How to disable an electric oven Bosch

Bosch electric stove How to remove locking

Activation of blocking for children’s safety press the “Key” button and hold it in a closed state until the inscription “Protection against children is active” and the symbol [key] appear on the display. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on. Settings also cannot be changed.

Attention! If the function of choosing functions is in position “0” for more than 2 seconds, the current installation is canceled. Blocking for children’s safety remains active.

Blocking a drawer of the oven carts you can change the basic installations so that the drawer of the oven is additionally blocked. How to do this is explained in the chapter “Basic installation”. If during operation the blocking for the safety of children is activated, the drawer of the oven carts is blocked at a temperature above 50 ° C. The symbol [lock] appears on the indicator on the indicator.

The cancellation of the blocking click the “Key” button and hold it in a pressed state until the text and symbol go out. After that, you can again change the settings of the oven and put forward a cart.

Activation of blocking for children’s safety press the “Key” button and hold it in a closed state until the inscription “Protection against children is active” and the symbol [key] appear on the display. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on. Settings also cannot be changed.

Attention! If the function of choosing functions is in position “0” for more than 2 seconds, the current installation is canceled. Blocking for children’s safety remains active.

Blocking a drawer of the oven carts you can change the basic installations so that the drawer of the oven is additionally blocked. How to do this is explained in the chapter “Basic installation”. If during operation the blocking for the safety of children is activated, the drawer of the oven carts is blocked at a temperature above 50 ° C. The symbol [lock] appears on the indicator on the indicator.

The cancellation of the blocking click the “Key” button and hold it in a pressed state until the text and symbol go out. After that, you can again change the settings of the oven and put forward a cart.

The induction plate is almost an indispensable and useful device for any housewife. A wide range today allows you to find a model that will fit perfectly into the design of any kitchen. When purchasing such household appliances, you should carefully study the instructions for use.

When purchasing an induction panel, you should carefully study the instructions for use

So, for example, the plate is equipped with a special protection aimed at ensuring the safety of children. It is provided by blocking. Not knowing how to remove the lock from the hob, it becomes impossible to use household appliances. Therefore, the hostess should study this question thoroughly.

Protection from children

Plates of leading European manufacturers such as Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Gorenje, Ariston, Candy and other models are equipped with special functions aimed at maximum safety.

The slabs of leading European manufacturers are equipped with special functions aimed at maximum safety

So that children do not accidentally turn on the oven or change the current settings, in household appliances, blocking is provided. It turns on as follows. Click on the “Key” button and hold until the inscription “Protection from children is active” is displayed on the screen. Together with this phrase, the key image will appear. It will take about 4 seconds to carry out the operation. After that, it is impossible to change the settings and turn on the oven.

The installation is canceled in a similar way. The setting of the pen responsible for the choice of functions should be in position “0” within two seconds. In this case, the lock responsible for the safety of children will remain in an active state.

Bosch HBG73B530F Operation Instructions online. Page 10

Instruction Bosch HBG73B530F for the device of the oven contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

You have various possibilities for setting modes

oven. Here we are in detail here

We will explain to you how to perform the installations of the type of heating,

grill temperature or mode. In addition, you can set

The duration of cooking and ending time

work of the oven. How to do this is described in the section

one. Install the type of heating using the selection switch

Temperature regulator set the temperature or mode

Turning off the wind cabinet

Changing the installations by the corresponding regulator at any time

change the type of heating, temperature or grill mode.

In a quick heating mode, the oven is heated to

the desired temperature is especially fast.Use this mode if the oven should be

warmed up to a temperature above 100 ° C. Best suits

To achieve the optimal preparation result

Put the dish in the working camera only after completion

one. Set the type of heating and temperature.2. Press the button

The completion of the fast heating is the sound signal. Symbol

Now you can put the dish in the oven.

