjust the hair at least once a week. during this time the hair grows, the beard becomes shapeless;
  • Any preparatory procedures are needed not only to prevent irritation. they can improve the hair structure, and when using high.quality cosmetics, they make them softer, elastic and shiny;
  • The best products for the normal growth and health of vegetation are natural oils that support and improve its condition;
  • Correction can be carried out by various tools, but at home it is most convenient to use professional scissors, a good machine and a high.quality trimmer for grass; Choose sharp scissors of moderate length. too long with a haircut can injure the eyes and skin of the face;
  • If the skin of the face is too dry, predisposed to inflammation, with each washing, it is necessary to use moisturizing creams and gels, and shaving is less likely to be carried out, choosing the shape of a beard that does not require smooth shaving;
  • With excessively lush hair on the chin, you can moderate its volume using special nozzles or scissors for filtering, but first study how to use them;
  • If scissors are used, the use of a comb will help to cope with adjustment quickly;
  • Do not forget to use templates for the correct contour of vegetation, because this is the main and important feature of the design that makes the beard what it is; These devices are extremely in demand in a professional barbershop, they are needed not only when it is difficult to create symmetry and clarity of borders, but also to avoid mistakes and save time;
  • If there is no specialized tool, you can carry out a beard cutting with a regular haircut with a set of nozzles, especially since they will not be needed when shaving;
  • Caring for your vegetation, do not forget to take care of the accessories for haircuts and adjustments; A clean, working tool, as well as knowledge of the rules of its application, is a guarantee that male decoration will always look well.groomed and presentable.

Haircut of a beard and maintaining it in a well.groomed state. real art. Not only do you need to initially choose the correct form of vegetation, you need to be able to constantly trim it, shame, make it clear contours. Not every man decides to do this on his own, which forces many representatives of the stronger sex regularly contact the barbershop.

Trimming the PERFECT Beard ���� ����

Indeed, a professional male master is able to make candy out of a beard, as they say, any whim for your money. But in fact, learning to all this hairdressing wisdom is not so difficult. And for this you need to know how to correct the beard, take care of her health and beauty.

the main errors when cutting a beard

How to cut a beard correctly we discussed, now let’s look at what can go wrong in the process, and what common mistakes should be avoided.

Do not cut in a hurry

Imagine this situation: you had a magnificent beard for some time, and you carefully looked after it. One morning you hurry to work, you see yourself in the mirror and understand that you need to correct the length a little. You say to yourself: “Everything is fine, I can handle. Now I quickly cut my beard and go “.

You will not have time to look around, as you accidentally cut off too much, and a proplesh will appear in the beard. It is possible that in attempts to correct the unevenness you will have to shave your beard, which you have so carefully growing.

Never cut a beard if time is limited. Act slowly and concentrate on what you are doing so as not to commit the careless and fatal movement for your image.

How To Give a PERFECT Beard Trim | Barbering Breakdown #8 | Barber Jase ��

Do not make a beard too short

We honestly do not know why some men briefly cut a beard right under the chin. Maybe they do it out of ignorance and are sure that it looks good, but in any case, this is another “no” on our list.

As already mentioned above, such a beard creates the effect of the second chin and visually expands the face. This will be especially noticeable if you have thick hair on your cheeks and a clean shaved neck. If you made a mistake and briefly cut the hair on the chin, while shaving the hair on the neck to the maximum, then briefly cut the hair on the cheeks and temples so that the fishing line for the neck becomes less noticeable.

Control your bristle

You might think that men with steep bristles just lost their machine and waved to the need to shave, but this is not so. Even the shortest beard must be trimmed with a trimmer so that the length of the hairs is the same, and also do not forget to wash it every day and moisturize it in order to avoid rash, itching and bacteria accumulating in it.

The bristles left unattended will grow unevenly, and if you do not cut it periodically, you will soon begin to brush off on a sad puppy. When trimming the bristles, it is important to cut/shave the edges and thus create a fishing line for a trimmer of cheeks and neck.

Do not forget about the bald spots when haircuts

Sometimes the hair of a beard grows around the face is uneven, and this is normal. For example, in some men they are thinner around the jaw, while others have not too thick mustache. It is important to be careful when pruning these areas and not shorten the already thin hair.

