How to disassemble the roventa hair dryer active

Disassembling a Rowenta hair dryer for repair

Today all women, and often men as well, use a hair dryer to dry their hair quickly. There are many varieties of these products, but the principle of operation and design they have the same, only sometimes there are small technical nuances. If you wondered, for example, how to disassemble the Rowenta Studio Dry 2000 hair dryer, you should immediately warn that its design does not differ from other counterparts, except for Rowenta CF 9320 or 9000 models, which are considered hair dryers-brushes.


In front of it there is a protective grid and a filter that prevents hair and dust from getting inside. Quite often it gets clogged and must be cleaned with a small brush. In budget versions there is only a grid, so the fan can reduce its speed because of the presence of hair and dust on the shaft. The device blades should be cleaned with an old toothbrush, and it is necessary to remove the propeller from the shaft carefully and remove the wound hair.

Power cord

You have to examine it starting from the entry point of the handle: there is the contact block, and then you have to look for insulation damage, internal burrs and breakage.

Electric Motor

If it does not work correctly, then the whole device fails, which occurs when the winding is broken or a diode bridge burns out. In some cases the brushes are to blame. their ultimate exhaustion has occurred.

The axis of the engine should rotate without beating and in a free mode, after any repair all rubbing parts must be lubricated, and the problem areas should be adjusted manually.


Many models have several spirals, through which the different modes of heating the air flow. Their integrity can be restored by soldering, and all defects are easy to detect visually. Sometimes spirals should be replaced with similar products made of nichrome filament with identical parameters.


As a rule, disassembly of the hair dryer begins with the dismantling of the housing, which consists of two halves, connected by screws, and in the front part at the nozzle by special latches. These latches can break, so act carefully, in addition, there are hidden screws that cover stickers, plastic inserts and removable covers.

Rowenta models are fairly similar in appearance, for example, the model Rowenta Pro 2300 is disassembled similarly to other standard hair dryers, but hair dryers, hair dryers are dismantled a little differently. they have their own design features. This should be taken into account when you are going to repair the product on your own. you should carefully read the instructions and watch a video on the disassembly of your model.

How to disassemble a hair dryer on the example of popular models?

The appearance of absolutely any girl forms her hairstyle. An ordinary hair dryer is indispensable for hair styling. Today there are a lot of different models, which have a different principle of operation. In beauty salons use professional hair dryers, at home you can use a standard hair dryer, and if you are going somewhere, it is suitable for this hair dryer compact size.

disassemble, roventa, hair, dryer

But what to do if the hair dryer does not turn on or at all broken?

Review: Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine CF 9320 D0. Now I do my own hair

oday I will tell you about my new acquisition for styling and drying my hair. This is. Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine CF 9320 hair dryer.

My choice fell to this model because compared with other similar devices in this model, I was satisfied with the optimal set of rotating nozzles, easy management, the positive reviews of those who have already used this hair dryer-brush and a pretty normal price.

Comes with a hair dryer and two brushes in special transparent covers.

It looks modern, bright colors, comfortable design, not very heavy.

The shape of the handle is designed. It has a curved shape to match the curves of your palm, so you can hold it in your hand comfortably and securely when you use it.

I would especially like to note the easily accessible location of the control buttons, which are under the thumb. That’s why they can be switched while the appliance is running without looking.

You just need to get used to it and memorize the positions. After 2 or 3 styles, it’s no longer difficult to blindly switch the settings, it’s automatic.

Temperature and air speed switches:

moderate temperature and airflow; 2. higher temperature and more intense airflow;. cold air; 0. shut off the appliance.

A big “plus” is the cool-air feature. I use it to hold my hair in place. Hair cools quickly and fixes the hair better.

The kit includes two removable brushes with diameter of 5 cm and 3 cm. One for styling your hair and one for cold air;0.disables cold air;.high airflow;.high temperature and strong airflow. bangs.

To prevent the bristles crushed brushes are placed in a transparent plastic case with clickable “locks” that can be easily opened and closed.

