How to enable the Kuppersberg induction panel

How to enable Kuppersberg oven

To turn it on or off the device, press and hold the v./Off. on the control panel (5) until you hear the sound signal. When the device turns on, indication will appear on the displays of the hobs.

How to enable Kuppersberg gas stove?

The first is activated by pressing a special button located on the control panel, the second. pressing on the turning point of turning on the burner. First you need to turn the handle to ensure the supply of “blue fuel”, then press on it. The piezolent begins to spark, and the burner is lit.

How to turn off an induction stove?

The induction stove is shut off at the end of the cooking using the control panel (point “Turning off”) if there are such. The device not equipped with the display is disconnected by the “v./Off “, which must be kept for a few seconds before the hob is disconnected.

What does LO mean on the hob?

After connecting the hob to the electric network, the control panel is in a locked state (“LO” is displayed on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “double/triple zone” and “boiling” buttons at the same time.

What is automatic electric light?

Automatic electric fire and the principle of its operation

How to light a gas panel?

A gas stove equipped with a function of semi.automatic or fully automatic electric lighting is much easier. In the first version, you just need to press the handle from the burner you need, turn it by a quarter of turning counterclockwise and at the same time press the Ambroor button.

enable, kuppersberg, induction, panel

Как снять блокировку с электрической плиты.

How much does a hob connection cost?

Installation of a hob and oven (dependent set) PCS. 3300
Installation of a hob on the finished drank with installation of a socket PCS. 1950
Installation of a hob on ready.made communications PCS. 1500
I drank in the countertop PCS. 800

How to unlock the hound panel maunfield?

Unlock is carried out in the same way as activating the protective regime. You need to click on her on the touch button with a lock and hold longer. The indication on the screen will disappear, and all the elements will become active. Blocking can be used in pauses between food preparations, and in the process of cooking soup or porridge.

How to enable a touch electric stove?

Turn on the stove; Choose a burner and press on the sensor responsible for it; Press the temperature button (usually indicated by symbols.) and set power (usually from 1 to 3 or 1 to 9, depending on the model).

Dishwasher Kuppersberg GL 6033 Operating Instructions

Few people like to wash the dishes, so dishwashers are in great demand in the market of household appliances. When choosing a dishwasher, they pay attention to several criteria, one of them is a width and type of installation. Of the same conditions, an important value, the capacity of the sets of dishes arises.

How to make induction stove. Great idea needed in your home

For example, in PMM with a width of 45 cm, from 8 to 10 sets will fit, which will be enough for a family of three people. But in a full-size model of 60 cm, 12-16 sinter sets will fit. With this capacity, you can not worry about dirty plates after dinner, since wider models are designed to serve a large number of people.

One of these dishwashers is GL 6033. In this article we will consider its functionality, the rules of operation and care.

After you installed the dishwasher, remove the locks and the remaining rubber mounts from the upper shelf.

All Kuppersberg PMM models have a water hardness regulator that provides a long operation of the device. Install it for maximum value. Pour water into the softener tray, then fill the tank with salt weighing 1 kilogram.

Attention! In no case do not use the dining room, sea or kosher salt. These types contain additives that can increase water hardness. over, such salt can be too small and block the device.

In household stores and household appliances, you can purchase special salt for dishwashers. Thanks to her, you will remove the factory lubricant and dust. But salt is needed not only for the first launch, it is recommended to use it on a regular basis, at least once a month, since it prevents the formation of lime plaque on the dishes and the functional parts of the dishwasher.

Salt tank is located at the bottom of the machine. and it must be replenished when the green float of the tank bowl is no longer visible.

Now in stores they sell a set for the first launch, as a rule, it includes everything you need, including rinsers and tablets for washing dishes.

As soon as you turn on the washing program, water will remove all dust and lubricants. After completing the cycle, inspect the camera for the subject of the subtexts or poorly fixed baskets, if everything is fine, then your dishwasher is ready for the first batch of dishes.

The GL 6033 model has 8 washing programs and 3 types of temperature conditions. Consider each of them.

ECO. a program for medium polluted dishes, with minimal water and electricity consumption.

Auto. Normal. Automatic program for a regular washing cycle.

Intensive. suitable for heavy contaminants, for example, burned pans or a cauldron after pilaf.

Daily. a short cycle for everyday sink.