For example, you can cut the bulk of the chin, and then move up and only slightly reduce the volume of thin hair around the jaw. To do this, you can change the settings of the haircut machine during the trimming process.

If you can’t adapt to the features of vegetation on your face, go to the barbershop. They will tell you and show you how to do the most advantageous.

Each time, check the correctness of the settings of the hair cutting machine

If you shave yourself with a trimmer not only a beard, or you live with someone who can also use your hair cutting machine, you should have a habit of checking the instrument mode twice before starting the beard. Why? Yes, because the settings can change without your knowledge. Be careful!

Choose a tool

In order to maintain a mustache in order, you must definitely get a necessary set of tools. It can be formed independently or selected among ready.made options. To cut a mustache at home, you will need to purchase:

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  • a stable mirror with a variable angle of inclination;
  • hairdresser combs with different frequency of teeth;
  • small scissors with sharp tips;
  • trimmer for grass with interchangeable nozzles;
  • handwriter for haircuts;
  • Special means to give shape (wax, lipstick, gel).

It is worth considering certain recommendations when selecting tools. If the hair is very hard, you need a trimmer for grass or a machine with an adjustable length of blades. The presence of a network cord or battery depends on individual preferences. When conducting a procedure in the bathroom, it is easiest to use wireless models that have complete moisture protection of the case. A trimmer for grass with additional nozzles for removing hair in the nose, ears, ending the eyebrows will make it possible to take care.

Directly in the store you need to pay attention to the power of the device, its convenience and weight. Light, ergonomic trimmers for grass lie well in the hand, do not create an excessive load on the brush during prolonged work.

Long mustache will be enough the simplest set of scissors and combs, with which you can adjust the shape and density of hair growth.

The rating of the best trimmers for haircuts of the mustache presented today on the market includes the following models.

  • Babyliss E886E. Professional trimmer for grass with 48 options for changing lengths, a large electronic display and button adjustment of the parameters, a convenient stand is included in the kit. The installed blades are made of stainless steel, maintain a humid cleaning mode and fast charging in 5 minutes. This is the optimal solution for professional barbers or people experimenting with their appearance.
  • Philips Oneblade Pro Qp6520. Stylish modern trimmer for grass from a famous European manufacturer. The model has a convenient stand, interchangeable crests with limiters, you can vary the length of the cut in the range from 0.4 to 10 mm with 14 options for changing the level. There is a power button on the case, a display with a charge indicator. The design itself is moisture.proof, you can simply rinse all the elements with water, the charge is enough for 90 minutes of continuous operation of the device.
  • Braun PT 5010. A compact trimmer for an ergonomic grass with interchangeable binding nozzles allows you to make a care for a must-be professional professional even at home. It cannot be cut off excess due to the limiter on the crest. AAA batteries act as nutritional elements. the device can be used on a trip, on a campaign, on the country, without fear of the discharge of the battery.
  • Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler 7021. Stylish multifunctional trimmer for grass with an exact scale of the cut length and narrow crests of increased strength. The device is very compact, easily lies in the hand, has a battery with a margin of work for 50 minutes. Thanks to complete moisture protection, the trimmer for the grass can be washed with water.
  • Vitek. Inexpensive multifunctional trimmer for grass with many interchangeable nozzles, including for removing hairs in the nose and ears. The model works for batteries like AA, it is easy to replace it without searching for external power sources. This device is distinguished by quiet work, for transportation there is a special bag-cchole in the kit.
  • Philips Qt4015. A universal trimmer for grass with a titanium blade that does not need grease. This model is suitable for caring for a mustache of different lengths. there is a cut length of the cut length from 0.5 to 10 mm. When fully charged the battery, there are enough for 60 minutes, the blades support dry cleaning, the interchangeable elements can be washed with water.
  • Bradex Top KZ 0386 BT 3040. Compact trimmer produced in China for Braun brand grass. The model is equipped with three interchangeable nozzles, as compact as possible, the battery is enough for 3 hours, you can recharge the battery through a USB cable. Cleaning nozzles, like a haircut, is carried out by a dry way using a special brush. The maximum cut height is 8 mm, for a mustache this is enough.

All these models cope equally well with thick vegetation on the face, allow you to maintain not only a mustache in a well.groomed state, but also a beard.

