How to dry your head if there is no hair dryer

“Curly method” hair drying

The “curly method” of hair drying involves the use of effective ways to care for natural curls and curly curls obtained by a chemical curl. This includes various techniques that help dry hair with beautiful and even curls, without split ends and tangled, fluffy strands.

It is advisable for people who have naturally curly, rebellious curls. The impact of thermal appliances (forceps, curling iron, iron) negatively affects the condition of the hair, as it greatly violates their structure, increases porosity and makes them brittle and weakened.

The same can be said about combs with metal or very frequent teeth. They unraveling the “nodules” on curls, a strong tension of curls at the roots lead to increased hair loss and their injury. The optimal solution is to comb strands with fingers. For large curls, a wooden comb or a comb with rare teeth is suitable.

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Instead of shampoos, it is better to use special air conditioners. You should choose the compositions that include cleansing components. That is, the product frees the hair from dirt and excess sebaceous secretions and at the same time nourishes, moisturizes them. This method has the name of coping.

If the effect obtained from the use of the air conditioner does not suit the owner of a curly hairstyle, then you should choose a shampoo in which there are no sulfates, parabens, alcohol, flavorings and other chemical additives that make the strands “heavy” and dim. It is better to dwell on the choice of funds in which there are plant caring components.

To accelerate hair drying, many people use a towel. But it absorbs too much moisture. Simple cotton t.shirt, microfiber material. more gentle drying methods in which a sufficient amount of moisture remains in the hair to moisturize and preserve a healthy structure.

If you follow these tips, then after 2-3 weeks you can notice how strikingly the appearance of the hairstyle has changed. And this is without the use of expensive and not always affordable means for caring for curly hair.

Fast method of drying hair without a hair dryer

You need to leave the house literally after half an hour, and the hair dryer, as luck would have it, broke? No need to panic or cancel a meeting! It is better to read carefully how to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer!

This is the safest and most effective way. Short hair will dry in 10 minutes, and for long thick strands you need a little more time and effort.

  • At the end of washing, you need to apply balm or air conditioning. They form a protective thin film on the strands, which will not allow you to absorb excess water.
  • Squeeze the water from the hair and comb it with your hands. so the water drains faster. But do not twist in a tourniquet, namely squeeze!
  • If you intend to continue to take a shower, stab the strands with an hairpin and do not urinate them anymore.
  • Bend a little down and shake your hair for 3 minutes. You can help with your hands. This simple procedure will add the desired volume and blow out each hair.
  • Wrap your head with a towel that absorbs moisture well (for example, from microfiber or cotton fabric). If the strands curl strongly, you can take a regular paper towel. Leave it for a few minutes (15-20).
  • Gently blot every strand of hair. Repeat until the hair is dried up. The towel should be dry. Do not wipe too much. this can lead to hair damage.
  • When drying, focus on the root zone, because the tips dry much faster. Tilt your head down and get wet the roots of the strands with a dry and clean towel. Shake them several times so that as much air can penetrate to wet hair.
  • Comb a comb with wide teeth or a brush with a microfiber. it does not harm the hair and prevents them from curling.
  • Let your hair be angry and comb out again.
  • If the process is dragged out, shake the hair after 15 minutes and comb the crest.

Extreme methods

There are such, but you need to use them very, very carefully!

Method 1. vacuum cleaner

This strange option is used quite often. It works very simple. you need to either turn on the function of blowing through the hose, or lower your head to the side of the vacuum cleaner from where the air comes out. The only drawback is particles of dirt and dust that immediately settle on the washed hair.

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Method 2. fan

If you have a fan, use this method. Stand opposite the device, choosing the correct speed, and comb the strands with a comb or with your hands.

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Attention! Do not come too close to the fan blades. they can capture hair. And try not to catch a cold.

Method 3. gas stove

Leader among extremals! The prospect of burning the skin or losing their hair does not scare brave women who need to dry wet strands very quickly. Turn on a couple of fireproofs and stand in front of the stove. But it is much safer to use the oven and just stand opposite. The air will become warm from gas and accelerate the drying process.

How to wash your head so that your hair is curly

How to wash your head so that your hair is curly.

Curly Girl Method, or “Curly Method”, The stylist Lorren Massey came up with more than ten years ago, but only now he has become truly in demand and popular. Curly girls suddenly fell in love with their curls and stopped constantly pulling them out. By the way, Curly hair, as a rule, less prone to fat content than direct. This is due to the fact that there are fewer sebaceous glands on the skin of the heads of curly people. That is, it turns out that curly girls a priori go with pure hair The longest than anyone else. But so that everything remains, girls with curls It is worth choosing more careful purification (shampoos) and intensive moisture (balms, air conditioners and indelible funds). In addition, here are a few more rules for those who dream of Curls.

