How to defrost the freezer without turning off the refrigerator

How to defrost the refrigerator quickly and correctly: phased instruction

Happy owners of refrigerators with the No Frost system rarely think about their defrosting, but not everyone was so lucky. If the model does not provide an option to protect from the formation of hoarfrost, then very quickly in the refrigerator and freezer a thick layer of ice will grow.

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Devices with defrosting systems also need special care, but less often. We will figure out what can provoke ice formation and how to defrost the refrigerator with minimal time.

Step-by-step instruction

The period of time through which the equipment should be defrosting directly depends on the defront system (thawing) installed in it. The type of this system is indicated in the technical passport of the device.

Standard systems

The manual system of defrosting is installed in low.Temperature cabinets and freezers. The entire defrosting process is performed manually. In such chambers, the process should occur with the increase in ice crust. When its thickness reaches 5 mm, then you should thaw the process.

No frost

Know Frost, the most modern and perfect technology that protects the walls from intent. No Frost provides for thawing in automatic mode. Cold air flows through the aggregate chamber distribute a built.In fan.

Moisture condenses in a hidden evaporator in the form of hoarfrost. From heating the evaporator, the hoarfling thaws, and moisture merges into the pallet. From there, the liquid evaporates and as a result, ice does not remain on the walls of the chambers.

Drip defrust system

Mostly found in modern and inexpensive devices. Such a system is called crying. In such devices, the period of freezing and thawing occur in turn. By turning on and disabled compressor. After a certain period of time. Ice accumulates on the evaporator located on the back wall. On the surface of which, after the compressor is turned off, condensation is formed. Water flows into the pallet by stocks and from there evaporates.

Rules and steps of defrosting

It doesn’t matter much, you are going to defrost the refrigerator with the No Frost system or with a drip. Just in the first case this procedure will have to be carried out less often, but the process will consist of the same stages.

Preparation of products

First, it is important to choose the right time. It is better if the refrigerator is not clogged with perishable dishes. It is easier to understand with packaged products. In winter, they can be taken to the balcony. And in the summer. Put in a thermogue along with ice packages.

If there is no thermal drum, the next life hack will help. Between products you need to lay out ice packs. Wrap everything with food film and foil (shiny side inside). Cover with a blanket or several layers of newspapers on top. For several hours, products inside will be like in a thermos.

Turning off the device

In order not to spoil the refrigerator, you need to turn it off according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To do this, first turn off the temperature control regulator or put it on a minimum. Then take a fork from a socket.

Two.Chamber refrigerator with two compressors more convenient. For example, you can defrost the freezer without turning off the unit entirely. To do this, turn off the thermostat in one section.

Water tank

Even before the starting, you need to check where the thawed water will drain. In modern refrigerators, a special container is provided on the back wall, but sometimes it is not enough.

Therefore, it is worth placing a water tray from below in advance. Around lay out old towels and well.Absorbing rags for the floor.

You can purchase a special drain hose. One end is installed in a drainage hole, the other is placed in a bucket. Melt water drains without risk to arrange a flood.

Organization of space

After preparation, you can take out shelves and boxes. Do not forget about the removable departments on the door: they are removed for better air circulation. The refrigerator is left open so that the ice tosses naturally.

If the unit is old, at least six hours can go for a defrost. It is permissible to leave him open at night.


The device must be freed from fallen pieces of frost and wash well. Under running water, you need to clean the removable parts. This stage is carried out without the use of household chemicals. They are poorly washed off and can get into food. Many of them have a strong chemical smell. It is poorly eliminated, so it is highly likely that it is “absorbed” by ready.Made dishes.

A good alternative in such a situation will be table vinegar and soda. They will safely clear all the pollution and remove unpleasant odors, without leaving their own.

Clean surfaces, shelves and boxes must be wiped dry with kitchen or paper towels. Then place in the refrigerator and do not close it for half an hour. After that, the device can be included. When it cools to the required temperature, load the products.

It is better not to use metal washcloths and hard brushes for cleaning the refrigerator. They can scratch the surfaces and ruin their appearance.

Refrigerator defrosting cheat sheet

We offer to defrost in several stages.


Before proceeding with the main measures to defrost the refrigerator, do not forget:

  • De.Energize the technique;
  • Open the device door (or doors, if we are talking about a two.Chamber refrigerator);
  • Get all the products and send them to thermal packages/containers filled with cold water with ice/on the balcony (in the cold season) or in the cellar if you live in a private house;
  • Pull out all shelves, trays, boxes and other removable elements;
  • Cover the floor near the device with a rag or old newspapers, if the device does not have a tank for draining water.