Ways to haircut

There are general rules by which it is customary to cut a mustache to a man. If you follow them, you can cope with the task yourself, at home. All existing recommendations for starters should be obtained in a barbershop. The master will show how to correctly cut the hairs independently between visits to the salon at home.

When planning to trim the form for the first time, you need to think over various options, especially if you have to combine them with a beard: a short digitalis requires completely different concepts than a dressing and voluminous version of vegetation on the face.

The main procedure remains unchanged, no matter what tool is chosen. Straighten the haircut of the mustache looks like this.

  • Preparatory procedures. First you need to take care of the hygiene of the mustache: wash thoroughly, dry them, comb.
  • Checking and cleaning tools. It is common after use, with the first use, it is recommended to disinfect the cutting elements with an antiseptic solution.
  • Combing a mustache towards their growth. This will assess the length that it is planned to cut.
  • A haircut. Applying a comb, excess hairs are cut off using the selected tools. Then the procedure is repeated until the desired length and form are reached.
  • The trimmed mustache can be laid or fixed using special means.

These are general recommendations, but there are also your subtleties that should be taken into account when working with different tools to obtain the optimal result. For example, professional barbers prefer to use scissors, rarely resorting to the use of machines and trimmers.

beard, haircut, properly


The work with a hand machine is similar to those manipulations that are carried out by a trimmer. It is important to check the readiness of the device for work in advance, sharpen the knife. It is better to act together. an independent haircut will be difficult. Do not make sudden movements or jerks, the course should be smooth, without discomfort for a person to whom a mustache trim.

If the haircut is performed independently, you need to take care of a good review: 2 mirrors located opposite will turn out to be by the way. The top line for a trimmer is better to finish with tweezers. The lower circuit is broken along the lips, from one corner to another.


Electric trimmers for grass care for a mustache allow to significantly accelerate the process of processing this area for hygienic or aesthetic purposes. You need to do work like this:

  • comb and lay the hairs evenly, in 1 fishing line for a trimmer;
  • Take a trimmer vertically, adjusting the desired cut length;
  • Gently execute the edging of the top of the mustache, leading the working blade with the marked side to itself;
  • Turn the trimmer for the grass, work out the area above the upper lip;
  • turn the device with a blade to yourself, complete the delivery of the form by removing sticking hairs.

Since the trimmer for the grass allows processing without preliminary moisturizing and steaming, the length of the mustache must be measured for sure. Upon completion of the procedure, cut hairs are removed from the face.

The mustache is given shape and shine with the help of styling tools. The tool is cleaned, treated with an antiseptic.


The work of scissors requires a man of special concentration. Only one careless movement is needed so that the length or shape of the mustache move away from the desired parameters. The use of a scallop will help to exclude such risks. The mustache themselves also need a special approach. They are pre.processed with warm water so that the hairs soften, then dried with a towel, combed with a frequent crest towards the upper lip.

beard, haircut, properly

The first passage with scissors is made along the very edge. It is necessary to follow the lips of the lips so that the mustache borders, but do not overlap it from the center to the corners of the mouth. Then you can remove the excessive volume and density, walking along the upper edge of the hair growth. Unnecessary length is also quite easily lifted by a comb. Further, the mustache is combed, trimmed, if there are noticeable changes. They should not cut them too short, because after drying the hairs will become a little shorter. If the vegetation on the face does not have clear circuits, it is worth creating them, shaving all the superfluous around the mustache growth line. The haircut needs to be carried out as the hairs grow, but at least 1-2 times a month.

Kelli KL-7000

Kelli KL-7000-designed for hair cutting, hair removal from hard-to-reach places. It works for 45 minutes, moist cleaning is provided. Length 3.12 mm.

  • for beard and mustache (4 positions);
  • for hair cutting;
  • trimmer for grass (nose, ears, eyebrows);
  • universal;
  • full.size;
  • For razor.

Suitable for cutting a beard and hair, for removing the hairline in the ears, nose.

Average are in the range from 881 r. Until 1760 p.

Kelli KL-7000 pleases consumers with a democratic price and good quality, the device is easy to handle and very practical.

How to make a haircut under a machine

The common question is how to cut male hairstyles if there was no experience before. It is advisable to start with simple tasks. Polobox or boxing. perfect men’s haircuts for beginners. So you can gain valuable experience and understand the laws of creating a male hairstyle.

