How to decorate the fridge at home

Painting with slate paint and crayon painting (workshop)

The slate-coated refrigerator door is the ideal place for taking notes: shopping and to-do lists, recipes and reminder messages to the family, and sweet notices. And, of course, on such a “board” is very convenient to draw the children, while mom cooks. To turn refrigerator doors into writing boards, you can choose from one of the following four ways:

Painting with slate paint. This method is somewhat more complicated than others, and in addition, it excludes the possibility of returning the surface to its original appearance. But you can paint not only the doors, but also the entire body of the equipment with slate paint, and the coating itself will be more durable.

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Finishing with chalk wallpaper. Chalk wallpaper is easier to work with, and most importantly. it can be peeled off without leaving marks on the surface of the technique. However, the coating is not very durable and needs to be replaced periodically. In addition, chalk wallpaper is more difficult to decorate rounded doors, corners, bypassing when gluing handles, displays and protruding parts. If you want to wrap the entire housing, the coating will have visible seams. For this reason, it is best to decorate only the door or part of the door with chalkboard.

Mounting the magnetic slate board. Such a board is assembled and disassembled as easily as a single large magnet, and it is also possible not only to draw on it, but also to attach small magnets. Most often ready-made magnetic boards are not too big, and you can buy a panel of large size only to order.

Attaching the chalkboard to neodymium magnets. This method is good because it allows you not to stain the fridge and if you want to remove the chalkboard easily.

How such a big chalkboard hangs on the fridge? The secret is simple. several neodymium magnets are glued to the back of it

Next we will tell you how to decorate your refrigerator with your own hands with a removable slate board with a frame as in the photo below.

Pay attention that the fridge has no handles of its own, its doors are opened by handles screwed to the chalk board

How to Decorate the Top of the Fridge for Storage : Home Organizing

Thin sheet of plywood (3-6 mm); Paint, primer (preferably), paint brush/roller, cuvette; Moldings to frame the board; Jigsaw or hand saw; Neodymium magnets with holes for screws (the price of one magnet about 80, their number and strength of adhesion depends on the weight of the board).

Such a super-magnet the size of a ruble coin will easily hold 3 kg of weight

Screws (by quantity of magnets), screwdriver; Stickers on furniture legs (they are necessary to avoid scratches on the surface of the doors, and also chips on the magnets themselves. Such pads are sold in Ikea and building stores. If you want, you can glue pieces of thin rubber or fabric like fleece to the magnets); Furniture handle for each board/door and screws for attachment.

Measure the parameters of one or two doors of the fridge.

Cut out wood-fibreboard boards from a sheet of wood-fibreboard exactly the size of the doors.

We paint the board with primer and wait until it dries. Then we apply the first coat of slate paint, let it dry, apply the next coat and again leave it for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, we apply a third coat of paint (preferably).

While the paint dries, unscrew the native handles of your refrigerator.

Cut and mount moldings on the board (you can use carpentry glue). The moldings can be painted if desired.

Now we glue a protective cover on each magnet, further we screw all magnets on the back side of the board. Be careful and strictly (!) Observe the rules of work with neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets are small magnets, but very powerful. They are sold in specialty online stores in many different shapes, sizes, and strengths (the strength of adhesion is indicated on the package). For our project, flat magnets will do, so that the gap between the board and the door is not too large. The main thing is that the total adhesion force of the magnets exceeds the weight of your board by a factor of two (!), otherwise it will slide down.

Yay! The board is ready. Now we fix furniture handles on it.

It’s time to install the board(s). Try opening each door by pulling the handle, if the board is stationary and the door opens easily, your project is complete. If you don’t feel the board is magnetized to the door firmly enough, add a few more magnets.


From complex to simple. Decorative stickers are suitable for any room. At the moment there is a huge variety of them, and you can choose any to your taste. It is also possible to create custom stickers according to the chosen picture.

