How to dry your hair without a hair dryer

The hair dryer creates and blows a jet of air that passes through strands, curls. At this point all the moisture is removed (or evaporates if you set the temperature high) and the hair is dried. If you use a hair dryer attachment, such as a diffuser, concentrator, or brushing, the strands are smoothed and beautifully styled.

The easiest way to do this is to dry your hair naturally outside, if it’s sunny or windy. True, if you do not know the secrets, instead of a beautiful quickly created hairstyle, you can get one that looks untidy, and the hair will want to wash again.

To keep your hair straight

If hair is not too naturally curly, you can dry it without using a hair dryer so that it is relatively straight.

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To do this, you need to follow this algorithm:

  • After washing the hair, apply a smoothing conditioner to the hair. After rinsing, gently squeeze out the curls without twisting them into rolls and blot them with a cotton towel.
  • Use paper towels to remove excess moisture. Hair treated styling cream or smoothing serum (lotion). These products will give your strands the smoothness and shine you want, while reducing the drying time.
  • Turning the head sideways, flip the hair to one side. Using a skeleton brush comb the strands, starting from the tips and going up to the roots.
  • You should slightly shake the curls with your fingers and immediately smooth them down with your palms. This process should be repeated for 5-10 minutes.

How to dry hair without a hair dryer at home

With the towel quickly and perfectly

The principles of hair drying without a hair dryer

A woman with beautiful hair always attracts the attention of men. Girls have long been looking for ways in which you can in 10 minutes without a hair dryer, not only the bangs after washing, but also the whole head.

Hair drying at home without a hair dryer can be carried out by several methods.

  • With a hot towel. For this purpose it is worth taking a terry towel, which has been heated in advance on a radiator or with an iron. After the hair is washed, all the moisture is squeezed from it, and the head is wrapped in a warm towel. Ruffle the hair after 5 minutes, thus drying out the roots and shaping the cut.

This five-minute drying process is usually the best method for short hair.

  • Using balm. Balms or conditioners are applied to damp locks so that the hair can dry quickly in a natural way. Before distributing the product, it is worth squeezing the strands and blot them with a towel. Hair with balm should be brushed vigorously with fingers.
  • Gas. Gas burners are used by many girls to dry hair after it has just been washed. However, this method is considered quite dangerous. It is strictly forbidden to expose your locks to an open flame, as it can burn all your hair. After turning on the gas burner you should stand near the burners and throw your hair forward to dry it. The evaporation of moisture from the curls will happen quickly due to the heated air in the room.
  • The oven. This option of drying the scalp is very similar to the previous one. To carry out the procedure it is necessary to heat the oven, then open it and stand next to it. The air near the oven will be hot, and this will help quickly dry hair.

For straight hair

If the curls are naturally fluffy and slightly curly, but their owner wants to straighten the hair without using a hair dryer or iron, you can take advantage of several simple and effective ways. You’ll need worsted rollers (preferably with Velcro and a large diameter), loose threads and rubber bands.

  • Straightening with the help of the hairpins. Dry your hair naturally, divide it into strands, wrap each strand around your head to make a smooth and even strip, fix the screws in several places.
  • Curlers. Wet after washing curls (do not dry) fasten on curlers and leave until completely dry. Hair styling will be voluminous and hair will be straight and smooth.
  • Headbands. Fasten dry hair into low ponytails with rubber bands along the entire length every 3-4 cm. It’s better to use soft elastic bands so as not to damage the hair structure. Overnight in such a fixation waves and curls will smooth out and stop much frizz.

How to Dry Your Hair Properly and Do You Always Need a Hair Dryer??

We’ve learned all the ins and outs of this seemingly simple business with the experts.

How to Dry Your Hair Properly?

Vera Petrova, independent hair stylist: “There is no definite answer to this question. Well, first of all you have to decide if you want to blow dry them or not. If you’ve opted for the first option, there are a few things to look out for. To start with let your hair dry (15 minutes max)!). Then be sure to apply thermal protectant only along the length and only then deal with a hair dryer.

Hold your hair dryer at least 20cm away from your head and always direct the air in the direction from the roots to the tips. One more thing: hold the hair dryer in the wrong hand, so you can dry your hair faster, as you will be helped by the more active hand.

It’s better if you blow dry your hair slightly warm. avoid extreme temperatures, even if you only have ten minutes to style your hair. It’s better to blow-dry hair at higher settings rather than higher temperatures. Oh and by the way, if you have really fine hair then blowing too much air can mess it up and you need to mess it up really bad.

When you finish blow drying your hair it can be polished and shiny if you use a cool button. A good rule of thumb is to leave your hair slightly (yes, slightly) undershoot to keep it moisturized and styled!) to let your hair dry a little so that it can take care of itself at the end. But this rule doesn’t work if you want perfect styling.”.

Do you always have to blow dry??

Irina Khudyakova, hair stylist at Health Else beauty and health boutique: “Certainly, drying naturally helps retain moisture in the hair. Therefore, if there is no need for styling and the condition of the hair remains satisfactory in the end, it is better not to dry it with gadgets, because when we use a hair dryer we evaporate the microelements and moisture that we have.

If you decide to leave the hair to dry naturally, then you do not need to apply any non-washing products on them. It really depends on the quality of the hair and whether or not you like the end result. If, for example, you end up with sloppy curls, you can use a spray, gel or cream that will enhance this finish, give even more texture, smooth out the ends and weigh down the hair, thereby removing the frizz (dandelion effect).

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But back to the subject of blow drying. I would recommend letting your hair air dry naturally during the summer or on weekends when you don’t have to go out and style it. But when it’s cold, our hair needs a lot more care. We don’t want our heads to get cold, so we use a hair dryer.

