How to dry your hair fast without a hair dryer

rules to dry your hair quickly with a hair dryer

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Your whole life has told you, “you can’t just take your hair dry in the amount of time you want it dry.”. Yes, especially if you’re in a hurry. And especially if you always think that the glass is half-full.

Optimistic people are not used to appreciating the amount of time that it actually takes to go through the motions of a leisurely blow-dry. And then at a critical moment habitually think: “but nothing, now I’m going to dry in five minutes all dry. And then either run away with wet hair and catch a cold. Or they’re simply late.

Because it can easily take twenty minutes to dry your hair the wrong way. or even thirty.

And the right one. considerably less. No, we can’t promise you those precious five minutes. It’s certainly possible, but not for thick and long hair for sure. But you can do it in ten to fifteen minutes.

How to AIR DRY. Hair | Within 5 MINUTES

Plus Understanding these rules allows you to dry your hair not only quickly but also safely.

Every woman should understand that you should not abuse the use of a hair dryer. Dry hot air can change the structure of the hair, causing it to become thin, brittle, cross-sectional, and fall out. High heat, heavy jets of air can do your hair irreparable damage. Hair loses its vitality after frequent drying with hot dry air, it loses its smoothness and shine, and its ends break and split.

  • It’s important to keep the hair dryer at least 30 centimeters away from the head.
  • If the model of the hair dryer provides for switching temperature modes, it is better to give preference to the supply of cold air.
  • It’s important not to blow dry your hair as much as possible. Yes, it would increase the amount of time you spend blow-drying your hair, but it would do less damage.

How to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer and with a hair dryer: the most effective tips

Drying hair isn’t the most fun, really? You want to spend as little time on it as possible. But sometimes it takes too long. In addition, if you dry your hair incorrectly, you can traumatize the strands. Most of the time this process is made to be automatic: the strands are wrung out, then dried with a hair dryer or wrapped in a towel. That is why it is important to dry your hair not only quickly, but also without damaging its health and beauty. From this article you will learn how to dry hair quickly without a hair dryer and with a hair dryer. And they can do it without damaging your locks.

How to dry your hair in 5, 10 or 15 minutes at home without a hair dryer?

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We will teach you how to dry your hair quickly and safely without a hair dryer. You think that’s impossible? Yes, it’s possible! Women used to do without this miracle device. They were invented in the early 20th century and were like a big tin can. Now there are thousands of varieties of hair dryers, nozzles to them. But what if it was not at hand, and look good here and now? It’s simple and affordable! Anyone can blow dry hair quickly. And how to do it if you do not have this device at hand? We can teach you. There are several tried and tested ways.

First about the rules:

  • Give your hair a good squeeze;
  • After washing your hair, be sure to use conditioner or balm;
  • When drying your hair. move around, you can do gymnastics (it is desirable to include circular movements of the head, bending to the sides. right-left, up-down, etc.д.);
  • Do not comb your hair, neither long nor short;
  • Do not blow-dry over a stove, heater, or air conditioner.

We can do it all if we have it on hand:

  • A good long towel (preferably more than one);
  • Your favorite balm or conditioner;
  • A comb, in some cases only a wooden one is required;
  • Patience and good humor!

Myths dispelled:

  • Washing your hair every day won’t make your hair greasier;
  • The thickness of hair is independent of the drying methods. its structure is genetically determined;
  • Don’t brush your hair too often. it needs air, the more you move it, the better it feels;
  • Frequent drying leads to dandruff. it depends on the condition of the skin, shampoos and even the general health of the person;
  • hair gets “used” to shampoo. hair is made up of dead fiber, so there is no question of getting used to it.

Blow-dry quickly

hair after washing and wrap your head with a towel;

try to change towels as soon as they become wet;

Detangling the strands at the roots, brush head downward;

How to MASTER AIR DRYING HAIR without frizz step by step

If your hair is very long, dry it in sections;

use a wooden comb- move from the tips to the roots.


squeeze your hair well with a towel (do not rub or twist);

bend your head forward, with your fingers separate them into strands;

Brush it lightly so that the strands seem to seep through your fingers;

comb through slightly damp hair with a wooden comb with sparse teeth.

gently blot wet hair with a towel;

Tilt your head forward and vigorously brush your hair with a wooden comb;

If your hair is wet, brush it to the top of your head, turning it slightly;

Light waves can be easily styled and styled to your usual hairstyle.


Every woman wants her head to look neat, groomed and stylish. A good style will help. Every day to go to the hairdresser is not very economical. Let’s try to do it ourselves. At Home. Let’s begin.

After washing your hair, blot it with a towel;

Lower your head forward, comb through the strands using a wooden comb with sparse teeth;

separate hair into 4-5 strands. Place Velcro curlers at their base. Secure the curlers with a clip;

After removing, apply hairspray to hair.