Starting work with curls, it is important to fill that the whiskey and the back of the head must be cut shorter, and leave the hair on the top of the head. To create such an effect, nozzles of different lengths are used. It is these tools that create the necessary “drawing” on the head.

Haste in the learning process. the worst assistant. It is necessary to make movements slowly in order to achieve good quality. If a man has long curls, you need to cut it to a start with scissors. If you start work immediately by a machine, then you can ruin the hairstyle at the starting stage.

Phased haircut

First you need to comb your hair qualitatively. After that, take a strand and pull it perpendicular to the head. Hair holds the middle and index finger of the left hand in the event that a person is right.handed. So you can observe the length and cut off the necessary parts.

After the excess length is removed, you can take the machine. Experienced masters advise cutting their hair exclusively against their growth. So teeth will raise curls to the required length for the convenience of the master.

It is advisable to start a haircut from the back of the head, setting the nozzle, for example, a “unit”. In traditional male hairstyles, the hair on the back of the head remains short. You need to move in small steps up, removing the lower level. “One” can be used before the start of the edging.

There are several types of edges that are chosen depending on the shape of the skull.

Before starting work, you need to ask a man what shape he likes more. After that, you can create it with a machine. It is important to remember that the movements must be made smoothly, since the transition by the machine from the short zone to a longer (crown) should not be sharp.

Sweep the top

Starting to haircut hair on the top of the head, you can put the “Trochochka” or even “four” on the machine to make a smooth transition. The choice is made depending on the length of the hair that the man asked to leave.

We draw up whiskey and neck

Moving to the temple area, it is necessary to be careful. The zones are located in particular proximity to the face, and therefore the shortcomings will immediately catch the eye of others. If there is no greater haircut experience, then you need to remove the hair in the millimeter. It is better to spend more time at work than a careless movement to spoil the entire previously prepared hairstyle.

Whiskey can be made straight or oblique (at the discretion of the cutting). In most cases, the first option is used, since the second is already outdated. If a man has a beard, then do not make the boundaries between her and temples too obvious. The smooth transition will look harmonious.

The next step is to arrange a fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth on the neck. If the border is located extremely low, then it is necessary to remove excess hair from the neck. But there is one nuance: only an adult man is allowed to cut his neck. If you remove the curls of the teenager, then you can provoke the growth of hard hair in this area, which is undesirable.

How to cut under a machine with a transition

It is important to know how to make a smooth transition in a men’s haircut, since it is on many male hairstyles.

To do this, you need to fulfill the following rules:

  • Put a 9 mm nozzle on a machine and process the back of the head. First we move to the temples, and then to the crown. For one movement, you will need to cover a large site.
  • It is advisable to use a nozzle of 11 or 12 mm in the crown zone. It is forbidden to tightly press the machine to the head.
  • It is necessary to arrange the edging with small nozzles.

Adhering to the instructions, you can understand how to make a transition in men’s haircuts.

How to cut a bang correctly

When haircuts with bangs, you need to take into account some nuances. Some men prefer a haircut of a semi.bogs where the bangs remain. It is strictly forbidden to use a hair machine. Therefore, you need to use scissors to raise curls and level the length.

It is undesirable to leave the bangs if the hair is curly. If a curly guy wants to wear a short hairstyle, then it is better to make her without bangs, otherwise it will look ugly or causing laughter.

Haircut options

There are several options for men’s haircuts at home that make a machine. Each of them has its own characteristics that you need to learn about before starting work.


The most elementary men’s haircut is universal. It can be done without changing nozzles, and it is ideal for training, since a person who has never worked with a machine can cope with it before.

Men’s universal haircut for a machine at home. instructions:

  • First you need to discuss with a man the length of the hair that he wants to leave. After that, you need to select a suitable nozzle.
  • It is advisable to start the back of the head, directing the machine against hair growth.
  • In the same way begin to shorten the curls on the parietal part.

Boxing and Polobox

Such short haircuts prefer to wear most men because they are popular and rather universal. And popularity is not surprising, since hairstyles emphasize the masculinity and morals of a person.

In this case, it is necessary to choose such a hairstyle only for men who have the correct shape of the skull. This is the only way to emphasize the advantages. This men’s haircut for the machine is also loved due to the fact that the density and structure of the hair does not matter. It can be done for absolutely any person.

