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Bosch BGS 42234 reviews

Advantages:Powerful, lightweight, not too noisy.

Comment:I have been using it for over a year, vacuuming only dust. We started repairing on the balcony and here for the first time saw the flashing red button, filters were cleaned but the pulling was not better. After a while we tried to take it apart in more detail and it turned out that not all of the filters found 5 pcs. Plus, unscrewing the plastic bulb where the cyclone is formed, it can also be easily washed. After a major cleaning it worked like new. If you vacuum the cement or debris after construction do not be lazy at night wash a couple of filters and you will be fine. There are filters that can only be bought and can not be washed, they are from 1000 But logically they should not get dust and should not.

Advantages:No dust bag. Long telescopic tube.

Disadvantages:Big, heavy, after a year began to lose suction power. filters are washed regularly. The dust bag was small, enough for 2-3 cleaning 1 room apartment.

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Two things guided the purchase: no dust bag and no need to buy supplies. The first few months the vacuum cleaner was fine, but then the power decreased. all filters were washed. Nothing helps, the vacuum cleaner lost a lot in power. The handle is very uncomfortable to carry, all the time want to grab the handle of the dust bag, strangely enough not yet broke. not worth the money overall. 10 grand can be spent on something useful

Advantages:No dust bag

Disadvantages:Lasted exactly 3 years. And we washed all the filters almost once a week. Eventually sensor control was acting up. Completely disassembled it, even cleaned the inside of the motor compartment. Doesn’t help. But I don’t think so.

Disadvantages:Always began to clog, clean the filter does not clean all the same after 2 minutes, the red indicator lights up

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Try something else

Advantages:Worked more or less normally for 1 year

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:The dust bag clogs quickly. Now it barely sucks even though I cleaned and flushed all the filters. Warranty expired, just throw it away. I will never buy Bosch again

Advantages:Small in size, not heavy, maneuverable, container, nozzle for drilling, easy care.

Comment:Everything about this model is great, made in Germany, high quality build, takes up little space in storage and vacuums perfectly on any surface. Care is unpretentious, just shake out the container. If the filters need to be cleaned, you can put them in a laundry bag and wash them. Read the instructions carefully, no matter what you are going to do, cleaning or washing.

Advantages: Easy to use, high power, quiet operation, auto-cable, rubberized wheels, container, washable filter. Turns off when overheated.

Disadvantages:The dust adheres to the body and it can be seen on a red background

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:This vacuum cleaner is a real hard worker. For more than a year it keeps my apartment clean, and it does it very well. The motor is very powerful, sucks up all the dust, debris, hair of my favorite cat. The fact that it works quietly allows me to vacuum even when the kids are asleep. The container is very simple shape, easy to remove from the vacuum cleaner and wash. The power control on the body, accessible from any angle. The vacuum cleaner itself is compact, you can find a place for it in any room. By the way, the vacuum shuts down by itself in case of overheating, so the motor will not burn out ever.

Advantages:It is not big, powerful, works quietly, the filter is washable, the container is simple shape.

Disadvantages:We have not noticed any disadvantages

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:The design of the vacuum cleaner is very successful. The vacuum cleaner is compact, simple shape, ergonomic handle, the control button on the body. The vacuum cleaner is quiet enough, I can vacuum late at night and not hum at that the whole house, and also the filter can be washed, and it says that no more costs do not need to do. The container is easy to clean and remove. The plastic of the vacuum cleaner is very strong, hit the vacuum cleaner more than once, and he intact, unharmed.

Advantages:The container of the vacuum cleaner has a simple shape. Powerful motor: 2200 W. Compact size. The smart system that informs you when to clean the filter. Electronic power control with rotary knob.

Disadvantages: I have not noticed any disadvantages.

Comment:Especially chose a vacuum cleaner with attachments, I liked this model. As the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA 14 filter. Traps, not just fine dust. but also bacteria and even viruses. Doesn’t need to be replaced, you can just wash it. The vacuum cleaner is powerful, but it works quietly. The telescopic tube it has a button, easy to use. Several nozzles that make cleaning much easier and more efficient. Advice!)