The cancellation of the quick heating button

Your oven has various time functions.

various functions. At this time, the display will

all the symbols of time. Brackets [] will prompt

to you, what kind of function at the moment you can

change. You can change the parameters of the already configured

You can use the timer as a regular household. He

works regardless of the oven cabinet. The timer publishes

a characteristic sound signal, allowing you to know that the established

Cooking time or time on the timer expired.

On the display, the symbols of the time, the symbol are displayed

After a few seconds, the set time is accepted.

The timer turns on. The symbol lights up on the display [

The timer time counts begins. All other characters

Timer time is exhausted by the sound signal. The display is displayed 00:00.

Changing time timer and timer time buttons

Install the timer again at 00:00. In a few

seconds change will be accepted. The timer turns off.

Request for time settings made several time settings, on the display

Cooling system

In the process of work, the inner camera is very heated. The temperature during cooking can reach 250 degrees Celsius (or more), and during pyrolytic cleaning reach 500-600 degrees. Therefore, modern ovens are equipped with effective cooling systems. The installation of a powerful fan helps to avoid excessive heating of electronics surrounding furniture and other items. Constant air circulation provides excess heat through a special hole located under the control panel.

Thus, the tangential cooling system guarantees the safety of the furniture headset and user safety. But what about the cooling of the facade of the oven? This problem is especially relevant for models with pyrolytic To solve it in the cabinets with pyrolysis, a two.level tangential fan is installed. The design of the latter is characterized by the presence of a double shaft, which allows you to effectively cool the glass door. Additional air intake is located directly under the control panel. For effective diverting heat, glazing doors is made multilayer, heat.reflecting materials can also be used.

Fan work

This element of the cooling system is turned on at the start of cooking. Excess heat is discharged and upon completion of the oven work until the temperature in the working chamber decreases to 50-60 degrees. The tangential fan works very quietly, almost silently. However, the owner may notice that the air continues to blow from the oven and after cooking. This is a normal phenomenon, since the cooling process takes some time. When the internal temperature decreases to the given values, the cooling system will immediately turn off.

The cooler is absent in old kitchen slabs, their body heats up much more. Therefore, some users mistakenly accept the outgoing air flow for a malfunction. But in some cases, we can really talk about the incorrect operation of the oven.

Bosch ovens. Popular breakdowns and malfunctions

Good day! For a long time the next problem. The temperature control controller during the operation of the oven Bosch Hen3523 is more or less.

Bosch ovens for Bosch HBG317BS0r BOSCH BESCH BOSCH BOSCH cabinet does not turn on

Hi all. We include Bosch HBG317BS0R oven to the network, but it does not glow, does not warm and the fans do not work. Disconnect the sensor.

The grill mode with convection more than a month ago Bosch HBF514BS0r Building Building Wards does not turn on

Good night. Oven Bosch HBF514BS0R/04. When setting a temperature of 200 grams. The grill mode with convection does not turn on. At a lower temperature and.

Bosch ovens gives an error more than 2 months ago Bosch HBG633NB1 ovens

Hello. Bosch hbg633b oven Bosch.1 Protises an error E 8401. What has broken and how much the repair will cost?

Cooling of the oven more than 3 months ago Bosch HBA317BB0R ovens does not turn off more than 3 months ago

Health. At the end of the oven work, the Bosch HBA317BB0R oven, the residual temperature indicator is full of 50 percent and sometimes disconnected.

The fan in the oven more than 3 months ago Bosch HBF114EB0R ovens is integrated

Hi all. With preliminary heating of the oven, the Bosch HBF114EB0R is very heated up, the fan is very hard, and the smell of Gary went to red and the smell of Gary. By.

Bosch ovens with an oven more than 3 months ago Bosch HBF554YS0.built ovens

Good afternoon, please tell me, the oven Bosch HBF554YS0R, tore off the functional tape, which was connected to the display.

Oven with microwave Bosch Error E6100 more than 6 months ago Bosch CMG636bw1 Building Book Cabinets

Hello. Oven Bosch CMG633bw1/20. When heated (it doesn’t matter, the microwave, Ten), after a few minutes an error E6100 appears. At.

