How to distinguish a laser epilator from a photoepilator

Photoepalator or laser epalator. Which is better to choose?

The photoepilation procedure at home has not yet become common. Few people purchase devices such as a photoepalator or laser epilator. However, in this article we will talk about these devices.

A photoepalator. This is a print for removing the hairline with light. Removal occurs due to the fact that the energy of light destroys the structure of vegetation. Destroying, the hair just stops growing.

Find out which photoepalator to remove hair at home is better.

Types of laser epilators

Laser.Type epilators are divided as a whole into four categories:

Rubin lasers appeared first, but now they are considered obsolete

The diode laser is popular due to relative efficiency and moderate value

Aleksandrite lasers affect melanin pigment and may not remove rare light hairs

Ipl hair removal laser 600000 flashes remover electric epilator for women professional permanent

The effectiveness of neodymium lasers is above all, since their worst range is the widest

Important! Home lasers are mainly Alexander and neodymium. Over, their effectiveness is always lower than that of salon devices.

Mechanical epilators

Using the epilator. This is usually a safe way to remove unwanted hair. The epalator may be the best solution for many people. This electrical device is designed to remove hair directly with the root.

Root removal with the root may seem painful. Some people experience a small degree of discomfort when hair removal, especially for the first time. Sensitive areas of the body can be more susceptible than others. However, the more epilation procedures will become, the less painfully the subsequent removal of the hair will be perceived.

The search for the best epilator depends on a number of factors:

Most new epilators allow them to be used in the shower or dry skin. Wet hair removal in most cases is more convenient and less painful.

Wired and battery devices

Batteries are cheaper, but tend to lose their power over time. Epilators working from the network have greater power. Portable epilators allow you to safely use the device with wet hair removal.

Different brands can have from 20 to 70 tweezers or more. Since hair removal already takes a lot of time, it is better to use a larger amount of tweezers.

It is better for owners of gross hair to look for epilators with several intensity modes in order to remove more hard hair with high quality.

Epilators that have a backlight will not allow you to skip a single hair during the procedure.

Comparative table of the properties of laser and photoepilator

Parameters laser epalator photoepalator
Wavelength 808 Nm 550-1 200 nm
Permissible skin tone I-III on the Fitzpatrick scale I-V (VI) on the Fitzpatrick scale
Permissible hair color Dark, blond Except for gray and lightest
The area of ​​the working window 0.35-0.6 cm 2 3-6 cm 2
Energy generator Semiconductors Lamp
The required number of procedures 5-6 pcs. 8-12 pcs.
The resource of the base unit Not limited Depends on the resource of the working lamp
The price range 10,000-33,000 10,000-40,000

As you can see, the difference is small, including in the cost of devices. Each type of epilators has its advantages and restrictions, but the photoepalator is more universal and requires less time for each procedure. If you have light skin with rarely growing dark hairs, then a laser epilator. Optimal solution. Well, for the owners of brown, ashen, blond, red, gray hair and darker skin shades, we offer a wide selection of photo epilators and Elos epilators.

Laser, electro and photoepilation. What’s better? Test Drive. Part 1

How they work and what different types of epilation promise? Is it possible to actually get rid of hair quickly, forever and without pain?We ask an independent expert and check for ourselves. Having decided to write a comprehensive post on the topic of hair removal half a year ago, we were faced with so many questions that it seemed to be easier to tear out the hair on all parts of the body, including our heads than to figure it out. Judging by advertisements, there are a lot of epilation types, and each of them is the best.

But each has its own fundamental differences.

Electro.Power promises getting rid of any type of hair. Light, gray, fluff. Regardless of the shade of the skin (more hereinafter. See. See. Encyclopedia, where we started several sections, so that you do not drown in this text at the very beginning :).

Photoepilation promises hair removal, in which there is at least a little pigment, on the skin of any color type.

laser, epilator, photoepilator

Laser hair removal works on the same principle as the photo, but shoots more aiming, so fewer sessions are required. The effect depends on the color of the patient’s hair and skin, as well as the power that he can transfer. One of the varieties of laser hair removal is the Alexander. Prescribed to patients with dark hair on fair skin. Another (even newer 🙂 A variety of the same laser hair removal is a diode laser. Safe for use on dark skin. In rare cases, a neodymium laser is used (according to the patient’s testimony and in small areas). And finally, the popular Elos epilation, in fact, is not a separate method, but the Syneron Medical trademark of the Israeli company. This is a combination of light (IPL or laser) energy and electromagnetic RF energy.

When, having learned these basics, we turned to salons and clinics with the offer “And let’s show the effectiveness of your photo-electro-video-shmideo-laser-shmaser hair removal?”. New details found out. The doctors unanimously called the electrical method in the barbaric method. For a long time, painful and possible consequences in the form of edema, hyperpigmentation, burns and scars. No one recommended photoepilation. Why, if there is a laser? It turns out to be extremely rarely prescribed and only according to indications. For standard cases, it is considered less productive and painful (no one undertook to show its advantages compared to Diode and Alexandrite).

As a result, the leaders entered the leaders and Alexander and Elos. And three beauty.Items with similar parameters (blond skin, dark hair). Lena to., Carina and Arina. Went to the courses of procedures on these devices. With a clear purpose. To get rid of hair. And with a serious task: compare soreness, duration and effectiveness. Control zones: legs, armpits, bikini.