Advantages: Stylish, compact, comfortable to use. HEPA 14 washable output filter. Has a fill indicator, foot switch on / off, auto cord rewind. Vertical Parking.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Nice and handy vacuum cleaner. Looks good, the dimensions are not big enough, you can find a corner for it in any room, especially there is a vertical parking. With its help dry cleaning in the apartment is just perfect, not only the palace and upholstered furniture then clean, but also the air, thanks to the outlet, washable fine filter HEPA 14, by the way, that the filter should be washed vacuum cleaner beeps, as well there is a filling indicator of the dust bag, which is easy to empty and wash.

Advantages:HEPA output filter H14 (washable), powerful and easy to use, auto shut off when overheating. Has 5 interchangeable nozzles and big rubberized wheels. telescopic pipe.

disassemble, vacuum, cleaner, bosch

Disadvantages:The power cord would be bigger.

Comment:I am very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner, it does its job on 5. The air in the apartment is clean, even after the crushing cleaning, thanks to the washing filter, which safely detains the smallest dust. Power is great, if it is on full power it sucks up everything in its path. The only complaint. The power cord is short, I would have been fine with a 10-12 m cord. But there are a lot of different nozzles, for soft furniture and a long crevice one, very necessary.

Advantages:Power suction, telescopic tube, dry dust container, compact size.

Disadvantages:No major drawbacks, to be honest, I have not noticed.

Comment:I have been using it for more than a year. A for what it does. Quality suction, includes all necessary attachments and uses them all when needed. It has the modern, compact design and cleaning technology that makes it fast and easy to use. A necessary technique for the home, I recommend it.

Advantages: HEPA 14 filter is washable. Works quietly. Lots of different attachments.

Disadvantages:It’s too early to tell about the disadvantages

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:We bought it the other day. It is so cool, I have no words for it. It has a power of course, just a turbo engine! Quiet enough, didn’t expect it to be. I also liked the fact that the filter does not need to change, the main thing in time to wash. Looks great, runs easily. Do not have to endlessly “pull”.

Advantages:The radius of action is more than enough for the entire room. There is a button to automatically unwind the cord. Cleans thoroughly, high suction power. Compact size.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Very satisfied with the purchase, the vacuum cleaner successfully removes dust and debris from the carpet, as well as from the floor. Cleaning goes much faster and better. Vacuum cleaner maneuvers excellently around the room, does not bump into obstacles and not roll over. It is convenient, and most importantly a pleasure to use it.

Advantages: Design. High ergonomic features. The power of 2200 watts. HEPA filter does not require replacement. I like it very much.ч. Long slotted nozzle and drilling nozzle.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I like this cleaner very much. It is beautiful and well made. easy to use, not too heavy, great wheels. Rides well, the handle is comfortable, the speed switch is located handy, auto winding cord works instantly, the filter can be washed as needed, as a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages:Container, powerful, nice looking, handy, compact, easy to turn, not too noisy.

Disadvantages:The vacuum cleaner has no disadvantages

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:We have carpets everywhere at home, so a good and powerful vacuum cleaner was just a must have. I used to have a vacuum cleaner with replaceable paper garbage bags, and let me tell you, it’s a nightmare. Therefore, buying a new vacuum cleaner first of all looking for a container, a powerful and compact. This model fits all points. Perfectly cleans and cleans the air from dust, easy to use and not heavy.

It has an auto winding cable, HEPA filter, and a long nozzle for cracks. A powerful yet quiet vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages:My vacuum cleaner has no disadvantages.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Bought a new vacuum cleaner as my wife does not accept a broom for cleaning. She likes and appreciates this vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming every day as we have small children. So it needs to be cleaned every day. It has a long crevice nozzle for vacuuming hard to reach places. Handy container, easy to clean. Vacuuming now takes much less time and sucks up all the dust perfectly. Keeps the air clean. It is easy to move the vacuum cleaner around the apartment, the equipment has a handy and movable castors. The purchase is necessary and as experience has shown, the quality.

