How to disassemble a multicooker Polaris to wash the lid

How to remove the lid from the multicooker Polaris?

Some models of multicographs have internal covers and it is impossible to remove them. Therefore, you have to wash them as follows: pour 1 liter of water into a bowl and boil in the “steam” mode for several minutes. At the end of the program, open the lid and wipe its inner surface with a dry rag.

Pour a glass of water to the bottom of the device, squeeze a slightly fresh lemon juice into the liquid. Close the lid and run the unit for 15 minutes using the “steam” mode. Now the lid can be cleaned.

Where does the stench come from?

Let’s try to figure out where the unpleasant smell in the slow cooker comes from. For new, not yet working devices, the reason may be the use of poor.quality materials in the manufacture of the device, as well as non.compliance with the temperature regime during transportation and storage.

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The manufacturer himself does not consider the smell in the new device a disadvantage and usually in the instructions offers ways to combat it.

over, neither the brand nor even the price can serve as a guarantee of the lack of smell.

The only true way to avoid an unpleasant surprise is right in the store, not paying attention to sellers and other buyers, smell the multicooker suitable for the characteristics and price of the multicooker and choose the only one, without the smell of rubber and musty.

The appearance of the smell after cooking does not scare, especially since cleaning the bowl with anti.stick coating, cover, silicone seal and valve takes very little time. But sometimes ordinary washing is not enough, the smell remains. We have to look for radical measures to combat him, we will talk about this a little later.

Another reason that an extraneous aroma can be preserved is insufficient caring for multicooker.

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disassemble, multicooker, polaris, wash

Having washed all the above details, the hostess forgets about the plastic container for collecting excess fat and condensate, which is on the back of the multicooker, and it reminds of itself. Or, having washed the silicone seal, does not wipe it dry.

Or dries the bowl, turning it over and putting it on a flat surface of the table. Yes, you never know that we may not notice in the turmoil of modern life! Therefore, we will call our mistakes “insufficient care”, and move on.

The smell may appear from the wrong installation and inappropriate storage of the multicooker in the kitchen.

disassemble, multicooker, polaris, wash

This usually happens if the device is in a closed closet, not far from heating batteries, under the straight rays of the sun or simply stored with a tightly closed lid.

And finally, the smell is inevitable if you keep cooked food in the slow cooker for a long time, repeatedly heating it. Here the Комментарии и мнения владельцев are too much: a silicone seal is saturated with the aroma of food, and you need some time to get rid of it.

How to eliminate the stink in the new device?

A new multicooker, as well as any new electric device, in the first use in most cases has an extraneous smell of plastic.

This is a natural process that will not cause trouble to the hostess in a high.quality thing. the lubricant will burn out naturally, and the slow cooker itself after washing with warm water with detergent and subsequent rinsing will cease to fragrant plastic and it is not clear what is still not clear what.

But this is ideal, but in practice it happens that an extraneous smell is not eliminated after the second and the third washing, spoils the taste of the prepared food and evokes thoughts about the return of the purchase. True, a return is not always possible, so I propose to first enter into an unequal battle with an unpleasant odor, and see what will come of it. over, there are plenty of ways to eliminate it.

Repeatedly my assistant, pay special attention to the silicone seal and valve, with a soft rag or paper towel, carefully wipe other parts and housing from the inside, separately dry the bowl and valve. We store the collected multicooker in a cool place, we make sure that the sun’s rays do not fall on it.

We do not close the lid tightly. Leave in it substances absorbing smells. Does not help? Boil water in it with the addition of various means.

The choice of detergents

It is necessary to remember which means cannot be used, because they can damage the surface of the device:

  • cleaning products with abrasive particles;
  • soda in dry form;
  • caustic, concentrated acid and alkaline compounds;
  • aggressive fats;
  • alcohol solvents;
  • metal sponges, brushes, washcloths.

If the case is not very neglected, try to do with hot water and a soft microfiber rag or foam gone. The bowl is allowed to wash the dishes.

For external surfaces that have suffered from fat, use universal kitchen wash products. It is better to dilute them with water.

Special wet wipes or entire sets consisting of napkins and liquid agents are convenient to use. They will help to cleanly and quickly clean the slow cooker.

Important! Explore the instructions of the selected detergent so as not to damage the material from which the details of the device are made.

How to wash the body and casing of a multicooker

Thinking about whether it is possible to wash the slow cooker completely under the tap, just remember that this is an electrical appliance that works from the network. Immersion in the water of the case is fraught with inevitable breakdown of household appliances. Inclusion of it after such washing will create a danger to life and health.