The central heating element in the Bosch oven does not heat the Electric Bosch HBN330561 ovens oversized ovens

Hello. In the oven, Bosch HBN330561 does not warm the central heating element (the internal contour of the upper heat) on the program “top and bottom”. On the program.

The Bosch oven door does not close more than 6 months ago Bosch HBN884751 oven cabinets

Hello. The locking device in the oven Bosch HBN884751 broke, but if its door is supported, then everything works. Found.

The time on the display more than 6 months ago Bosch.built ovens is incompletely displayed

Good evening. Bosch oven display, in sleeping mode, are not fully displayed, when changing. When turning on.

After disconnecting the light, the oven of more than 6 months ago Bosch HBF114S0r Building Building Cabinets does not work

Good afternoon! They turned off the electricity, and after turning on, the oven Bosch HBF114S0R does not turn on. Buttons do not react to anything, only.

Only maximum power of Bosch HEB34D550 is set up on the burner more than 6 months ago

Good afternoon. Dependent panel Bosch NKF 645P14 oven Bosch Heb34D550. The near right.wing fireplace on the hob, in any position of the regulator.

Bosch hBF114EB0R, non

Good afternoon, recently, the Bosch HBF114EB0R overtime fan has stopped turning off. At first I thought that the problem was in.

The oven does not blow air more than 6 months ago ovens Bosch HBF114S0R

Hi all. Oven Bosch HBF 1114E.Or works, bakes, but the air between the door and the panel stopped blowing. And when I turn it off, it doesn’t blow.

The adjustment mode of the oven more than 6 months ago Bosch HBA63U351S Building Building Cloth does not work

Good morning. The Bosch HBA63U351S oven cleaning mode does not turn on, it gives a signal of the presence of hinged elements, but they are not. Where is.

Instruction and guide for Bosch HBN431E3 in Russian

All about oven: review, differences, repair, which one to choose.

Electric oven Bosch HBG 43T450

Î table of table [Ru] Rules for use, important safety regulations, table of contents

Important safety regulations. 3 ranges of damage. 5Vash new oven. 5 Panel control. 5.transcript of the selection of functions. 6clops and display. 6 regulator of temperature. 6.working camera. 6 cases. 7.installation of accessories. 7.special accessories. 7.front first use. 8standing time of day. 8 heating of the oven. 8 OPRESITIONS. 8 navigation of the oven. 8 Vyds of heating and temperature. 8 navigation of automatic shutdown of the oven. 8 navigation of automatically turning on and off the oven. 9th time of the day. 9th Tiemer. 10 blocking for children’s safety. 10.arc cabinet. 10. 10. cleaning. 10 cleansing agents. 10 cleaning of surfaces in the oven. 11 School and installation of hinged elements. 11 School and installation of an oven door. 12 School and installation of the door glass. 13 What to do with a malfunction? 13 tablets of malfunctions. 13

Replacing the light bulb for the oversonal cabinet. ceiling. 14 service service. 14 number E and FD number. 14 recommendations for the economy of electricity and environmental protection. 14 economy of electricity. 14 correct disposal of packaging. 14 Vero transportation time follow the necessary precautions of 15 prostate for you in our kitchen studio. 15pigos and baking. 15 recommendations on baking. 17myaso, bird, fish. 17 recommendations on grilling. 19 deposits, French casseroles, toasts. 19 ready.made products. 20 special dishes. 20 deficiency. 20 dryer. 20 conservation. 21 acrylamide in food products. 21 control dishes. 22.bake. 22 Grile preparation. 22

Bosch HBA13B253B Electric Single Oven

detailed information about products, accessories,

Cooker cooling fan won’t turn off in oven

spare parts and service can be found on

Official website www.Bosch-Home.COM and on the website of the Internet-

Important safety regulations

programs to the new owner.This device is intended

Installation.Unpack and inspect the device. Not

damaged during transportation.Connecting the device without a plug

The device is only for cooking and

his works. Use the device only in

closed room.Children under 8 years old, persons with disabilities

operation of the device.Children are not allowed to play with the device.

permissible only if they are over 8 years old and

The danger of fire, the danger of a burn, the danger of scalding

The danger of injury, the danger of a current blow

device and its network wire.Always follow the correctness

camera. Cm. Description of accessories in

operating manual.The danger of fire!