Silent. a night program, is characterized by silence and economical consumption of resources.

Rapid 30 ’. cleanses light pollution, without residue food.

Cristal. suitable for cleaning dishes made of thin glass and extremely sensitive to high temperatures, for example, champagne glasses.

Pre-Wash-it does not use detergents, the shortest program.

But in addition to the programs of the sinks, PMM has another series of functions in managing. Many will appreciate the deferred start. The model we are considering, it is designed for 12 hours. As soon as you choose a suitable time period, the light indicator will light up, with time it will go out and the washing cycle will begin.

If you have not accumulated so many dishes, and you want to save, use the Multizone function. By default, when choosing any of the programs, the sink occurs in all baskets, but if you have 1 or 2 filled, click on the Multizone button, and select in which baskets the washing should occur.

The Tablet option optimizes the work of programs depending on the detergent used, for example, tablets of a combined type (3 V 1, salt, rinser and detergent).

Before loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes, remove the remaining food from it and pour the liquid out of the glasses. Install the dishes firmly so that it does not overturn, all the containers should be installed upward, and convex and concave dishes stood under the slope.

Pay attention to the fact that the handles and lids do not interfere with the rotation of sprayers. Cutlery should be strictly located in their basket.

The upper basket is regulated in height, so the location of even very large pots will not cause problems.

There is a brief instruction for daily use:

one.Check the water connection. 2.Turn on the dishwasher by clicking on the ON/OFF button and opening the door. 3.Download dishes. four.Place the detergent in the corresponding compartment. 5.Choose a sink program closing the door. 6.After the cycle is completed, the sound signal sounds (as at its beginning), open the door and turn off the device.

But there are situations when you need to urgently change the sink program or add a new dish.

To change the washing cycle, the condition that it has just begun. Open the on/off door until the car is turned off. Turn on the car again using the ON/OFF button, and choose a new cycle with the desired options. Start the cycle by closing the door.

In order to add dishes, you need to open the hatch, report the required amount and close it. The cycle will resume from its interruption.

Caring for hygiene, start a high.temperature program once a month to avoid unpleasant odors and pollution accumulating in the car, adding a teaspoon of detergent.

Kuppersberg Eco 301 Operation Instruction Instruction. Page 23

Instructions Kuppersberg Eco 301 for the device an electric hob contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

Electric hob

Electric hob

be careful! Hot surfaces!

After disconnecting the power level on the indicator, the symbol is displayed

, pointing to what the hob is still hot and not to be followed-

blowing to touch. After the heated surface has cooled to a safe temperature, this indication will not be displayed. This indication function can also be used to save energy: if you need to warm up or prepare another dish, then you can put the dishes on a burner that has not yet cooled down.

If the hob is in standby mode and the surface

The hob is still hot, then the symbols of “h” and “-” will alternately be in the indicator indicator.

Using expanded heating zones

Some models of ceramic hobs can have one or

Several expanded hobs (oval / double / triple zone), to-

which allow you to provide a large area for cooking and before-

Complex thermal power. To activate the expanded zone, you will compose the following actions:

Turn on the hob, touching the button

Select the hob in which there are additional

Heating contours (expanded zone), touching the button

Choosing a heating zone. Then adjust the level setting

power, while the central zone will include.

Turn to the control button of the expanded zone

, to activate additional heating ale-

With a long touch to the control button re-

the bench press of the extended zone will be switched to indicated-

-oval zone: central-oval-central-

-double zone: central-two-central-two-

Central-two-three-central circuit of the zone.

Электрическая варочная панель Kuppersberg ECO 301

If an oval or double zone is activated, then its LED-

the savage will alternately display the setting of the power level and the symbol “”; When activating the triple zone on its LED indicator will be-

A variety of power settings and the symbol “” “.

Using the Booster function (induction hob)

In some models of induction hobs, there may be one

or several hobs with Booster function. You can use the Booster function to increase the power of the corresponding hob to the MAC-symatic level by 5 minutes. This function helps to reduce the total cooking time and may be useful, for example, in cases where you are very in a hurry.

to use the Booster function during operation

induction hobs, follow the following-

Turn to the heating zone selection button so that you-

take the hob for which you want to use

Turn to the Booster function control button

, The symbol “B” will be displayed on the indicator of the heating zone,

which will flash for 5 seconds and then stop

blink. In this case, the Booster function is activated, power

will reach the maximum value and will be held on

this level within 5 minutes, and then a return to

Previously specified power level settings.

