How to dry pillows in a drying machine

How long does it take to dry a pillow?

In addition, how long should the feathers be stored?

Life expectancy depends on materials and quality. Fluff and feather: since these pillows can be washed regularly (we recommend every 6 months), and the filler is so durable, they will easily last 5-10 years, or more. Synthetics: good practical rule for synthetics. 1-2 years, depending on the quality of materials and use.

So why the feathers smell of pillow? The down pillows May smell a little, even if they are completely new. Regardless of whether they were used or stored in a warehouse, pillows to delay the smells of sweat, pets wool, cigarette smoke. Anything. Remove these unpleasant odors, giving pillows a dose of fresh air and a trip in a washing machine.

How to dry a pillow in winter?

The pillow is dried in the shade. In winter, you can use a hairdryer for drying. If you open the down pillows before washing and remove the gateway, you can dry the filler in two ways. If there is enough space to lay out the filler with a thin layer, dry it, spreading it on a flat surface.

  • As in the first version. We divide the filler into several subsurbeds.
  • Put the product in a drum with a tennis ball.
  • Pour or pour the detergent
  • Set the mode “Delicate washing”, “Flood blanket” or “Hand wash”.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

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What you need to pay attention to

In addition to the above nuances, there are many more factors that must be taken into account when loading wet linen into the drum of the drying machine. Today we will tell you about the most common mistakes of the owners of such units, as well as share how to extend the term of the socks of your wardrobe from a couple of months to several years.

Strong pollution

Clothes with poorly washed persistent spots. For example, from grass, blood, berries or wine. It is not recommended to put in a drying machine. The fact is that the operating chamber of the device heats up to a temperature of 40-60 degrees, which can only contribute to the “sealing” spots, after which it will be almost impossible to remove it. Carefully check the clothes for non.Washed stains and, if necessary, repeat the washing cycle before sending the product to drying.

Very wet things

Things that are loaded into the drum of the drying machine should be squeezed from moisture in accordance with the recommendations given on the nameplate in the side seam. The higher the speed of the spin, the less moisture is contained in linen, and the faster it dries. In addition to this, a reduction in the duration of the drying cycle allows us to significantly. Sometimes at times!. Reduce electricity consumption and, accordingly, save on utility bills.

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Color fabrics

Comains from colored fabrics cannot be washed along with light linen. Perhaps this is one of the most important rules that every housewife observes. Otherwise, your brand new red dress or stylish blue jeans can simply be polished, at the same time painting other clothes in the drum. The same thing will happen in the event that you load white and colored things into a dryer: moisture, high temperature and hot steam will do their “black” business, spoiling the fabric once and for all. So that this does not happen, wash and dry light, dark and colored products is recommended separately.

Wacked underwear

Starch is a universal remedy for giving clothing, tested by the time and experience of many housewives. As a rule, it is added to the compartment for the air conditioner and used when rinsing in cold water to compact tablecloths, shirts, dresses and many other products made of natural cotton or linen. Why in cold? The fact is that hot water “brews” starch and he completely loses its qualities. For the same reason, stolen things in a drying machine may lose the acquired rigidity. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to add a double portion of starch when rinsing, which will help to achieve the usual effect.

Sorting by type of fabric

Each product from textiles is equipped with a special label, which indicates the composition of the fabric, the conditions of its washing, drying and ironing. Depending on the composition and density of the material, they can differ significantly: for example, dense white cotton can be washed at a temperature of up to 90 degrees and dried with air, warmed up to 60 degrees, and thin silk. At a maximum of 30 degrees. That is why it is extremely important to sort the laundry based on the composition of the fabric, size, density, thickness and the desired degree of dryness: “under the iron”, “dry” or “extra-dry”.

The strength of the seams

Before loading things into the drum, make sure of the strings and seams on them. Despite the fact that the drum of the drying machine rotates much more slowly than in washing, constant friction about other denser things can lead to bloating of threads. In particular, this will be relevant for heavy things. Jackets, coats, pillows and blankets, damage to the seams of which will entail the loss of filler and its likely fire during drying.