This design can replace the art painting so that it will be difficult to distinguish the techniques. There are a number of 3D stickers that can turn your refrigerator into a world of its own. So you can easily “settle” a pet in the kitchen, “build” a fireplace, “create” a sea beach and just a cozy or fun atmosphere.

The fridge can be covered with absolutely different stickers

The doors of the refrigerator can be painted

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Mounting magnets

Nothing is easier than decorating your refrigerator with magnets. They can be purchased in any gift stores, many have a photo on such a basis. Lovers of experiments will find on the Internet instructions on how to make magnets with their own hands:

  • take salt dough;
  • give it the desired shape (different foods, flowers);
  • dried in the oven;
  • They paint the handicraft according to the color scheme characteristic of the souvenir’s prototype;
  • glue the obtained figure to the magnet with glue.

Magnetic boards and ribbons are widely used in the decoration of refrigerators. The advantages of such decoration are as follows:

  • The choice of different sizes, colors and patterns;
  • flexibility of the material;
  • easy care
  • The possibility of using boards for drawing, drawing messages, recipes;
  • easy assembly and disassembly;
  • small thickness;
  • low price.

A variation of this type of decor is the slate board on neodymium magnets. It can be made with your own hands:

  • Measure the parameters of the refrigerator in the places where the board will be attached;
  • Cut out from a sheet of Wood Fibreboard an object of decoration taking into account the size of the door or the walls of the unit;
  • coat the board with primer;
  • after drying apply a coat of slate paint (you have to do it in 3 p. after a certain period of time);
  • install moldings (trim strips) with carpentry glue, necessary for framing the board;
  • glue a protective cover over each magnet and then screw them to the back side of the board.

Then the object is hung on the refrigerator and the strength of its attachment is checked.

Attention! choose the number of magnets so that their total strength of adhesion exceeds the weight of the board by 2 p., Otherwise it will constantly slide down.

Why and what to decorate the fridge

What is room decor? Correct, it is the decoration of all its surfaces, and not only the walls, floors and ceilings, but also pieces of furniture and casings of household appliances. Of the latter, the refrigerator stands out because of its size. And how it would be desirable that the decor of the refrigerator would exactly match the environment in which it is planned to fit!

colored stickers turn your fridge into a real work of art

Modern manufacturing facilities which produce these essential household appliances today work using new technologies that is why the range of stores now has not only their snow-white models or variants in metallic color but also items in the housings of all colors of the rainbow. Some enterprises at all have started to produce designer models. It would seem that everything is fine and the consumer should be satisfied. But no! The lion’s share of buyers still prefer to buy standard, familiar to the eye white fridges. The problem is that the of multicolored masterpieces of the industry are too “biting.

A red sticker turns the most common appliances into a colorful décor item

However our people and here have shown cleverness and have started to decorate cases of refrigerators the hands, blessing the bit on invention is artful, and opportunities exist. at least abound.

Fridge decor: ideas and materials

The surface of the fridge should become a canvas for the realization of your ideas. You can paint its walls with landscapes and drawings, try the technique of decoupage on it or simply, without straining, using spray paint cans, repaint in colors that are dear to your heart and fit the interior.

Photos as a way to decorate the fridge

Decorative magnets

The easiest way to transform the fridge, with which even a child can cope. is to decorate the fridge with decorative magnets. Those who are too lazy to do it can buy the kinds they like in the stores, but the creative minded can create them by themselves. As for the number of magnets, it remains arbitrary. In this respect, rely only on your taste. Some people may be satisfied with a couple of products, some need to hide the whole surface of the board underneath.

Magnetic boards

Magnetic board is also good in the fridge decor. In this case, this object, in addition to its decorative role, will be assigned a mission to raise the mood. The board will serve as an excellent place for family correspondence, and since all the household members without exception approach the fridge, your messages will never go unread. Write reminders, draw cheerful pictures, confess in love. in general, charge yourselves with positive emotions and give them to others! Fill your house with happiness, because with the help of a magnetic board and a refrigerator it becomes even easier.

