How to download a Bosch dishwasher correctly

How to use Bosch dishwasher: Rules from A to Z

Compliance with the operating norms of the Bosch dishwasher. A guarantee of its long.Term trouble.Free service. We will introduce them to them, talk about the first launch, the products used, the nuances of loading.

In order for household appliances to work without failures and does not fail earlier, it is necessary to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is not enough to buy and install a useful device in the household. You need to know exactly how to handle it correctly.

All about how to use Bosch dishwasher, you will learn from the article we have presented. Information relies on the leadership of the German concern. The technical nuances stated by us are confirmed by verification in practice.

Preparation for loading

Before placing plates on the shelves and compartments of PMM, clean them of food residues. The better you do it, the higher the likelihood of avoiding filters and draining clogs.


On a note! To brush the remaining foods from plates, use paper towels or napkins, a wet sponge or a rubber blade. As more convenient. Make sure that there is no egg shells, fruit seeds, grains. These are enemies of the drain system and provocateurs of blockages.

You don’t know whether to rinse the plates before loading in PMM? After rinsing, the quality of the sink improves. But the owners of technology justifiedly ask the question. Why then you need a machine, if you need to wash with your hands. Therefore, there are models with the function of “soaking” or “preliminary washing”. If there is no such option, you will have to soak the plates.

How to put mugs and glasses?

Let’s start the arrangement with cups, mugs and glasses. They are placed in the upper container, up the bottom of the water will wash them from the inside. If you firm on your side, horizontally, then they will not wash off, water from the sprayers will not get inside them.

For glasses, special holders are provided. Wizers put their leg up. The bunker is cramped, and users are interested in whether the glasses are in contact with? It is forbidden. When washing, glass can break due to micro-clashes of neighboring fuher. In addition to glasses in a plastic holder, coffee cups will be comfortably placed.

We start the dishwasher for the first time

First launch of a dishwasher

When you use a dishwasher for the first time, you need to understand its device well:

  • The camera door during operation can stand in the block so that it does not accidentally open.
  • Baskets, holders, shelves are needed for dishes.
  • Sprayers can be both below and at the top of the machine. They spray water, washing dirt from objects.
  • The control panel is mechanical or electronic (sensory). If you use a built.In dishwasher, you will see the panel on the door outside.
  • Salt compartment is located next to the drain. At the bottom of the pallet. Tanks for detergents. On the door.
  • Open the door.
  • Remove the lower basket.
  • Open the salt compartment and pour water into it, and then fill the salt.
  • Set the middle cycle and high temperature.
  • Run the dishwasher without dishes.

This instruction is suitable if you first use Bosh dishwasher or any other. Manufacturer.

Removing kitchen utensils

Start unloading the dishwasher from the lower department so that the water from the upper dishes does not fall on the first tier. Although the technique is equipped with a drying program, drops of water still remain.

bosch, dishwasher, correctly

Thus, understand how to properly load a dishwasher is not a very difficult task. Over time, experience comes in properly laying plates and bowls, arranging glasses and mugs, placing pans and pots. Subsequently, this will take very little time. Pleasant use!

How to lay dishes

To clean the kitchen utensils from fat and pollution, it is worthwhile to lay the dishes correctly:

bosch, dishwasher, correctly
  • A large and highly contaminated dishes are laid in the lower section. Pots, ladles, pans;
  • Glass and delicate products are installed in the upper section. Glasses, cups, plates;
  • The tray for cutlery is used for its intended purpose. Forks, knives, spoons are laid in it.

Do not lay the dishes on each other. For this, special sections are provided. Cups are always installed upside down.

How to load a dishwasher correctly

bosch, dishwasher, correctly

Choosing a program in PMM

You loaded the dishes, filled the detergent. It’s time to choose a sink mode, on which it depends on how much water the technique consumes. Focus on the degree of dishes of dishes. The stronger it is, the more long a program is better to install.

If the devices are not accumulated for full loading, set the 1/2 mode. Then the machine will consume 30% less water and electricity.

Consider the main programs that are used most often:

Bosch Dishwasher Replace Detergent Dispenser #490467

  • Daily (50-65 degrees). You can wash different dishes of medium contamination.
  • Delicate (30-40 degrees). For fragile materials.
  • Economical (50 degrees). For weakly warmed instruments. Saves resources.
  • Intensive (70 degrees). Helps to get rid of strong pollution, soils.
  • Machine. The system independently selects the optimal mode based on the load and the degree of contamination.

If you have a model without embedding, then press the necessary keys on the outer panel.

How to properly start a dishwasher with dishes

If the test launch was successful, the car is ready for prolonged use. How to load dishes correctly. We wrote in one of the articles.

We will analyze the requirements for the inclusion of PMM Gorenje, Whirlpool, Vestel, Zanussi, Hansa with dishes:

  • The detergent is added once before each sink. Rinses and salt are enough for several times. You will be informed about their ending indicators on the control panel.
  • Clean the devices from food residues before loading.
  • Install the dishes at a short distance from each other, otherwise it will not wash off. Large devices are located in the lower basket, plates in the middle, cups and glasses in the upper (depending on the configuration of the dishwasher). Many models have holders for glasses. It is important not to overload the baskets, otherwise some devices will block others, and the water will not get to them.
  • It is impossible to have objects in the pallet, the sprayer must rotate freely.
  • Close the door and choose the optimal mode to start work, focusing on the degree of pollution and type of dishes.
  • After washing, do not get objects at once. Let them cool and dry.
  • Each time, clean the drain filter from food residues, check the spray nozzles.

Follow the instructions carefully. The manufacturer indicates which dishes can be and which can not be washed in the car. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the devices.

In one of the articles, we wrote that you can wash in a dishwasher. Briefly about the fact that you can’t wash:

  • Aluminum, wooden, tin devices.
  • Non.Fragmented plastic products. On such navigations, plates should be designations for washing.
  • Faor, crystal.
  • Cast iron, Teflon coatings.
  • Thermos, thermal circles.

Often users on forums ask: is it possible to turn on the dishwasher without salt? It is undesirable to do this, since over time white spots will appear on the dishes, and the details will be covered with a scale and deteriorate.

The value of the error code and possible problems

If the dishwasher suddenly does not turn on, check: whether the door is closed? Are filters and hoses passing? Whether the fuse is working? Is everything all right with a socket?

Some errors are reflected on an electronic board in the form of codes, below their decryption:

  • E4. Signals the presence of blockage, inspect all hoses and filters
  • E6. Often occurs in the modification of Bosch Silence Plus. Means malfunctions in sensors of pollution analysis, for example, if you incorrectly installed the program.
  • E15. Means that the mode is activated against leaks, check if there is water around the machine.
  • E17. Malfunctions with water supply, check the junction with the water supply.
  • E24. The inability to lose water, possible blockage or compression of the output hoses.
  • E27. Violation of electricity supply, voltage jump or light shutdown. It is decided by installing the uninterrupted power supply unit.

I am Natalya Chistova, a housewife with experience, also worked in a cleaning company for more than 10 years and I think now I think that the cleanliness of the planet begins with the house in which we live. If even in a person’s apartment, and even more so women, chaos is happening, then life will be such. If you have something to share or thank you, the best gratitude, to the article! Good luck to you!

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