To create a hairstyle for boxing, you must have the following tools at hand:

  • Using scissors, draw a border between short and long strands. If the back of the head is embossed, then the border must be made immediately under it.
  • Strands that grow below the features of long hair, remove the machine.
  • The back of the head and whiskey should be cut briefly.
  • After you can proceed to the parietal part. You need to cut your hair on separate strands, holding it between two fingers.
  • When the curls are trimmed, it is necessary to profile them with special scissors or a razor. Particular attention should be paid to the area near the face.
  • If sticking hairs remain on the head, then they can be cut with scissors.

If a man wants to leave a bang, it is necessary to make it not long. It should only reach the middle of the forehead, but not lower.

Haircut haircut instructions:

  • The hair located below the center of the back of the head must be cut briefly.
  • The zones should run up the control line, which connects the neck at the top and the upper part of the back.
  • At the top of the strands must be cut into one length with a ready.made occipital part. After that, we make a smooth transition from long hair to short. To do this, it is advisable to use scissors or razor. The transition must be smooth a couple of centimeters above the control line.
  • Turning to the area of ​​the crown, cut the curls, holding them between the two fingers of the left hand.

At the end of the operation, you can make filtering with a razor or scissors.

Some men prefer to stick on their heads. This is called “Hedgehog”. You can use such a hairstyle if the curls are thick or hard. Experts note that a short haircut is similar to boxing, but in this case there is no clear border between short and long strands. The transition is carried out smoothly, it is almost invisible.

How to make a male haircut according to the rules:

  • In part of the crown, the hair is removed with scissors, holding it with two fingers. The length should be approximately 4 cm.
  • After that, it is necessary to place wax or gel on the curls and lay them with a candle.
  • The bangs to direct the crew to the crown.
  • Process the head and whiskey with a machine, make an inconspicuous transition from short to long strands. It should turn out fuzzy.
  • On the neck you can remove your hair or leave it to a minimum.

Under zero

The hairstyle “under zero” or baldly suits those men who are powerfully developed by the chin and they want to emphasize this. Also, guys who begin to manifest themselves to manifest.

DIY men’s haircut. instructions:

  • First you need to cut with scissors long hair that the machine cannot remove.
  • Next, proceed to the processing of the temporal-pure zone, moving towards three lines: up, down, to the side.
  • If necessary, take a razor and remove the hair left on the head.


After the hairstyle was chosen, you can safely engage in preparations for the very process of its creation. Preparation for the design of a haircut for a man at home includes the purchase of the right inventory and preparation of hair for the upcoming procedure.

How to choose a machine?

One of the most important points is to buy a suitable haircut machine. Ideally, the device is selected for the individual needs of the newly made hairdresser, but the general principles of choice are.

  • So, there will be a plus such a moment as the lack of wires, because the batteries need to be changed not so often, but you can look for a socket on the road for a very long time.
  • It should also be noted that the machine should not be very difficult, otherwise it will be extremely inconvenient to work with it.
  • A large selection of various removable nozzles will significantly expand the capabilities of the haircut, because it will be possible to more accurately measure the length of the haircut and make a hairstyle with a more smooth transition. Another plus is additional nozzles on the sides, to work with a long.range zone, it was easier.
  • The presence of the speed of the speed switch is an undoubted advantage, but experts say that 2 haircut speeds at home will be quite enough. An important point is the device motor, since only the rotary look does not give vibrations, which means it will not interfere with the work.
  • A good haircut machine is equipped with a self.shaped blade, preferably covered with titanium or ceramics (there are also nickel coatings, but they can cause allergic reactions in some people).
  • Another important point is the form of cutting elements. They can be in the form of W and X, which are best coped with hair capture. The form is usually indicated in the name of the machine model. Professional masters to improve quality and facilitate the process of work often use special lubricant.

It is recommended to buy not the cheapest machine so that it can be an assistant for more than one year.

In addition to the machine, it is worth purchasing for work:

  • Peni-cape so that the hair does not clog the clothes of a man;
  • perfectly sharpened hairdressers;
  • scissors with cloves (filtering). to soften the transitions between different lengths and reduce hair density;
  • spraying hair spraying with water during haircuts;
  • comb with one row of densely located cloves.

This is the whole list of inventory that you may need to create both simple and model male hairstyles at home.

How to prepare hair?