Clean the elements of the multicooker correctly separately.

How to clean the body

The outer side of the case does not participate directly in the process of cooking, but drops of fat from the plate or particle of food and dust can settle on it. It is better to rinse them right away, moistening a rag or sponge with warm water.

If the fat has time to dry, add a drop of detergent for dishes to the wet sponge and treat the pollution with foam. Remove the remains with a half.dry napkin, rinse it several times and repeat the procedure.

To remove very old spots, it is permissible to use universal sprays for the kitchen. Spray them in small quantities on the case or use locally. After wipe several times a moistened sponge.

Wipe the washed body of the multicooker dry with a soft towel.

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How to wash the lid

Когда крышка у прибора съемная, сложностей с ней не возникнет. Procedure:

  • Disconnect the lid, remove the inner disk from it and take out the steam valve;
  • Rinse the lid with hot water with a detergent for dishes and rinse;
  • Wipe it thoroughly and dry it;
  • clean the rest of the details;
  • After drying all the elements, collect the lid and install on the device.

The fixed cover is cleaned in 2 stages:

  • Pour a glass of water into the bowl, adding 2-3 circles of lemon to it. Set the “steaming” mode and turn it on for 10-15 minutes. After water, drain and remove the bowl out of the device. Wait for it to cool.
  • Wrap the casing of the multicooker in a cellophane film or bag, leaving the lid outside. Wipe the lid with a damp cloth with a dishes for washing, rinse with a half.dry sponge, wipe it with a towel.
disassemble, multicooker, polaris, wash

Advice. For convenience when washing a fixed cover, put the slow cooker on the side or tilt forward.

Cleaning methods

It is very convenient to cook in a slow cooker, but due to its tightness, fat from food is often in hard-to-reach places. Over time, it is firmly eaten into the surface and remains there for months. You can derive stains if you act radically. First, turn off the device from the outlet, check the removable cover or not. If you do not know for sure, then pay attention to the presence of bolts, nuts or other holding devices. Their presence indicates that the device can be disassembled, and this greatly simplifies the cleaning process. The removable cover can be washed separately, while after washing it will dry out well and will be clean for a long time. A little more complicated when the top of the device is cast and does not understand, but there is nothing critical, there are ways that allow you to wash non.removable covers.

All known methods are divided into household chemistry and folk methods. One and the other group has their pros and cons, and what to choose is the matter of everyone. Modern detergents, powders have quite powerful compositions, when applying fats, destroyed right before our eyes. However, their negative quality is toxicity. With incomplete distance from the surface, the remnants of the detergent during cooking can easily be in food, which will cause food poisoning. Therefore, if you choose household chemistry to clean the multicier cover, wash it off many times with clean water, especially in places.

Folk methods do not have high toxicity and are safe for health, and in terms of purifying properties are not inferior to powders and gels. Cleaning can take a little more time, but your lid will shine with cleanliness like a brand new. over, just imagine how much money you will save, because good proven household chemicals are expensive.

Household chemicals

The choice of cleaning products is huge, so in order not to get confused and buy what you need, pay attention to:

  • output form. The consistency can be in the form of a liquid, gel or powder. The first two species are preferable to the fact that they can handle pollution easily and do not leave scratches after washing off, like from powder;
  • label. Choose the means on which there is a marking: “To remove fat”;
  • compound. It should have surfactants, minimal fragrances.

The most popular household chemicals intended for washing multicooker are:

Before using the product, be sure to put on personal protective equipment: gloves, glasses, ventilate the apartment.

First, read the recommendations for use from the manufacturer and clean, guided by them. Stock up with clean cloths of viscose, microfibers, foam sponges, they will help clean the surface quickly.

After application, leave the product to act for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse repeatedly with water. Pay special attention to sealing elastic bands, often the remnants of Pava remain in them. Then wipe the clean lid dry with a towel, now the device is ready for operation.

Folk remedies

There are always reliable assistants at home in the kitchen or in the bathroom to eliminate pollution: laundry soap, soda, salt, vinegar, lemon juice. They destroy the lipid structure, penetrating its inside and remove it from the surface, returning the pristine purity to the lid. When using folk methods, do not forget about protective gloves: vinegar, for example, when it enters the skin, causes redness, like ammonia.