Failing. Do not store in the working chamber

dishes that use drinks with

The danger of injury!Hooded glass of the door of the device

cleaners.The danger of shock!

faulty, remove the fork from the outlet or

The danger of a burn, causes of damage, attention

Your new oven, control panel, penchant, damage, control

Accessories, foil, parchment paper or dishes on

Working Camera Day: Do not put belonging to the bottom

working chamber. Do not cover the bottom of the working chamber

foil of any kind or parchment paper. Do not put it

dishes to the bottom of the working chamber if installed

heat accumulation. Baking or fried time will

violated, which will lead to damage to enamel.

Water in a hot chamber: it is forbidden to pour water in

Hot working camera. This can lead to

the formation of a couple. As a result of temperature changes

Wet products: do not keep wet products in a closed

working chamber for a long time. It may

Fruit juice: when baking juicy fruit pies

Fill out the whole baking sheet. Fruit juice will drain

from a baking sheet and leave spots that will be practically

It is impossible to remove. Use as much as possible

Cooling the device with an open door: do not leave

Device to cool with open door. Even if the door

Bosch HBA13B253B Electric Single Oven

the device will simply be ajar, over time it can

lead to damage to the facades of neighboring furniture.

The door seal is strongly contaminated: with strong

pollution of the sealant door ceases

Close normally. This can lead to damage

surfaces adjacent to the furniture device. Follow

Using the device door as a seat or

Shelves: do not sit down and do not put anything on the door of the device.

Do not put the dishes and accessories on the door.

Installation of accessories: depending on the type of device

accessories can scratch the glass of the door of the device

When closing it. Always set accessories in

Moving the device: Do not move the device by the handle

Doors. The door handle is not designed for the weight of the device and can

The information given here will help you study your

New oven. You will get acquainted with the control panel and

separate management elements and receive information about

How to turn off the timer on the oven oven?

Press the 0 Clock button. Press the button., until zero is displayed on the display. Turn off the function switch.

How to turn off the oven alarm clock?

Tell the manufacturer about constant problems with the zummer.

  • When a signal sounds, press the Timer or Zummer button to confirm the presence of the oven.
  • Press the cancellation button on the oven control panel until the display returns to the standby mode of the zummer should turn off.

How to reset the settings of the oven oven?

File up the oven, turning it off the switch. Wait 30 minutes, then turn on the interrupter. The oven should return to normal. However, if the error code appears again, pay attention to this and call the Bosch customers by phone 1-800-94-2904.

How to turn off the timer on the stove?

  • unscrew the back panel to get to the clock.
  • Two wires will be connected to the clock: a white wire and a black wire connected by a garland to the light switch on the left side of the upper panel.
  • Disconnect both wires, moving them with clamps for wires and pulling them until they disconnect.

Why is my Bosch oven continues to turn off?

Okay, this can be caused by several things: either the safety thermostat is faulty, or the cooling fan does not work, or this is caused by a faulty control board. If you want to fix it yourself, you need to pull out the oven and remove the back and top panels.

How to turn off a timer on an electric oven?

Settling automatic shutdown of the oven cabinet

  • Click the program button (below left) once to make a symbol of cooking time.
  • Set cooking time using plus buttons and minus.
  • Press the program button (below left) to confirm.
  • When the timer counts the time, the oven will turn off.

Where is the controller switch on the oven oven?

