How to disable heating in a double circuit boiler

The operation of the gas boiler when turning off the electricity: what will happen to the equipment during problems in the mains

To tolerate for some time without household appliances and TV is quite real. The situation is much more serious if the operation of the gas boiler is interrupted when the electricity is turned off even for a short period. It is especially unpleasant if the launch of the mains is delayed for an indefinite period. Agree?

On the forums, many masters say that when the supply of electricity with an untimely turned off gas equipment, the boiler may break. Even worse if a carbon monoxide goes to the room, life.Threatening. Are you ready to make such a risk or is it better to abandon the electro-dependent heating source?

We will not let you freeze or in vain to devastate your s, spending funds for useless events. We will talk in detail about what will happen to the gas boiler if the power supply is suddenly turned off. You will learn how to ensure the uninterrupted operation of even the most expensive unit stuffed with electronics.

Preparation for launching

The sequence of actions to prepare for launch depend on the type of installed gas boiler. It can be a single.Circuit double.Circuit, with a closed combustion camera or open, floor or wall. The first launch is always associated with an increased level of responsibility and risk, so it must be carried out in compliance with all the nuances and subtleties.

Instructions for a gas boiler contains simple explanations, according to which you need to run a specific model. The gas boiler should be connected to this moment to communications in accordance with the agreed project. The first launch is carried out after connecting the heating system into a single whole and the installation of equipment, radiators, pipes.

Gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber do not require a large chimney. Also, their positive characteristic is the ability to locate close to a wall with a gap of 2 cm, which allows you to save space in the apartment

According to fire safety rules, the gas boiler should be placed in places protected from the possibility of ignition, far from flammable objects and materials. In this case, the heat unit should be placed at a certain distance from the wall and floor. The exact value of the distance is individually for each boiler and is indicated in the instructions.

Wall models are hung on the anchor so that a small gap remains between them and the plane of the wall. The installation of the boiler should be carried out strictly exactly by water level. Distributions and tilting of equipment are unacceptable.

After the installation of a gas boiler to the wall, it is necessary to connect the device to the pipe supplying cold water. To do this, remove the plugs from the boards.

In addition, at the entrance of communications, a coarse water cleaning filter is placed in the boiler, a mud that will protect the internal pipeline of the unit from clogging and sedimentation deposit. Ball valves are installed on all nozzles when strapping.

Installing and conducting pipes to the boiler is an important task. In the end result, the work should be done not only beautifully and aesthetically, but also to assume easy access to the key links of the system

Before starting the boiler, an important step is to carry out a gas pipe to it. This work independently does not carry out. We will have to invite masters from the Gorgaz branch with whom you have a service agreement.

Gazriemers will calculate the necessary length of the pipe, lay it, install a gas meter and seal it. In order for the device to work out for a long time and not smoke, you need to take care of the supply of good gas.

It is also desirable for a gas boiler for security purposes to carry out a separate electrolyte with its own installed automaton at the input. Close to the device, at a distance of 30-50 cm from the case, the outlet should be placed. It is necessary to do grounding, it will protect users from receiving electric stories when broken to the housing.

Reliable and high.Quality pipes are the key to the durability of the heating system. Buy pipes and radiators should only be from trusted manufacturers. A cheap product in this case will bring only problems

The boiler installed in a private house is equipped with their own chimney. She should go out through the wall or through the attic space outside. Boilers chimneys in city houses up to five floors are connected to a public smoke mine.

How to Bleed a Hot Water Heating System. Boiler, Hydronic Heating System

disable, heating, double, circuit, boiler

Depending on the specific device, the volume of work necessary for the chimney is changed. Some devices with a closed camera are also equipped with a pipe for supplying air to the combustion zone.

Upon completion of all preparatory work, you need to fill the heating system with cold tap water and the boiler itself. After filling out the system, the system is checked for the fact of the presence of leaks. Then, a remote control panel and thermostat are mounted on the wall, to which temperature sensors are connected.

Features of filling the system with water

Before lighting a gas boiler and activating the operation of the system, you need to correctly fill the heating system and all its elements with water. To start filling the heating equipment and the circuit connected to it, first the boiler is disconnected from the power supply. You still need to block the gas supply.