If fresh pollution has not yet managed to get tightly into the structure of the material, they can be tried to remove them with steam. Pour water into the multicier cup, no more than half a liter and turn on the “welding” mode. Leave the device to work for 10-15 minutes with a cover closed. When the time ends, the fat will become soft and easily retire, so collect its residues with a simple rag moistened with water.

If you clean the multicooker steam after each cooking, then in the future you will not have to wash it.

Laundry soap

complex old contaminants are well removed under the influence of soap foam. Remove the lid, soap foam sponge until thick foam forms and apply soap mass to the entire contaminated surface. Rub with a soft brush or sponge so that the fat leaves, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse. If small pollution still remain, repeat the cleaning.

Soda, salt

The baking soda not only fights fat traces, but also perfectly eliminates the unpleasant odor that settles on the multicier lid. Prepare a cleaning paste by mixing soda with water to make a consistency of thick sour cream. Paste the paste over the entire area of ​​the lid, for the best effect, go with a brush with a soft pile or a hard sponge. Rinse the remaining soda with water. If after drying the surface a thin white film forms on the surface, rinse it again and wipe it dry.

Instead of bicarbonate, ordinary table salt is suitable, dilute it with water, and then treat the slow cooker. The salt granules are slightly larger than that of soda, but it will not leave scratches after itself, so you should not worry about the appearance of the device.

It will also be useful for housewives to learn the best ways to quickly and effectively clean the microwave from fat inside and out. Take them note and all devices in the kitchen will be clean.


For cleaning from fat spots, prepare the following solution: Dilute a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in 1 liter of boiled or defended water. Install the glass in a cup of a slow cooker and turn on the device in the operation “Parish for steam”. When boiling, the vinegar dissolved in water will settle on the lid, and destroy lipid compounds. Continue boiling for 20-30 minutes, and then, until the lid has cooled down, wipe it with a microfiber napkin.

Additional recommendations

When cleaning, simple tips will come in handy so that the result is impressive. Be sure to use them:

  • Try not to apply the product on sealing materials, particles may remain even with thorough washing;
  • Wash the multicier cover on the same day when you used the cooking device. Then the pollution will not yet have time to absorb into the material, which means that it will be easier to get out of them;
  • To clean small details or inaccessible areas, toothpicks, matches, cotton sticks are useful. They penetrate into those places where it is not possible to crawl with fingers;
  • Wipe all sealing gum after washing after washing with a clean rag.

Only a few minutes spent on cleaning the device will return an attractive appearance to it, and its lid will be brilliant and impeccably clean. It will become even better to cook food, and the multicooker itself will last you at least for another dozen years.

How to clean a cup of cramm coating bowl?

For washing, use only a soft remedy and warm water. After dry, wipe with a napkin, this will protect the bowl from spots, they are especially noticeable on light coating. Wait until the bowl has completely cooled, and only then proceed to the sink. Sudden temperature changes can damage anti.stick properties.

Pollution from plastic. The next step I poured two teaspoons of baking soda into the lid and poured with table vinegar. Distributed the resulting mass along the walls of the lid and left in the sink for 5 minutes. This time is enough for vinegar to soften pollution.

How to wash a slow cooker inside correctly?

Place lemon slices in a slow cooker, pour a liter of water. Install the bowl in the slow cooker, close the lid and turn on the “steam” mode for 30 minutes after the timer signal, wait a few more minutes, open the device and remove the bowl. Wash the bowl and all the insides of the multicooker with a wet microfiber cloth.

We will wash its remnants. Pour a teaspoon of soda into a multicooker bowl and pour two glasses of water. Then put this container in the slow cooker, select the “Baking” mode, click the “Start” button and open the lid. Когда вода закипит, нужно подождать минут 10 и выключить чудо-печь.

With regular care, the slow cooker will serve its owners for more than one year. After each cooking, all the crumbs and tanning should be cleaned, and so that there is no unpleasant odor, to carry out preventive measures.

Mattering deserved popularity among hostesses with ease of use. Like any household item, it needs regular care. It is very easy to clean the device, because it is slightly polluted, does not stain the kitchen space.

Washing rules

All models of equipment include: a bowl, a lid, heater, steam valve, moisture collector. They must be washed in a timely manner, each detail separately.

Cleaning inside

The inside of the slow cooker consists of:

disassemble, multicooker, polaris, wash

Wash the inner surfaces as carefully as possible, since there is a heating element at the bottom. Before cleaning the equipment, you should turn it out of the outlet and wait until it cools. Then you can wash the slow cooker.

