How to do hot chocolate in coffee machine

Hot chocolate in French consists of the following ingredients:

Cooking in a coffee maker This drink is very easy: you need to add all the components in Pinscher, select the mode and wait until complete readiness. Such a drink to the taste is very reminiscent of hot cocoa, which is served for breakfast in children’s camps.

Serve dessert in a large-scale cup.

The French came up with an informal rule: you can use drink only after all foam is asced. Then it is decorated with cinnamon patterns, grated chocolate tiles or whipped cream.

How to cook hot chocolate in a coffee machine

All love fragrant, hot chocolate. Even adults do not mind to enjoy them from time to time, and even children and! And very convenient when there are a device for cooking. Connoisseurs of such a drink with pleasure to master new recipes and prepare them regularly. Fortunately, there is already a good choice of coffee makers with similar features. Coffee machine with a hot chocolate function will become an indispensable assistant at home on any holiday.

How to cook hot chocolate in a coffee machine

How to cook cocoa or hot chocolate in a coffee maker.

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And what, to warm the milk in the microwave and stir cocoa with a spoon no longer stylish?

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Delonghi’s top-of-the range Prima Donna coffee machine also makes hot chocolate. Appliances Online

The method of long-term tests was revealed that a good taste of cocoa leaves, if the warm milk thump cocoa, and later on a very weak heat to bring to degrees 70-80. Later to taste you can add spices or sugar

It turns out very rich and homogeneous to taste.

I found that if you do not expose to leisurely heat, then the powder seems to not dissolve in milk, and just hangs in it: you begin to feel it in the language.

Here s: Therefore, it may simply be able to warm the milk in the microwave will not be so tasty!

How to make hot chocolate in a coffee machine.

Favorite delicacy of kids and adults, chocolate is famous not only for its taste, useful for the body properties and attractiveness in any form. Till tile and watery chocolate deliver monotonous pleasure to their special taste.

Scientists say that first chocolate was served exclusively in hot. The tile appeared later. And although now he got a huge popularity, hot chocolate also remains beloved treats for many people.

Making the perfect Hot Chocolate

In at least some time to amuse themselves and their loved ones a cup of savory coffee drink helps.

How to cook hot chocolate in Italian

Italian variant of the preparation of a delicious drink differs from French taste and density. Hot chocolate in Italian has a thick texture resembling a panna of cotta. In the original, the recipe contains arrier, but it can be replaced by potato starch. To prepare hot chocolate in Italian in a coffee machine, you need to study his recipe.

For the preparation of Italian dessert, the following ingredients are needed:

Mix the milk with cocoa powder thoroughly, add flour or starch. Send the resulting mass to the mixer of the coffee machine, and bring it to readiness with the cappuccinatore. Reduce the amount of steam feed so that the drink is thick. Hot chocolate is served in a cappuccino cup, pre-decorated with whipped cream, pieces of dried fruits or ice cream. To give piquancy to taste, you can add a tablespoon of brandy or rum.

Hot Chocolate. one of those drinks that is appropriate and in the cold of winter and a hot summer afternoon. This is not a delicacy, but rather a universal three-in-one dessert: a fashionable sweet with the highest palatability, a warming agent and, at the same time, a high-calorie product that perfectly satisfies hunger. Brought once from South America, this drink was considered the privilege of nobility (primarily due to the huge cost of cocoa beans). Now, any housewife can cook it, using a turkey or coffee machine.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker?

Combining all the components together, tightly connecting them with each other, you can put the coffee maker to warm. To do this, a gas stove or electric can be used. If the design allows you to put it on a special heating basis. To obtain the desired taste and aroma, it does not matter. However, there are its subtleties here.

How to make hot chocolate with the new coffee machine

Cocoa in a coffee machine: how to make, whether it is possible to cook, the choice of variety

Preparation thick hot beverage, which is eaten with a spoon, or more potable liquid, optionally in the coffee machine having this special function.

If you are only planning to purchase a coffee machine, give preference to those models that not only boil coffee, but also prepare a hot drink. You will only need to fill the unit. The device is able to mix their own ingredients in thick and homogeneous mass.

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Carefully learn the instruction that will tell you what actions must be made with your coffee machine to get the desired result.

In addition to a suitable unit, you will need the following products:

Preparing drink, you can use different milk. It can be solid, preferably not skimmed. Professional Barista recommend adding and cream.

reference! Cream raise fatty, make taste cream.

A good result will give the use of a dry milk powder, which in the process of preparation is bred by water.

Dry chocolate is ready for breeding milk powder white or black chocolate. Manufacturers offer special mixtures that have a balanced composition of cocoa oils and cocoa beans.

Modern capsule coffee machines are refilled with special capsules that contain dry chocolate. Ease of use made these devices extremely popular.

If you do not have a dry chocolate, and the use of the capsules does not imply your coffee machine, you can cook a drink in the traditional way, which used earlier, to prepare a chocolate crumb. In this case, chocolate bars is ground to small parts or rubbed on a grater.

Important! Delicious hot drink requires quality products!

How to make watery cocoa dessert?

Making hot chocolate can be:

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Manufacturers of equipment for making coffee, coffee beverages and various hot water desserts, to which hot chocolate can be attributed, now they offer a large selection of various models of aggregates, which are different and functionality, and size, and design, and price.

Coffee machine that can prepare not only espresso either latte, and a hot chocolate, must first own this function. There are, as it were, many such models on the market, but in practice, according to consumer reviews, not all machines are able to cook really delicious hot chocolate. Retighter

Calorie coffee with cocoa

The exact number of calories is indicated only in ready-made drinks from network coffee shops or catering establishments, where standard components and clear recipes are used. Themselves black coffee and cocoa powder is not too high in calories, but the drink is usually added at least milk, and with it the energy value increases cocktail.

Different types of cocoa powder can themselves differ much on calories: inexpensive brands partially low fat, and high-quality can contain twice as fat.

On average, in 250 ml of home standard moccaicino about 200 kcal. With cream or chocolate. about 450 kcal.

How to make a liquid dessert with a coffee machine

Cook hot chocolate in the coffee machine is very simple. Unlike jams or coffee makers, this device itself performs a significant part of the necessary actions and eliminates the probability of error. Most models require the user to just download all the ingredients in a pitcher and press the corresponding button. By the way, for the preparation of hot chocolate is perfectly suitable for cocoa powder, and special capsules. The recipe from this does not change.

The algorithm of cooking chocolate drink in the coffee machine is very simple:

  • Fill in Pitcher Milk.
  • Pour the same cocoa.
  • Turn on the unit and bring liquid to boiling.
  • Then reduce the nozzle and give chocolate a little thickening.

Drink of gods is ready! All that remains is to drain it into a cup, decorate with grated coconut or a pattern of whipped cream. and you can start tasting!

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