How to disable UBB on a washing machine

Is it possible to open a washing machine on your own if it is blocked

The usual washing machine is programmed to ensure that the hatch remains closed within a couple of minutes after the end of washing. However, sometimes after a given time the door is not able to open. The reasons for this situation are several. They can be connected both with a breakdown of the machine, and with the conditions of various washing programs. Knowledge of how to open a washing machine, if it is blocked, can still be useful in some cases.

Blocking the loading door of linen is an important function that prevents its opening during the operation of the unit. No matter how hard you try, you cannot open the washing machine during washing. This is done for user safety. Just imagine what will happen if during the washing of cotton at 90 degrees you will forget and open the hatch of the washing machine? And if this is done by a small child who does not yet realize all the consequences, and this “shaking thing” for him is just another subject for study?

Doors blocking are in any typewriter. Indesit (Indesitis), Bosch (Bosch), Samsung (Samsung), Ariston (Ariston). None of the presented brands will produce units without a forced blocking function. Let us consider in more detail how to open the door of the washing machine if it is blocked.

External damage

The castle may not be closed due to ordinary wear or careless circulation. For example, sometimes wet things are hung on the door, which can damage the mechanism with their weight. Damage can also occur if you close the unit with excessive effort.

The device may not close for several reasons:

  • As a result of prolonged use, the door of the washing machine was skewed.
  • The tongue in the lock mechanism intended for fixation was displaced.
  • There was a wear of a plastic element or rubber gasket.

Identifying a malfunction of this type is not difficult. To check, you can make test closing in normal mode, without loading underwear. If the door does not close in such conditions, then there was a breakdown of the lock, or the mount is skewed. Sometimes this may be due to the wrong installation, and then in an uneven position the hatch can be pumped under the influence of weight and vibrations. How to install a washing machine correctly. Read here.

You can debug the work of the machine on their own. Carefully inspect the device and the castle mechanism. Check:

  • Does any closing items interfere with. Sometimes things can completely or partially fall under the hatch and jam the operation of the system.
  • Court’s condition: whether it gets into the groove.
  • Is it a fixing tongue.
  • Signs of plastic peeling or rubber laying.

Crochet problems

The car door is shocked, which ends the shutter core. It is this hook that should stand in the nest and fix the structure. As a result of wear, vibrations and other factors, the supporting rod can move out of its place and at the time of closing do not fall into the nest. The door may not close or close, but the closing sensor will not work.

You can solve the problem like this: dismantle the hatch door, spin it around the perimeter. Reveal the details of the hatch, set the base of the hook in place and collect everything in the reverse order.

Sagging of the door of the hatch

Doors frame is usually made of plastic. All fasteners (loops) are made by metal. Plastic is softer than metal, and over time it is abrasion and deformed at the contact site. As a result, the hatch door can sag, as a result, the lock hook does not fall when closing where it should be. In such a situation, it is necessary to change either the entire door or fasteners. You can do this according to the following algorithm:

How remove too much soap and detergent foam in the washing machine. Foam overflow, experiment #184

Over time, the hatch door can sag

washing, machine

Damage to the door handle

The assembly lock mechanism consists of the following elements: handle, lock hook, lock rod, spring. The breakdown of any part leads to the fact that the door is not blocked or does not close/opens.

According to statistics, the door handle most often fails, as it is subject to the most active effect on the side of the user. To replace any of the listed parts, it is necessary to disassemble the entire door and replace the handle.

  • Unscrew the door;
  • Disassemble it into the components;
  • Dismantle the old pen;
  • Install a new part;
  • Assemble the door, install it in place.

Blocking and eliminating it

Let us consider in more detail the features of unlocking on different models:

  • On the instruments of the Indusite brand (most often Wisl 82 models), the castle light bulb indicates the on the on the washing mode without spinning. Some owners accidentally choose this option and accept this signal for a malfunction. To eliminate the problem, disconnect the “exclusion of spin” by clicking on the corresponding menu button.
  • If it is not possible to unlock the door of the Wiu 80 indes, this indicates a serious malfunction. In this case, the call of the repair master is required.
  • Device Indesite Wisl 103, having problems with the Electronic Luke module or a water temperature sensor, signals this indicator of the lock and error code Key3 or Key4. To eliminate the malfunction, you should contact the workshop.
  • Indesit devices Wiun 102 signal the “Block” indicator about the breakdown of the water supply valve or about the problem with the press system and the control board. Only the master will be able to unlock the “frozen” device.
  • In the Bosch brand devices Logixx 8 Sensitive model provides a manual mode for the emergency opening of the hatch. To unlock, remove the lower panel of the device and tightly pull the cable located behind it.
  • Disconnect the lock on the Bosch aggregate of the WAS 20443 model when holding the “stop/pause” button, located on the right side of the panel.
  • To unlock the lock on the Bosch Max 5 washing machine by installing it on the program with which washing was started. Then, having waited until the continuous burning of the lock indicator, you need to press and hold for 5 seconds button “Delayed Start”.
  • On Samsung Sensor Compact F015J cars, the breakdown of the electronic unit or the wear of the hatch lock is manifested as an indication of the “Door” error and stop during washing. After a few minutes of the slut, the device can continue the operation, but this situation will be repeated until the lock is replaced or the wiring malfunction is eliminated. The master should be called.
  • In Samsung Diamond washing rooms, the door does not open with incorrect operation of the drain pump. To gain access to linen, you will have to drain the water manually and wait a few minutes, then hold the Start/Start button for a long time.
  • Recommendations on how to remove Ariston’s washing machine from blocking, except for the total listed techniques, indicate the need to inspect the drain filter. The machine, like Bosch, will not open in case of incomplete drainage of water that occurred due to its blockage.