In some models, for example, Liebherr and Atlant, 2 compressors are immediately provided. Thus, the refrigerator and freezer can be turned off separately from each other. However, experts recommend at least annually to completely defrost the device, regardless of the generation of the refrigerator.

If in the coming days you plan to defrost equipment, do not load too many products into it. Try to organize household affairs in such a way that by the time of caring for equipment in the chamber there is a minimum amount of perishable food.

Natural thawing of ice

How long the refrigerator is defrosting depends on the type and model of the technique. As a rule, the process takes from 3 to 12 hours. You can plan the procedure at night to finish the necessary cleaning measures in the morning. If the ice layer is large, and the device is old, then for the defrosting can take about a day. The duration of defrosting also depends on the temperature in the room.

Experts recommend the natural thawing of the unit, as this is the most effective and safe strategy.

Washing the refrigerator

So, the ice was safely thawed, and now you can safely continue the cleaning procedures. You need:

  • Carefully collect water;
  • Wash the shelves and boxes with a special tool, vinegar water or soda for effective disinfection;
  • Clean the sealing gum to prevent the appearance of mold and reproduction of bacteria;
  • Pour the back wall of the device;
  • Wipe the doors outside to remove unattractive spots.

After defrosting the refrigerator, you do not need to turn it on immediately: it should be a little ventilated so that the device is completely dry.

How much to defrost the refrigerator

Defrosting the refrigerator is a non-parting process, depending on the thickness of the ice, it takes 3-10 hours. The easiest way to leave the device to defrost overnight. If you need to carry out this procedure faster, in the article you will find proven ways to accelerate the defrosting of the refrigeration chamber. After the defrosting is completed, the device is usually washed to destroy the bacteria and remove the unpleasant odor from the refrigerator.

With good operation, refrigerators with the No Frost function are not covered with hoarfrost, so they do not need defrosting. If you began to notice that ice forms on the walls, probably a breakdown occurred. In this case, defrosting will not help. You need professional help to the master.

What should not be done?

In the process of washing the refrigerator, it is unacceptable to use metal brushes, coarse lips, as well as abrasive cleaning products.

Ways of quick defrosting

To defrost the refrigerator correctly, you should start with preparatory procedures:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the network, put forward a little forward. The door should be open.
  • Clean the cameras inside from the products. The device should remain completely empty.
  • Pull out boxes, shelves, trays and other removable elements.
  • Put suitable containers (pots, cups, basins) under the holes of drain of water with meltwater). You can install a pallet on the floor or put a large well.Absorbing rag.

The refrigerator is recommended to leave for several hours, better night. While the freezing of the freezer occurs, take care of cleaning: conduct a revision of food, wash all the boxes and shelves with a sponge.

Important ! Periodically check the bowls where the water will drain and squeeze rags.

After all the water is glass, remove excess moisture with a dry rag, wash the walls of the cooling compartment and freezers. Now you can put the shelves in place, load the products and turn on the refrigerator in the outlet.

Important ! Do not score the cameras to failure, if there are a lot of products-first load it by 30-40%, add another third after 3-4 hours, after 3-4 hours the remains.

To quickly defrost the refrigerator, you can use one of 5 ways to speed up the process:

  • Feng. The supply of warm (not hot!) air from a distance of 25-35 cm significantly accelerates thawing.
  • Hot water pan. It is advisable not to use boiling water, the temperature should be ~ 90C. The container is placed on the board directly inside the chamber when the water cools. They change. You will have to repeat 3-5 times.
  • Warmer. Warm rubber pear helps to defrost the refrigerator faster. To do this, just pour water into it and put in the camera.
  • Spray. Hot water is poured into a sprayer and begin to spray on the ice: after 10-15 minutes it can begin to be chopped off in pieces.
  • Special spray. On sale you can find trains intended for this task: they not only quickly save the surface from ice, but also eliminate smells, kill bacteria.

Defrost freezer the best method in the world!

You can use two ways at once: for example, put a heating pad and blow with a hairdryer.

defrost, freezer, turning, refrigerator

Why is it important to defrost the freezer in a timely manner

Is it necessary to defrost the refrigerator if an excess of ice accumulates in the freezer? Yes, since excess ice occupies a useful place for products.

Also, if you do not defrost the freezer for too long, then an excess of ice can make the door to the freezer to close. Naturally, it is better to thaw the freezer without bringing to this stage.

Another reason to timely remove excess ice from the freezer is that the ice, accumulating in the freezer, acts like an insulator. This means that the freezer should work longer and more in order to penetrate through the thickness of the ice to maintain low temperature products in the freezer.