Advantages:Vacuums perfectly, quickly and accurately. Works quietly. Beautiful in appearance. Compact.

Disadvantages:Small bin for collecting trash

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I liked the vacuum cleaner: so small, lightweight and at the same time so powerful after each cleaning I throw away almost a full container of garbage (the only downside is that the container is small and have to do it often). It is not entirely silent, but it is very quiet. Convenient to use, not capricious. In general I like it.

Advantages: Sturdy, easy to use, powerful, beautiful, handy dust bag, has a washable HEPA filter, turns off when overheating, auto-cord rewind, 5 nozzles, not heavy.

disassemble, vacuum, cleaner, bosch

Comment:This vacuum cleaner from this series Runn`n my mom bought about three years ago and is still glad that then did not regret money. So when we needed a new vacuum cleaner did not hesitate to take the BGS 42234. Really cool vacuum cleaner. powerful, handy. The cord is long, the speed switch button is located on the body. easy to switch, the dust canister is large, cleaning it is not a problem, the wheels are large and rubberized. A lot of nozzles, I always use a turbo brush, but sometimes a crevice. HEPA filter can be cleaned.

Video repair manual. does not work cleaning the Bosch vacuum cleaner cord BGL32500

Advantages:Price, quality, functionality.

Comment:I think this is the best vacuum cleaner in the price-quality ratio. Powerful enough, the noise does not bother, maintenance is not required, periodically release the container and wash the HEPA filter. That’s all there is to it. By the way, it signals to you that it is time to clean the filters, so you do not need to look under the lid. It lived up to my expectations.

Advantages: Durable neur filter, power and the ability to adjust the power depending on the coverage, container, telescopic tube with a button, auto winding, nozzle for drilling (a very useful thing), compact storage and not heavy weight, maneuverability, consumes little power.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Bought this vacuum cleaner a year ago, I was pregnant. The vacuum cleaner and now works like new, the suction is excellent, maneuverable, not heavy, powerful and most importantly quiet. I clean the kids room when my daughter sleeps. HEPA filter traps the smallest dust particles and the apartment is clean and fresh. Among other things, my husband vacuum cleaner also was useful, and now when he begins to drill, turn on the vacuum and put on the drill head, all dust and crumbs are sucked out of the vacuum cleaner. In a special care vacuum cleaner does not need, just shake out the trash from the container if the filter is clogged, the system will notify you. In a year of using the vacuum cleaner, not cleaned the filter even once. Power consumption is less than our last vacuum cleaner.

Advantages:Powerful, not loud, Nera filter, comfortable handle, electronic power control with rotary knob, 10 m radius, necessary nozzles, auto winding cable, easy to clean.

Commentary:bought as a replacement for the old, bulky vacuum cleaner. The wife agonized dragging the old dustpan around the apartment, and then running around with a broom and rag, cleaning up the dust that had settled after cleaning. The only thing the old vacuum cleaner did well was pulling dust from carpets and upholstered furniture, but it immediately threw it into the air. With the new vacuum cleaner, we have a new life. My wife is happy, the vacuum cleaner took a compact, but powerful and quiet at the same time. Dust pulls just as well as the old one, but the air stays clean. The container is easy to remove, the dirt in it collects in pressed pieces, which is easy to shake out. For myself, I also found a use for a vacuum cleaner, it has a nozzle for drilling. Now every time I do not have to clean up the fine dust after drilling, the vacuum cleaner powerfully draws it in while I drill. Great, this should be in every home.

Advantages:Price, quality, functionality.

Disadvantages:Not silent, no turbo brush.

Comment:We have a Bosch, it is the second year, works great, cleans, optimal power (not too strong, it can easily handle even such a petite girl like me, but not weak, perfectly pulls dust and debris even from the seemingly clean surface). Not the most silent option, but not too loud, in the next room it can not be heard. It has adjustable power, a long cord and HEPA filter with high cleaning power.

