How to disassemble the unlimited body fan

Repair of a non.Dissimilar laptop cooler

An article on how to make a laptop not make noise coolers.And also about how to fix the laptop fan even if it seems non.Combination.

This article is a continuation of my article how to make out a Toshibel laptop last time I talked about how to disassemble this laptop and how to clean its cooling system from dust. I did not concern just the issue of the prevention of the cooler himself. And that’s why. Many laptops manufacturers believe that fans in these same laptops should not be repaired, but should just change to new. And what to do if SC says that the cooler will go a couple of months? Live without a laptop or to suffer from a rubbish and a fan screech? Nafig!. If there are hands, some screwdrivers and lubricant, then this horror can be defeated 🙂

So let’s go (you are not tired that in every article there is this “so”? (-:)!

disassemble, unlimited

First we get to the cooler (see. Previous article), tear off the sticker from the cooler to drop the oils on the bearing and. We break off 🙂 No hole is no. You see this Minkyu right in the center of the cooler. This is the attachment of the insides (a strain of the motor, inducer and smoothing capacitors set on the outputs of the drivers of windings), but nifiga is not a bearing.

Having reached a little, we completely remove the entire blocking unit. We are convinced that it just doesn’t get to our kulen. He doesn’t crawl into the hole from above 🙂 And in general, the hole is not for this. It is for a fan for air fan.

We’ll have to pick it up. For this complex and a barbaric process we need a slotted screwdriver.Everything is simple on Toshib. There are broken rivets that are easily bending, and when assembling they bend back.

After you cope with the lid, you can simply pull the cooler and remove the impeller with a stem:

Well, then everything is simple. We take not very liquid lubricant (I have a special. Particularly clean and electrodescious) type of solidol, and lubricate the rod:

Just in case, after I collected everything, I chased 40 minutes a laptop on Everest (a system of system stability) to make sure everything is really good.The heating temperature has not changed (55-60 degrees), but the terrible sounds made by the cooler of the laptop are no longer heard.

How to clean the PC fan

Part of the blades can be easily washed with water. Both blades and the center, you can easily clean by applying an old toothbrush. Try to carefully clean the axis of the old lubricant, which can significantly slow down the fan.

Sometimes also a magnet, located in the middle, collects a large number of different metal chips (this is especially true for fans in power sources, which often capture all the dirt from the environment).

Cleaning the second part of the fan is reduced to the main cleaning on both sides of the hole in which the axis is supplied. This can be done using a fabric corner or cosmetic stick.

Before cleaning holes, make sure there are no gaskets (these more expensive windmills are almost always). If they are, first pull them out and clean them.

Lenovo B590 disassembly and fan cleaning

If you have access to compressed air, this will not hurt to blow the fan. When everything is cleaned, we can go to grease. Here I can recommend petroleum oil, it is enough to provide good grease.

disassemble, unlimited

And all. Now you need to put the cork (it is much easier to put on than to remove it), press the rubber plug and stick the sticker. When the pin is well installed, the sticker can be good. However, if the axis sits freely, you must hold it something so that it does not fall out. I attach a piece of the Power Tape tape (also widely known as “Gray Tape” or “Macgyverka”;). Of course, you can seal something anything.

I hope that this brief guide will reduce you to reduce the noise created by the computer

Computer technology, like any modern electronic devices, requires at least minimal, but regular care. If the dust on the “motherboard” or in the power supply can cause the closure of the neighboring paths and the exit from the construction of the entire computer, then the dirt and dust accumulating on the surface of the fan leads to its weight and, as a result, to a decrease in the speed of rotation and reduce the air flow. This very often leads to overheating of all components of the computer and causes freezes and failures (with slight contamination) and even to the exit from the construction of important components of the system (if you do not clean the fan in a timely manner). The load on the sleeves (bearings) of the fan itself and the resource of this work are also significantly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the fan surface and timely clean the dust. The need for such a procedure is evidenced by loud sounds from the system unit (or from the laptop case), especially when turning on.

We have prepared step.By.Step instructions in which we will tell you how to disassemble and clean the coolers installed on the computer or in the laptop from the dust. But if you are not confident in your abilities, this can do technology experts.