Indicators blink on a washing machine

The triggering exclusively blocking the door lock and flashing of an indication without starting any program on the washing rooms Indesite, Bosch, Ariston, Samsung or Siemens indicates a hardware error. The device requires qualified diagnosis.

If you have an unsuccessful attempt to remove the door blocking in simple ways, go to manual unlocking if the machine is not under warranty, since such an intervention may cost the owner of the guarantee service and free repair of equipment.

Step.By.Step check and replacement

To accurately verify the malfunction, UBB must be checked. We will tell you how to remove the lock for this. Act sequentially:

At this stage, there may be a difficulty. If the hatch is blocked in a closed position, you will first need to open it.

  • Tilt the body of the cm on the side.
  • Run your hand under the bottom of the car. If your washer has a bottom, pre.Twist the screws and remove it.
  • Spend your hand inward to the locking device.
  • Try to push the latch and open the door.

By the way, you can do the same through the top of the washing room. You will need to remove the top cover, twisting two bolts from the back. Having rejected the smell back, stick your hand and open the lock.

Fine! Now you can start dismantling and replacing the lamp of the Luke of the Washing Machine:

  • To remove the hatch of the hatch, bend its edge. Behind it is a clamp. It can be plastic. In this case, lift the latches and remove it. If the clamp is metallic, then pry it with a flat screwdriver and remove it.

Now the device is in your hands. Let’s start checking it.

Independent check of the lock

To check by a tester or multimeter, you will need to get an electronic lock circuit. Without it, you cannot distinguish contacts.

So, if the scheme is with you, get to work:

  • Set the tester in the resistance measurement mode.
  • Connect the probes to neutral and phase contact.
  • If a three.Digit number has been displayed on the scoreboard, the castle is working.
  • Report the probes to neutral and general contacts.
  • Tester showed 0 or 1? Then everything is all right.

How to change the lock lock lock on a washing machine with a malfunction? Let’s say right away: it is not subject to repair, and it is inexpensive. Therefore, you need to indicate in the store the brand and model SMA, or show the removed lock to the seller.

  • Connect the wires according to the photo or marking.
  • Install the part in the landing hole, tighten the bolts.
  • Return the cuff to the place, put on the clamp.

Now you know how to replace the locking lock of the washing machine. Be careful and do not forget about safety precautions.

How is the replacement of uble

For those who are “you” with technology, the good news is that the blocking mechanism is easy to change independently:

From the tools you will need a screwdriver and pliers. First remove the clamp, and then the rubber sealing cuff itself.

So that the tank does not interfere, tilt the machine body backward. Now unscrew the screws and dismantle uble. To do this, remove the connectors from the wires and connect the brand new lock to them. Screw the screws back, return the cuff with a clamp to the place. It remains only to check the result by the control washing.

Do not panic first. Next, take the tool and remove the top cover of the washing body. Tilt the machine back and stick your hand between the drum and the front panel, find the lock lock and move it so that it releases the door. Next, change the device described above.

If your knowledge in technology is limited to user status, it is better not to take risks, but to seek help from the service center.

All automatic washing machines are equipped with hatch locking devices. These devices are abbreviated as UBL. Why is UBBRY IN THE WHICH FUNCTION IS It performs? This device is necessary to ensure safety during washing. It blocks the hatch door. If ubble is broken, then washing will become impossible. How to check the uble of the washing machine by the tester and make sure its performance?

Before starting an article about the repair of UBB, you need to tell you that there are two types of castles data:

Almost all modern washing machines are equipped with the first option. The arrangement of the hatch with the thermal machine has a higher reliability and endurance. In addition, it is easier in its design and less often breaks. Therefore, in this review, we will pay attention to thermal heaters.

