How to disassemble the refrigerator radiator into scrap metal

How much copper is in the refrigerator and in what details

In order to separate the black metal from copper, you must first disassemble the compressor. We’ll figure out how to disassemble the device without the use of a corner grinder (angular grinding), because the corner grinder is a relatively dirty instrument, there will be a lot of dust, sparks, noise in the workplace in the workplace (the cutting disk will spray the materials around you).

Unfortunately, the case is a monolithic metal product containing a number of welds created using automatic welding.

Therefore, it is possible to avoid corner grinders only with a hacksaw for metal. The thickness of the metal can be more than 3 millimeters. As for the rotor and the stator, the corner grinder is not required, it should not be used at all stages of disassembly.

In the welding area you need to make an incision, drain the oil and “walk” along the entire seam.

The incision should be small in order to avoid spraying. Through the small hole, the oil should flow slowly.

Cut should be cut carefully, without haste; If you work with a hacksaw, you should monitor the sharpness of the saw (it is better to stock up on spare canvases). Under the cut cap, the motor windings are observed. After unpacking the case, you can detect the causes of the device malfunction. In our case, the reason is a burned.Out winding.

Who is “welded” on our wastefulness

Of course, two.Chamber models equipped with two compressors contain more copper. If you are not too lazy to extract it, you can get up to 1.5 kg of non.Ferrous metal at a time. True, you will have to bother longer, but you will not have to give the “free” money to collectors.

Masters, bringing the old household appliances to their base, do not lazy to disassemble it. From each household electrical appliances, whether it is a hair dryer, washing or a refrigerator, they extract metal and, having immediately handed it over, put our “blood” in their s. And it comes out for a day! Knowing how much copper is in the compressor from the refrigerator, you can approximately calculate how much money it will settle in their. If at least three refrigerators and a couple of washingrs are handed over in a day, even if you take a minimum. This is about 1000.

Who cares, they can watch video showdown and measurements.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, scrap

How to disassemble the refrigerator for scrap metal: description of the dismantling stages

Independent analysis of household appliances is not difficult. However, you should not forget about safety and protection. Dismantling the refrigerator can be divided into several stages:

  • Disconnection from the mains;
  • Elimination of shelves, pallets and other removable parts;
  • Removing the door of the refrigerator compartment and freezer;
  • Dismantling of facing materials;
  • Elimination of cooling grille;
  • Compressor removal;
  • Dismantling of heat.Insulating elements and t.D.

It is important to remember that before analyzing the design, the refrigerant should be removed. Is it possible to hand over the refrigerator for scrap metal together in freon? Yes, however, be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay extra for the dismantling service. To analyze the compressor, an angular grinder and a hammer will be required. It is recommended to cut the structure carefully at the seam and remove the copper compressor winding. Non.Metallic details can be safely sent to scrap.

Dismantication of the refrigerator for scrap metal: how many metals in old household appliances?

The old household appliances occupy a useful area in the apartment, which is why it is sold, given or thrown away. It is problematic to help out the money for a non.Working refrigerator, so it is taken out and put next to the trash tanks. However, the emission of garbage in the wrong place entails the imposition of a fine established. Eight.1 Code of Administrative Offenses

The amount depends on the status of the subject of law:

  • Punishment for individuals. From 1 to 2 thousand. ;
  • For officials. From 2 to 5 thousand. ;
  • For legal entities. From 20 to 100 thousand.

The independent removal of household appliances is also illegal. For transportation of waste to a landfill, a license issued by Rosprirodnadzor is needed. The optimal solution is the analysis of old household appliances with the subsequent seizure of valuable materials. Dangerous waste and substances should be neutralized and disposed of, and the remaining elements are sorted and directed for processing. Old refrigerator. A good source of additional income.

The compressor of the refrigerator how to disassemble

The value of the compressor is great both based on the beliefs of functionality and from the position of metal prices, while regardless of how to consider it. From the motor you can make a pump for tire fitting, colors or a refrigerator system.

If the engine is non.Working, and its power is relatively low, then it makes no sense to repair it. The device consists of dark metal (body that make up gearboxes) and copper (motor winding, tube). The average weight is from 5 to 10 kilograms, with all this, the weight of expensive copper can reach 1.5 kilograms.

The algorithm of actions

In the welding area, you need to make an incision, drain the oil and “walk” along the entire seam.

The incision should be small to avoid spraying. Through a small hole, the oil should flow slowly.

Cut should be cut carefully, without haste; If you work with a hacksaw, you should look behind the sharpness of the saw (it is better to stock up on spare canvases). Under the cut cap, the motor windings are observed. After unpacking the case, you can find the prerequisites for the device malfunction. In our case, the prerequisite is a burned.Out winding:

A blown, soldered winding is the most often the reason for the failure

How the refrigerator works?

Before considering the algorithm of the refrigerator, we will get acquainted with the five main components of the refrigeration system, the simplest cooling cycle.