If the freezer “freezes” too fast?

This means that either you leave the door of the freezer for a long time open, or there are problems with the seal on the door.

In this case, try to close the freezer chamber immediately after you put the products into it. And check the seals of the freezer: if they have lost their functionality, then they must be replaced.

How to defrost refrigerators of different brands?

Instructions for Atlant

Step.By.Step instructions on how to defrost the refrigerator Atlant look as follows (we focus on the fact that we have a modern model No Frost):

  • Disconnect the refrigerator.
  • It is better to take out all the freezing to the balcony if winter is outside, or put in thermal packets.
  • Pull the shelves, boxes, holders, etc. If they are also covered with ice, you do not need to wash them right away, let them rejoice.
  • Look in the instructions where the drainage hose is in your model, it is usually below the refrigerator itself. Pull it and connect it with a long hose to direct the water from the refrigerator.
  • It is better to put towels or rag under the bottom of the refrigerator.
  • Further, in order to defrost the refrigerator Atlant, you can wait until the ice begins to melt yourself or help it in one of the methods described above (heating pad, heater, hairdryer, etc.D.).
  • Collect the ice, do not knock it off the walls with a knife so as not to damage them.
  • Take the water in the cell, as well as around the refrigerator.
  • Wipe the surface of the chambers with a soap solution, wash the shelves, boxes, etc. Then wipe the refrigerator dry before turning it on. And load the products.
defrost, freezer, turning, refrigerator

If you defrost a two.Chamber refrigerator Atlant, then the procedure is the same, but you can not defrost all the cameras at once, and not just one.

How to defrost the refrigerator indesit?

Properly defrost the refrigerator indesit as follows:

  • I put 0 degrees on the temperature control and turn off the device.
  • Unload the refrigerator from food, transferring it to a cold place. We do not recommend leaving food in the chamber, since its presence there will slow down the process of defrosting.
  • Pull the boxes and other elements of the refrigerator.
  • On the back wall below, find the hole under the drainage. If the know.Frast system, then it will be behind the protective panel. Put the container under the hole and put a towel under the bottom of the refrigerator so as not to flood the kitchen.
  • As soon as the ice begins to leave, it can be removed by pieces, then you wipe the water and remove the refrigerator inside. After let it dry. If the device has a manual type of thawing or a drip system, then after drying close the door and turn it on after 2 hours. No Frost refrigerators are best left for 12 hours or a day.
  • After everything has dried, you can turn on the device and lay the products.

Bosch refrigerator defrosting instructions

How to defrost the refrigerator Bosch:

  • Pull the plug of the device out of the outlet.
  • Free him from food and removable details.
  • Dill the containers and lattices.
  • It is better to lay a rag under the bottom.
  • As soon as the ice begins to go, remove it, and pull the rest of the water with a cloth.
  • Wash the cameras inside, wipe all the gum.
  • After cleaning, wipe dry, including removable parts.
  • Put the shelves in place and pr. And connect the refrigerator.
  • After 2 hours, when there is a normal temperature in the chamber, load the products.

How to defrost LG refrigerator?

In order to defrost the LG refrigerator, you need:

Can you defrost a fridge without turning it off?

  • Turn off it from the network.
  • Get food and all shelves, boxes and so on.
  • Wait until the ice begins to go himself or help him (put a heating pad in the camera, put a pan with hot water).
  • Put a towel or rag on the bottom of the chamber so that it absorbs melt water.
  • Remove the ice, water and wash the walls of the refrigerator, as well as its removable parts.
  • Be sure to make sure that after cleaning the refrigerator is completely dry, otherwise a new ice will quickly form. Connect the device to the network and download products into it.

How to defrost the refrigerator Samsung?

How to defrost the refrigerator Samsung:

  • To get started, de.Energize the device and it is advisable to push it away from the wall to remove the dusty rear wall.
  • Free from the products.
  • Get all the removable details.
  • Throw away the spoiled products, and take out the freezing on the balcony if it is now cold, or put in water with ice.
  • On the bottom of the camera, cover the towel.
  • Wait until the ice starts to go or accelerate the process in one of the methods that we described in general rules.
  • Remove ice and water.
  • Wash the refrigerator and let it stand still to dry and ventilate out of unpleasant odors.
  • Make sure the walls of the cameras and the shelf are dry, connect the device to the network and download the products.

How to defrost the refrigerator of the turquoise?

Now let’s tell you how to defrost the old Biryusa refrigerator:

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