Advantages:The cord is long, the telescopic tube is handy, there is a nozzle for drilling, it is not noisy

The commentary:Without a good vacuum cleaner existence in the house is simply impossible. It is my indispensable assistant, cleans qualitatively, powerfully, but at the same time does not make noise. It has a very useful telescopic tube that extends at the touch of a button. And most importantly, there is no dust bag and HEPA filter makes the air cleaner and fresher.

Advantages:High-quality, quiet, powerful. Proven over time and long-lasting use. No need for consumables.

Disadvantages:The nozzle for drilling and remained a mystery to me.

Comment:We have had this vacuum cleaner for almost 2 years. A real hard worker, as the family has a small child, so we vacuum every day, and even a few times a day, not a single cranky, cleans great, every last speck of dust. It is very quiet and does not pick up dust, or rather the contrary, the air is cleaner on the way out than on the inlet (thanks to NERA filter). The volume of the container is large, the cord is long, easy to operate. In general the complete set of functions in addition to the high quality and reasonable price.

If the vacuum cleaner does not suck up the dust well

If the vacuum cleaner Bosch suddenly began badly to suck up dust (a frequent problem of wireless vacuum cleaners Electrolux), it is necessary first of all to check the regulator of capacity, which can be in the minimum position. Then you need to check the dust collector, which may be overflowing. Dust collectors can often get damaged and it is better to replace them with new ones.

The brush, nozzle and hose can also get clogged due to particularly large objects getting stuck in them. A universal turbo brush can be bought for 400, but you can buy an original Bosch brush for 2500. The hose costs about the same (for Samsung vacuum cleaners with aqua filter a little more expensive).

The tightness of the suction system is very important. If cracks are found, you can treat them yourself with sealants, otherwise replace the damaged parts with new ones. The hose often cracks, in which case, of course, you also have to buy a new one.

When there is a foreign smell and hot air coming out of the Bosch vacuum cleaner, again you will have to check the hose and dust collectors. Clogged dust bags (a frequent problem of vacuum cleaners Electrolux), hoses and brushes are often the cause of overheating of the motor and its failure. It is also necessary to change or clean the Hepa filters from time to time, on which the longevity of the motor depends.

These are the filters that keep the dust out of the vacuum cleaner’s motor. Changing the filter for a new one is quite easy and does not require a qualified technician.

Original Hepa Filters are available from brand stores. They have a high filtration capacity. Hepa filters are made of fiber materials, so even the finest dust particles get stuck in them without getting into the motor. Quality original Hepa filters on the market can be purchased for ranging from 300 to 800 (for a washable vacuum cleaner Zelmer for 1000 1200). to the menu

How to Disassemble a Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

It happens, the Bosch vacuum cleaner has failed, service centers are not available. Is it possible to find the cause of a malfunction, fix the problem and reassemble the tool yourself?? Using the manual, following the sequence of operations, it is possible. It is important to disassemble the vacuum cleaner Bosch, reaching the problem area, not to break fragile parts.


Most often in any brand of vacuum cleaner, Bosch, no exception, disassembly is necessary if the motor has failed. Signs of motor malfunction:

  • Noise intensifies, dust cloud appears.
  • Vacuum suction power has diminished. Occasional inner clattering noises occur, but disappear from time to time.
  • Vacuum operates, but makes a lot of noise.

First you need to make an external inspection of the components. The suction power is impaired if the corrugated hose is clogged or cracked, the filters on the air labyrinths have not been cleaned for a long time. Cleaner may malfunction if power cord is unplugged, receptacle is damaged, or has chafed exposed wires.

Take the vacuum cleaner apart and repair

Only after making sure that there are no external malfunctions, you can begin to disassemble the Bosch vacuum cleaner. Photographs or records are better for every operation. Open latches carefully to prevent breakage of mating parts.