Brush Activ. is a rotating brush hair dryer, designed to facilitate drying and styling hair.

You can change the direction of the brush by pressing certain buttons, if you release the switch, it stops rotating.

This takes some getting used to, so you don’t mix up the direction of rotation.

The ceramic coating of the brush removes static electricity and thus eliminates the electrification of the hair, as well as reducing the damage to the hair itself from the thermal styling procedure.

The bristles have very flexible, natural bristles that won’t traumatize your hair or scalp and are great for styling.

After the first use, the bristles have undergone a transformation from “wispy” to “ruffly”. This can be clearly seen in the photo.

The nozzles on the housing are firmly held and easy to change. When you insert the brush, you need to press it and turn it clockwise until it clicks, when you remove it, you need to press the special button and turn the brush counterclockwise.

Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine CF 9320 hair dryer can be used as a simple hair dryer, you just do not need to insert the nozzles.

The wire is long, I plug it into the socket is not in the bathroom, and on the wall outside, and it is enough to be in the bathroom by the mirror.

This hair dryer model has two ion generators. Ionizers according to the manufacturers are used to maximize the volume and shine of the hair. I cannot confirm or deny the positive effect of ionizers on my hair, because it is not perceptible. My hair is already voluminous.

But the fact that the ionization removes static. I can confirm it. My hair is not electrified at all when I blow-dry it with the Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine CF 9320.

At the end of the wire there is a loop for the possibility of storing the device in a hanging state on a hook in the bathroom.

The instructions for use provides some useful tips for proper styling hair of different structures. Knowing this information, it is easier to get the results I want.

My hair without styling looks untidy, it is lush, unruly and wavy, so to get them in order, have to visit the hairdresser very often, because the styling is needed after every wash.

That was the main reason for me to buy a blow-dryer, because I understood that I could style my hair by myself.

First you need to wash your hair, dry it with a towel, then thoroughly comb it, then you can start styling.

If your hair is still very damp, you can just blow dry it a little with a dryer.

The first time you style your hair you have to be patient because not everything comes out right away.

You have to get the hang of it. We should separate the hair into small strands, comb them and style one by one, slowly, one by one. Only then can I get my hair neatly styled.

If your hair is short, you can hold it up with your hand.

The back strands are especially difficult to style. It’s a lot of work.

It took me about 40 to 50 minutes to style my hair.

At first, for practice and training, you can start styling at low speeds, so that the hair does not get tangled, and it was easier to cope with the control during automatic hair twisting.

I really liked styling my hair with the Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine CF 9320, and I was quite happy with the results. Hopefully, in time, it will get even better.

If my hair is straight and fine, it’s much easier and quicker to style it.

How To Repair Rowenta Brush Activ DIY

I give my purchase an “A” in design and appearance, convenience and comfort of use, control and efficiency, and the result is quite pleased with me.

