How to disassemble a vacuum cleaner Bosch Runn N

How to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Step by step instructions

Your vacuum cleaner will serve for many years if you correctly operate, serve it and be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. But there are times when a household device fails. If the vacuum cleaner is under warranty, then you need to contact a specialized service width = “800 ″ Height =” 800 ″ [/IMG] If the vacuum cleaner has a guarantee, then in case of its breakdown it is not necessary to throw the device into the garbage dump. You can also repair the vacuum cleaner on your own, if you have a certain experience in conducting electrical repair work. Repair of some parts, for example, replacement or prevention of an electric motor of a vacuum cleaner, you can at home without causing a master. The device of vacuum cleaners in most manufacturers is the same. Therefore, for example, we will consider the repair of the vacuum cleaner on the example of the Samsung brand.

The fork of the battery wires of the vacuum cleaner was stuck in the outlet, but the vacuum cleaner does not turn on. And does not even give signs of life. So you need to look for the reason for supplying voltage to the vacuum cleaner. First you need to make sure that the socket itself. You can check the presence of voltage in the outlet using a voltmeter. This is the most correct method. If there was no voltmeter at hand, you can use another, obviously serviceable electric consumer. It can be a table lamp or something similar. If the socket is in good condition and the voltage in it is present, we proceed to the repair of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner must be disconnected from the outlet and inspect its supply wire. The wire is usually broken at the junction with a fork or a vacuum cleaner itself. If visually the malfunction was not found, then the vacuum cleaner will have to disassemble. How to disassemble the vacuum cleaner video you can watch above. Next, check the integrity of the cores of the supply wire using an ohmmeter. If the wire is in the cliff, then it must be replaced with a new. If the wire is whole, then check the vacuum cleaner switch with an ohmmeter to the engine. If necessary, repair them or replace them.


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The hose of my vacuum cleaner is clogged. How to clean it? Verified Disconnect the hose and look at it to determine if it is really clogged. If so, then take a long narrow object, for example, a broom, and carefully push it through the hose. This usually removes any objects that clog the hose. If this did not help, contact the manufacturer.

What sizes of bags for dust are there? Verified should be taken into account two sizes. Firstly, this is the size of the plate with the entrance to the bag. This determines whether the dust bag is suitable for a specific vacuum cleaner. Then there is a bag size. This is usually indicated in liters and determines how much dust can accommodate the bag.

The vacuum cleaner cord is not wound back into the vacuum cleaner housing. What should I do? Verified probably the cord twisted. Several times completely unwind and melt the cord back into the vacuum cleaner, controlling the process with your hands. If this did not help to eliminate the problem, probably the cord watching mechanism is broken. In this case, contact the manufacturer or to the repair service.

The vacuum cleaner makes a whistle. What should I do? Verified is usually the reason for the malfunction is a filled vacuumber or filter or a hole in the hose that passes the air. Check the vacuum cleaner and filter and, if necessary, replace them. Check if there are holes or fragile connections in the hose. If this does not help, contact the manufacturer.

What setting on the brush head of the vacuum cleaner should I use? Verified almost all vacuum cleaners have a nozzle with an adjustable brush. Use the hard surfaces brush to prevent scratches and damage. Disconnect the brush for carpet coatings and rugs.

How to remove dust and hair from a vacuum cleaner nozzle? Verified Removing dust and hair from a vacuum cleaner nozzle manually. If everything goes wrong as it should, you can use a thin comb to remove the remaining dirt.

Is it possible to use a paper vacuum cleaner more than once? Verified is not recommended to do this. Microporas in the bag can clog, which will lead to a decrease in absorption strength and can damage the engine.

What is Hepa? Verified Hepa means highly effective air for solid particles. Many vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter retains from 85% to 99,999995% of all particles measuring 0.3 micrometer (MKM) and above.

Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner to collect ash? Verified no, it is impossible. Ashes that seems cooled can remain warm or even hot inside. An ordinary vacuum cleaner is not intended for this and can cause a fire. In addition, filters of ordinary vacuum cleaners are not always suitable for holding very small particles such as ash. Then he can get into the vacuum cleaner engine and cause damage.

The process of disassembly

You need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner in a strictly defined order:

  • First, the dust collection container and two filters are removed: front and rear;
  • All bolts are removed with a cross with a cross, under the filter taken;
  • Now you need to remove the vacuum cleaner housing. To do this, first its front part lifts up and only then the rest. The case is removed easily, without a lot of effort;
  • You can proceed to a small cleaning of the housing of the vacuum cleaner and the electric motor body. All dust is removed with a simple brush or dry rag.

For convenience, it is better to work on cleaning on the street.