Next, you need to let water, opening a valve or a crane supplying cold water, as well as a feed valve located at the bottom of the boiler. The exact location of the tap tap is indicated in the instructions for the device.

A master that checks the system must necessarily circumvent all the rooms along the pipes and radiators and check them for the fact of the presence of water. If the smell is found, then you need to block the water supply and start eliminating this problem.

Before filling the system, it is necessary to make an additional bypass of all heating devices and make sure that all connections are density and tight

You can drain the water from the system completely or block the corresponding link. Then it is necessary to promote the flowing connection of the pipes, lower the water or screw the cork. After the desired material and tool are prepared, traffic jams are removed, and the pipe is re.Connected tightly to the radiator using the sealant. Next, you need to check the tightness of the system again.

The water fence is accompanied by a characteristic sound. It is important to slowly and gradually unscrew the valve, avoiding sudden movements. If you sharply open the crane, then there is a high probability of air traffic jams. Simultaneously with filling the system of water, a gas boiler manometer shows the current pressure in the system.

Work pressure needs to be found in the instructions for using the boiler. Когда давление достигнет рабочего диапазона нужно остановить подачу воды, перекрыв вентиль. Typically, the working range of the boiler is the pressure value of 1.5. 2 atmospheres.

Step.By.Step instructions for shutdown

If a gas burner is not ignited or it goes out immediately after turning on, often there is a car turning off for inexplicable reasons, pops occur, the temperature of the water in the circuit does not correspond to the indicators, the noise uncharacteristic for the operation of the unit, the water leak in the case, the pressure fell. The equipment should be immediately turned off.

If, going into the house, you smell of gas. Do not turn on the light, electrical devices and do not light the fire. Call the service organization immediately, turn off the equipment and block the gas

The shutdown procedure in boilers is carried out in different ways, but the main stages are similar.

Consider the example of the BAXI model, how to turn off the gas boiler correctly and quickly:

  • Block fuel flow, turning the gas cutting tap.
  • Leave the fan in the working state for another 15 minutes.
  • Turn off the fan, stop the pump pumping system.
  • Wait until the temperature in the circuit is not below 30 ° C, turn off the circulation pump.
  • Disconnect power by turning the switch to the position “Off.”,” 0 “or another specified by the manufacturer.
  • Carry out work on the conservation of the boiler and related equipment.

Not all systems completely drain water. Some manufacturers recommend adding liquid to the coolant that prevents the formation of lime deposits. Propylene glycol or antifreeze with special additives are recognized as most effective for domestic communications.

In the event of force majeure, you have to quickly think about how to quickly disconnect the gas boiler, while maintaining the system’s performance and not harm yourself. Next, consider special cases.

Sometimes when overheating or absence of traction, the boiler is automatically shut off. He stops working, respectively, the heating of the house is suspended. If the auto shutdown occurs very often, 5 times in 15 minutes, you should block the gas and contact the service.

Installing Hive Central Heating Control For My Parents. Dodgy wiring galore!

With an automatic shutdown of gas equipment on an electronic board, an error code is displayed. In this case, you need to find this code in the instructions and act according to the recommendations of the manufacturer

Problems in the smoke removal system also automatically stop the unit. Usually he gives an error on the display and stops working for 12-15 minutes, and then turns on again. If the problems are not eliminated during this time, an auto shutdown occurs again. And so on until the problem is completely eliminated. To clean the channel to remove gases, you should block the gas and turn off the boiler.

Many boilers are protected from freezing automation. Protection works if the boiler sensors are connected to power supply, normal pressure in the system and gas is not blocked.

With any malfunction, if the temperature of the coolant in the circuit drops below 8-10 ° C (depending on the model), the operation of the unit is suspended. In extreme cases, if you can’t quickly cope with the circumstances. Turn on the boiler and establish its functioning. You can try to drain the water so that the pipes and details of the unit do not break.

How to turn off heating on the Navien ACE boiler: go to summer mode

In this article, we decided to tell you: how to make a shutdown of heating on the Navien Ace cat. In our instruction, the principle of operation of the control panel of the Navien Ace boiler is fully scheduled. After reading our instructions, you can turn off the heating with your own hands.