  • Remove the lid, lift the HEPA filter, find the connections with self-tapping screws and remove the fasteners.
  • In the compartment with a bag remove the filter, bag and remove the basket.
  • Separate the housing by opening the latches, gain access to the motor. Control board and spool with cord.
  • Remove the frame with seals, fix its correct installation on the photo, as you need to collect the vacuum cleaner Bosch precisely, otherwise there will be no traction.
  • Remove the control board.
  • Disassemble the motor and inspect its condition.
  • After eliminating the malfunction, all actions should be carried out in reverse order.

If you need to repair the motor, you need to determine the cause of failure. It could be a short circuit of the rotor windings, replacement of the bearings or other damage. Motor in Bosch vacuum cleaner is in the cover, disassembly must continue. The cover is removed on the spot, using a screwdriver, ruler, tapping. It is important to remove the part that is tightly fitted without damaging it.

The impeller is installed on the threaded joint, secured with adhesive. Solvent must be used. Removing the fan, you need to unscrew the 4 screws, finally freeing the motor. Only now it is possible full diagnostics and repair of the engine.

All other Bosch household tool malfunctions can be repaired as you disassemble. The Bosch vacuum cleaner cord reel is often the cause of the malfunction. To find the fault, the coil is removed after disassembling the housing.

In our hands got another vacuum cleaner firm Bosch BSN2100RU/01. It is good by the fact that it has small weight, size, and power is not particularly inferior to its older brothers.I sent it for repair with a defect: no traction, no noise when working. Defects are really present and as it usually happens with vacuum cleaners Bosch, in the motor got debris, bypassing the bag and filter in front of the motor. How these miracles happen is a big question, t.к. Can not believe that most people forget to insert the filter or install the bag or container incorrectly, but somehow it happens quite often.let’s see how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner by ourselves, with our own hands and clean the motor if it is not too late, although even in this case, using this video you can replace the motor with a new one. By the way, the code of the new engine is 00654193

Repair of vacuum cleaners Bosch, Samsung, Zelmer, as well as other appliances in Kalina : : www.kofe-remont39.Questions: onehalf79@

With the lid closed, check with his hand, whether there is traction. There is no traction, which means we move on to removing the extra filters, which can affect the traction. After removing the internal filter in the debris compartment, we look into the hole where the engine is located. And there it is, our problem: the motor impeller is clogged with debris. This is most likely due to negligence of the owners. The bag is not inserted tightly, the filter has not been cleaned or changed for a long time.п.

So, sick, let’s go straight to the opening.

Let’s start by removing the top cover. If we don’t do this, it will interfere with our. Fasten the lid gently squeeze with a flat screwdriver.

Now we’re looking for the self-tapping screws. Two of them are hidden under the sealing gum of the cover we removed. One of them is under the power button (it also needs to be removed using the same flat screwdriver, by pressing out the fasteners at the sides). Now using the Torx15 screwdriver we unscrew the self-tapping screws we found. Armed with something flat, unlock the upper and lower halves of the housing. Inside the case we will see multicolored wires and a new cover, under which the patient’s heart. the motor. is waiting for us. But first we need to take out the speed regulator (small board with colored wires). To remove the cover we pull up and left the shaft of the speed regulator. Now it is easy to take the regulator out of the slots. We unscrew the only screw separating us from the aim and easily separate the cover of the motor box upwards not forgetting to pry it up with the screwdriver from the front.

Our nested doll is opened! Inside on the “cabbage leafs” of noise insulation there is our motor. On the right side there is a control unit. This is where the mains cable and then electrons run through the cable guide to spin the ill-fated impeller.

I got distracted by the motor. We remove the power plug and take out the motor. A pile of hair and dust. that’s what appears before our clear eyes. All this “riches” is stuck in the holes of the impeller, whose job is to draw in air as it rotates.

To deal with this problem we will help the second vacuum cleaner, borrowed from kind neighbors. “Clean, clean the chimney sweep”, you get the idea. The chimney sweep, t.е. engine. clean. Now it is necessary to clean other nooks and crannies. I’m talking about the body itself and the noise insulation, which not only makes our vacuum cleaner quieter and more expensive, but also picks up dirt no worse than a real janitor. All clear, so it’s time to “stitch up” the patient, t.е. collect. Don’t forget the tools inside. The process of reassembling the vacuum cleaner is the reverse of the disassembly process.