The pressure regulator is located in the rear of the range. Make sure that the lock valve lever is in the ON position. (Cm. Figure below). Turn on the oven and check if it heats up correctly.

disable, electric, oven, bosch

Does the oven overshoter have a fuse?

The on your Bosch oven is a protective function that prevents the oven overheating. The thermal fuse will burn out if the oven becomes too hot, turning off the nutrition of the oven and forcing it to cool.

How to turn off the timer on my Kenmore oven?

Press the Timer button on the control panel. Click the digital keyboard to set the desired time. For example, click 5 so that the timer works in five minutes.

How to turn off the Frigidaire oven timer?

My Frigidaire electric oven does not turn off

  • Enter the baking time from the front panel of the oven.
  • Press the Keep Warm button on the front display.
  • Do nothing 25 seconds.
  • Listen to the sound of the blower so that it turns off.
  • Click the cancellation button to turn off the oven timer and the oven if you have installed a longer preparation time than you need and want to change it.

How to use the old oven timer?

  • Press and turn the pointer of the stop for the time at which the furnace should stop.
  • Click and turn the pointer starting to the time when the oven should turn on.
  • Turn the SET oven handle for a baking time.
  • Set the desired oven temperature.

Why is my oven continues to turn off?

If the air flow is limited or blocked in any way, your oven may overheat, which will lead to its disconnection. So, before starting to study the thermostat and heating elements, carefully inspect your electric oven and make sure that it has appropriate ventilation.

Why is my upper oven continues to go out?

Poor ventilation can lead to overheating of the oven and the trim of the thermostat, which will again lead to the disconnection of the oven. This can be a common problem for new attitudes and can be a fundamental problem for the furnace camera itself.

The ovens are automatically disconnected?

Most ovens and kitchen slabs with a touch control panel are automatically disconnected after 12 hours. The advantage of this mental stihl and energy savings if the oven accidentally remains included. Models without a clock or timer do not have automatic shutdown.


Read the instruction there everything should be written.In all that I read about the timer there was a description.

The instructions written a timer, but it is not written disconnects or just a signal. Question: The timer turns off or just calls?

Strange, just opened instructions to her and the process is clearly described there clearly.On p.14 is indicated. for your device, various functions of time are provided.

There are 4 points that are most likely functioning separately.And after reading everything became The timer works as a sand clock used to determine the readiness of the eggs of cooking. It works independently of it and does not affect the work of the device2. You in manual synchronize it with other temporary functions

Recommendation: If the set time is timer to the operation of the device, use the time to prepare time. In this case, the device will turn off.After the time of time, the sound signal. On the display, Timeravy time will be on “0”.Turn off the timer any button there is if you put for example for 30 minutes the cooking time and then set the timer for 30 minutes, the sound signal will be in 30 minutes and the device will turn off.over, if you set only the timer for 30 minutes, only the sound signal will be heard.Or you can set for, for example, preparation for 30 minutes and the timer for 20 minutes, then the stove will give a sound signal in the 20th minute and you will know that another 10 minutes will be heated.

How to remove blocking at the oven Bosch?

Click the “key” button and hold it in a closed state until the inscription “Protection against children is active” and the symbol [key] appear on the display. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on.

How to remove the block from the Nardi oven?

After activating the lock on the display within 5 seconds. the current time and the symbol of the key will appear. To turn off the lock it is necessary: ​​simultaneously press the buttons (1) and (2), and do not release presses within 8 seconds.; When an off appears on the display (off.), release buttons. Click. On the display will appear on.

How to remove blocking from Bosch stove?

To do this, you need to press the key button and wait until the plate is unlocked. The main thing is if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Back blocking is put on the same principle.

How to remove a built in oven, single or double

How to remove Gorenje oven from blocking?

How to remove a block from an oven? To remove locking from the oven, you need to clamp on 5-6 seconds two extreme buttons on the left side top and bottom.

How to remove blocking from the oven Becko?

