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When to deflate the radiator

Bleeding the air must be dealt with immediately as soon as one of the following causes manifests itself. But it is possible to detect them only during the season when the heating is on.

It is easy to detect clogging in the period of heating operation

It is important to know that air forms inside the system, even when it is not working. Many people do not pay attention to this nuance, and in vain. Oxygen inside the battery and metal pipes promotes the formation of corrosion. Pieces of rust fall off, clogs form. To prolong the life of the system, the air in the radiators in the apartment is blown out, even in summer.

During this period, most often there is clogging for the following reasons:

  • The summer period is reserved for heating repair. The plumbers of the service organization change the valves, rotten pipes. To repair a single section, water is drained from the entire riser.
  • Owners of apartments in summer do their own heating repair. Due to the lack of possibility of disconnecting the circuit from the centralized system, the water is similarly dumped from the entire riser. In some cases, drain the entire multi-storey building.
  • If stop valves at the inlet of an apartment house were blocked, according to the laws of physics the volume of coolant decreased. After opening the valves, pressurized water sucks air and fills the risers with it.
  • Often, during the summer, plumbers deliberately de-pressurize risers to avoid unnecessary work in the future. The fact that old cast iron batteries after stopping the heating sometimes start leaking at the joints of sections, if they have been standing under high pressure of the cold coolant for a long time. It is easier for the locksmiths to depressurize than to change a lot of gaskets, performing complicated disassembly of the sections.

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To deflate the entire riser, it is necessary to bleed the air from the battery on the top floor or the attic, which depends on the heating scheme. This work is usually done by the locksmiths themselves before the heating season. The owner of each apartment, attached to this riser, should independently from their radiators in the summer periodically bleed air, so that their own system to the maximum remain filled with coolant.

Automatic air vent

It is a metal unit mounted on the radiator that is designed to automatically evacuate air without human intervention. Inside there is a float and a needle valve. These two mechanisms create the balance of the air vent. In operating condition the body is filled with water, the float is raised and the valve is closed. The air produced gradually flows into the unit, the float is pushed down by the air, and opens the valve, allowing the air to escape. These devices are usually installed at the highest points of the heating system, where the greatest amount of it accumulates.

These units can be straight or angled, depending on the configuration of the radiators. It is important that the outlet hole must always point upwards.

Automatic angle air vent

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The automatic air vent is installed in two ways.

  • Direct installation into the thread.
  • Installation through the cut-off valve. This valve allows the removal of air vents without shutting down the system. They are removed for periodic cleaning, because in the contaminated with impurities it ceases to work properly.

To avoid problems when installing this mechanism, follow a number of rules. It can only be unscrewed and tightened with a wrench, because if you use an adjustable wrench, you can miscalculate the force and it will crack. The body of the air vent must not be held during work. it can break.

Automatic air vent at the radiator

, which is much more expensive than its mechanical counterparts. Well-known companies that produce bleeders are Danfoss and Wind.

Automatic air vent Danfoss

Bleeding air through the expansion tank

The houses with individual heating are set expansion tanks. They come in a closed and open type.

deflate, battery

If the expansion tank is open, the water or coolant level may have dropped in it. Add them to the system, preferably through the bottom valve of any radiator. If this is not possible. do it directly into the tank.

Start the system and let it run. If the air plug did not come out. have to drain it through the radiator.

If the expansion tank is a closed type. you will have to check whether the tank works.

How to bleed the air from the battery. ways

Forced-type heating systems are equipped with a special valve in the upper part to release air from the heating system. In this case, an important condition for the possibility of this procedure is to have a certain angle of the supply pipe in relation to the movement of the coolant. This will allow air accumulations rising with the water to escape through special holes.

It is important to know how to bleed air from the radiator and what to use for this. Nowadays, manual and automatic devices to combat airlocks are very popular. The peculiarity of manual devices (means taps Maevsky) are compact and reliable. It should be noted that before you bleed boiler in the apartment, you must wait until the coolant cools down completely.

Bottom outlet with administrator access. removing the air plug

It is one thing if the problem can only be solved from your own apartment or by contacting specialists. Another thing. if the role of a specialist can play yourself, for example, by getting access to the basement.