If the Booster function is also used to use another boiler-

the zone, located in the vertical direction relative to this zone, and the power setting above the 2nd level is set for it, the device of the program-control control automatically change the setting of its power to level 2.

Kuppersberg ICO 301 Operating Instruction Instruction. Page 24

Instructions Kuppersberg ICO 301 for the device The induction hob contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

Electric hob

Electric hob

Management of children’s access protection

You can block the control panel in order to prevent

unintentional use of the hob (for example, random

inclusion of hobs by children) by activating the function of access protection

When blocking the control panel, all the sensor buttons are deactivated-

control, with the exception of the VCL/OPL button and the function control buttons-

To block the control panels buttons

Touch the button control button for access protection

The “LO” characters will be displayed on the timer indicator, and the function for-

To unlock the control panel buttons

Make sure that the electrical hob is turned on.2. Turn to the button for controlling the function of protecting from children’s access

and do not let it go for 3 seconds until one is issued-

A multiple of the sound signal and the symbols “LO” do not disappear from the timer indicator,

this function of protecting against children’s access will be disconnected.

Now you can start using an electric hob in

With the control mode on the access mode of children, all control buttons are deactivated, with the exception of the VKL/OPL button

lamenting the function of protecting from children’s access

Электрическая варочная панель Kuppersberg ECO 301

In case of emergency, you can at any time

Disconnect the hob with the vkl/OPL button

using the hob will need to unlock it.

note. If the hob is disconnected when activated-

dropped function of protecting from children’s access, then with the subsequent inclusion

hobal panel Function of protection from children’s access continues to operate.

Prepare is easier! You cook in the kitchen, and at this time someone called

door call, the phone rang or you were urgently called by a child from another

rooms. And you definitely need to leave the kitchen? If you turn off everything and-

do me, in this case, your food can burn or cooking can take more

Stop Go allows you to turn off all heating zones. After

How you return to the kitchen you will have enough only one touch to the button

, so that the hob again goes to the mode on which you

stopped earlier and you can continue cooking.

Stop Go, you need to click once

Stop go. In this case, all settings of the device

software control will be saved in memory, the hob is stopped-

the process of heating and for all indicators of the power settings will be

Stop Go, you need after returning

Press the function control button to the kitchen again

The settings of the software control device will be restored and appropriate-

suggest the moment when you interrupted the cooking process, and from all Indica-

Torah will disappear the activation symbol of the Stop Go. “p” mode.

After activating the Stop Go function, all managers cease to work

buttons, with the exception of the VCL/OPL button and the function control buttons

Stop go. note. If the action of the Stop GO function lasts more than 10 mi-

Automatic shutdown

Kuppersberg induction hobs are equipped with an advanced security system. In particular, the device provides for automatic shutdown in case of overheating of fireplace, a long absence of commands from the user, as well as when it enters the control panel of foreign objects or liquids.

Security first of all

Kuppersberg induction hock panels win more and more fans. The popularity of these household appliances is facilitated by economical power consumption (only the bottom of the dishes is heated, and not the glass.ceramic surface), the convenience of control, the expanded functionality. In particular, the Booster option is provided in the hobs, which significantly increases the maximum capacity of the firewood, the Stop GO function, thanks to which you can pause in the cooking process, preserving the previously introduced settings. Flexible hobs can be combined into one large or used individually. The timer allows you to program the duration of the work of each burner.

But the manufacturer paid attention not only to the functionality. One of the most important issues is the safety of operation. Therefore, all models provide an automatic shutdown system.

It can work in several cases. For example, if you forgot a pot of boiling water on the stove, and all the liquid boiled, there is a risk of overheating of the device. In order to prevent burnout of heating elements, the hob is automatically disconnected.

The second situation in which the protective shutdown is triggered is a long absence of any action (power switching, the choice of function, setting the timer, etc. D.). For example, if you accidentally left the device on and left. After a certain time, the hob will automatically turn off to prevent excessive electricity consumption.