Great styling with the Rowenta Brush Activ Volume Shine mod hair dryer. CF9320

It so happens that on Cosmetiste most of the posts are about personal grooming or makeup. Of course, a hair dryer is not a mask, shampoo or balm. But this is the thing without which I can not imagine my hair beautiful, and therefore I think that this member of the group of fast-drying and humming is worthy of a special post. So I’m going to have to put this underneath! Expanded Opinion: I am the owner of thin curly (dry) below the shoulder blades, t.е. somewhere to the middle of my chest. It’s understandable that at this length the hair, under the weight of its own weight, is pulled down and the volume at the roots is not. And given that the hair itself is curly and voluminous, then you get the effect of a dirty head. hair without volume at the roots and fluffy below the middle. To correct this problem I always dried my hair with a hair dryer, mercilessly pulling and twisting it on a brady, bending my arms at angles not described in the geometry textbook. Is it any wonder that I can’t get straight arrows?? This activity was never my favorite, and the result was, but amateurish. But beauty requires sacrifice So, a few years ago I started to grow my hair (after a short haircut), along the way I got rid of straighteners and strongly thought: without styling is impossible, but I need to choose something. The curlers I tossed aside, t.к. I have never been friends with them, and such long hair is difficult to curl and hold in curls. As a result, stopped at the hair-brush dryer and did not regret it. I have to say that my mom once had such a device. No, not Soviet-made, but quite imported. But because of its stupid design it was not in demand and has sunk into oblivion. I have long wondered if my hair dryer suffered the same fate? As a result, scoured a lot of stores, tortured the consultants and re-read a ton of reviews. In the end I chose the Roventa. What I paid attention to:. the presence of different heat modes in the brush. I do not dry my hair when it’s wet, so I use only cold air;. Brushes of different diameter. I have long hair, so it is important to me that the brush was large the rotation of the brush around its axis and against. I was also looking at. power. Roventa, one of the few with really decent power. And this is extremely important. with low power, the brush will spin weakly and not much will pull you. I have a model CF9320. Standard power supply: 220-230 V, power 915-1000 W. There is a function ionization. Gets rid of frizz. Here the ionizer is on the side and you don’t need to push any buttons, it just works by itself. (about ionization I can not say anything. the difference has not noticed). The hair dryer is not very heavy, of course heavier and thicker than a normal hair dryer, but it is easy to hold in your hand. It has no need for any extra attachments. it dries and combs through the hair. What’s more, I get lazy at the end and raise the hair on the back of my head with the brush itself. I was afraid that the bristles would be fluffy (like a toothbrush). people often write about this in reviews. I was even wondering if I could buy the attachments separately. But after a year and nothing frizz! It’s great. The bristles are artificial and soft. This is a plus. they do not hurt the hair like many metal brushes and seems to invite the scales of hair. The nozzles are easy to change, do not fly off and they can not even be removed. Brushes are taken out and put on a simple button press until the characteristic click. They come with a transparent plastic case. I keep a spare nozzle with a smaller diameter in it (I do not use it).

By the way, if you remove the brush, you can use the hair dryer in the usual way, but the air jet will not be directed, t.к. no nozzle. What is important and is a disadvantage in many appliances. the place of wire input. is reinforced, no fear that the wire there will bend, kink or start a spark. I must say that any device takes some getting used to and the ability to handle themselves. Same with this one.

I’ll add a photo without styling. here the photos are just dried and combed. Girls, don’t throw your traps, I’m not a master of selfies Here you can see that the hair is close to the head, and the parting is too obviously noticeable.

But I got used to it pretty quickly and can’t imagine my hair without it. Yes, I’m not a master and salon style I do not come out (although, many write that they do), but the hair is lush, there is an amazing curl volume.

I don’t use styling products (foams, mousses), but the volume holds. It’s true that curls don’t work. you have to fix them. In any case, I think that it is a must-have in the household! With it, the hairstyle is completely different. the hair is light, voluminous. I recommend.

One year ago Test period (for care): 1 year

Rating: 4/5 took off half a point for the air outlet. this is the trouble with many hair dryers. there sucks hair, they wind up on the blades, and as a result you risk losing your hair and hair dryer. Here the grid is thin, you have to watch and get used to not let anything get in.

Customer Reviews

The hair dryer-brush with so many advantages and minor drawbacks buyers were able to evaluate positively. Always neatly styled hair is guaranteed by the versatile Rowenta Brush Activ 1000:

Reviews that have a positive character, boils down to the following:

  • it takes minutes to style my hair;
  • shiny and silky curls, like in commercials;
  • hair does not electrify during and after styling;
  • Ideal for drying hair after curling, without traumatizing it;
  • Ionization feature and ceramic coating on the brushes for extra curl care;
  • significant time-saving;
  • quick change of nozzles;
  • temperature setting;
  • High power device;
  • affordable, democratic price.

In negative reviews, customers noted the following:

  • cold air is not actually cold, but warm;
  • tangles long hair, more suitable for cascade haircuts and braids;
  • No compact carrying case.