Tips from the experts

In case of breakdown of electric part of the motor (stator or rotor) you need to change the whole unit. Rewinding the field windings usually does not lead to a positive result. After a short time, the vacuum cleaner fails again for the same reason. Also, in the case of detection of this failure is to decide whether to repair the unit or buy a new one, as the cost of the motor unit is often comparable to a new vacuum cleaner.

Experts advise to use spare parts purchased in specialized stores approved by the manufacturer of Bosh appliances, a list of which can be found on the official website of the company.

Also, professionals say that it is economically profitable to carry out small repairs. If you find serious problems, you should contact a specialized technical center or decide to buy a new technique. of course, Bosh.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner Bosch does not turn on, look at the video below.

How the vacuum cleaner motor is designed

The two main motor parts in all modern vacuum cleaners are the drive, aka the motor of the collector type (also called a motor), and the fan, which sits on the rotor shaft. In fact, they are what provide the improvised “vacuum” that allows the vacuum cleaner to perform its functions. From school physics curriculum. the space, free of particles and substance, is filled with an alternative substance, in the case of a vacuum cleaner. it is a microscopic dirt and dust. The nozzles and brushes trap these tiny particles and after filtering the air, they get caught in the filters and dust canister.

Further about the motor itself. The collector motor consists of:

Repair of motor

Below are some tips for fixing the vacuum cleaner yourself. It is worth taking into account that all actions with the parts of the vacuum cleaner should be performed with the utmost care, especially when it comes to the motor. Always de-energize the appliance before you do any work on it.

The impeller is misaligned

In order to return the impeller in its proper place, it requires a simple adjustment through the loosening and fixing the nut that holds it back. Never use pliers to stop the impeller to remove the nut. If you try to do this the impeller will be irreparably damaged. By carefully correcting the location to the part, you will solve the problem without loss.

Screws are loose

There are cases when, after prolonged use, the screws do not just “float”, but fall out. You should carefully disassemble the vacuum cleaner and check each of them with screwdrivers. If you find that some screw has “scrolled”, it is worth trying to replace it with another one with a larger diameter. The difference, of course, should be minimal.

The bearings of the rotor are worn out

Worn bearings are a serious problem. As mentioned above, the problem with the bearings is obvious if the unit’s suction power keeps changing from very weak to normal. If a fault or damage is detected, the bearings must be replaced immediately.

As with the impeller, this part can easily be damaged with pliers while disassembling the vacuum cleaner, so great care should be taken when making repairs.

Electric brushes are deformed

The motor brushes are in a kind of brass shafts (basically just carbon in the form of graphite). The brushes rub against the collector shaft during operation and the middle of the brushes wears off. They become semicircular in shape and their contact area with the collector’s working surface increases. The springs in the above-mentioned shafts are responsible for the degree of clamping of the graphite to the collector. The brush will work until it is completely worn out. So it is the wear and tear process that you need to pay attention to. Of course, brushes should be thoroughly cleaned before evaluating their condition.

The motor is heavily contaminated

The vacuum cleaner must be completely disassembled first and then the motor. Each detachable part should be cleaned separately with a damp cloth or tissue. If there is bulky debris stuck in motor parts, do not rush to remove it by force. first check whether this will damage any delicate parts of the motor.

Damaged winding or armature

Unfortunately, if this problem is diagnosed, only complete replacement of the engine can help. In Bosch service centers, such a replacement costs almost as much as a new vacuum cleaner, so learning how to disassemble the unit and motor yourself can be an extremely economical skill.

Typical vacuum cleaner breakdowns

The main reasons why vacuum cleaners stop functioning correctly are wear and tear, improper use and power failures. The table below contains the most frequent malfunctions and the signs, according to which you can identify them.