  • Turn on the hob using the main switch “©”.
  • At the same time, touch the “/h” and “v. “, And do not let them go at least 2 seconds until the sound signal sounds.
  • Then touch the “/h” button again.

How to enable Bosch?

Turning on and off the hob is carried out using the main switch. Inclusion: Touch the symbol “VCL/Off”. A sound signal is heard. The indicator of the main circuit breaker and the indicators of conferes 0 light up.

How to remove lock on the Gorenje stove?

To turn on the lock, press and hold 5 seconds touch the clock. On the display for 5 seconds, the inscription LOC will burn. Meaning that changing the parameters of functions is impossible. Click again to turn off the lock and hold a few seconds sensor locking hours.

How to unlock the oven?

As a rule, it is located on the upper part of the oven. Press the panel lock button, blocking or blocking control. Keep it for three seconds. Wait for the sound signal, which indicates that the panel is unlocked.

What to do if the locust is written on the oven?

Loc value on the oven display means its blocking. If you have caught fire, this icon, it means you accidentally pressed it on the sensor. Remove the lock with repeated pressing on this symbol. Eat you can try to take out a wardrobe fork from a socket.

How to unlock the oven Whirlpool?

To unlock the oven, press and hold the “control blocking” button on the control panel. When the oven is unlocked, the “control blocking” will disappear on the LCD screen, the buttons will be in working condition, and the door will open.

How to unlock the oven Korting?

The display of the programs and the temperature display will turn off, the current time and symbols “A” will be shown on the timer and in flashing mode. Click one of the sensors “” (3) or “-“ (6), or (5) in order to unlock the oven, after which the oven will go into manual mode. Click the sensor (4) to turn off the oven.

What is protection against children in the oven?

Also, the system of protection against children in the oven blocks all the functions of the oven, while even preventing the accidental inclusion of the oven itself. For safety, electric ovens has a temperature limiter, turns off the power if high temperature rises in the oven.

Bosch oven does not turn on: reasons and what to do?

Bosch brand ovens can work without interruptions much longer than the established warranty period. Over time, technical problems arise regarding the inclusion and work. The owners are very disturbed by one of them when the oven of the Bosch oven does not turn on. The reasons for this may be simple. from problems in the power supply to the wrong press of control buttons. They are easy to fix on their own. But complex technical problems may arise. a firmware failure of the control module, blocking of boards, heat protection violations and others. It is advisable to entrust the elimination of such breakdowns to the Bosch service center. The manufacturer organized a lot of such departments throughout the manufacturer. in almost all areas of the capital. Appeal to the master of appropriate technical specialization from the service center is both a quick solution to the problem and an official guarantee for repair.

First of all, we are talking about different names of buttons. For example, the Regular Wash or Power Scrub Plus designations are called “Vosh” or “Eco” in different versions. Another difference is a display with a display of errors found during a breakdown. It may be present or absent at all.

Bosch oven may not be included for reasons of careless or inaccurate handling of it, due to technical malfunctions or as a result of poor operation of engineering communications. Accurate diagnosis will help to identify both the malfunction itself and its causes. To this end, the owners of the oven can pay attention to some symptoms in which the oven of Bosch is not turned on:

  • When connecting to the power supply, the indication lamps do not light up, not a single cooking mode does not work;
  • the oven is not always turned on;
  • the device is turned off when the start button is turned on;
  • The oven is turned on, the heating components remain cold or slightly warm;
  • the oven turns on for a few seconds and immediately turns off;
  • Even with prolonged preparation of dishes, they are not brought to full readiness;
  • the oven is included in only one or two modes, in the rest it does not turn on.

In all modern modifications of the Bosch brand in the electronic module, diagnostic programs are installed. They give out errors if the oven Bosch does not want to turn on. These signals are broadcast on the display of the control panel of the device. To deal with their values, it is necessary to have a technical formation of appropriate qualifications. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends contacting the brand service center, which he has already created quite a lot throughout the master of service centers thanks to thoughtful logistics schemes have the opportunity to serve the equipment at home from the owners. And they spend on diagnostics no longer than 15 minutes.