Due to its reliability and small price, Navien Ace boilers manufactured by the Korean company Navien, have become the most popular brand in Russia. Because of their modern design, Navien Ace boilers are considered the most compact wall boilers in the market.

In addition, their modern appearance will easily fit into almost any interior.

Ease of operation will allow both older people and children. Set up for yourself a comfortable heat level and hot water temperature. But with the onset of spring, people are increasingly asking one question “How to turn off heating on the Navien Ace boiler?”.

It is to this question, we decided to give an answer in this article.

We have prepared detailed instructions for Navien Ace: how to turn off heating, and / or increase heating of hot water.

Initially, let’s look at the control panel and what is on it:

One. There is a display on the control panel, it is there that the current operating mode of the boiler and the specified temperature of the heating and hot water system are displayed.

2.The icon in the form of a radiator depicted on the display means that the boiler is currently operating on the temperature of the water in the heating system (in batteries).

The inscription is the actual water temperature inside the radiators.

To install the temperature of the water in the heating system, it is necessary to click on the radiator key.

After pressing the key, using the keys, you can set the required temperature of the coolant in heating.

disable, heating, double, circuit, boiler

After choosing the required temperature, you will see flashing the image of the radiator and the inscription on the display will be replaced by “Trin”.

Upon achieving a given temperature, the boiler will turn off and start again when the water is cooling in the heating system.

There is a timer on the control panel. To go to this mode, you must click on the radiator key three times.

When exposing the time on the timer, you set the time for the boiler in a non.Working state. After this time, the boiler will work for 30 minutes and will turn off again. This mode of operation will allow you to choose how much time on day, the boiler will work.

By pressing the key with the image of the radiator, you can select the heating mode by temperature in the room.

Due to the presence of a thermostat in the control panel, it is possible to operate the boiler in air temperature in the room. I.E. The boiler will not pay attention to the temperature of the coolant in the pipes.

His task will be. Heating the air in the room to the temperature comfortable for the owner.

By pressing the image of the mixer, you can choose the temperature of heating hot water.

After that, pressing, the boiler goes into the “outside home” mode, or as it is also called, “summer regime”. In this mode, the boiler completely stops working on heating and switches only to heating hot water.

The temperature of hot water will be equal to the temperature that you set in the previous paragraph.

The minimum temperature of the coolant can reach 40 s, and the maximum. Should not exceed 80 s.

Also, on the control panel, there is a key to turning off the boiler.

After turning on, it will light the burner (if it is necessary at that time), and will continue to work, performing commands of the last mode in which it was turned off. If the key icon lights up in red, this means a malfunction in the boiler.

To eliminate it, it is best to immediately contact the nearest Navien service center.

disable, heating, double, circuit, boiler

Well, we dismantled how the Navien Ace boiler control panel works. Now you know how to turn off the heating on the Navien Ace boiler, as well as a lot more. Thanks to this knowledge, you will never ask the question “Navien Ace how to turn off the heating”, and with the onset of hot days you will not steam in a stuffy apartment or house. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask them by phone. Or write in a chat on this page. Always happy to help!

How does the double.Circuit stop working: winter and summer mode | Teplomonster

Heating techniques are interested in mainly the owners of the houses in the city where there is no hot water supply and individual heating is calculated. To provide themselves to the specific conditions of comfort, the owners of such houses have to either set the water heaters and one contour boiler and hotels, or a dual.Circuit. The last type of equipment allows you to simultaneously get hot water for use in household tasks and purposes and ensure the productive operation of the heating system in winter.

The double.Circuit is a special design, which provides its advantages, giving the opportunity to use it to obtain the required volume of hot water in a small period. In order to understand exactly how this equipment does not stop working, you should consider it compared to other types of equipment for heating.

Types of heating boilers

Diagram of the circulation system of gas water.

The choice of new equipment, which can be used for the Ten in the heating system, is extremely wide. Different models from manufacturers of various countries are shown in the equipment market for the boiler room. Still, all the variety can be divided into only two categories according to the installation option (wall or floor) and by type of design (single-circuit or double-circuit).