What kind of oil to lubricate the cooler of the computer

The most popular and common composition that can be lubricated with a noisy fan in a computer power supply is a special lubricant based on silicone. Its advantage is a thick consistency that allows you to leak out for a long time from the cavities of the bearing and create a stable film for the hydrodynamic regime. Also, such lubricants have good penny and low cost.

If there is no such composition at hand, you can consider other options. Most likely, they will differ both in the quality of lubrication, and the durability is not for the better, but as an ambulance they are quite suitable.

Good results give lubricants with medium fluidity. Motor and transmission oils of the car have such properties. The first will be more liquid and will create less resistance to rotation, and the second will better fill the gaps. These compositions are easy to find in the farm of any motorist.

You can also use solid fats (lilet, solidol, etc.P.). It is not easy to apply them, you will have to press with effort. But they are well lubricated and hold on for a long time. True, they create a noticeable resistance during operation.

Machine oil (for sewing machines and t.P.) lubricates well, but is quickly squeezed out. Good results are given by graphite lubricant (on a thickened basis).

Self.Cooking for cooler

On the network you can find recommendations for the manufacture of dry graphite lubricant for the fan. To do this, you just need to crush a piece of graphite well. From a pencil or graphite brush of an electric motor.

In fact, this option is not the best, although the lubricant and load properties of such a powder will be excellent, and the temperature stability of the high. Excess of dry powder during operation will be scattered and penetrated everywhere, including to current and isolating details. Good electrical conductivity of graphite will lead to the exit of the electric motor out of order (on this principle, even bombs have been created to destroy industrial power plants). But you can mix powder with synthetic motor oil in a ratio of 50/50. It will turn out a good lubricant.

Is it possible to use WD 40

There is a temptation to use the popular power unit of the WD-40 to lubricate the cooler of the computer. Convenient packaging in the aerosol cylinder, accessibility (sold in any car shop), super.Text (can penetrate the most inaccessible places), a slight resistance to the work of the mechanism. All this makes the lubricant attractive for the set purposes.

In fact, the idea is not the best. The composition contains less than 15% of light lubricants, the rest. Solvents (mainly kerosene). The main purpose of WD-40 is to clean the moving joints from rust and other contaminants. The lubricant properties of the mixture are weak, the layer of oil on the surface is thin, its load ability is small and rests on the rubbing surfaces for a short time.

However, on the Internet you can find reviews about successful attempts to lubricate the fan bearings using WD-40. At the same time, even fans of the composition recognize that the effect compared to other oils is short.Lived. The conclusion suggests itself that there will be no harm from WD, but the result is not guaranteed.

Perhaps a good option would first rinse the place of contact of the rubbing parts from pollution and old lubricant using WD-40, and then use the new oil.

Self.Preparation of graphite lubricant for cooler

To prepare graphite lubrication, you need to take a few drops of synthetic machine oil and add graphite powder to it. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Graphite lubrication of a thick consistency should be obtained.

Graphite for the preparation of cooler’s lubricant can be obtained by hiding on fine sandpaper of a simple pencil, or brushes from a collector electric motor. Some brushes are made of a mixture of graphite and coal. Therefore, if you are not sure that the brush is graphite, then it is better not to use such a brush. Of course, it is best to use graphite industrial manufacturing for lubrication.

On a note

Coolers are of two types: collapsible and indifferent. Check which cooler in the computer can be peeled off the central sticker. There will be a hole in the middle in the middle.

Incredible cooler will have to “modernize” slightly. Drill holes in the center. You need to do several.

Then we dig a hole with a knife. Our goal is to get to a plastic washer.

Gently, with the help of a screwdriver, pull the puck.

Remove the fan. We remove the old grease with a cotton swab on both sides of the mechanism.

We will use liletes for lubrication, it should be relatively thick and should stay for a long time.

In general, recommendations on lubricants are different from different masters, select at their discretion, based on reviews.

If the original sticker is preserved, we seal the hole with it. If not, a piece of good tape. After all these manipulations, the computer should work quietly.

If this is a processor cooler, then disconnect it, we analyze the others in order to get to the bearing.

For example, it is not necessary to remove the fan from the power supply, just remove the lid and the access zone located under the sticker will be visible.

If there is a rubber plug, then it needs to be removed.

It is better to lubricate the old coolers with dense oil, it is well filling the distance between the bearings and the sliding axis. In new ones, you can use synthetics. It is more liquid.