Problem Signs The reason
Weakened or failed debris suction function A buzzing noise that never existed before Overfilled bag or waste container, clogged hose or device interior, deformed gasket or seal, no airtight connection between hose and housing, worn o-ring, dislodged brush roll
Stoppage of the motor The smell of burning and the subsequent stopping of the device Wear and tear, improper use, power failure
No power supply Machine not turning on Cord or cord failure, damage to internal wiring, activation of protection mode due to overheating, motor failure
Charging problem Fast draining battery Loss of capacity due to defective or faulty installation, power failure
Cord jamming Cord is stuck in one position Failure of winding drum (most often the spring is deformed) or unwinding mechanism
Dust collector indicator malfunction Indicator does not show bag full Stall of piston system, damage of indicator spring

If the model has an aquafilter or a pump and they are out of order, it will be easy to diagnose such a problem, because the liquid will stop flowing.

It is also worth noting that the most modern models of Bosch have a mechanism for automatic fault diagnosis. They themselves “hint” at the problem, if there is a loss of functionality of any part of the device.

Sensor Control lights up on a Bosch vacuum cleaner

Why does the “Sensor Control” light on a Bosch vacuum cleaner light up??

Today, you can quickly identify a malfunction in appliances, as they are often equipped with various temperature sensors and indicators that signal a malfunction or stop the appliance. Bosch vacuum cleaners have a “Sensor Control” indicator for this, it analyzes the suction power and blinks red if the figure drops by 10 percent or more. After that some models include a self-cleaning function, which uses high-frequency vibration technology to remove dust and the unit begins to work normally. But this is not always the case, most vacuums are cleaned manually. Let’s find out why the Sensor Control light on the Bosch vacuum cleaner lights up, when you can solve the problem yourself, and when you need to contact a service center.

What to do if the red light turns on?

So, you light up the indicator light, and there is no automatic cleaning function filter, in this case, carry out the removal of dust on their own, otherwise the unit resets the suction power to minimum values, which does not allow you to qualitatively perform the cleaning. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the cover that covers the motor filter by simply pulling the latch.
  • Remove the foam filter, use the handle bar.
  • Remove the filter from the cassette and shake the dust out of it, try to clean as thoroughly as possible.
  • Then if the filter is very dirty, you need to wash it under running water. Sometimes the filter element is washed in the machine, then handle it with care: keep the temperature no higher than 30°C, spin speed should be minimal. If the filter is washed with other things, put the element in a cloth bag.
  • Dry the filter when it is wet. Allow it to dry at room temperature or place it on a warm radiator. The drying time should not be less than 24 hours.
  • Once dried place the filter in the cassette which in turn is placed in the vacuum cleaner and close the lid.

It often happens that the filter in front of the motor is cleaned, but the red light blinks as before. Then remove the debris from the separator (cyclone). To do this, remove the lid from the cyclone, remove the debris from the cyclone and put the lid back on.

Even if the indicator blinks after these operations, the cause is a clogged hose, tube or nozzle. Remove them and check for blockages, e.g. by looking inside with a light: if you find debris, remove it with improvised means.

I have another problem with this machine. if you turn it on and the light is still on you need to wash and re-install the HEPA filter if it has been in use for more than a year. There are non-washable HEPA filters, then you have to replace them after a year.

Чистим пылесос BOSCH Runn’n Hepa.Turbo 2200w

Bosch vacuum cleaner repair service

Our service center has experienced technicians who will make sure that your vacuum cleaner quickly returns to its original function. We repair vacuum cleaners with warranty at low prices. You can make a request by phone or bring a broken appliances in the service, the work will be done in a specified time.

Bosch BGS42230 Runnn Vacuum Cleaner Manual

Need a manual for your Bosch BGS42230 Runnn Vacuum Cleaner? You can view and download the manual in PDF format for free below. In addition, there are frequently asked questions, product rating and user feedback, which will allow you to use your product optimally. If this is not the manual you were looking for. contact us.

Как почистить пылесос Bosch? / How to clean the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner?

Your unit is malfunctioning and there is no solution in the manual? Go to Repair Café for free repairs.

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