The restoration of the suitability of the ovens depends on the exact identification of the cause. Often there are several of them at once, since one breakdown can affect the functionality of other oven modules. The owner, even before contacting the service center, is recommended to carefully evaluate the work of the oven. this will help to identify the reasons not related to technical problems. They can be:

  • Problems in the power supply. voltage difference, reduction of current strength, lack of electricity in the outlet;
  • problems with the fork. oxidation of contacts, rupture of the contact connection, short circuit;
  • cliff of electric cord;

If these reasons were not found, it is worth asking for help in the service center. Most likely, the oven Bosch cannot turn on due to technical malfunctions. You can identify them with special tools. And such reasons often become:

  • The trigger of the thermal fuse. it protects the oven from overheating during long cooking. If the heating temperature of the firewood is critical, the fuse blocks the receipt of electricity. After that, the oven is turned off.
  • A break in the internal wiring. burning or short circuit, even on a small segment of the wiring, can disable all of it.
  • Damage to heating elements is the most painful reason. Tenas in Bosch oven are distinguished by endurance. But when choosing intensive modes with high temperature, they can burn out. Their case can be damaged from cracks, strong intensity.
  • Contact oxidation on Ten is another common reason.
  • Electronic heating relay. it is responsible for maintaining a temperature set in a particular mode. If the fee has burned out. the options for shutdown and inclusion will be inactive.
  • Problems with the thermallane itself. burning or mechanical damage to the winding.
  • Malfunctions in the operation of the control panel, the absence of options for choosing the mode and starting the oven to work.
  • Problems with the control module. failure in software firmware, oxidation of boards, failure of chips and microcircuits.

Some outdated Bosch modifications use sensitive sensors. They fail when exceeding the permissible heating temperature or with prolonged cooking. Another reason for the inability to include Bosch oven is the clogging of a thermostat, in particular, its sensitive control sensor. He can also burn the winding.

Masters of service centers unanimously note the minor reasons why the problem arises with the inclusion of the Bosch oven. For example, during malfunctions in the timer, the signals of the electronic module are distorted, and it gives a command to turn off the device. Similarly, the oven will not be able to turn on if the touch of the control panel is broken.

The intellectual module of the oven will arbitrarily disconnect it if there are problems with cooling with strong overheating. This happens with broken cooling fans.

In addition to technical problems, malfunctions are often diagnosed caused by incorrect inclusion. Most modifications of Bosch ovens have a function of blocking the cooking mode. It can be disabled by randomly by selecting mode. The same behavior of the technique will be observed exactly if the timer was installed before, and the owner of the equipment forgot to remove this option.

The next reason is the problem of the terminal block. All heating elements feed through this block. If the incorrect connection of the wires was allowed, you should not expect the work from the apparatus.

Bosch oven does not work: reasons and what to do?

It is very annoying if the dish is already prepared for baking cannot be prepared in the oven. Although this does not always serve as a reason for a spoiled mood. some problems can eliminate some problems on their own. But even if the reason that the oven of Bosch suddenly does not work was serious technical malfunctions. everything can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Bosch brand service centers will be sent all over the examination and repair of their masters. And after a couple of hours the oven will please the cooked dish again.

First you need to give an accurate assessment how dangerous for the equipment can be a breakdown. The owner can pay attention to the following signs:

  • The cabinet does not heat up at all, although the indication signals are burning;
  • the oven is completely inactive, including the indication panel;
  • With a baking mode, there is no heating to the desired temperature;
  • switching temperature conditions is impossible;
  • In the process of work, the oven is suddenly offset;
  • Cooking began to take more time than usual;
  • When turning on, the device begins to heat up hard;
  • The dishes are constantly burning or remain half raw.