Gather the oil in the syringe and drip into the hole. You don’t need to fill a lot, 1 drop is enough.

In general, the cooler is considered a disposable part and does not provide for any maintenance manufacturer.

After lubrication with high.Quality oil, its long.Term work is possible, but it must be borne in mind that a complete replacement may be needed at any time.

If you move the fan blades a little and there will be a large axial beating, this suggests that it is time to change the cooler.

How to disassemble the unlimited processor cooler?

The increase in acoustic noise emanating from the system’s system unit is usually associated with impaired operation of fan (coolers) cooling processor, video card or the system unit installed in the case. First, the noise appears at the time of turning on the computer and disappears after a couple of minutes.

The noise disappears, since the lubricant on the axis of the impeller from its rotation is heated, it is made more liquid and penetrates the bearing. But over time, the noise becomes constant, since all the lubricant was spent.

If a noise appears, you need to urgently grease the cooler bearing, otherwise it will be worn out and you will have to replace the cooler with a new.

Lubricate the bearings of the cooler with machine oil. Trying different lubricants, experimentally I found the best for the bearings of the coolers lubricant of factory or independent preparation. If there is no oil at hand, then a couple of drops of motor oil, taken from the probe of checking the oil level in the car engine, will fit.

Lubrication of rolling bearings (ballpoints) and cooler sliding does not always lead to success if the noise goes due to physical wear of the axis, bushings, clips and balls. In this case, it will be possible to achieve a positive result for a short time.

If the cooler rustles or slowly rotates (by the way, one of the reasons for slowing down the performance of the computer and hanging as a result of overheating of the processor) due to drying or desolation of lubrication, then the new lubricant will extend the life of the cooler, at least twice.

How to disassemble a computer cooler

Coolers installed for cooling the processor, power supply, video cards on the design are arranged the same. Only differ in the method of fastening, overall dimensions and performance. Therefore, any coolers installed in the computer using the same technology are disassembled and lubricated.

To lubricate the cooler, it is necessary to remove it from the radiator and disassemble. It is impossible to lubricate the cooler without removal, since the side of access to the lubrication site is usually pressed to the radiator.

The cooler is often attached to the processor radiator on latches, which at first glance are invisible.

You can read about one of the widespread options for fastening the cooler on the processor radiator in the article “How to remove the cooler from the processor radiator”.

To disassemble the cooler for lubrication, it is necessary from the side to which the wires are suitable, gently peel off the label, which is glued with a sticky layer. Remove it so as not to damage it, you should slowly.

In some samples of the coolers, a rubber traffic jam is installed. In order to take it out, you need to lift the cork behind the edge with a sharp tool and extract. This is easy to do, since the cork is simply inserted with an interference.

The impeller in the cooler housing is held by a flat plastic split washer fixed in the axis groove. In order to remove the impeller to lubricate the bearing, this washer needs to be removed.

It is necessary to extract the puck very carefully with two tools. The section on the eye is not noticeable and you need to need a slightly pressing, leading in a circle of washer until you hook it for the cut place. With a small screwdriver, press the puck next to the site of the cut on one side, and praise with an awl or a needle to the other side of the cut site and remove the puck from the groove in a circle.

This operation must be done carefully so that you can neither break the puck. It happens that it flies away and has to look for a long time. The cooler cannot work without this washer, since the impeller will not be fixed.

A rubber ring is extracted and the impeller is removed. Another rubber ring is removed from its axis.

The long.Working cooler in the rubber rings can be completely and completely and at the site of their installation remained only wear products.

disassemble, unlimited

Unfortunately, such rubber rings as spare parts are not sold, and even without them, even a lubricated cooler bearing can make noise due to the longitudinal offset of the impeller axis during operation. If there are old coolers, you can try to remove the ring from them, maybe they survived.

Typically, a rubber ring installed in a fixing washer is subjected to greater wear, since when the cooler is operating, all the pressure falls on it.

If one of the rings survived in the cooler, then it needs to be installed on the axis of the impeller when assembling the cooler in front of the fixing washer. In this case, it is quite possible that the cooler will work quietly.

Otherwise you will have to come to terms with a noise or replace the cooler with a new.

How to replace the cooler, including non.Standard, about the alteration of the connector for connecting to the power and color marking of the wires is described in detail in the article “How to replace the cooler of the processor, video card, computer power supply”.