Typical breakdowns of vacuum cleaners

The main reasons why vacuum cleaners cease to function correctly are wear, improper use and interruptions with voltage. The table below contains the most frequent malfunctions and signs by which they can be identified.

Problem Signs Cause
Weakening or refusal of the suction function of garbage Growing hum, which was not before A bag or container for garbage, blockage in the hose or internal cavity of the device, deformation of the gasket or sealing, the absence of a sealed connection of the hose and body, wear of the sealing ring, displacement of the brush roller is overwhelmed
Engine stop The smell of combustion and the subsequent stop of the device Wear, improper operation, interruptions in the mains
Lack of food The vacuum cleaner does not turn on The cord malfunction or the location of its connection to the case, damage to the internal wiring, activation of the protective regime due to overheating, the failure of the electric motor
Charging problems A rapidly discharging battery Reduction of power capacity due to factory marriage or poor.Quality assembly, interruption in the mains
Strengthening the cord Cord fixation in one position A malfunction of the winding drum (most often deformation of the spring) or the mechanism of the authorship
The malfunction of the vacuumber indicator The indicator does not reflect the filling of the bag Piston Stop, damage to the indicator spring

If the model has an aquafilter or pump and they have failed, it will be easy to diagnose such a problem, because the liquid will cease to do.

It is also worth noting that the most modern Bosch models have a mechanism for automatic malfunctions. They themselves will “tell” what the problem is if the functionality of some part of the device is lost.

How to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Step by step instructions

The vacuum cleaner has long been included in the list of the most popular household appliances. Of course, the cleanliness in the house, created in a few minutes, will please any mistress. Unfortunately, like all other household appliances, vacuum cleaners often fail. But this is not a reason to contact the service center immediately. It is possible that the breakdown can be eliminated independently by previously dismantling the device and understanding the cause of the malfunction. How to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Step.By.Step instructions can be found in this article.

If the vacuum cleaner is broken, then first you need to understand what the problem is. Diagnostics. Where to start any repair. Sometimes, to find out what exactly is the malfunction, you need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. Of course, each model is arranged in its own way, but below the showdown algorithm is described, which is fair for almost all models:

  • Dismantling the sealing grill. Look under the cover of the vacuum chopper compartment. This grate is located there. The cover itself is recorded by several screws, which can easily be unscrewed with a simple screwdriver, taking into account the section.
  • Removing the control unit and cover of the dust collector. You can do this without special devices with your bare hands when you remove the sealing grill.
  • Removing a vacuum cleaner. The fixation of this part differs in different models. Either is located in a special framework, from where it can simply be taken out, or it is kept on small screws.
  • Disconnecting a plastic base. This operation is necessary if you want to disassemble the engine. In order for the case to disconnect. Find a secret screw (a very popular type of fastening in such devices).
  • De.Energizing the engine. To do this, you just need to remove the wires that supply the voltage. As a rule, they are fixed with screw clamps.
  • Removing the gasket. It is usually located at the input of the receiving hose.

How to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Step by step instructions

The vacuum cleaner has long been included in the list of the most popular household appliances. Of course, the cleanliness in the house, created in a few minutes, will please any mistress. Unfortunately, like all other household appliances, vacuum cleaners often fail. But this is not a reason to contact the service center immediately. It is possible that the breakdown can be eliminated independently by previously dismantling the device and understanding the cause of the malfunction. How to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Step.By.Step instructions can be found in this article.

The vast majority of vacuum cleaners models are built according to 3 structural types:

The device of household vacuum cleaners with a dry vacuumber-bag, with an aquafyl and with a cyclone

Repair of vacuum cleaners Bosch BGL35MOV15. No traction

Any of the vacuum cleaners of these types can be supplied with nozzles (brushes) for wet and dry cleaning. The nozzles have their characteristic malfunctions, which we will also figure out further.

With a bag

In a vacuum cleaner with a dry vacuumber (left on the rice.) The air passes first through the bag-pile, then through the thin cleaning filter and the engine compartment. T. Nazi. HEPA filter delays particles in size of about 1 μm. The HEPA filter only works under pressure, and dust particles less than 3-5 microns do not affect the work and durability of the motor, so the HEPA filter is placed after the engineer, which in this case also works as a compressor.

Vacuum cleaners with a dry vacuumber are the least prone to breakdowns, but their main drawback is disposable filters. The vacuumboard is made of propylene or silicone fiber and is not subject to regeneration. The filled bag is thrown out and replaced with a new. If you try to clean it, rinse or sew the tissue from the old vacuum cleaner to the previous neck, the formation of the micro is so much intensified that the thin and Hepa filter instantly clog. If with them a similar way to “cheat”, it soon turns out that the motor repair is needed, expensive and/or complex.