A hinged gas boiler is more compact than flooring, for which the equipment of a separate room (boiler installation) is often required). The delimitation of boilers by the number of heating contours indicates their practical possibilities. In the first version, the boiler on gas is used only for heating, and in the second two heating contours are built, which is why they are also used to ensure hot water supply. At the same time, both contours work independently of one from one, in other words, if you need to warm up the water, this will not be displayed at all on the efficiency and quality of heat supply.

Gas equipment for heating

The principle of the device of all gas boilers working similar. They may vary in details that do not affect the general scheme of work.

Each boiler on gas is a warm case, the heat.Insulating layer in which protects the loss of heat energy that appears when gas burning.

Practical details are enclosed in the case:

Connection diagram of a two.Stage gas boiler.

The specifics of the shape and device of the burner are associated with the used energy carrier. In gas boilers, this is a camera, in the middle of it, thermal energy is released when gas burning and different oxides appear (in this case, combustion products). The burner is necessary to produce energy, which goes to heating the heat carrier of the heating system.

A trumpet coil is a component of the structure placed above the burner with the heat carrier in the middle. In many systems in the form of the coolant, water is used, but it can be antifreeze. Gas.Shaped, liquid and solid substances simultaneously with the received heat move from the burner to the pipe coil, its walls are warming, and with them the heat carrier. He begins his own movement through the system, thanks to it the room is heated, and chilled combustion products are sent to the chimney and are taken to the street.

Gas boilers can transmit heat in different ways, depending on the properties of their design, they can be:

The last type of heat exchanger devices consists of 2 parts. The part that is designed for the heating circuit consists of plates and copper pipes, which are covered with a special layer that prevents the formation of rust. The main function of such an element of a gas waterway is heat transfer. The second part provides water heating for household needs. It consists of plates that transmit the heat of the heated situation. Such heat exchangers are called plate due to their design.

Betermic pipe coil is 2 pipes, one of which is located in the middle of the other. The inner part of this design is necessary to ensure hot water supply, and the external. For heating.

The gas boiler has certain properties in operation depending on the type of roser, which it is equipped. There are two of them:

Scheme of the working principle of gas water.

The type of ignition device provides the specifics of fuel combustion. It is worth taking into account different air supply options to the fuel combustion site. Air can be used both from the room and from the external space. In the first case, the firebox is open, and in the other. Closed. The latter version may provide for natural or mechanical ventilation.

The work of different fan units is under the control of automation. Modern gas boilers are equipped with automation on the microprocessor system. As a result of this, you can set the device a specific work program and all its parameters will be automatically configured.

The working principle of a two.Stage gas boiler

The gas boiler is arranged in a similar way, which will work in 2 modes: heat supply and hot water supply. When heating the room in the boiler housing, a pipe coil with a heat carrier is heated. It is able to warm up to temperature in the range from 35 to 80 °, depending on what result you need.

To turn on the heating mode, the boiler at gas is equipped with a thermostatic valve responding to the temperature reduction in the room. At the same time, he transfers the signal to the system, due to which the pump forms a vacuum in the water supply of the heat carrier in the water supply. Thanks to this, the heated heat carrier penetrates the heating system. If at the same time, systemic pressure can reach 0.45 bar or rises above this mark, relay contacts are closed and the burner begins to work. Starting these processes is under the control of the processor.

Gas water circuit diagram with a fan.

The first time after starting, the boiler on gas does not stop working at low power, which in stages becomes larger until the largest. If, in the process of increasing power, the heat carrier will be heated to the desired temperature, then the power does not further become larger and the operation of the device goes into modulation mode. If immediately after starting the working power of the device is very high, then the burner is turned off electronically. Once again, you can make it not earlier than 3 minutes.

How to disable heating for the summer?

So, in order to turn off only the circulation of the coolant through the pipes and radiators of the heating system, you just need to block them with a valley for the summer. So look and block such a valve on the main thick pipe going up from the boiler. Look somewhere higher than the “tee” “pushing into the boiler”), while that.

Can I turn off the boiler. But insignificant savings can turn into a breakdown of the boiler if you turn it on and disconnect it too often. Starting after prolonged downtime should be carried out gradually to avoid wear of the nodes. The longer the unit is in a turn off, the stronger the liquid cools in the pipes.