How to grease the cooler

Before applying the graphite lubricant on the surface of the cooler bearing, you need to remove the old lubricant and handling products of the bearing, especially thoroughly from the opening of the bearing sleeve, removed the old lubricant. Fresh graphite lubricant is applied with a thin layer on the rubbing parts of the cooler bearing, and the cooler is collected in the reverse order.

If the label is torn or does not want to stick, then most likely a lubricant came to the surface of the cooler case. You need to remove it with a solvent. If the sticker has broken or the adhesive layer has lost adhesive properties, then instead you can stick adhesive tape to protect the bearing from dust hit.

Approaching independently made graphite lubricant to the wear.Out surfaces of the bearing, in a combination of synthetic machine oil and graphite will provide a long period of the cooler without replacement and maintenance.

Self.Preparation of graphite lubricant for cooler

To prepare graphite lubrication, you need to take a few drops of synthetic machine oil and add graphite powder to it. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Graphite lubrication of a thick consistency should be obtained.

Graphite for the preparation of cooler’s lubricant can be obtained by hiding on fine sandpaper of a simple pencil, or brushes from a collector electric motor. Some brushes are made of a mixture of graphite and coal. Therefore, if you are not sure that the brush is graphite, then it is better not to use such a brush. Of course, it is best to use graphite industrial manufacturing for lubrication.

What to make a cut plastic washer where to find a rubber ring to replace

By e.Mail, I received a letter in which the site visitor Vasily shared his experience of repairing the coolers. I liked his advice, I believe that they will come in handy for many who are faced with the repair of the cooler.

In no disassembly

If you need the culer’s lubricant without disassembly, then remove it from the computer, peel off the upper sticker and remove the protective pad. Then you need to carefully pull the blades. In the gap that will be educated, you need to drunk from a pipette. For these purposes, you can also use a syringe.

IMPORTANT! Then we rotate the blades with the hands of the blades. This is necessary so that the lubricant disperses. The operation needs to be repeated.

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DIY lubrication procedure

We take Litol-24 to the tip of something thin. Whether it is a screwdriver or knife. Press it into the lubricant. Add 2-3 drops of sewing oil on top. We fill the hole with the same lithol-24. Oil forms an oil film.

We assure that such a composition will last approximately 3-4 years of work, if you work even 12-15 hours a day. Such a composition is no worse than silicone lubrication.

When you make a second lubricant, then after the use of the lithola you will need to get rid of its hardened residues. To do this, you will need to disassemble the cooler more thoroughly. That is, you have to remove the axis.

Dismantling of a computer fan (cooler)

Recently, I often got into difficult, but similar situations quite often. Their similarity was that in my field of vision, the former things that partially work, partially faulty began to come across in the field of vision. In order to “create” something by means of their transformation and improvement, of course, first of all, it is necessary to bring them into proper appearance, since usually there are a lot of dust, well, but how without it without it! So you have to take a brush, brush and go: with the help of a cologne to wipe all kinds of hard.To.Reach details and mechanisms. But everything would be fine, but only so simply in the world does not happen. Especially for a long time you have to mess with coolers. If not for these coolers! Neither crawl, nor blow properly with feeling, with the plain, so to speak, because the dust is “imprinted” in them. So how to be? The answer to this question is simple. Yandex and Google search engines. But, alas. I did not find exhaustive information on this subject. So, I decided to collect all kinds of coolers and write something like an artist about them. Accessible and simple, illustrating the disassembly of the “winged” pictures. Maybe my article will close the theme of coolers!

Rice 1. Some types of coolers are presented here

Rice 2. The stickers are eliminated, but the Chinese do not put cork on everyone, that is, hack

Rice 3. Traffic jams are removed using needles, and in general, all disassembly is done using two needles.

disassemble, unlimited

By the way, do not throw the stickers, since at one time they will come in handy. So the mechanism is less susceptible to dust.

Rice 4.

Having removed the puck, we make sure that it inadvertently does not sink into oblivion, so made of plastic. Next, remove the rubber washer. Now calmly clean, wash and lubricate. I use for these purposes oil intended for sewing machines.

Rice 5. Ready

Pay attention to the fact that after everything done, not a single cooler is broken! We collect coolers in the reverse order. Wish you luck!

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