Gadgets in the decor

On a magnet today you can also see small digital frames. They allow uploading up to several dozens of photos. Fix such a frame on the wall of the fridge and enjoy the pretty views.

Undoubtedly, the decor of the refrigerator with photos that capture the brightest moments will attract the attention of guests


The undoubted leader among the decorative materials on offer, are stickers. They are sold today in the most incredible variations and colors. Consumers love them for their perfectly proportioned combination of decorative beauty and ease of application to the surface.

Together with the affordable price, this makes the stickers an original and affordable way to decorate your refrigerator.

But in this barrel of “honey” characteristics the traditional fly in the ointment was not spared. The problem is that the vinyl stickers can only be used on the smooth, flat surfaces of the new generation of refrigerators. Old models, with convex doors and blown walls, are better decorated with decoupage or repaint again. You want a vinyl sticker? Well, try it, but it may have defects, which will not add to the old refrigerator appeal.

A sticker with a 3D image helps to drastically change the accents in a given kitchen


Often the casing of long serving refrigerators is damaged or just looks stale, yellowed. The method of decoupage will help to cope with these manifestations of time. If you have a desire to try your hand at creative work? Then get ready:

The inscriptions can help to change the dull and monotonous surface of the fridge

What you need to do: take scissors and carefully cut out the pattern on the napkin you have prepared. Now separate the white base, but do it as carefully as possible so as not to damage the extractable pattern. Apply glue to the colored part and attach the pattern to the surface of the case, while smoothing out all the folds and straightening out the irregularities. When everything is ready, paint the resulting with several coats of varnish. Pictures made on thin paper may well be used instead of napkins.

Decoupage opens up unique spaces for decorating the fridge. Being decorated in this technique, the fridge will easily blend into any interior style.

The design of the refrigerator decorated with an antique cabinet


Painting the body of your refrigerator can be used simply to improve its worn out appearance, or it can be done for the purpose of decorating. In the first case, the refrigerator is simply returned to the lost white color, while in the second case, it is painted to match the general color scheme of the kitchen space.

Artistic Painting

This method of decorating the fridge is also quite entitled to be, especially if you have a talent for drawing or copying. It is possible to work with an acrylic paint and brushes or with stencils and spray paint. No matter what you painted your picture with, your creation will need to be coated with a layer of varnish, of course, giving the picture a good dry beforehand. Varnish is a must. It will play a protective role in this case and will not allow the pattern to disappear from the surface after the first wash.

A little time and imagination and your own handmade picture on the fridge will be an excellent decorative option

Self-adhesive materials

Among all types of self-adhesive materials the self-adhesive film is the most remarkable. One can choose a monochrome film or patterned variants for finishing the body of the fridge. In the latter case the decorative effect will be more fully expressed, and pasting the film will not resemble an attempt to simply upgrade the fridge exterior. One can try to combine different types of materials, use a monochrome film as a background and make a drawing with a colored one.

Airbrush in decor

Airbrush decoration is one of the most expensive methods of decorating your fridge, but it looks really stylish, beautiful and unique. Only a professional painter should be able to make these decorations. On your fridge can appear frescoes of the great Leonardo, animal prints or symbols of any country.

Refrigerator decorated with the front door in the interior of the kitchen

How to choose a paint for your fridge

If the work of the technique does not cause nagging, and the whole thing is only in an unpresentable appearance or bored white color, you can repaint the device in any shade that suits the interior gamut. You will need sandpaper, a brush/medium hairbrush or spray gun, masking tape and the right type of paint.

Important! The paint for the fridge must be water resistant, elastic and have a high thixotropy, which will help it to adhere well to the vertical surface and not to leave streaks when applied.