Overall, the hair dryer-brush does an excellent job of its functions and is especially suitable for young mothers who do not have free time for professional hair styling.

Accessories of the model

The Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 weighs 635g. This makes the versatile hair dryer brush easy to hold while drying your hair and creating stylish styling at the same time.

Today I will tell you how my dream of a beautiful hairstyle shattered.

For a long time I have been walking around and looking at hair dryers, super hairstyles, depicted on the boxes of these hair dryers. Thought, “If I had a hair dryer like this, I would finally tame my hair and get my head beautiful without much trouble.”.

My beloved was not indifferent to my suffering and on New Year’s Eve I found a magic box under the tree!

What happened during the first use. Well, about everything in order!

Let me immediately explain the type and condition of my hair: not fine, medium-bodied, wavy, porous, already with gray, so are constantly exposed to coloring, usually dry ends, and the last couple of years have started to cut my hair horribly.

The price is now on the site of M. 4,990

Model Series: Brush Activ 1000

Power Consumption: 1000W

Country of Origin: PRC


Adjusting the air. stream. 2 modes

Temperature control. 3 modes

Adjustable. air.flow/temperature dependent

Cold Air Function. Yes

Number of nozzles. 2

Nozzles. The brush is round (50 mm and 30 mm)

Round brush head (in bristle mode), the hair dryer has a black and white bristle brush that can be brushed on for warmth, texture and styling.). 2

For curling hair. Yes

Nozzle rotation. in 2 directions

Adjustment. rotation speed. 2 modes

Hanging loop. Yes

Nozzle pouch. included

Power cord length. 2 м

Rotating cord. Yes

Color. Black/Pink

Weight. 390 г

Appearance and equipment:

It shows the appearance of the hair dryer-brush, features and functions, as well as what comes in the kit.

And most importantly, several girls with gorgeous hairstyles, performed with this hair dryer!

Built pretty well, plastic and workmanship look quality. Glossy body and a combination of black and pink. Effectively!

I have had this hair dryer for about 3 years now but it is still intact, unlike the Philips rebel hair dryer that got damaged almost everywhere it could!

Control is quite clear, by the way you can (or rather should) read the instructions for use, so then do not make unfounded claims, something in the purchased unit is not right.

The brush heads. There are only two. With a diameter of 30 and 50mm.

They have a special container for storage so as not to crumple the bristles. This is good.

Brushes are attached to the body is simple and straightforward.

They themselves are made of metal with definitely some kind of coating (probably ceramic). They have holes, which is quite logical for air circulation, but the bristles. shocked me.

It is artificial (but it’s not so bad), rare and very soft.

Hair length of about 45 cm (can’t say it’s long), but it tangles like crazy! It shocked me terribly (((

The hair is not combed through, it just winds up like on a curling iron. And it takes quite a long time to untangle them, and of course not without losing hair. And after such a drying the bristle bundles are crumpled and shaggy (I didn’t bring them to a terrible state, and the bristles that bent, I managed to straighten).

But even if it manages somehow to curl curls they are not obtained so magic. Photo, unfortunately, I can not attach, t.к. I don’t want to use this machine anymore, and in general I’ve almost given up drying with a hair dryer in an effort to grow my hair, and they are known to dry out the ends (in my case, no thermal protection does not help, it’s all the fault of the hair structure).

Cord. Nice, thick, no rubbing or breaking anywhere, even at the attachment point unlike my Philips hair dryer. Long enough.

Plug also problem-free, fits into any outlet does not melt, does not break.

Loop. It has a. And for some, it’s great for both use and storage. I am absolutely indifferent to them, t.к. I just don’t have any hooks in my house to hang them on.