The owner will immediately notice the malfunction in the oven of any modification of the Bosch brand, when fuses are blocked when you turn on the network on the electric counter, automatic protective shutdown devices are knocked out.

Any other symptoms should also cause alertness, and encourage a master from a service center to call. over, this does not oblige to anything. in many repair workshops Bosch diagnostics are carried out for free. Especially during the period of the warranty coupon.

The master can conduct a technical examination right at the owner of the house, and will take such a diagnosis for no longer than 10-15 minutes. In the process of identifying malfunctions, the master will pay attention to the readings of the sensors, the results of measurements by multimeter, as well as to error codes. They are available in all modifications of the last model range. Hints can lie in the signals of the system of self.diagnosis of the device. It will be easier to set the problem if the owner himself tells about the deviations in the work of the oven oven.

If the master is diagnosed without the participation of the owners, he uses special tools and diagnostic devices for examination. In addition, engineers prepared in service workshops for repairing household appliances can easily interpret errors in breakdown of the oven Bosch.

Search for the reasons that the Bosch oven does not work at all or functions with interruptions, is in incorrect maintenance of the cabinet, violations of the parameters of the central electric network or in technical problems.

The Bosch oven may not work due to a reduction in voltage in the outlet, current jumps, or when the power lines are turned off by RES employees. In addition, an incorrect installation or incorrect connection can influence the operation of the device.

Technical problems that led to the fact that the oven of Bosch does not work, may turn out to be:

  • disconnection of the thermal protection system when overheating of the cabinet;
  • breakdown or burning of a thermal sensor;
  • oxidation of timer contacts;
  • timer failure;
  • close wiring;
  • depreciation of the fan elements;
  • corrosion, oxidation or discharge of compounds in the terminal block;
  • burning or mechanical damage to the heating element.

Technical problems can also be found in thermallack, cord and plug of power. One of the most significant technical problems is the malfunction of the intellectual unit. The most complex, from a technical point of view, problems are found in the control and control module. Electric boards due to closing, overheating, lack of contacts and other reasons fail. This entails the inaccuracy of the signals from the sensors, the supply of incorrect orders to the executive nodes of the oven of the brand Bosch. With the improper operation of the control module, the wrong preparation mode that was selected may work. It can also react the relay before the readiness of the readiness. it will turn off the oven by a false signal from the electrical board of the intellectual unit.

Caught the main nodes can be caused by inaccurate handling of the oven, frequent overload and long food preparation cycles. As a result, a load on components experiencing the effect of high temperatures is created. thermorele, heating element, wiring, thermostat.

Special attention should be paid to reasons such as drops in operation parameters of the central electric network. The voltage jump towards the increase can disable all the electronic and thermal equipment of the oven. And critically low voltage and current strength are insufficient to start the oven to work.

If the oven of any Bosch model does not work, those parts and components are immediately checked, the work of which can be fixed at home with your own hands:

  • when a cord break off. replace it or connect the conductors with insulation;
  • with problems with a fork. clean contacts;
  • If the lock mode is enabled, select it on the panel and turn it off;
  • когда не вращаются лопасти в вентиляторе – проверить их на засоренность и наличие инородных предметов, удалить их.

If, after the manipulations done, the oven Bosch did not work better or does not work at all, you will have to contact the master from the nearest service center in any area that can be useful:

  • Will offer the repair of parts and nodes where it is possible to do. For example. rewind the winding of the fan or thermallara, restore the internal wiring, seize the breakdown on the heater body.
  • Will restore the functions of the control module by cleaning contacts, tracks of boards, and also make firmware for correct programs and modes.
  • Will replace components if it is impossible to achieve their work by repair.

In addition, the master from the service center at home will correct the following problems.

The sensors of sealed closing even under microcracks will not give a signal about the readiness of the oven for work. Master with the method of soldering or welding eliminates damage. If the door cannot be closed hermetically, a replacement of sealing rubber is carried out.

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