Refuse the use of shampoo completely by switching to COVOSHING, or at least from shampoo with harmful SLS and Sles (lairal and laurelfates of sodium). Aggressive surfactants are dangerous for dry skin and weight curls.

Wash your head under a weak stream of water: strong pressure straightens the hair, depriving you of curls.

Refuse funds for hair, which includes silicones. They envelop their hair, interfering with moisture, and because of this, the curl cannot form.

Leave terry towels for bodies: They absorb too much moisture from hair, And he begins to fluff. Rub, squeeze, twist hair either. You can only gently smear them with a cotton cloth or a microfiber towel.

Do not comb dry hair. Comb turns beautiful curls into a fluffy dandelion. At the same time, the teeth damage the fragile structure of a curly hair, so you should comb only after you abundantly applied the air conditioner along the entire length, and correct it during the day Laying hands.

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How to dry hair without harm

How to dry hair without harm.

In no case do not rub or wrap clean hair to a terbore from a terry towel. And even more so do not go like this for hours. A terry towel takes too much moisture, and the hair becomes weak, brittle, and appears split ends.

After washing the head Gently blink your hair with a waffle towel or a microfiber towel. they take only that part of the moisture that your hair does not need without drying them up.

If you are limited in time, and you need your head Dry Faster than usual, use a paper towel. Divide everything hair on a few strands and go through each vuminizing movements from the roots to the very tips.

Bend your hair forward, shook your head to remove excess moisture, take brush with rare teeth and start to comb slowly. the air will pass through the strands, and the hair will dry faster without getting any harm.

To speed up the process, use the special spray for fast hair drying. They usually use it paired with a hairdryer, but you can do without it. Spray the product on a hair squeezed with a towel, Count And go dress. After a maximum of 10 minutes, the hair will be dry.

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What to do with long hair?

Long flowing curls. the dream of every girl. But the happy owners of this wealth often complain about the problems that they have to face. The most common of them is washing and drying hair. Especially if this must be done promptly.

Let’s figure out how to quickly dry long hair with a hairdryer.

Initially, the algorithm of action is the same as drying the hair as a whole: to carefully squeeze the water and wrap strands in two towels alternately. If necessary, you can use the third, especially if the curls are thick.

  • Gather the top of the hair in a bundle and stab, leave only the hair on the back of the head below. First dry this part, moving from roots to the ends.
  • When the first strands are almost dry, release the next part of the hair and dry them.
  • Thus dry the whole head.
  • Now with the help of a brush or diffuser to finish drying all the hair at the same time.

The procedure is not easy, of course. But it will allow you to dry long curls much faster.

How to dry hair without a hair dryer?

There is anything in life. They can turn off the electricity, or suddenly the device breaks down. What to do in such a situation to poor girls? How to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer? The main thing is not to panic. There are several secrets that will help to cope with this problem:

  • At the end of washing the hair, carefully squeeze the water, just do not unscrew the strands. Gently turn the curls with your fingers and try to drive them as much water as possible from them, push them away from the roots to the ends.
  • Now shake your hair for 2-3 minutes, lowering your head down, and straighten it with your hands so that there is an air flow to the strands.
  • Take a towel of fabric or microfibers and wrap your hair. Leave about 5-10 minutes, as time allows. A towel can be pre.heated, on a battery, for example. So it will better absorb moisture and warm the strands, as a result of which moisture will evaporate them faster.
  • Когда время будет на исходе, промокните полотенцем каждую прядь, но не трите сильно.
  • Remove the towel and carefully comb your hair with a rare comb or brush, shaking the strands so that the air circulates between them. Do this for 1-2 minutes.
  • If the hair still seems too wet, wrap it with a towel again, but take fresh, dry and repeat the whole process.

On average, such intense drying takes 10-15 minutes. But the thicker and longer the hair, the more time it will be needed.

Useful tips

To accelerate hair drying without a hair dryer, you should listen to the recommendations of professional stylists:

  • During the bathing, wash your head first and wrap it with a towel. Then, by the end of the process, moisture from the hair is already absorbed into the fabric, and they will subsequently dry out later.
  • Use air conditioning. This tool creates a water.repellent film on the hair, which makes the curls obedient, and also accelerates drying drying. But do not apply air conditioning to the roots if you need to quickly dry your hair.
  • Use a waffle towel in the process or a cut of microfiber. These materials absorb moisture faster.
  • Before drying, warm the towel with an iron or on the battery.
  • When combing wet strands, be extremely careful. Sudden movements will lead to the cross.section and fragility of the ends.
  • Use a special brush with microfiber. This device absorbs excess fluid, which accelerates the process.
  • Owners of curly curls do not wash off air conditioning. This will facilitate the styling and make the curls obedient.