After washing your hair, squeeze out any excess moisture. Head tilted downward, strands should not be twisted;

Apply evenly to the hair straightening mousse or conditioner;

blot again with a towel (it is better to take a paper or terry towel, they will take the unnecessary moisture better);

Comb your hair for 10-15 minutes with a skeletal comb.

Wrap the hair in a towel heated with an iron (you can let it lie on the radiator);

Separate the hair into a parting, divide it with your fingers and twist it into two rolls;

Wrap the resulting cocoons wrapped in a hot towel (you can heat two towels at once, you can use the same. but again, you will have to heat it);

After 20 minutes, remove the towel, unwind curls. Fix them with nail polish or mousse.

How to dry your hair without a hair dryer at home

The step-by-step with a towel quickly perfect

For straight hair

If the curls are naturally fluffy and slightly curly, but their owner wants to straighten her hair without a flat iron and hair dryer, you can take a few simple and effective ways. You will need curlers (preferably with Velcro and with a large diameter), hair bows and elastic bands.

  • Straightening with the help of hair extensions. Dry the hair naturally, divide it into strands, each wrap around the head to make a smooth and even strip, fasten with screws in several places.
  • Curlers. Wet after washing curls (you do not need to dry them) fasten them on curlers and leave them to dry completely. The hair will be voluminous and smooth and sleek.
  • Headbands. Put dry hair in low ponytails with rubber bands along the entire length every 3-4 cm. For this it is better to use soft elastic bands, so as not to damage the hair structure. Overnight in such a fixation, waves and curls will be smoothed out and will cease to be very frizzy.

When washing your hair you need to use conditioner, as it tends to leave a film on the hair strands which prevents them from penetrating deeply into the water. After washing your hair the curls should be wrung out. To do this, lower the head down and shake the strands for 1-2 minutes, squeeze out the remaining moisture without twisting it into a tangle.

After that you should wrap the head with a terry towel or a waffle towel, previously heated on the radiator. First of all, use a towel to blot the area at the roots of your hair, since that is where most moisture is found.

When the curls at the roots begin to dry and separate freely into strands, you can apply styling mousse and start brushing your hair. Soon your hair is completely dry and in shape.

How to properly and quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer?

Let’s talk right away. If “fast” in this context means “in the fifteen minutes you have left before you leave the house,” then you can’t do without a hair dryer. Don’t worry. Using a hair dryer correctly can be done with minimal damage to your hair. We have already published the instructions on how to use it correctly. take a look at it.

Or are you asking this question because you need to dry your hair, but do not have a hair dryer at hand?? Uh-oh. But don’t worry, today’s article has one relatively quick method that will get you out of this situation.

However, most people probably ask “Yandex” the question “how to properly dry hair without a hair dryer” because they understand correctly. Hair dryer is indispensable for a rush and styling, but should not use it every day. If you can do without a hairdryer. It is better to do without it.

Most of the methods in this article will be just that.

Why this question is relevant?

All jokes are joking, but it is not an easy task to create a volume at the roots, and it must be preserved for a long time. And this is where beauty salons and beauty bloggers on YouTube come in hand. The arsenal of products and tools to create the hairstyle of your dreams makes your hair stand on end (but not for long and not in the way we want it to). So what can we offer??

Basically, these are methods based on the use of a hair dryer, curling irons, goffers, and a sea of hairspray. Those who desperately want fluffy hairstyle at any price will agree to such a set, but over time will switch to nourishing and regenerating masks, or dramatically change the image by cutting burnt and stuffed with chemicals hair. And who needs it??

How frequent use of a hair dryer damages your hair?

If you dry your hair with a hair dryer 1-2 times a week at medium power with the use of thermal protection, and a couple of times a week are doing medical masks, the use of a hair dryer is unlikely to you much back. But very few people bother to care for their hair that much. Basically, the drying process is “the faster the better,” i.e. at maximum power and minimum distance from the hair, which is very dangerous. Hair dries out, becomes brittle and split ends.

Why is improper use more damaging??

The flow of hot air in itself is harmful, and if handled incorrectly hair dryer is even dangerous: you can burn the scalp, ears, face. If the air flow is directed to the roots of the hair, the skin along with the hair follicles will overheat and begin to peel (hello, dandruff)!), hair nutrition is damaged, it becomes weak and lifeless, grows badly and falls out.

Next. Remember the hair cuticle, or rather, the scales that form it? Proper drying, when you direct the flow of air from the roots to the tips of the hair, the scales are smoothed, extra moisture does not evaporate from the hair, and it is protected from external influences. The opposite direction lifts the scales and forces dirt and chemicals in, and when you brush your hair in that position you’re also pulling them out with a comb. Hair is getting damaged, and a revitalizing mask will not help here. Keep your hair healthy. blow dry it properly!

Which hair is most at risk from blow-drying??

The weaker and thinner your hair is, the more vulnerable your hair is to hair drying, flat ironing, and blow drying. For strong hair is also dangerous, but it will last a little longer without visible consequences.

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