  • Automotive nitro enamels are easy to apply and a good choice of colors. They are sold in special spray cans for convenient atomization. But restoration of the appliance is better to carry out in the open air. undried paint emits toxins, in addition, it is difficult to treat a massive appliance indoors without accidentally staining other surfaces.
  • Epoxy paints are resistant to wear and tear and are available in spray cans and regular cans for brush/roller application. There are even special enamels marked “for the restoration of household appliances”. The only drawback is the small range of colors.
  • Acrylic paints on metal. a universal option for home craftsmen. These products do not release any hazardous substances, have a huge selection of colors, and are easy to apply with a roller or spray can.

Tip! Do not forget about safety measures when working with paint. use a respirator and protective gloves.

Painting methods

Tinting is useful in two cases: if you want to update the appearance of the product with one color or decorate the device, creating a multicolored picture. Sometimes just the desire and the ability to hold a brush in his hand is enough, in other situations you need to have artistic talents.

Types of paints used

For the work will be suitable materials that have moisture resistance, elasticity, high thixotropy, which will help the paint evenly hold on a vertical surface, not dripping down. It is best to use one of the following types:

  • Acrylic paint on metal. a universal option, available in a variety of colors. Applied with a roller or spray can, does not emit toxic substances.
  • Epoxy. wear-resistant and convenient, they are on sale with a special marking “for the restoration of household appliances. The disadvantage is the limited choice of colors.
  • Automotive nitro enamel, on sale as an aerosol, is a great choice of colors. Easy to apply evenly, but it is better to paint in the fresh air, as it emits toxins that evaporate after drying.

Important! When working with any paint materials, it is worth observing safety precautions. It is advisable to wear protective gloves and a respirator.

Normal painting

Means to change the tone of the fridge with the help of a paint of one color. This way you can refresh an outdated unit or transform it for a better match with the updated interior.

It is most convenient to paint with a spray can, but a brush or roller is also possible. The first option will provide a quick, even effect, but there is a risk of staining furniture or walls. The second option is more accurate, but it is very difficult to achieve a perfectly even shade without streaks.

Painting with a simple pattern

If the transformation of technology with one color seems boring and uninteresting, it is worth trying to apply the original composition of uncomplicated elements. It can be ornaments, patterns, geometric figures. You should apply one shade of paint, wait until it dries, and then apply subsequent shades.

The use of painting tape will make the transitions between different colors even and clear. It will need to be removed after the dye has dried.

Painting in a car service center

If there is no desire to tinker with specific materials at home, it is worth using the help of masters. Many car service centers, along with the coloring of cars with ease will carry out the transformation of household appliances. Enough to clarify whether the service performs such a service.


Labor-intensive, expensive procedure, requiring the participation of an experienced artist. At the same time the result turns out to be unbelievably beautiful and effective. Performed with an airbrush, and small elements are drawn with a brush. A suitable pattern is first modeled on the computer, so that the picture fully meets the expectations of the customer.

Painting with slate paint and crayon painting

Such an interesting solution will not only create a visually original device, but also give it the opportunity to become a board for children’s drawings and useful notes. For this purpose, a special paint, which comes in different shades, is applied to the door and side walls (if desired).

When choosing this method of treatment, you need to consider some specifics:

  • Painting is more difficult than the usual enamel;
  • Repainted surface will already be impossible to return to its original appearance;
  • The coating is durable and resistant to damage.

Interesting! Another material designed for drawing with crayons is chalk wallpaper. They are easier to work with and do not leave marks on the equipment. But such a coating is short-lived and needs periodic renewal.

Decorating the refrigerator for the new year with their own hands

New Year is a long-awaited holiday, in preparation for which many people decorate all the rooms of their apartment or home. The kitchen is also not left without attention, because the family spends a lot of time there. The most voluminous attribute in it is the refrigerator and its decoration with Christmas decorations plunges the room into the atmosphere of a magical fairy tale. In this article, we will tell you what items can be used in the holiday decor of the unit, how to transform its appearance for the holiday with your own hands.

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