And finally: in the summer go to the balcony or street. The warm sun and wind will do their job, and the wet head will dry in a matter of minutes.

Forbidden techniques

In search of a way how to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer, some women resort to radical and dangerous methods. What should not be done under any circumstances:

  • Do not dry your head with an iron, heating appliances and devices not intended for these purposes. This is fraught with injuries. In addition, such experiments do not affect the condition of the strands poorly.
  • Do not dry your head near a lit stove. Curls may light up, and this will lead to very deplorable consequences.
  • Do not use an iron for drying. The device is intended only for dry strands, and it does irreparable harm to wet hair.
  • You can not dry the strands with a vacuum cleaner included on blowing. In any case, the device will have dust that will settle on curls. And this will negate the result of washing the head.
  • Do not try to dry your hair with a fan. Curls are wound on the blades and you will get injured. In addition, cold air will lead to colds.

And finally: do not try to mask the wet head under a hat, scarf or cap. The hairstyle from this approach is quite unattractive.

Review of methods for short and medium curls

Women with short strands dry their heads without a hairdry. To carry out this procedure correctly and quickly, you can use an interesting way.

  • After washing the head, it is necessary to carefully get wet the hair with a towel.
  • Change the wet towel to dry and repeat the procedure again. In the process, you should not wipe the strands hard, as this can lead to brittleness and visiting.
  • After excess moisture leaves the hair, it is worth applying mousse or foam and distribute along the entire length. During the performance of the above actions, the head should be tilted down.
  • In the process, you should use a rare comb or straighten your hair with your fingers.
  • When the product is absorbed almost completely, the hair will be dry.
  • The last step will be to bring the hairstyle to perfection, straightening individual strands. If desired, the result can be fixed using varnish.

How to quickly dry long strands?

After washing the head, many want long hair to be straight, voluminous. The hairdryer copes with this task. However, in its absence, it is possible to solve the problem and dry the hair with another method. This procedure is quite complicated, but with a great desire to implement it, you can.

  • Having washed your head, it is worth squeezing the locks well without twisting them.
  • You need to wrap the hair with a towel and withstand for about 3 minutes. In this case, it is better to use microfiber fabric or cotton.
  • The towel should be changed to dry, resting your hair again and withstand for about 3 minutes.
  • After remove it and ruin the hair with your fingers.
  • The roots must be thoroughly blown out with a dry towel.
  • You need to lower your head down and carry out intensive whipping strands. Special attention should be paid to the roots, as they dry much longer.
  • After the above events, your head should be combed with a scallop with rare teeth, divide the hair into locks and dry separately.

If desired, to achieve the effect of “wet hair” on the hair is applied to foam or mousse. Next, the curls are twisted with harnesses and fixed. Drying, the strands will become wavy and beautiful.

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To preserve the desired effect, the hairstyle should not be combed. This styling takes about half an hour.

Why is it better to refuse a hairdryer

The hair dryer, with regular use at high temperatures, overdles strands, and they become tangled, brittle, dull. A hot stream of air deprives the hair of moisture, which leads to their thinning, falling out.

If you cannot use other methods, remember: so that the hairdryer causes minimal harm to health, it must be kept at a distance of 20 cm from strands and used only 15-20 minutes after washing the head. Drying wet hair immediately after washing is not recommended, since in this state they are the most fragile.

How to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer

There are many ways to remove moisture without using a hair dryer. This can be done at home with a paper or waffle towel, a styling mousse and a comb with wide cloves, which we mentioned earlier. Previously, 5 minutes before washing the head of the strand, you need to thoroughly comb, put a towel for drying curls on the battery.

In the process of washing the head, you need to use hair balm, as it covers the strands with a film that interferes with the deep penetration of water. After the washing of the washing, the curls must be squeezed out. To do this, lower your head down and shake the strands for 1-2 minutes, squeeze the remaining moisture without twisting into a tourniquet.

After that, you need to wrap your head with a terry or waffle towel, previously warmed up on the battery. First of all, a towel must be wetted at the roots of the hair, since there is the most moisture there.

When the curls at the roots begin to dry, freely divide into strands, you can apply a styling mousse and start slow and neat combing of hair so as not to break them. So soon they will completely dry and take the desired shape.