How to unlock the Bosch washing machine

To open the Bosch brand machine, you need to stop the washing process and activate the “Rinsing/Except” function. The second way is to activate the “drain” program and press the “Speed ​​Perfect” button two or three times. The option may not work the first time, so you can try to repeat several times.

There is also an emergency cable, which is located at the bottom of the car, near the filter. There is also an emergency drain hose. The first element will help open the door, if there is no water, the second. If there is still liquid in the drum.


At home, you can fully check only thermal ubble. To do this, you need a multimeter (from English. Multimeter), tester (from English. Test. Test), avometer (from ampereltomometer). A combined electrical measuring device that combines several functions.

In the minimum set, it includes the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. Sometimes a multimeter in the form of current measuring ticks is performed. There are digital and analog multimeters.

“Multimeter. Take (slotted or Torx. The type of slot of threaded mounts in the shape of a six.Beam star. The registered trademark of TEXTRON Fastening Systems (now Acument Global Technologies). The official name recorded in the ISO 10664 standard-Hexalobular Internet, in the Russian version, GOST R ISO 10664-2007- Star.Like turnkey deepening for bolts and screws. Everyday names are a star, asterisk, Torx.

Pre.Pull the device from the case. To do this, remove the clamp from the cuff and pull the edge next to the lock. Then unscrew the two screws that attach the lock to the body and pull out. Tighten the chip. UBB is ready to diagnosis.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

washing, machine

Standard marking of thermal lock: N, l, C. A resistor passes through N and L. These contacts have a certain resistance. The remaining couples in the break. If the contacts are numbered differently, then you can determine by resistance.

Another option is to connect the light bulb alternately to the contacts of the terminal, turn on the smoke and start the program. On the contacts that go to the resistor, the light bulb will lightly light up.

For diagnosis, step by step perform the following actions:

  • To contacts n and l, supply a voltage of 220 volts, using an extension cord.
  • The screwdriver move the moving part of the lock, to a characteristic click. The latch must jump out. Thereby simulating the closure of the door. If the click did not occur, and the mobile part was not fixed, then the lock is faulty and must be replaced.
  • After 30-60 seconds, disconnect the uble from electricity.
  • Multimeter, measure the resistance between terminals C and L. It should be equal to 0. This means that the device is working. If in the gap, then you need a replacement.

So, if paragraph 2 did not work, there was no click and the mobile part was not fixed, then this means that one of the functions does not work and the lock is defective. Further check can not be carried out, and buy a new UBB.

If when performing paragraph 4, the tester showed a breakup, then this means that another lock function does not work, and replacement is necessary.

Do not experiment with an attempt to restore the performance of the device. Thermal locks cost 300-900, depending on the brand, model and greed of the supplier of parts.

Buying a used castle is a very controversial solution. This will lead to a repetition of problems, in addition, you need to understand that burnt, worn blocking can lead to damage to the electronic module. And these are other expenses.

The principle of operation and types of blocking

Before checking the lock in the washing machine, you need to understand how this device works. Often, in modern machines, manufacturers use two types of castles:

Unboxing Toy Washing Machine Smart HTI

Electromagnetic. This lock is used less and less. The inconvenience of its use is that it works while there is an electricity supply. If it is disconnected, you will not be able to open the hatch.

Bimetallic. The device and principle of operation of the lock on the door of the hatch are quite simple: electricity is supplied to the thermal element, which is heated due to this. At the same time, he heats the plates of bimetall, due to which they are bending, putting pressure on the lever. The latter works and closes the door.

Such heat matches with bimetallic plates are considered the most effective.

A delay in unlocking door is provided. What for? Until the water finally merges, and all parts of the car will not stop the movement, the door should not open for safety reasons.

washing, machine

Another plus of thermal locks: when you turn off the electricity, you can open them.

How to replace broken uble

Repair and replacement of UBB itself is not too complicated, and you can perform it with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to have minimal knowledge about the repair of household appliances. If there is no self.Confidence, then it is worth contacting specialists in the service center or calling the master at home.

If the part changes, then you need to choose a completely similar option. The new latch must correspond to the model and serial number of the old node. Before installation, it is necessary to extract the old mechanism. Further, the installation of the new lock is carried out in the next sequence.

  • UBB is connected to the wiring.
  • The lock is installed in place.
  • Fixed using fasteners.
  • Clamps and cuffs are installed.

After completion of work, it is necessary to verify the safety of household appliances. For this you need:

  • Check the grounding of the machine;
  • Check that the equipment is set in terms of level;
  • Install a protective shutdown device that protects the machine from voltage surges.

In any case, at the slightest suspicion of leaks, you must immediately contact specialists.

If in time to replace worn parts and carefully monitor the washing machine, it will qualitatively fulfill its functions for many years. Regular prevention will help prevent breakdowns, and careful care will help to avoid mold and unpleasant odor.

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