So that the haircut goes smoothly and well, you should prepare your hair in advance. First you should just wash them well with ordinary shampoo to wash off fat that produce skin glands. If this is not done, then this fat can clog the blades during work and stupid them in the future.

The next thing should be done is to dry the hair a little with a hairdryer so that it remains a little wet. Given the fact that men often have short hair, you can just wait a bit and they will dry out themselves. This is necessary so that the machine slides through the hair and does not touch the skin.

If there are longer hair, it should be combed to prevent complete confusion of the machine in the hair.

How to cut it right?

For a novice hairdresser on the Internet, there are many instructions and schemes. Each haircut has its own characteristics and technology. For the first time it is better to choose the most light hairstyle for the experiment, and then, when acquiring skills, you can even perform very complex elements, for example, shave out patterns.

The easiest to execute is a haircut on one length. A man can learn how to make her even at home. In this case, you need to first choose a nozzle with a maximum length (with the largest number) and in stages walk through all zones. You should start with the back of the head, then switch to whiskey and finish at the upper part. Remove the length with stripes (first in the center, and then on the sides), without tearing the machine from the head.

Sports haircut in technology is considered a haircut for one length, so the machine is simply taken and all the hair is cut off from the parietal zone towards the occipital, and then the remaining ones are finished, moving the device against hair growth. It is worth carefully working out areas behind the ears, since they are very delicate in terms of haircuts. Do not forget about the sides, since in these zones hair growth can have a different direction, which should be taken into account during the haircut.

If the hair was very long, then the length should be removed as scissors to the maximum, to prevent it from stuck in the typewriter.

For cutting boxing, you should immediately determine the clear boundary between long and short hair, making it hairdressing scissors. To this end, take a conditional fishing line for a trimmer connecting the most protruding part of the back of the head with the tops of the ears. Under the conditional line, the machine needs to shorten the length of the back. Then shave off on the same nozzle. The parietal area should be cut, fixing the strands with your fingers, carefully working out each row. At the end of the haircut, you need to profile hair with special scissors.

Polobox in technology is very similar to boxing. The zone below the middle of the back of the head is made as short as possible. Strands on the crown and crown should be cut, clamping them between the fingers. The transition between different hair length should be as smooth as possible, almost invisible. To do this, they begin to smooth out the transition 2 cm above the control line with filtering scissors, gradually going down and adjusting to the length in the occipital region.

The bangs with these haircuts are trimmed with oblique or at an altitude of 2-4 cm from the eyebrows. Do not leave the bangs longer than half the forehead. If you leave more, then it will already be a hairstyle with an accent on the bangs and its variations that will require daily styling. It is worth taking care of the protection of the eyes and eyebrows during the haircut of the bangs so that the cut hair does not fall on them.

The hairstyle of the Hedgehog is performed, like a, by cutting the interior zone on the fingers, leaving about 4 cm in length. After that, apply a gel or wax for styling and with a hairdryer fix the hair, making it protruding upward. Then the strands are combed towards the top of the crown and again fixed with a hairdryer. The back of the head and whiskey is treated gradually, shaving the hair stripes overwhelmed (simultaneously capture the processed and unprocessed parts). This will make it easier to design the transition zone, make it smooth.

It is not necessary to regret the time to work out the zone of the temples, because this zone is one of the first to catch the eye, and any errors will be extremely noticeable. Whiskey is made oblique or straight, they can reach the lobe or middle of the ear. During the haircut, the rest of the hair is separated by a diagonal parting, and in the temporal zone it is combed towards the face, the fishing line for the trimmer of the transition is used, and then they form a second fishing line for the trimmer.

If a man has a beard, you should not make a too clear transition to the temples, because the gradual looks much more stylish.

You should also not forget about the design of the neck area during the haircut. This fishing line for a trimmer can be rounded or trapezoidal, and the transition from the neck itself can be a clear or gradual. If this border runs too low, then you can trim it with a machine. But you should not shave the neck area in the child, as this will lead to premature growth of hard hair.

Haircut with a machine at home can complicate baldnesses. Patterns in our time have gained great popularity, but sections of the hair torn by a machine do not like anyone. This can happen if the hair was not well combed before the procedure, remained too wet or the man was too lazy to wash his head in advance. All this can lead to the fact that the blades of the machines are clogged and begin to clamp the hair, tearing it out.

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