Make the surface uniform

So that your clothes are dried quickly and as evenly as possible, it is important to properly load it into the drum. Lay textiles one at a time, evenly distributing them along the bottom and walls of the drum. Make sure that cloth belts and long straps are associated. This will relieve the risk of thin fabric in the gap between the drum and the inner wall of the drying machine. It is recommended to fasten the duvetings and pillowcases so that small things do not get into them, and the bones of the bras must be pre.Removed or dry the bodice in a special bag, which prevents sharp metal inserts in the openings of the drum and its possible wedge.

Reduce loading for sensitive fabrics

Drying of delicate fabrics should be as careful and fast as possible, because the less thermal and mechanical exposure will be exerted on the fabric, the longer its fibers will remain in its original form. For drying chiffon, satin, butter, viscose and other sensitive tissues, it is recommended to reduce the loading value, which will not only significantly reduce the duration of the cycle, but also save things from the appearance of folds and creases, which will eliminate completely dried blouses and shirts will be extremely problematic.

Drying advice

Before starting drying the laundry, read the instructions. Here you will find the chapter “Review of Programs”, which contains all modes available for the selected model, as well as the recommended download values ​​for each of them. It is important to consider the maximum loading value for each program, since this is the only way to ensure high.Quality drying of linen and the optimal consumption of electricity.

Another nuance: lining fabric with filling of fluff and pen can be shrink. Pillows, blankets and down jackets are recommended to dry in gentle mode “Light smoothing”. Clothing from one hundred percent flax can be dried in the car only if it is allowed by the manufacturer. If the fiber has not passed special processing, the product can become rough. Dry such things in the program “Easy smoothing”.

Wool and half.Wool products can give a significant shrinkage. Dry them in the “wool” mode, which provides long and lean dehydration at low temperatures. Knitted T.Shirts, T.Shirts and underwear can shrink at the first wash. Legage entails even more tightening fibers, and therefore it is important to dry such things in the program “Under the iron” or “Dry”.

How to keep a pillow clean and fresh for a long time

Several recommendations must be followed so that the pillows after washing remain clean as long as possible. Everything is quite simple, but there are no trifles here, each aspect is important in its own way:

  • In the morning, after waking up, you need to whip the product so that the feather and fluff inside do not cite and remain air.
  • At least 1-2 times a month, products should be ventilated to remove excess moisture.
  • Wash pillows at least twice a year to maintain them in perfect condition.
  • In the summer you can take a pillow in the sun to fry it well from all sides. This is an excellent prevention against dust ticks.
  • Winter is also a great time. You can freeze all parasites by hanging the product for the cold for 6-8 hours. In this case, it is necessary to periodically beat the surface so that the frosty air penetrates as deep as possible.

If there is no way to wash the pillow, it is worth refreshing it with a steamer or an iron with a steam blow. You need to hang the product and carefully process each site several times with a ferry. This not only refreshes the filler, but also destroys most parasites.

How to clean loose polyphill?

Pure stain any contaminated areas with a rag moistened in a weak soap solution. Rinse with a damp cloth. Allow the pillow to completely dry in the air before put on the bed again.

How to get rid of smell in feathers?

Когда подушка пух перо сушится целиком, это может продолжаться достаточно длительное время – до двух дней. You need to choose a fairly hot or quite frosty day, when there is no strong humidity yet. But avoid drying the pillow under the hot sun, no matter how tempting this idea may seem.

Advantages of Miele drying machines

The recognized world leader in premium household appliances is the German brand Miele. The founders of Karl Mile and Rainhard Zincann chose the motto: Immer Besser (“everything is better and better”). The manufacturer has not only oven, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, but also drying machines.

The main feature of drying machines Mile is the unique cellular structure of the drum. The air cushion, which is formed by hexagons, provides more uniform drying and reduces the mechanical load on the laundry. Clothing is less crushed, which greatly facilitates its subsequent ironing.

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The intellectual function of the reversal of the drum prevents excessive crushing the laundry. The drum changes the direction of rotation through unequal periods of time, so the clothes are not lost in the lump.