The filter of fine cleaning and the HEPA filter are also not subject to restoration, but in some cases it is still possible, see. Further. A characteristic feature of clogged filters. The vacuum cleaner is badly pulling, buzzing strongly (without clang and rubbish), heats up. If there is automation-after 1-15 minutes after turning on, it switches to low power or stops. E.G.

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, Over 65% of appeals to a warranty service with inexpensive LG vacuum cleaners regarding such a “breakdown” are caused by a clogged HEPA filter. The user is shown where it is printed in small print that this is a non.Warranty case and friendly explains how much to pay. Meanwhile, replacing the filter in the LG vacuum cleaner completely nonsense, see. Track. Video.

Assembly of the brush and installation in place

Naturally, so that the rotating element does not fly out during the operation of the vacuum cleaner from the brush, it must be reliably fixed. Place the cleaned element in the brush so that its shaft perfectly falls into the landing seizure.

Try to upheate the element with your fingers. If nothing prevents his rotation, that to close the plug and turn the screw. Now the brush is ready for installation in its place in the general construct of the vacuum cleaner.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is appropriate to carry out the cleaning of the brush every second cleaning if the apartment has a pet (cat, dog), and every fourth cleaning if animals in the apartment do not contain.

Observing the manufacturer’s instructions, it can be said with confidence that the turbo.Shift will serve for years.

The video clearly shows the process of cleaning the turbo engine:

Automatically shuts the cord in a vacuum cleaner, I can’t pull it back immediately, how to fix it? | Topica author: Lyudmila

Stanislav is not defective, just broke 1.

Galina is probably a defective twisting mechanism- put on a clothespin on the cord when you unwind and then remove.

The stop roller is polluted. In the mechanism of wrapping the vacuum cleaner cord

The winding of the connecting cord is as follows. When rolling the cord from the coil, the springs are plagued, accumulating potential energy, and the rolling of the brake device presses the connecting cord to the protrusion of the housing and does not allow it to get into the body. When wrapping the connecting cord on the coil, the brake rocking rock is squeezed under the influence of the operator and does not prevent the cord with pulling the cord into the case “due to the accumulated potential energy of the springs

When rolling the connecting cord from the coil and when it wraps it, the voltage from the electric network is constantly supplied through the cord, conductive springs and conclusions to the electric motor.

By the exclusion of sliding contacts made of expensive metals, the cost of winding the connecting cord is reduced.

disassemble, vacuum, cleaner, bosch, runn

Tags: how to repair the retracting mechanism of the Bosch vacuum cleaner cable

Please help, I will not understand how to correctly charge the spring into this mechanism. Disassembled it t.To. The cord began to get into the vacuum cleaner not.

How to repair the LG vacuum cleaner wire.If you do the first. Repair of a vacuum cleaner wire mechanism. Repair Mechanism for.

Like other household appliances, the cleaning equipment, to which the vacuum cleaner refers, requires careful handling and leaving for itself, limited to only the mentioned object in purity. However, a person rarely pays attention to his “electric assistants”, which will necessarily sooner or later leads to their breakdown.

An unpleasant situation that can happen when the vacuum cleaner is refused to work, can indicate both a small malfunction and a breakdown that can no longer be fixed, but to determine the reasons for the failure of the technique, to disassemble it anyway. It should be noted that foreign equipment is not so hard to repair how difficult it is and gathers, so the repair of vacuum cleaners with your own hands will require not only confident knowledge in an electrician, but also pretty developed logical thinking from the “home master”.

If the decision to take up the repair of the vacuum cleaner was balanced and it was possible to find all the screws and latches, bypassing the mechanical damage to the body of the equipment by the side, I would like to advise you to start identifying the causes of the malfunction from light breakdowns, since it is they who interrupt the operation of household appliances most often.

How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work Its Common Failures

In general, you need to start with cleaning the vacuum cleaner from dust and dirt, for which all the nodes and parts are enough to wipe with alcohol.Containing substances (cologne, vodka), after which it will be possible to start working with the tester. First of all, you should call the network cord of the vacuum cleaner, which is sometimes sufficient. If the wire is not nicknamed, then there is a cliff somewhere.

As a rule, a chain break can be found inside the coil that rolls the network wire. By repairing the Daewoo vacuum cleaner, we decided to show what happens to the wires clearly, for which we will tell you how the described fault is eliminated.

Having unscrewed the screws attaching the vacuum cleaner cover to its body, the protective casing of the electric motor should be removed, which is available only to some models of this cleaning technique. Sowing the procedure will facilitate access to the wires summed up to the motor.