The device will stop working if water or fat gets on the touch control panel, as well as if the sensors are closed by any subject. Fluid hit can lead to a short circuit and breakdown of the electronic module. Therefore, if you cannot turn on the hob, first of all check the condition of the control panel.

To buy an induction hob Kuppersberg with a proprietary guarantee, go to our catalog to select a model. Information on the conditions of delivery and payment of orders can be clarified on the site or by managers. To communicate with them, use online chat or contact numbers.

Kuppersberg ICS614 hob

How to enable the Kuppersberg induction panel

After disconnecting the hob, the ventilation system continues to work:

There is no malfunction, the fan continues to cool the electronic components.

The cooling fan will stop automatically.

The burner was turned on for a long time.

Closed one or more touch buttons.

The hob has a function of automatic power reduction and automatic shutdown when overheating

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [l] is displayed:

Cm. Section on blocking the control panel.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [ER03] is displayed:

Control buttons are closed by any object or liquid. The symbol will stop displaying after cleaning the keys.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [e2] or [eh] is displayed:

The hob is overheated, wait for its cooling and then turn it on again.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [e3] is displayed:

Dishes are not suitable for the induction panel, replace the dishes.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [e5] is displayed:

Check the voltage of the power supply network.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [e6] is displayed:

The power supply network is faulty. Check the power of the power supply network.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [e8] is displayed:

The airplane air receiver is closed, clean it.

On the display of the control panel, the symbol [U400] is displayed:

The hob is not connected to the power supply network. Connect the hob.

If one of the characters continues to be displayed on the display, contact the service.

Packing materials are environmentally friendly and are subject to secondary processing.

Electronic components consist of processed materials, as well as some materials that pose a danger to the environment, but are necessary for the proper and safe operation of equipment.

Do not throw away the equipment with household garbage.

Use the equipment in the local waste collection center, which has permission to dispose of household appliances.

How to cook on an induction stove

For cooking, it is necessary to prepare the necessary products and, of course, dishes, more on this below.

We select dishes for induction stove

For cooking on inductive furnaces, it is advisable to use specialized utensils made of ferromagnetic materials. This is determined by the physical principle that underlies its work. Vortex currents that create heat in dishes most effectively affect ferromagnetic dishes. If the consumer has no desire to spend money on the purchase of new dishes, you can buy an adapter made in the form of a disk and laid on a burner, so you can use the usual kitchen utensils (glass, aluminum, etc.). This adapter will take on the action of vortex currents, and warm up, passing the heat of the dishes on it installed.


The selected dishes for use on the induction furnace is suitable for finding out, or there is no ordinary magnet will help. It is enough to bring it to the dishes, and if it sticks, then the dishes may well be used to cook on such equipment.

The best solution would be to use dishes with a thick bottom.

We understand the modes

In order for the cooking process to become easier, manufacturers try to install more functions, and some of them, in fact, can bring certain benefits. For example, the Booster function, which allows you to transfer power from the burner to the burner. She makes it possible to pick up energy from a free burner. This allows you to cook food a little faster.

Heat support mode. its presence allows you to leave cooked food on the stove, and it will not be able to cool for a long time.

Emergency shutdown will work, when a liquid gets onto the hob. As a result, all the firewood is disconnected.

Separate models offer users various modes that allow you to prepare a chop or extinguish mushrooms.

How to unlock an induction stove

In some cases, there is a need to block the plate, for example, from young children who may be worried with the control panel. A button with the image of the lock may be located on the front panel. After clicking on it, the plate control will be blocked. To turn it off, press two buttons at the same time, as a rule, it is a plus and minus, after pressing you need to withstand a certain time.

Features of preparation on an induction stove

One of the main features of the inductive slab is the speed of cooking. All who use it in everyday life, note her quick work. Consider this on the example of the manufacture of ordinary fried eggs. So, on the gas, eggs will be ready on average in 12-15 minutes, on an inductive furnace, cooking time will take no more than 4 minutes.


For those who only master this device, at first you need to strictly follow the instructions indicated in the prescription books. And only after receiving some experience can you prepare yourself.

Safety rules when working with induction stove

Inductive stove is an electric device and, accordingly, with this, its operation should be carried out in accordance with the safety measures for working with electrical appliances.

  • The connection should be made only to the network that meets the requirements defined in the operating manual.
  • It is unacceptable to close the panel through which the internal cavity of the device is ventilated.
  • The equipment must be protected from moisture from the hull.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of an inductive device can only be carried out after disconnecting the device from the electric current network.