The solution to the problem in this case is as follows:

  • Before you remove air from the heating system, it is necessary to bypass it, for which the first thing is to close the heating gate valve and open the sewage drain under it;
  • After performing the previous actions, the system should be given about 5-10 minutes to air out;
  • If the desired effect has not been achieved, the system must be reversed;
  • After bleeding the air it is necessary to close the discharge and return all valves to their original position so that the heating circuit continues to operate normally.

The individual risers that are having problems could also well be bypassed from the basement level. To do this, just close the valve of one of the connected risers and open bleeding. The likelihood of successful bleeding air in this case is quite high, and if one of the risers is used as an idle, the work is sure to be successful.

Even in the case where there are plugs instead of drains on the risers, there are a couple of ways to get rid of the air lock in the heating system:

  • The first option is to shut off both risers, bleed them, and then change one of the plugs to a ball valve with male-to-female threads. Of course, this option will require the faucet itself. but its cost is small, and such costs are certainly worth it so that the heating system can continue to work.
  • For the second option is to close the valves located on the risers, and then unscrew one plug. The riser is put into reset mode, stopped, and then the previous steps are repeated in reverse order. Such a way to bleed air can be used only when the temperature of the coolant is below 45 degrees. otherwise the person doing this work can seriously burn himself.

What is a Bleeding Breather?

Trapped air, or air lock. is the accumulation of air in the upper part of the heater (or pipe).

In apartment buildings is particularly affected by the problem of the inhabitants of the upper floors.

There can be several reasons for air blockage. Let’s list the main ones:

  • Repair work (if the pipeline has been manipulated, it causes air to enter the system).
  • In urban apartments, it is difficult to put the main line into operation without plugs, because ideally, the system should fill with water very slowly, with a simultaneous bleeding.
  • There is a leak somewhere (even a small leak at a joint must be repaired immediately).
  • Difficulties often arise with the underfloor heating system, if its branches are not laid strictly horizontally and at different heights.
  • In any water, when the temperature rises, oxygen is released. In private homes over time, all the air comes out, and if the coolant does not change, you can forget about the problem. But in central heating portions of the fluid are constantly renewed.

If it is absolutely impossible to do everything with your own hands, you can leave an application to the service company of the house to send a master.

But the system starts up usually takes two weeks, so before this period, you should not rush with complaints.

The danger of an air lock in the radiators

When in the device there is a clog, it indicates that there will be problems with the heat supply, and it is necessary to immediately solve the problem of how to bleed the air from the radiator heating. Excess air will be an obstacle to the normal operation of the heating system. In addition, the corrosion process will begin on the walls of the batteries.

If the heating circuit is installed circulating pump, air lock is likely to disrupt its operation. If the system is working properly, sliding bearings, located on the shaft of the pump equipment will always be in the working environment.

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When there is a clogging there is a “dry friction” effect that negatively affects the sliding rings, which will cause the shaft to fail. That is why it is so important to know how to properly bleed air from the battery. If you take the necessary measures in time, you can prevent damage to the heat supply structure.

Types of air vents and places of their installation

Air vent valves can be manual or automatic. Manual air vent valves or Maevsky cocks are small in size. They are usually installed on the end part of the heating radiator. Adjust the Maevsky valve with a wrench, screwdriver or even by hand. Since the valve is small, its capacity is small, so it is used only for the local elimination of air s in the heating system.

Air vents for heating systems are of two types: manual (Maevsky cock) and automatic (working without human intervention).

The second type of air vents. automatic. work without human intervention. They are installed both vertically and horizontally. They have a high performance, but are quite sensitive to contamination in the water, so they are mounted together with filters on both the supply and return pipelines.

Automatic air vent valves are installed in heating systems of the closed type along the mowing line of pipes at different points. Then the discharge of air from each group of devices is performed separately. The multi-stage dehumidifying system is considered the most effective. With proper laying and competent installation of pipes (at the correct slope) to remove air through the air vents will be simple and trouble-free. Removing air from the heating pipes is associated with an increase in fluid flow, as well as an increase in pressure in the pipes. A drop in water pressure indicates that the system is leaking, and temperature fluctuations indicate the presence of air in the heating radiators.

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