In what modes can a double.Circuit boiler work

The advantage of dual.Circuit models of gas boilers is their versatility and the possibility of exploitation throughout the year. For the effective use of the capabilities of such equipment, you need to understand some features of its work in the winter and summer time.

The inclusion of the winter operating mode of the boiler is carried out using a potentiometer that regulates the temperature of the water in the heating system. To do this, it is necessary to set the required temperature value, which usually ranges from 35 ° C. 85 ° C. In this case, the boiler will automatically start checking protective systems. Various sensors and relay. When the verification is completed, the electronics will report this using a special designation on the boiler display.

When you set the required temperature using a potentiometer, the set value is displayed on the display for 2 seconds, and then. The actual temperature of the coolant in the system.

As well as in standby mode, when the boiler heated water to the required temperature and the burner does not turn on. The actual value of the water temperature in the system is displayed.

When working in winter mode, a double.Circuit boiler can also heat water in the hot water supply system. This happens automatically at the moment when any hot water crane opens. In this case, the corresponding icon is displayed on the LCD display.

Hot water temperature adjustment is carried out using the corresponding potentiometer.By turning to the right, you can increase the temperature of the water in the DHW system in the range from 35 ° C to 55 ° C. After closing the tap, the boiler automatically goes into the heating mode of the heating system.

Note. If the potentiometer that regulates the temperature of hot water in the tap is set to minimal value (extreme left), the boiler will not turn on the heating of the hydraulicular system when the tap is opened. That is, the temperature control handle should be initially installed on the required value.

You need to know another feature. To automatically switch the boiler mode, a minimum water consumption of 2.3 liters per minute is required. With a lower consumption, the boiler will continue to work in heating mode.

In summer mode, a double.Circuit boiler is turned on only when hot water is selected from the water supply system. The second circuit is not completely disconnected. Just disconnected heating of the coolant in the heating system. This is done using a potentiometer that is set in zero position. On the display, this mode is indicated using a crossed out sign of the heating mode.

In order to automatically turn on the heating of water in the DHW system, the water temperature controller must be installed in the corresponding position from 35 ° C to 55 ° C. Just as during the water temperature setting in winter mode, the set temperature will be displayed on the display, and then, after two minutes. Actual.

To turn on the boiler for heating the water, the temperature controller must be installed in the appropriate position, and the selection of water should be carried out at a speed of at least 2.3 liters per minute.

In the boilers of the Digifel and Digifel Duo series, there is a mode that protects the boiler from freezing. It works like this:

  • A special NTC sensor constantly monitors the temperature of the water at the output;
  • When a critically low value is reached (5 ° C above zero), the burner automatically turns on;
  • Working at minimum power, it heats the water in the system to 15 ° C, T disconnects.

Using such a system, you are guaranteed to save the boiler in working condition even with a long absence of a house in the winter period. The transition to this operating mode takes place automatically when installing potentiometers in a minimum position. Valves of all systems, both gas and heating, must be installed in an open position. You should also make sure that the unit is connected to the electric network.

Navien gas boiler. Instructions for safe use and care

Installations for heating with Korean “roots”, Navien, are constantly used both in private houses outside the city and in residential areas.

What caused such fame, what features of the design the equipment has and what difficulties the buyer who purchases the boiler at Gas Navien can come into contact with.

Instructions for safe use (operation), model selection and good care. We will talk about everything further.

The specifics of the gas hydroe navien

Navien produces devices of different capacities intended to ensure heat supply of gasified houses. However, the technical characteristics of the models allow them to transfer them to an independent gas supply, in other words, connect to the cylinders.

A large number of models makes it possible to choose a model for any requests and opportunities.

  • Wall and floor;
  • Single.Circuit and with hot water supply;
  • With atmospheric and closed furnace;
  • With a variety of release for heat supply (three options: 20, 25, 32);
  • With the most diverse diameter of the chimney;
  • And of course, models stand out in power and size.

Gas double.Circuit boiler Navien 24 review and review!

Devices have a beautiful general view, perfectly fit into the kitchen or any other interior.

Safety systems that Navien boilers are equipped with:

  • Modulated turbocharged.
  • Protection against freezing the heat carrier.
  • A specialized chip (SMPS) protects from 30%voltage drops.
  • The control panel with a thermal transformer, which makes it possible to maintain T permanent and adjust the work of the boiler under special circumstances.