  • Compressor. The heart of the refrigerator. It is designed to compress and supply a refrigerant under pressure and works on the principle of a pump for the movement of a substance;
  • Evaporator. A device in which the refrigerant boil occurs due to the heat of products. Due to this, the temperature is reduced inside the refrigerator during its operation;
  • The capacitor is a component of the refrigerator in which the transition from a gaseous to a liquid state occurs, accompanied by the release of heat into the environment;
  • Capillary tube. A connecting element between the capacitor and the evaporator of the small section;
  • Refrigerant. A substance carrying heat. It passes the entire cooling cycle when the refrigerator works. Many represent the refrigerant as a large volume of coolant circulating throughout the refrigerator. In fact, it’s not the case! Under normal conditions, it is a gas necessary for the refrigerator, and in your device the amount of this substance is only 20. 65 grams.

And so how the refrigerator works? In modern devices with a compressor, the cooling system operates as follows:

  • The compressor is turned on.
  • A gas.Shaped refrigerator agent from the evaporator is sucked by a compressor.
  • In the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed to high pressure and its injection into the capacitor. In the process of condensation, the secreted heat is dissipated in the environment.
  • The refrigerant is cleaned in the filter-dryer.
  • As a result of high pressure, liquid refrigerant enters through an expansion valve or a capillary tube to the evaporator, in order to reduce pressure and regulate its flow.
  • In the evaporator, liquid refrigerant under low pressure absorbs heat from the internal volume and turns into a low pressure gas.
  • The compressor again sucks the refrigerant.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator: cooling cycle diagram

There are several interesting examples showing how the refrigerator works and its cycle. Whether you bathed in the sea or pool during relaxation in hot countries? When you get out of the water and lie down on a deck chair, trembling runs through the body, despite the temperature of 30 ° C! This happens because the water evaporates and takes warmth from the surface of your skin, as a result of which you feel the cold. A similar principle is used during the work of refrigerators.

Consider another example with which you can understand how the refrigerator works. Try to do the following: lick the back of your palm, and then blow on it. You will feel cold. This example demonstrates that cooling occurs as a result of evaporation. This process does not differ from that which occurs in the refrigerator: when the device works, the cold does not appear in the refrigerator and freezers, on the contrary, the heat from stored products is absorbed and dissipated in the environment. That is why during the operation of the refrigerator its back wall is always hot.

How the refrigerator with the freshness zone Biofresh works

It is worth noting that many refrigerators are equipped with a freshness zone, which maintain optimal humidity and a constant temperature level of about 0 ° C, which contribute to prolonged storage of products.

How does the refrigerator work with such a zone? The air from the refrigerator compartment is taken by the fan behind the back wall of the refrigerator. Here it is cooled to a lower temperature and is supplied to the Biofresh zone, where it is evenly distributed between containers. By circulating further, a more warm air for cooling products falls into the refrigerator.

If you have questions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how the refrigerator works, write to us. Use the comment form below or join the discussion in the Liebherr community.

How to get copper from the refrigerator. Metals and their processing

Large.Sized household appliances, such as a refrigerator, causes some difficulties in disposal. It should be understood that it is forbidden to throw away such served equipment on an ordinary landfill, this is fraught with a fine. And exhibiting equipment near the garbage chute is even worse.

To solve the problem, there are two ways: take out the unit to the central landfill (but for this you must first get permission) or pass it into a scrap metal reception. For this you can help out a very small amount.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, scrap

And, given that it will have to be delivered to the reception point on its own, it is unlikely that this will even cover the costs of a transport company. However, there is a way to slightly increase the cost of an unnecessary refrigerator.

To do this, you will need to find out how to independently disassemble the refrigerator for copper.

What to do if the freezer does not turn off

The freezer camp, like any modern refrigeration equipment, is designed for round.The.Clock operation. It is used for long.Term storage of products and their freezing.

Inside Laria, a constant temperature of. 18 degrees is maintained (in some models. 21. 25 degrees). But Lari, like any other equipment, fails. Most often, a problem of the following nature arises: the motor in the device does not turn off at all.

How to deal with this breakdown? Consider the most likely causes of such a situation.

  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the reason why the stall does not turn off. Check if you have a super.Commercial mode. It is used for quick freezing of products: the compressor works at maximum speeds, displaying excess heat from the camera. On modern models, this mode is automatically turned off 3 to 4 hours after starting, but sometimes the relay does not work and it must be turned off manually. On old models, the mode is turned off the regulator.
  • The second reason for the constant operation of the engine: Setting a Larya to the mode of the maximum possible temperature. The instructions indicate that the camp should work at average temperature values ​​(manual switch between 2 and 4, electronic by. 18). If you set the maximum temperature, then in hot summer the refrigerator simply cannot cope with the load and scatter a sufficient amount of heat. Frost Lari Snezh, for example, cannot work in rooms in which the temperature is above 40 degrees, so it is necessary to consider the issue of cooling.
  • The third reason is a loose door cover. This can be caused by getting dirt or something solid on a plane, freezing or wear of the sealing gum. Try to wipe it well and the casing of the Larya, to which it sticks. If this does not help and ice appears on the walls, then replace the elastic band. The cover should fit very tightly. You can check the density in a simple way: put a sheet of paper on the plane and close the lid. If the sheet cannot move right and left, then everything is in order. Frost Lary Italfrost, for example, are equipped with a special elastic band, which is enough for 20 thousand opening cycles. If you open, open the stall twice a day, then it will last almost 14 years.

