How to do the spin on a washing machine

Another criterion for choosing a washing machine is energy efficiency. This concept is closely related to the spin class, so the higher the number of revolutions, the more energy the appliance consumes during its operation.

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Modern models of washing machines have the following classification according to the energy efficiency criterion:

  • A is the best option, saving up to 80% energy. In this class there are several subclasses: A, A, A (the more “”, the greater the savings).
  • B. saves up to 50% of energy. Quite interesting option in terms of combination of price and quality.
  • C. guarantees effective work while saving up to 25% of energy.
  • E. refers to ineffective types of equipment, which allow saving only 10% of energy.
  • F. washing machines that consume 10% more energy than any other technique;
  • G. Champion in the “inefficiency” category, which consumes 25% more energy than other machines.

In addition to spin class and power consumption, when choosing a washing machine it is necessary to pay attention to the washing class, otherwise there is a risk to get well wrung out, but not clean enough clothes.

How to turn the spin on the washing machine candy

Washing in all washing machines, without exception, such as Bosch, Zanussi, Candy, LG, Indesit WISL 85 1, Siemens, Ariston, many others, is the last process of washing in automatic washing machines. Most users see this option as an automatic washing machine action in itself. After all the spinning programs are obligatory for them. And they do not even suppose that Bosch, Zanussi, Candy, LG, Indesit WISL 85-1, Siemens, Ariston have a special wringer badge.

Important! The spin icon is needed to wash some items individually.

If you need to wash, for example, a ski suit, do not know how to spin it, then this manual will be for you. Here all actions are absolutely simple, even slightly matured and clever children can cope with them.

Additional modes of a washing machine

In addition to washing, spin and temperature modes, the machines are equipped with additional programs. The more expensive a model, the wider and more sophisticated its functionality is.

Ironing mode / easy ironing

It is very convenient for additional processing of strong fabrics. Linen pants and blouses after spinning in ironing mode do not look wrinkled, deep creases disappear. Some machines smooth out laundry with steam.

Ironing mode is ideal for linen fabrics

Extra rinse

This mode is useful if there are household members who are allergic to household chemicals. An extra rinse after the main wash ensures that even the slightest traces of detergent are gone. Also uses the rinse function when washing baby onesies and diapers. The extra rinse also proves effective for clothes that need a more thorough rinse, i.e. napier fabrics, wool, soft toys, cushions, fake fur, layered outerwear.

Child lock

The mode allows you to completely block access to the functionality of the washing machine during the wash. By pressing a single button, you protect the machine from opening, unauthorized starting and changing settings.

Child safety mode keeps the STIHL in the family

Half load mode

Limits the water flow, helps you save money. Handy for small loads of laundry, when you only need half the normal amount of water.

Balanced spin

Spin speed function distributes items evenly across drum.

Extra water mode

Turns on during the main wash when the drum is at maximum load, when the normal amount of water is not enough to rinse.

On timer

Allows you to set a specific time to start the washing machine.

On timer will wash while you’re at work

Smart water volume control

Program controls the amount of water used in the wash cycle. Adds more if needed. Limits the flow if you’ve had enough.

Trouble shooting mode

Functionality allows you to monitor all the main “organs” of the washing machine for various malfunctions. Forewarned is forearmed.

No ironing

The washing programme without ironing offers only partial water drainage, which prevents clothes from deep creases and folds.

No spinning

Allows you to disable the spin function in any wash mode.

Prepare the clothes carefully

Factory instructions don’t tell you how to prepare your clothes for loading. But experienced housewives know that the quality of washing and performance of the machine depends on the sorting of laundry. So, it is recommended not to forget the following “thing” rules.

Linens are sorted by three groups: light-white, dark-black and colored. Pay attention to material. Cotton, synthetics, wool and silk are washed separately from each other and with different programs. Do not ignore the labels on things. on them the manufacturer indicates the maximum temperature and spin for washing. The s are mandatory to check for forgotten items, coins, keys, paper

Remember that “lost” items will fall out of the stuff, damage the tank or get stuck inside the dispenser when you rotate the drum. Dust the laundry, remove hair or hair. Zippers, buttons, and buttons zipper up. Turn down jackets, down jackets and bedclothes inside out. Soak severe stains in advance and treat with a stain remover. Natural fur inserts, if available, are unbuttoned or covered with plastic wrap. Clothes with an abundance of decorative elements (studs, rhinestones, beads, hooks) are placed in a special mesh bag. According to the laundry selected additional detergents (fragrances, rinse aid, concentrates).

Pay special attention to the shoes loaded in the drum. Wash no more than two pairs at a time, be sure to place them in a protective bag, and put jeans or an old towel next to them

Laces are pulled out, excess decorations are removed.