The correct start for each method of drying hair without a hair dryer

By the way, this is the right beginning for drying without a hair dryer is no different from the correct beginning of drying with a hairdryer. Of course, it is necessary to collect the main moisture from the hair. This is done using a towel. terry or better, from microfiber. The last material. relatively new, it absorbs moisture more efficiently and is deprived of many shortcomings of its predecessors.

An important point in the primary drying of the hair with a towel. Remember that wet hair is very easy to damage, so you need to behave gently and carefully with them.

Do not severely irritate them or rudely squeeze them out. This, firstly, is harmful, and secondly, inefficiently. After all, you squeeze not only hair, but also a towel, right? So, the water successfully collected by a towel is squeezed. where? Right, back into the hair.

No, pressing movements are acceptable, but only light. Let all your movements be soft and calm. so you will not harm, and collect moisture better.

Four methods of drying hair without a hair dryer

A simple option. only time

Even boring. Everything is necessary. just collect the main moisture from the hair with a towel and allow the rest to dry independently.

However, do not neglect this method because of its apparent simplicity. He is absolutely healthy. so you definitely will not harm your hair, they will remain healthy and beautiful. And if you are not in a hurry. Use it.

Most importantly, do not substitute under drafts or under direct sunlight. You can catch a cold from a draft, and the sun’s rays can harm wet hair.

A dashing option that is not suitable for everyone

Modification of this method. Let’s say right away. Many women are not enthusiastic about him. Some even in horror. However, some use it quite calmly. And they don’t know grief.

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Its essence is that, getting rid of the main volume of water with a towel, just and boldly go to bed with a wet head. It seems that drying will go for a long time. However, in fact, there will be no time losses. You still sleep.

  • Someone is catching a cold. But the point here is not in the hair, not their owner. Only in the fact that in the room where she slept, there were definitely drafts. Get rid of them. And try again.
  • Someone wakes up the next morning with a crazy nest on his head. You just won’t write anything here. The trick of sleeping with a wet head is that for some types of hair it allows you to dry easily and without problems, and some, on the contrary, wildly confuse. Check. And if they are confused, use others.
  • Someone in all seriousness claims that the brains can get wet from this What can you say.

The fastest way to dry hair without a hair dryer

The promised way to dry hair without a hairdryer more or less quickly. You will need two towels.

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One of them needs to be prepared. Heat on a hot battery or with an iron.

The first you, as usual, collect the main volume of moisture from your hair. The second, warmed up, you wrap your hair in the manner of a turban after that.

Will you be in time for a job? Oh, I don’t know. But you can try. So you will at least have a chance.

At the same time, it should be understood that this method is as harmless to hair as other drying methods without a hairdryer. Therefore, you can use it and just when there is no rush. Unlike simple drying, it practically excludes the likelihood of a cold.

It’s a pity that there are not always two clean towels at hand at hand. However, if you are going to use it more or less often, you can prepare in advance.

Hair drying without a hairdryer for volume

The beginning is ordinary. You collect the main water with a towel, and then carefully thin them with your fingers, raising at the roots. So the hair will dry faster. Because you provide air access to the roots. Plus some increase in volume. Not that, of course, which you would have achieved with the help of a good thermal gunner, but still.

Playful curls

At first, the Diffushes nozzle was designed to give a basal volume to the hair, and only later the stylists found that the nozzle, with preliminary application of a special modeling mousse, can give the hair the effect of flowing curls and curls.

When laying a diffuser, it should be borne in mind that it will not work to observe a safe distance, so it is advisable to dry the hair at an average temperature regime and moisturize the ends, preventing their overdrying.

How to avoid unsuccessful drying and hair styling

It happens, even after all the conditions of drying the hair with a hairdryer, the hairstyle leaves much to be desired. Sometimes, after a long procedure for straightening, girls with lush hair cannot achieve the effect of straight hair. There are several reasons for such failures:

  • It is not recommended to dry the hair in the bathroom. after taking the bath or shower, wet air still remains in the room, which makes drying the hair useless;
  • The remnants of shampoo or balm on the hair can serve as an obstacle to good styling. carefully rinse your hair;
  • It is advisable to use tools for laying directly in the drying process;
  • The hair itself is prone to oily and the hairstyle does not turn out as lush as we would like;
  • Do not stab or collect unleven hair in the tail. ugly creases will remain;
  • At the end of the drying, it is imperative to apply a cold hair blowing mode.

If possible, it is necessary to dry the hair in a natural way, since the effect of high temperatures has its negative effect: the hair becomes brittle, dry, the ends seize. It is also not recommended to dry hair under the straight rays of the sun. If natural drying is impossible due to circumstances, then try to dry hair with a hairdryer no more than twice a week.

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