The heating element must be gently wiped with a dry cloth. If fat or food sticks to him, it is necessary to wet the napkin, remove the remaining food, and then wipe the bottom dry so as not to cause pathogens to the appearance of pathogenic bacteria.

Washing the inner surface of the multicooker will help ordinary baking soda. It is necessary to dissolve it in water, then wet the rag in this mixture and clean the walls and bottom. After that, you need to dry the device for 2-3 days.

The most used multicooker element is a bowl. Therefore, it must be cleaned constantly. after each preparation of food. Usually the bowls are made of stainless steel or aluminum, and then covered with an anti.stick layer. This coating reacts very poorly to loads, so it is strictly forbidden to wash the bowl in a dishwasher or hard lips and powders.

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It can be washed with dishes or delicate gels, which cope well with fat surfaces, without harming them. There are professional tools that are created in order to clean the anti.stick coating. No need to skimp, because they will cope with the task of high quality and accurately.

Do not forget that any effect. a blow or other damage. can ruin the bowl.

Important! If the cup of the slow cooker is poorly washed, there is a high probability that the food will pester to the bottom, and the anti.stick coating will deteriorate. Also, dried food leaves the spots on the heating device, and the smell of burning is spreading through the kitchen at every turning on.

After washing, all internal elements must be very well dried so as not to cause corrosion and fungus, as well as the spread of bacteria.

How to wash the lid from frozen fat?

With the first view there will be no problems. To clean such a lid, you just need to rinse it using fats against fat and a soft sponge, and then wash off with running water.

The owners of a multicooker with an inconspicuous lid were unlucky. They will need to do the following:

  • Wrap the slow cooker in cellophane, leaving the lid outside.
  • Tilt the technique.
  • Wash the lid like a conventional removable.
  • Wipe dry with a cloth.
  • Do not use the equipment 1-2 days.

Often the inside of the lid is polluted quite strongly. it remains fat, pieces of food. You can clean it in a safe way:

  • Pour a small amount of water into a slow cooker.
  • Put a piece of lemon in it.
  • Turn on pair of steaming, leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Drain the water, wipe the device.

How to wash a multicooker Redmond correctly?

Some models of multicographs have internal covers and it is impossible to remove them. Therefore, you have to wash them as follows: pour 1 liter of water into a bowl and boil in the “steam” mode for several minutes. At the end of the program, open the lid and wipe its inner surface with a dry rag.

How to wash the carpet from a multicooker bowl?

Pour a teaspoon of soda into a multicooker bowl and pour two glasses of water. Then put this container in the slow cooker, select the “Baking” mode, click the “Start” button and open the lid. Когда вода закипит, нужно подождать минут 10 и выключить чудо-печь.

 Close the lid, for this, turn it counterclockwise to the stop so that the arrow on the handle of the lid is between the inscriptions “” and “” on the handle of the case.  multicooker will begin work without pressure pressure if the cover is not blocked, or not closed.

How to get rid of a smell?

Since a variety of dishes are prepared in the slow cooker. from meat and fish to pies and desserts, you need to constantly ensure that there are no unpleasant odors in the technique. To get rid of the “aroma” of old food, you can use the following methods.


  • Must be poured into a multicooker 1-1.5 l of water and 2 t. l. vinegar (preferably 9%).
  • Turn on the “steaming” mode, wait for the device to turn off.
  • Wash the bowl under the tap, wipe.

Citric acid (lemon)

  • Dissolve acid in water (1 t. l. on a liter) and pour into a bowl. If your choice is a lemon, squeeze out the citrus juice into a liter of water.
  • Choose the same mode as for vinegar.
  • After 30 minutes, drain, wash, dry the slow cooker.

Coffee grains, put in the technique at night, will remove an unpleasant odor.

Soda and salt

If the “aroma” does not go from the multicooker, a solution of salt and soda in water should be used. The ingredients are mixed in an equal amount obtained by the liquid all elements of the device. Then they need to be rinsed, dried.


Ginger root needs to be cut, boiled in a slow cooker to forget about an unpleasant odor.

How to clean a double boiler?

To clean the steamer from the scale, you need:

  • Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the tank, fill the rest of the place with water.
  • Turn on the double boiler for 10-15 minutes, then turn off, wait for cooling.
  • Drain the liquid, remove excess water.

How to clean and to wash the Pressure Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M110A

You can use the “Antinagipine”. This tool is created specifically to fight a bit. Before use, you should read the instructions and act according to it.

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