A hair dryer tip: If you don’t blow dry your hair, but want it to look neater and tidier in the end, give it a quick spin with a curling iron or hair dryer on a low heat setting. The effect will be similar to what you’d get with a brushing brush. But it’s important to know that your tool should never be hotter than 170 to 180 degrees. And before using a curling iron or hair dryer, spray some heat protection on your hair.

How to MASTER AIR DRYING HAIR without frizz step by step

The key to beautiful styling is understanding basic drying techniques and having the right hair dryer. A simple appliance from the local store is only good for its low price, but its performance is not enough to create a wow effect. It is better to buy a hair dryer with optimal temperature modes, different functions, to adjust it to the type of hair and the desired styling.

The universal hair dryer for every need PARLUX 3500 SuperCompact Ceramic Ionic Edition. The ceramic heater transmits its temperature evenly over the whole surface of the hair. unlike a metal coil. Ionization system gives the strands a characteristic shine, like after a balm. The device can be adjusted to any hair length and condition. there are 8 combinations of modes.

Rule 1. Don’t style wet hair

As you blow-dry hair in hot air, the moisture inside the hair boils and tears it from the inside out. The result is brittle, dull, lifeless-looking hair. Allow hair to dry 80-90% naturally or gently towel dry it before blow drying.

Rule 2. Heat protection

Ignoring this step will dry the hair out. Thermal protection creates an invisible film. a layer between the hot air and the shaft, slowing the evaporation of liquid.

Rule 3. Separate by zone

Use clips on the side, nape of the neck and two side sections to help evenly blow-dry hair. Start at the back of the head, less on the ends.

With sturdy springs Shark Clip Keeps thick strands in place without slipping out.

Rule 4. We raise the temperature slowly

If you blow-dry your hair with a hot stream all at once and make it a habit, it won’t be long before you have dandruff. For the first 5 minutes, turn the hair dryer on medium heat; go to the next one when the main length is dry.

Rule 5. Blow in the direction of hair growth

Girls often omit this point, explaining the error by a lack of time. It seems that if you move the nozzle up and down, the strands will dry faster. But the reverse heat doesn’t speed things up, it opens the scales and loosens the hair shaft. If you’re running late for an important appointment, here’s how to blow-dry your hair really fast.

Rule 6. Cool down

Finish with a cool stream. hot strands lose their shape at the slightest touch. The cold air will fix them and add elasticity.

Rule 7. It’s not time for varnish yet

Let your hair cool down completely and don’t brush it right away. Fixing agents, smoothing gels for the ends should be applied after at least 10 minutes.

Rules of hair dryer use

One of the first rules for using a hair dryer is not to activate the maximum temperature immediately after turning it on. Such action can spoil not only the unit itself, but also cause damage to the hair.

over, frequent use of hot air promotes dandruff and scalp irritation.

It is recommended to use the medium mode for the first 5 minutes, then go to the maximum mode, and finish the procedure with either the medium or minimum temperature. The device itself should be held so that between 15 to 20 centimeters between it and the hair. A smaller distance will lead to over-drying curls, and more will simply prevent quality drying of the head.

If the hair is long and thick, then during a long drying is recommended to take five minute breaks, during which the hair dryer is turned off and the hair is covered with a towel.

No styling products should be used until the curls have cooled. If immediately after washing your hair a nourishing mask is used, you should wait for about 15 minutes before drying.

When getting ready to use a hair dryer it makes sense to divide the entire locks of hair into several smaller zones and treat them one by one. Such preparation allows not only quick and thorough drying of the entire head, but it also improves ventilation and even slightly straightens the strands. The treatment should start from the forehead towards the temples and the central area.

Treating one area, the other areas can be fixed with a hairpin for convenience.

For thermal protection of the hair it is necessary to apply a special product.

If it is a spray, the liquid is sprayed on the already combed locks in the direction from the crown to the ends of the strands, and the serum and lotion need to be pre-mashed in the palms and distributed with your bare hands.

It is important to dry your hair so that the direction of airflow is in line with the direction of hair growth.

If the opposite direction is used, the scales will begin to split and the tips will shred. Need to hold the appliance in the “main” hand, i.e. if you are right-handed, you dry with your right hand. Lift strands at the roots and pull them up toward the tips to create more volume.

How to dry with a hair dryer?

One of the best methods is to dry upside down. This helps keep the hair from going flat around the crown. The hair is brushed back and styled with a round brush before it is completely dry. The blow-dryer speeds up the drying process when hair is soaking wet. If you’ve had your hair straightened with keratin, you can’t go without a blow-dryer.

Don’t hold the hair dryer too close to your head- hot air can burn the hair, ruining the color and the results you’ve just achieved. Minimum distance. 20 cm. You can’t dry just washed hair. Let the hair dry slightly: heat and steam are not good for the hair. You will not get a voluminous hairstyle in this case. Don’t blow-dry the hair all the way through: leave the ends slightly damp, or they will become split.

Don’t ignore the heat concentrator: the air blowing out of your hair dryer should not be blown out randomly all over your hair. A concentrator is a finger-like rubber band that acts as a coarse comb. Its second function is to create frizz on the hair strands. Since this is when hair is being blow-dried all the way through, turn down the air inlet temperature to a moderate level. The ends of the strands are dried with a different nozzle than the one that dried the strands at the roots.

A heat protectant is recommended before blow drying to keep strands from burning through inadvertent blow drying errors. Start drying at the roots: if you start with the rest of the hair, it can dry out on its own at the crown.

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