Following these tips, you can simply use an induction stove, and it will last a long time.

How to unlock the hounding panel NEFF

Depending on the model, unlocked the oral bar (induction) can be in two ways.

The first method is similar to the option of removing protection from the Bosch. To turn off the lock, you need to click on the “Key” button and hold it for about 4 seconds.

How to unlock the NEFF hob with a joystick (with a magnetic switch)? The lock is turned on by pressing the “l” button. You can remove the block if you press and hold “l” for 3 seconds.

How to unlock the Gorenje hob

Protection from children on the Gorenje hob is turned on by pressing the “Turning/Turning” button for 3 seconds. Therefore, the blocking often turns on by accident and the question “how to unlock the hob that combustion” becomes relevant.

Press on the turn off the hob and hold the “VKL/OKL” button for 3 seconds. Instead of the letter “l”, the value “0” will appear on the indicators. this will mean that the blocking on the hob is disconnected.

Safety system

Induction hobs have several functions that ensure the safe use of technology. These include protection against overheating and overflow, blocking the control panel from children, as well as indicators of residual heat.

Overheating protection works if, despite the operation of the cooling fan, the temperature under the glass.ceramic coating rises to a potentially dangerous level. This usually occurs with prolonged use of powerful heating zones. Plant protection disconnects heating if too stormy boiling begins and the liquid begins to pour on the working surface. This function will save you from running milk or broth. It is relevant because most induction models are embedded in a flush with a countertop, so that the liquid flows freely on the table, and from it to the floor. Protection from children will not allow young researchers to change the settings of the stove, and the indication of residual heat will warn that the surface is still hot.

Features of operation

Any technique loves cleanliness, so try to wipe the surface after each cooking. For care, use soft sponges and special detergents for glass ceramics. The absence of severe heating does not allow particles of food to boil to the surface, but if you leave them to lie, then they may dry.

The choice of pots and pans is not difficult. The presence of magnetic properties. passing into the world of induction. Important: the thicker the bottom and walls, the more effective it will be heated. Too thin dishes should be avoided: the water in it will boil longer, in addition, there is less risk of buzzing. The glass.ceramic desktop of induction panels is able to withstand the weight of large pots. But it is better to avoid spot strikes, especially around the perimeter. chips may appear. Glass ceramics are afraid of some substances. If you do not want ugly spots to appear on it, do not use copper and aluminum utensils. Another danger is sugar. Do not let him get to the surface of your hob, and if this happens, wipe it quickly. The same applies to jams, jam and other products with high m sugar.

Pros of induction models

This type of panel uses the principle of magnetic induction: creates a unique magnetic field that heats up metal dishes, in contrast to classical electric models using heating elements. Thanks to this, such devices are heated exclusively by the dishes itself, which affects the level of energy consumption and significantly accelerates the preparation of dishes. The only disadvantage of such devices is the need to use special dishes with a perfectly flat bottom.

As a material for induction panels, high.quality glass ceramics are used, which is not afraid of strokes and temperature changes. It is easily washed due to the absence of protruding elements. In the working area there are burners that can have different shape and, if necessary, unite in unified heating zones.

Management and useful functions

To control the temperature of heating zones and activation of various functions, sensory panels are used, which can be implemented both in the form of “buttons” and in the form of sliders. Many Kuppersberg devices are equipped with the following functions:

Indication of residual heat

This function serves to increase the safety of the device. After cooking, the glass-ceramic surface itself for some time remains hot for some time. Indicators burn until it cools down to an acceptable temperature.

Stop go

This function allows you to reduce the power of all zones of heating to the minimum level in one touch, and then restore the initial values. It can be convenient if you need to get to a phone call or open the door at home.


One of the most convenient functions. This is Booster, which allows to temporarily significantly increase the power of the heating zone, which is convenient if necessary to quickly heat up a large amount of water if necessary. After disconnecting the function of the burner, it goes into standard mode.

Kuppersberg ICS614 hob

  • Induction burners
  • The number of firewood 4
  • Black color
  • The type of connection is independent
  • Height 5 cm
  • Width 59 cm
  • Depth 52 cm

Kuppersberg ICS604W hob

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