Why does the freezer do not turn off

The elementary reasons for the constant work of the freezer Larya were listed above. Now let’s talk about serious breakdowns.

Scrapping a refrigerator and a freezer for copper and Aluminum

  • The engine operates constantly, but the temperature in the chamber is plus. Such a breakdown occurs when the capillary system was clogged with hard particles and Freon simply does not pass throughout the system. This problem can be fixed by purging and cleaning the capillary system and downloading a fresh freon.
  • The engine works, but the temperature does not reach the specified parameters. So, there was a partial leak of Freon. The system lacks “strength” to take all the heat from the camera, so the engine does not turn off. For repair, it is necessary to eliminate the leak and upload fresh gas.
  • The compressor works without stopping, it is cold in the freezer. This is due to the breakdown of the evaporative sensor or thermostat. The system “thinks” that the temperature in Lara has not reached the norm and continues to cool the air. To correct the situation, you need to replace the spoiled sensor.
  • Falf in the control unit. This breakdown is quite difficult to diagnose. Professionals should do this.

How to disassemble a freezer camp

The disassembly of the freezer Larya should only be carried out by professionals who have appropriate skills and tools. You can get to the working part of the Larya behind-you need to remove the protective case, which is held on 3-4 screws. Some models do not have a casing at all.

Complete disassembly of the Larya is carried out only for the overhaul of the capillary system or isolation. This is a rather difficult task, which not every specialist will take up.

The material is prepared by the Cooler-Store site.Ru

How to disassemble the refrigerator into scrap metal

Any equipment sooner or later becomes unusable. Over time, the equipment breaks, and its repair is impossible or unreasonably roads. In this case, it is better to hand over the refrigerator for scrap metal.

  • You can get rid of unnecessary equipment that takes place in the room.
  • You can profitably sell this equipment.
  • You trust all subsequent recycling procedures to professionals.
  • This is an opportunity to take care of the environment.

How to Scrap or Remove the Copper tubes from a Radiator

Why should the refrigerator go to scrap metal

Ordinary machines for the removal of household waste are unable to deliver similar equipment to the landfill. Therefore, do not send the refrigerator to the garbage platform in the hope that it will be taken away by utilities.

There is a possibility that for several days it will be taken by the collectors of the metal. In large cities, small trucks are traveling through the streets and courtyards. They take out any equipment with metal details, which in the future can be sold.

This is a very real way to get rid of the old refrigerator. Naturally, in this case you will not receive anything for it, but you can remove the load of responsibility for disposal from yourself.

Yourself to take a large.Sized equipment to a landfill cannot. Initially, you must obtain permission from local authorities. Only then the refrigerator can be sent to the landfill. For violation of the rules, a fine is provided.

In fact, it is much more profitable to hand over the refrigerator for metal. In this case, you can get a certain amount for it. Subsequent disposal of equipment will already be engaged in specialists who have certain experience.

Spend the refrigerator for scrap metal: Price

If you want to hand over the refrigerator for scrap metal, they will not tell you the price in advance. This is too individual parameter, which depends on a huge number of related factors. Therefore, the cost is calculated in each case.

  • A refrigerator model and alloys that were used in the process of its manufacture.
  • The number of details that do not have any value.
  • Metal at the moment.
  • The mass of the structure.
disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, scrap

To find out how much the refrigerator costs for scrap metal, it is necessary to evaluate it to a specialist, subsequent weighing. The specific price of equipment is calculated when it is sold.

Initially, let’s say that you can do only a minimum disassembly yourself. It is not too safe to dismantle all the elements, so the cut should be entrusted to professionals.

  • Remove the compressor from the structure. If it is in working condition, then it can be used to assemble homemade devices or sell for installation in similar models.
  • Cut the power cord.
  • In the future, remove the doors. If they cannot be dismantled, then you can cut it with a corner grinder.
  • Remove the lattices and shelves.
  • Remove all plastic elements from the refrigerator, which are not of value.
  • Radiator grille is carried out. In its manufacture, non.Ferrous metals were used, this element can be sold separately.

At the end of the procedure, you will only have a metal case and door. After disassembling and removing unnecessary components, the receipt of refrigerators for metal is carried out at the highest price.

Naturally, this whole procedure takes time and you need to use various tools. Therefore, disassembly is not suitable for all customers, it is much easier to hand over the refrigerator at once, and not think about the nuances.

To whom to sell the refrigerator for scrap metal?

It is better to contact a trusted company for this purpose, which has been working on the market for a long time and was able to prove myself well. Then you can be sure that the whole procedure will pass without additional problems.

disassemble, refrigerator, radiator, scrap

The company “Non.Metal” is one of the largest organizations in the capital. We have vast experience in this area and cope with all the tasks set. The company is ready to accept refrigerators and offer attractive prices.

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