Modulated turbocharged. The system is based on the mutual effect of a fan that supplies air for combustion, and a pressure sensor (APS).

The intensity of the fan rotation changes in proportion to how much gas comes now. This makes it possible to practically spend resources and increase the efficiency without additional fuel costs.

Device and important elements of the boiler

You need to know your own boiler in order to perform very simple actions to maintain it. Although the model differs from the model, important elements can be found in the case:

  • Furnace;
  • Pipe coil;
  • Expansion tank;
  • Atmospheric burner;
  • Circulation pump;
  • Control block.

Much attention must be distinguished by the device of the part that is located from the bottom of the case, since the entrances and outputs of the circuits are connected here, and other main details are placed.

Gas boiler Navien | How to use a gas boiler

Closer to the wall there are 4 connecting pipe segments:

Further a small segment of the gas.Free pipe.

A filter of hot water is placed in front of the return entrance, and even closer. A drain plug.

Before the release of the hydraulic power plant, a subfire valve is placed, with which the system is filled with water.

The working principle of the system from freezing. When the temperature drops in the pipes below the mark.10 °, the pump is automatically turned on, which drives the heat medium and does not allow it to freeze.

If the temperature drop lasts, and it reaches.6 °, a burner is triggered, which will heat up water to 21 °.

Working modes

Like many heating devices, Navien boilers have winter and summer working modes. On the screen, the modes change button is marked by the icon “Snowflake” and “Sun”.

By pressing this button again, it is allowed to change the options:

You can configure the temperature of the heat carrier on the remote control when an icon with a heating radiator is ignited on the screen.

In some models, it is necessary to crush the “heat supply mode” button for this, turn the handle with this icon in others.

The blinking icon of the heating device means that the numbers that you see show the installed T carrier of heat.

If the “heating device” simply burns, the actual temperature in heat supply is displayed.

Having selected a “heating device”, it is necessary to press the keys “” or “-” to make more or make the temperature less. A couple of seconds after the desired temperature is set, the heating device icon stops flashing, and information will arise on the screen about which t carrier of heat at the moment, and the device will begin to phased out (or cool) to a selected one.

disable, heating, double, circuit, boiler

You can configure T in heat supply within the boundaries of 40 ° C to 80 ° C with plus sign.

Temperature adjustment of hot water supply

To make more or make less than t hot water, you need to press a icon with a crane on the remote control.

Turning the handle, or adjusting the temperature with the plus and minus buttons, you can set the necessary level of heating. This is advised not when taking a shower, but in advance.

Adjustment step. 1 ° C. The limits in which T: from 30 to 60 ° C changes.

Precautionary measures

The room where the boiler is located should be perfectly ventilated.

Gas cylinders, if used, must be preserved in an individual cool room.

You can not dry things on gas heating pipes.

The parameters of the electric network must meet the requirements for a specific model (for example, 220V, 50 Hz).

The device should be included in a separate outlet (other devices are not included in it), extension cords and adapters are not acceptable.

With wet hands, you can not touch the body of the device, include it in the network.

The current device must be in the protective case.

It is impossible to put or repair equipment working on gas on your own. This is the work of public services. Once a year, these services will conduct a boiler examination.

Sometimes it is necessary to check all the joints of the boiler and pipeline for tightness. Applying a thick solution on a soapy basis will show if there is a gas leak.

If the bubbles occur, immediately redraw the gas valve, provide an air influx and call the emergency service.

It is not allowed to clean the working unit. To clean the case, it must be turned off, close the gas and let the device cool down.

After that, the case can be wiped with a soft rag, or sponge.

Description of the principle of operation of a double.Circuit gas boiler of heating

In the house that is operated all year round, it is not enough to make a heating system. Hot water is needed for hygienic and household needs.

Heat it separately too laboriously and leads to additional energy consumptions. Therefore, many homeowners prefer a double.Circuit gas boiler for heating a private house (what is floor double.Circuit gas boilers for heating a private house).

One circuit is designed to transport hot coolant to heating devices, the second for hot water supply.