DIY repair vacuum cleaners

Details: DIY repair vacuum cleaners from a real master for Olenord.Com.

Repair of vacuum cleaners, as well as other household appliances, is a common practice, since all devices tend to break. The cause of the breakdown is most often the wear of the parts and the destruction of mechanisms. However, a breakdown of a vacuum cleaner does not always mean that it is necessary to buy a new one, since it is quite possible to repair such a technique with your own hands.

The vacuum cleaner is rightfully considered the most popular subject of household appliances. Most housewives today no longer represent their lives without a vacuum cleaner, since it significantly saves time and helps keep housing clean and order.

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In most cases, the reason that the vacuum cleaner is out of order is the engine. Such a breakdown arises with almost all the brands and models of the device, regardless of the manufacturer. On the characteristic features and features of the device, you can diagnose a problem and try to repair a vacuum cleaner with your own hands.

  • The first sign of incorrect engine operation is the hum and the appearance of a dusty cloud during the operation of the device.
  • Insufficient absorption or its complete absence indicates that the hose has failed. Another sign that the tightness of the hose is violated is the quiet operation of the device. In addition to breakdown in the corrugation, the receiving brush can be damaged.
  • Low suction rate and a drop in speed of work may be the result of a breakdown of bearings. Proof of the failure of these components is the periodic restoration of work in normal mode.
  • Excessive rumble in good operation indicates that the engine has come out of the system. In most cases, the malfunctions in the motor directly affect the power of the power of air absorption.

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Regardless of the cause of the malfunction, you need to know how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner in order to repair it with your own hands.

Repair of a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function will be a little more difficult, since you will have to work with water pump. The main task of the pump is the supply of water to the vacuum cleaner, for this reason the pump is installed at its entrance. When repairing a detergent vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to pay attention and disconnect the pump.

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When repairing a vacuum cleaner of firms: Hoover, Vitek, Samsung, Rowenta. It is recommended to check the serviceability of the power cord. You can check the integrity of the cord using a multimeter. The reason for the cable failure most often lies in the active use of the vacuum cleaner, in which the cable grinds, twists and broke. If such a breakdown is confirmed, just shorten the cable to the desired length or replace it.

Dyson, Miele brand vacuum cleaners have a distinctive feature that manifests itself in a frequent failure of the filter. A sign of filter pollution is low absorption power.

It is very important to periodically clean and wash not only the vacuum cleaner, but also the filter. Timely care of the vacuum cleaner filtration system is the key to its long and high.Quality work, which primarily depends on the serviceability of the engine.

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Today I got a wonderful example of German engineers. Bosch vacuum cleaner. This mechanism did not last long. But he got to my table, which means that there are chances for a second life. On the example of this vacuum cleaner, I will tell you how to cure its “sore” (thank God is not deadly), which is often suffered by Bosch vacuum cleaners

With a closed lid, check with your hand if there is a rod. There is no traction, which means that we move on to extracting extra filters that may affect the traction. Having removed the internal filter in the garbage compartment, we look into the hole where the engine is located. And here it is, our problem: the engine impeller is clogged with garbage. Most likely, this is happening from the hosts oversight. The bag was inserted loosely, the filter was not cleaned or changed, etc.P.

So, sick, let’s proceed immediately to the autopsy.

disassemble, vacuum, cleaner, bosch, runn

First we remove the top cover. If this is not done, it will bother us. Close fastenes carefully squeeze with a flat screwdriver.

Now we are looking for self.Tapping screws for opening the case. Two of them are hidden under the sealing elastic band of the lid we removed. One. Under the key of inclusion (it also needs to be removed, with the same flat screwdriver, squeezing the mount on the side). Now the Torx15 nozzle we unscrew the screws we found. Armed with something flat, open the upper and lower half of the body. Multi.Colored wires and a new cover are greeted inside us, under which the patient’s heart is already waiting for us. The engine. But first we need to pull out a speed control (small scarf on colored wires). To extract it, we put out the shaft of the revolutions of the revolutions up and to the left. Now it will not be difficult to get the regulator itself from the grooves. We unscrew the only self.Tapping screw separating us from the target and easily separate the motor boxing lid up, not forgetting to push it in front with a screwdriver.

Our nesting dolls opened! Inside, our motor is hidden on the “cabbage leaves” of noise insulation. And to the right of him, the control unit. This is on it through the network cable, and then electrons run through the cable layer in order to rotate the ill.Fated impeller.

Something I was distracted from the motor. Remove the power terminal and extract the motor. A bunch of hair and dust. This is what appears before our clear eyes. All this “wealth” stuck in the holes of the impeller, the task of which is to draw in the air during rotation.

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