But at the same time turned to an independent expert. We give his opinion. And our impression of the first procedures.

The advice of an expert, candidate of medical sciences, a dermatocosmetologist and a specialist in the field of laser aesthetics Alexei by

BI: So all the same-which method is better?

AM: Not an engaged doctor who is familiar with different lighting systems, will never say that photo-epilation is definitely and in all cases worse than a laser, or Alexander’s laser is better than a diode. They all work according to the same principle of selective photographicization. This is approximately how to say that Mercedes is better than BMW or Audi. One is more turning, the other is more comfortable, the third is prestigious, but in the end everything will reach the store 🙂 You are making your choice on the basis of the fact that you are in priority. Comfort? Prestige? Maneuverability? Perhaps only electro.Power can be considered morally obsolete. All confusion and confusion comes from the fact that different methods and devices are opposed by managers who need to sell their device and advertise their clinic. If they pose the task of convincing you that the laser n is better than the laser X, of course, I can do it. Exaggerate the importance of some chips and keep silent about the shortcomings. But unscrupulous sellers of equipment are engaged in this. They write profitable Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the forums, signing Olga Petrovna or Svetlana Borisovna.

BI: That is, most types of epilation are equally effective?

AM: Provided that they are in the hands of a well.Trained doctor with extensive experience. Yes. The specialist knows what source data to pay attention to and correctly set the settings so that the hair disappears for 4 to 8 procedures. The exact amount depends on the mass of the nuances: the thickness of the skin on the treated surface, density and depth of hair, the level of the patient’s pain threshold, hormonal background, phototype, concentration of melanin in the rod, and so on. If a woman came to remove her hair above the upper lip and on the chin, a competent doctor will direct her for a consultation with an endocrinologist and will not torment twenty procedures. With hormonal failure, they are powerless. In general, deciding on hair removal, choose not a technique and a device, but a clinic and a doctor.

IPL epilator laser hair removal photoepilator machine hair remover depilation

Any type of hair removal affects the hair in the growth stage. Anagen. At the same time, there are 10-25% of such hair on the body, so several epilation sessions are required.

Lena K. Tests the Lightsheer Duet diode laser on the Epilaik clinics network. Impressions after the first procedure.

Time of procedure: lower leg (10 min.) armpits (5 min.) bikini completely (15-20 min.)

Lena’s opinion: inspired by the advice of the expert, I studied the genealogy of almost all Moscow clinics offering epilation. I chose Epilaik: this is the first clinic from the official distributor of LightsheerDuet. It means that the equipment is new, and doctors are at least not yesterday’s graduates.

Photoepalator or laser epalator. Which is better?

Reviews and further arguments clearly show that the first is inferior to the second. Therefore, the choice is obvious. Consider the disadvantages of hair removal with a photopulator:

  • Suitable only to owners of dark hair and fair skin;
  • Due to the large dispersion of radiation, the device passes the hair;
  • Due to low efficiency, more procedures will be needed;
  • With improperly selected parameters, it causes burns;
  • Contraindicated for people with suspicions of cancer, persons with melanomes;
  • When a flash gets into the eyes, it is harmful to vision.

Complications and side effects after procedures

Both methods have almost the same side effects, which, fortunately, occur in very rare cases.

After all, if you remember contraindications and fulfill all the requirements of a cosmetologist, then you can get rid of side effects. However, they can arise, and here is their complete list:

  • Burns (occur with incorrectly selected intensity of a beam of light or with tanned skin, which contains a lot of melanin);
  • Folliculitis (in order to avoid inflammation of the hair follicle, do not abuse water procedures in the next few days after the session);
  • Acne.Form reactions (acne rash on the skin, most often observed in young black patients);
  • Exacerbation of herpetic infection (to avoid this, a few days before the session you need to take antiviral drugs) 4
  • Allergic reactions (manifest in people who suffer from allergies to sunlight);
  • Eye damage (this can be avoided if you put on special protective glasses during the session);
  • Paradoxical hypertrichosis (this side effect is very rare; it occurs if the hair is irradiated with a beam with low intensity, as a result, the hairs do not fall out, but rather begin to grow more actively.
  • Hyperhidrosis, bruthydrosis (impaired functionality of the sweat glands).
laser, epilator, photoepilator


Sensepil photoepier

laser, epilator, photoepilator

It uses not a laser, but a beam of light with a wavelength of 550 to 1200 nm. It is created using a special lamp. It is worth noting immediately: due to the fact that the spectrum of waves is wider efficiency of photoepilation below. Professional photo epilators have high power, which implies the probability of skin burn. However, this does not apply to home models. In them the power is not high enough to have a risk of burning. Therefore, a home.Made photoepalator is safer.

Each method of rapid removal is used for one goal, but they work differently-this can depend on the color type of skin, the presence of tanning and on the individual character of the body. The optimal length for these epilations is proper to be at least 0.1 cm., and no more than 0.2 cm. The correctly selected size is the key to the effectiveness of the procedure. Otherwise, the hairs will need to be shaved with a machine 2 days before light manipulations.

Both procedures do not give a guarantee on the disappearance of hair forever after passing a full course. After a certain time, sleeping hairs can again become active and start their growth, but more subtle and soft. In this case, in order to maintain smoothness, it is necessary to undergo repeated correction once a year with a course in two procedures.

Certified master for hair removal and depilation. Work experience for more than 2 years. I perfectly own popular and modern methods of removing unwanted hair from the body.


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