Modes and types of control hair dryer:

  • Temperature control from cold to very hot (3 pcs.). I never use the cold stream even on normal mode. The medium is more or less fine for my hair type and the hot. Not very gentle and overheats the hair dryer a lot and burns my hands.
  • Adjusting the airflow speed- weak and strong (2 pcs.). The weak airflow is absolutely useless for my hair, so I will be drying my hair for at least a day, and the strong airflow seems to work, but like the hot air overheats the hair dryer, which leads to emergency shutoff.
  • The direction of rotation of the brush. (2 pcs.). For me, the rotation of the brush turned out to be a hell of a torture. You can, of course, do not press anything, then just swipe your hair or twist the body of the hair dryer with your hands. But it is a shame that we overpaid for this feature. And in general, I do not know how it is used by girls with long hair.

CONCLUSION: There is no limit to my frustration.к. This hair dryer brush did not work for me at all. However, rather any hair dryer-brush does not suit me at all (I tried to use and other, but less powerful). It takes a very long time to dry my hair without attachments (it constantly shuts off from overheating), and with attachments it’s just pointless, t.к. It does not work on my hair. In my opinion such units are suitable for short, not thick and rather straight hair. If your hair is exactly like that, then this is the model I would recommend to you, t.к. It’s of sufficient power compared to other brethren. And long-haired and curly beauties I would advise to pass by.

In my experience with the Rowenta CF9202DO hair dryer brush, I do not recommend.

I suggest checking out the other reviews:

Another hair dryer to stay away from. Philips hair dryer

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Thank you for your consideration! Happy shopping!

Yours, always in search of the best, Alenochka_kis!

Good day! I want to recommend you a great hair dryer Rowenta CF 9320. I had this device a long time ago, about four years ago. I use it all the time and it still continues to please me. It costs 3 to 4 thousand at the moment.

This hair dryer brush allows you to dry your hair but it is more for styling. It comes with two attachments with different diameters (30 and 50 mm), both with ceramic coating and bristles made of natural hair. The head of the device works automatically, the user only directs and controls the direction of rotation with two large buttons on the handle. It has an ionization function. As for temperature modes, there are three: hot, warm and cold air.

The brush is very easy to use, lies well in the hand, does not slip. The wire is long, there is ionization (at least it is stated).

I have very thick hair by nature. A little curly. This is what my hair looks like without styling (before cutting)

And now I want to show you my way of styling in 15 minutes.

(I apologize in advance for the lack of makeup in the review. It’s all naturairel.)

I don’t use a small brush at all. It is not suitable for my thickness. I tried to curl a curl a couple of times, but then I could barely unravel it.

I don’t need a comb. The whole styling function is taken care of by this blow dryer-brush.

    I washed my hair, let it dry a little bit naturally, and applied hair oil. WARNING: I did not use any styling products.

The result is a great style in 15 minutes. For me, a mom of two kids, it’s a lifesaver. I just washed my head, spent 15 minutes on styling, mascara, lipstick and I’m not a jaded mommy but a really nice girl.)

So I recommend it. It’s easy to use, quick, no need for extra combs or huge blow dryers. Only the pros.

Twists in two directions, you will just fall in love with this (or the same) hair dryer. My sister also bought a brush from Rowenta (I think the model is different). She has been using it for several years and it serves her well!

HAIRBRUSH PIXIE! Have I not regretted? How I got there

Scales I DO NOT RECOMMEND. with them, every weighing. preinfarction state. One plus kilo, then minus a kilo.(kg is not a gram).

A hair dryer is a device that has a vertical handle with buttons on it to control the device. The actual working part is in the form of a rotating brush, which allows you to simultaneously dry your hair, straighten it or even curl it.

The main advantages of such a device are considered:

  • ease of use and convenience;
  • compact size and weight;
  • attractive appearance;
  • Simplifying the creation of styling and performing it in less time;
  • the availability of a variety of Rowenta hairbrushes allows you to choose the most optimal unit in each individual case;
  • affordable price;
  • high quality and long service life.

Not surprisingly, a device with such fairly substantial pues is in high demand. Today, the Rowenta brand produces several varieties of such devices for drying and styling strands, divided into several categories.

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