How to do SPIN ONLY on LG Washing Machine ( Simple Trick ) !!!

spin, washing, machine

In almost any automatic machine this icon is denoted by a picture with a coiled spiral, resembling a snail house Some manufacturers, for example companies Beko, LG, Zanussi, for convenience, the function on the control panel is often marked by a word, not by an icon (“snail”).

Symbol in the form of a hand dipped in a basin of water indicates the gentle or “manual” washing mode. The same symbol is used on powders, intended for hand washing The spin symbol is the icon of the spiral wound. Figures with a degree symbol next to them indicate the water temperature for a particular washing mode.

Spinning on various models of washing machines

The front panel of the washing machine has symbols to simplify the operation of the household appliance. To understand the meaning of each of them, you should study the accompanying instruction manual of the device. It gives the deciphering of all the icons and provides advice on how to use this or that function effectively.

By using abbreviations and pictograms, the manufacturer was able to place the maximum amount of information in the minimum space. Just be immediately aware that the symbols of the main operations of washing machines from different companies often coincide.

It is believed that the image of the spin process refers to the group displaying the main working functions of the machine.

  • Candy. the manufacturer has made it easy for the user and has signed each option of the washing machine to make it easier to select the desired mode and set the speed. In addition, each function has a brief description,
  • The manufacturer has far-sightedly considered the user-friendliness of this brand of washing machines. Next to the choice icon you need, you can easily read the name of the function, specify the number,
  • Bosch, in the second line of the control panel, there is a button to set the necessary number of revolutions (up to 1,000). There is a special rotary knob to activate the function,
  • Electrolux. washing machines of this brand have symbols with or without deciphering. The process is indicated by a picture in the form of a spiral,
  • Zanussi. the mode is marked with a common variant. a spiral. If this image is crossed out, the wash is performed without spinning,
  • Ariston. among the signs on the control panel of the machine, there is a spiral icon indicating the spin option,
  • Beko. on this washing machine there is a verbal deciphering of each process. You can easily select the function you need, corresponding to the type of material, set the number of revolutions,
  • Ardo. a popular washing machine from the Italian masters. On the panel there is a rotary knob, which can be used to select the desired modes. A few below is a row of buttons, among which you will easily find the spin option with the number of revolutions.

General recommendations for working with Samsung washing machines

Despite the fact that most of the rules for washing machines are usually specified in the user manual supplied with them, there are a few general recommendations for working with them:

  • Install the Samsung washing machine should be on a flat floor to prevent the body from shifting during the spin.
  • Load the drum fully. This prevents the mechanism from wearing out and breaking.
  • At the same time, do not overload the drum. Otherwise the life time of the mechanism will be considerably reduced.
  • If high temperatures are not necessary, reduce the temperature to 30 degrees. This will save energy.
  • Set the spin level of your Samsung washing machine to 600 to 800 rpm. The glands and bearings will deteriorate in constant operation at 800 rpm or more.
  • According to the instructions, when selecting the program selector should be scrolled only in a clockwise direction.
  • Wipe the door window dry after each wash. This will maintain the integrity of the rubber and will not allow further fluid ingress under the cuff.
  • It is necessary to wipe dry both the cuff and the drum.
  • It is also necessary to ventilate the Samsung machine after washing. To do this, open the container for loading the powder by a few centimeters and leave it in this position for 20 minutes.
  • Unplug the Samsung washing machine after you finish using it. This will protect it from power fluctuations.
  • Periodically, it is also worth cleaning the detergent containers. Samsung washing machine body itself, according to the instructions, should be washed with a cleaning sponge, using soap and warm water.
  • Once every month or two arrange a Samsung machine idle wash. To do this, throw in the dispenser limescale detergent, close the lid tightly, set a high temperature of water heating and press the “start” button. That way the main devices are cleaned of limescale and solid matters.
  • Once a month clean the filter of small debris.

Correct use of the wringer

Turn on the spin on the washing machine LC, other models, you can in the simplest way. All these possibilities are given to us by the automatic control.

  • First of all, we put the laundry in the drum by its volume. Overloading, shortages are excluded. There may be a software error.
  • Next, close the hatch door tightly.
  • The tumbler knob comes into play, the spin option.
  • Sink the button with the speed mode selection, where you need to set the anticipated number of turns.
  • Start the start process.

How to choose the mode by time and type of fabric

In the table we have described how long each program takes. If you wonder how to set and adjust the mode. turn the rocker switch on the control panel by selecting a certain value.

spin, washing, machine

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The picture below shows how to select the ironing function, extra rinse, pre-soak laundry or delay start.

Choose the program you are comfortable with, which will suit the type of fabric and effectively clean the clothes from dirt.

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