Features of the device

The principle of operation of a dual.Circuit gas boiler of heating does not have significant differences from a single.Circuit: there is also a burner, a heating coolant, which is farthest for the purpose.

The difference in the device of the heat exchanger is the container in which water is heated.

Its design implies that further heated liquid moves not in one single non-alternative direction, but in one of two: either along the pipes to heating devices (radiators, warm floors), or on other pipes to the points of water clearance-to the cranes in the kitchen, in shower room.

Calculation of the boiler power is made according to the rule of 1 kW per 10 meters of area. The resulting figure is multiplied by the regional coefficient (0.7 for the southern areas, up to 2 for the northern regions), plus 25% per hot water, plus 10% of the reserve (on which gas consumption in gas heating boilers depends).

When choosing a dual.Circuit model, you need to take into account the size of the house. The peculiarity of this boiler. Both contours cannot work at the same time. When the hot tap is opened, the three.Way valve switches the boiler from heating to the hot water.

If the tap is open for a long time, in a short heating circuit the coolant manages to cool. It will take time and additional fuel to heating it again.

It should be remembered that in dual.Circuit models you cannot use antifreeze as a coolant, t.To. He can get into drinking water.

There are two structures of heat exchangers: separate and dual (Bittermic). The second is a coaxial type tube: in the internal container there is water for the hot water, in the external. For heating.

The advantage of the Bittermic model is compactness, the disadvantage is poor maintainability: the pipes of the internal tank are quickly clogged with a scale, and it is almost impossible to clean them.

Separate models from scale also more often suffer from a container for the hot water, but the maintainability of these heat exchangers is higher.

Double.Circuit boilers are of a prototype and boiler type (what are gas boilers for heating the house wall.Circuit). In a fuel heater (gas column), water circulates constantly. This is a convenient functional model, but it has restrictions on volume.

The cross.Section of the heat exchanger tube, the power of the burner (types of gas burners for heating boilers) and the speed of water movement should correspond to each other, otherwise heating will be ineffective.

The boiler boiler has a storage container. This allows you to fully provide the house with hot water. The tank must be thermal insulated. But even with high.Quality insulation, part of the heat is still scattered, it enters the room in the room.

How to choose a double.Circuit gas boiler for heating a private house? In addition to the features of heat exchangers, the models have a number of design differences. Consider the main ones.

Production material

In floor models (floor gas boilers for heating a house), heat exchangers are most often made of cast iron. Their advantages. Resistance to corrosion, cast iron holds the heat for a long time. Cons. Relative fragility and large weight.

Heat exchangers for wall boilers are most often made of steel: such boilers weigh much less. The heat transfer is high. Minus is the exposure of corrosion, and, as a result, less resource. Recently, steel has been chrome, this significantly extends the operation.

In addition, the capacitance for the coolant can be made of copper and aluminum. The heat transfer of both metals is at a height, resistance to corrosion, too, high strength on the fragment.

Cons: Fastenness (suitable only for low.Power household boilers) and high cost.

Place of accommodation

Double.Circuit boilers, as well as single.Circuit, are wall and floor.

  • Large dimensions (a separate room for a boiler room is required);
  • Large weight (due to dimensions and cast iron heat exchanger);
  • Great power. For a small house (especially for an apartment), buying a floor unit is usually economically impractical.
  • Compactness. You can hang in the kitchen and any other room, a separate room is not required;
  • Low weight;
  • Power up to 35 kilowatts. With a single.Circuit boiler (what are wall.Mounted single.Circuit gas boilers of heating) you can heat a house with an area of ​​up to 300 squares, smaller double.Circuit. 25% on average laid on the hot water.

The model range is large today in the floor and wall units. The equipment of wall boilers is still a little wider: quite often a pump and an expansion tank are included in the kit.

The wall model is hung on fixing brackets, having previously provided a layer of heat.Resistant material between the wall and the boiler. Under the floor boiler should also lay non.Combustible material.

Natural and forced traction

The combustion chamber can be open and closed. The first is equipped with an ordinary atmospheric burner, the air to which comes directly from the room, and the smoke goes through the classic fireplace/stove chimney.

In the second type, air flows, and smoke is diverted along the same coaxial pipe, and the air mass is pumped out due to the built.In fan.

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