Many Miele dryers are equipped with thermal pomp. Such devices are characterized by high energy efficiency and involving low.Temperature modes of drying of linen, which causes careful care for any type of fabric. The heat exchanger of the devices is protected by a two.Layer filter that does not require cleaning. Thanks to the effective operation of the equipment, economical electricity consumption is guaranteed throughout the entire life of the equipment.

The patented PerfectDry system is able to determine the residual humidity of the linen and ensure its drying regardless of the quality of the water. The system also sets the amount of mineral salts in tap water. Depending on the result, the program is adjusted.

The devices of the German brand are equipped with special drying modes designed for thin linen, shirts, wool, silk, cotton, outerwear, pillows. Express mode with a lasting 30 minutes is designed for processing small batches of clothing. The automatic program is used to mix things from cotton and synthetic fabric. The special mode “impregnation” provides the treatment of outerwear with a means against moisture and pollution.

Steamfinish function will be appreciated by those who do not like to stroke linen. In the process of vaporization, the fabric is quickly smoothed, so in most cases the iron will not be needed. Stroke bedding and dense fabrics will be much easier. Thanks to the special backlight, the drum cannot be noticed and it is impossible to leave things.

In our catalog you can choose a set of washing and drying machines from the German manufacturer Miele. Using the filter, choosing equipment according to technical parameters is very convenient, and detailed descriptions on the pages of goods will allow you to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the devices.

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The main and additional functions of modern dryers

The use of technology allows you to reduce time and not clutter up the apartment and the balcony, as is done with manual drying. Owners of drying machines miles can choose a time mode, type of fabric and residual humidity. The time program is not the most effective, since you can not guess and overdose or dry the laundry. The regime for residual humidity is much better, but you should know what percentage of moisture should be stored in the underwear of one type or another.

The most optimal way is to use the program according to the type of fabric, and for things with insulation and fluff, the “pillow” option is best suited. This is the most gentle and effective mode for this type of product, with which the necessary level of moisture is preserved in linen.

In addition to the “pillows” program, drying machines are equipped with a number of other modes like linen: “silk”, “wool”, “delicate fabrics”, “sportswear”, “jeans” and “shirts”. Depending on what you are going to do with things in the future, you can choose the function “in the closet”, “light blowing” or “under the iron”.

For those who do not want to waste time ironing, the drying machines provides a program “from crushing”, after the application of which things can not be ironed or ironed minimally. Emergency mode is intended for quick drying. It is performed at elevated air temperature and rotation of the drum. As a result, things are dried in a matter of minutes.

Order Miele drying machines in our online store. Here you will find a wide range of various models of electrical dryers, including with the program “Pillow”. You can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and find out the cost of equipment in goods cards. Delivery of German dryers is carried out by transport carriers to any city in Russia. New items regularly appear in the catalog. Do not miss.

Drying machine Miele TCA220 WP

How to dry a pillow

Drying of a washed pen is the longest and most responsible moment in all washing. Immediately after the pillows or covers with feathers are extracted from the drum of the washing machine, you need to shake them well, smooth out and try to break all the lumps of wet pen.

If this is not done, the pen will dry for a long time and unevenly, forming sticky lumps. Small pads and bags with a pen can be dried whole. It is only necessary to ensure that the room is well ventilated or ventilated, and do not forget to crush them from time to time.

There is another way to dry the beveled feathers. To do this, first you need to find a suitable room. It should have good ventilation and low humidity, but there should not be drafts. It can be an attic or a loggia is closed.

How to Wash Feather Pillows. Without Ruining Them

The covers need to be neatly opened, remove the wet feathers and lay them out on the newspapers in an even layer. From time to time, the feathers will have to turn over and divide the fingers. Depending on the time of year, the air temperature will completely dry out after 2-7 days.

If there is an electric dryer, in winter you can use it to dry the feather pillows. Do not forget to put tennis balls into the drum so that they break feathers and prevent them from sticking. You may need several cycles in order to completely dry bedding after washing.

Be sure to give the pen well and completely dry. You can’t fill the shiver with a wet filler. The feathers will begin to rot and mold, acquire an unpleasant odor.

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