How to enable wet cleaning on a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner


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First of all, check the navigation of the robot vacuum cleaner in the room with obstacles. First, Xiaomi Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 2 goes through the entire available area around the perimeter, after which it starts cleaning with a snake. On the dryer, he pushed a little, but he could easily get out of the trap, separately hung around the box and all the legs of the chair, after which the base returned to the base. Test passed successfully!

There are also no complaints about navigation within the home. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans room after room, first along the perimeter, and then with a snake. There are no uncleaned areas left, navigation is good!

Suction power

But the suction power is quite standard, the same as that of Mijia LDS, although 2800 Pa is declared. Xiaomi Mijia 2, like most other robot vacuum cleaners of the Xiaomi family, was able to suck the garbage only from the gap of a depth of 2 mm. So the increase in capacity is to a greater marketing stroke. However, this is enough to automatically maintain cleanliness in the house!

Dry cleaning on laminate

High garbage collection quality on laminate. The robot completely collected the garbage on the stand, leaving only a small part in the corners, due to the round shape. Some hair is wrapped around the central brush, but most of the debris is collected in the dust bin. Test passed successfully!

Carpet cleaning

Quality of carpet cleaning on medium damage, which is characteristic of Mijia’s vacuum cleaners. After the passages, the robot can leave some of the garbage, and in order to remove everything, it needs to pass the same place several times. So this robot vacuum is far from the best option for cleaning carpets.

Wet cleaning

But the quality of wet cleaning is higher than the average. Xiaomi Mijia 2 is able to wipe off simple dirt from the floor, leaving almost no streaks. The napkin is well pressed to the floor and absorbs dirt. However, we see that the unwashed area along the baseboard is quite wide, due to the structure of the napkin.

Well, as for vibration. I didn’t notice at all how it helps. It only creates extra noise. So the vibration module in this model is purely marketing.

However, to maintain cleanliness in the house, the implemented wet cleaning is quite suitable. It is also important that the robot vacuum cleaner is capable of vacuuming and wipe the floor.

Wet cleaning and carpets

New test, which was decided to add in 2022. simultaneous dry and wet cleaning with carpets. So Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum MOP 2 is not able to independently detect carpets, passing around in the process of wet cleaning or at least turn off the water supply when driving on the carpet. So be sure to set no-go zones on carpets in wet mopping mode.

Passability of obstacles

The patency of obstacles in this model is good. Robot vacuum cleaner easily moves 2 cm threshold.

Testing dark coatings

Well, one more upgrade touched work on black surfaces. The updated robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of dark spots and moves through them without problems, unlike its predecessor Mijia LDS and most other robots of the Xiaomi family. This is a plus!

Noise level

In conclusion, we measure the noise level of the robot vacuum cleaner in different modes. In a quiet mode, noise level is about 60-62 dB, in the standard mode can reach 64 dB, the noise level of up to 65 dB, and the turbo peak is 67.1 dB turbo mode.

Again, for comparison, in the previous model, the noise level reached 73 dB at the same power. So Mijia factory engineers took care of the reduction of noise. This is a plus!

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P. Mopping function in detail

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C. sensor calibration

Not so long ago I outlined my thoughts on the experience of using the Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum cleaner robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C. The article said that the vacuum cleaner began to behave strangely and that only disabling and enabling the “Experimental functions” mode in the original MiHome program helped to solve the problem, in the modified MiHome application from vevs, the effect of disabling / enabling this mode did not work. Unfortunately, this decision had only a temporary effect, after, approximately, 10 days of using the problem returned.

Description of the problem

The vacuum cleaner begins to navigate the space. This is expressed like this:

  • When cleaning the snake, the vacuum cleaner removes the room with a small (or large) diagonal.
  • Can go from one part of the room to another and back.
  • Several times chaotic returns to the already replaced places.
  • Can’t find base on return.
  • Instead of turning on the spot delivers backward, and turns.
  • When returning to the base, it starts very abruptly, without a tank of water, with the front wheel off the floor.

Reset the default settings does not help.


On the “blue” site and in Telegram Kapiba a technical service manual for calibrating vacuum cleaner sensors was found.

Calibration of sensors

To calibrate the sensors, you will need to install a modified version of MiHome from vevs (version archive, MiHome 6 by vevs).

To access the service functions, you need in the plugin file /Android/data/com.Xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/rn/1000004/XXXXXXX/Android/main.Bundle Fix the line:

We launch MiHome from vevs, go to the vacuum cleaner plugin. Settings menu (three points). Cleaning history. click 10 times on the header with cleaning statistics.

ATTENTION! one. The sewing version of the vacuum cleaner must be higher than 1025 if the firmware version is lower, it must be updated. 2. It is necessary that the device with the application from which the sensors is calibrated is in the same network as the vacuum cleaner.

Install the vacuum cleaner on a flat surface, align the vacuum cleaner so that you can track and, if you need, then fix the vacuum cleaner after calibration.

In the Sensor calibration menu, press Gyroscope calibration.

Within 10 seconds after pressing the robot will not stand moving, after which it will perform 10 turns on the spot. After completing the 10 revolutions, the vacuum cleaner should be in the same position as at the beginning.

If the vacuum cleaner is stopped with a large error, the arms rotate it to the desired position, and then repeat the calibration.

When the desired result is achieved, press the Gyroscope move confirmation button to confirm.

Xiaomi MiJia 1C ROBOT vacuum mop ¦ Wet and Dry VACUUM CLEANER

ATTENTION! The next two calibrations require a space 4 meters long, 1 meter wide.

Робот пылесос Xiaomi инструкция по использованию, подключению и настройке

Place the vacuum cleaner on a flat surface, press Optical flow A calibration.

The vacuum cleaner will confirm the execution of the command with a voice message, drive in a straight line for a distance of 3 meters, turn 180 ° and return to the starting point. If you deviate from the starting point, you must return the vacuum cleaner to its original position and try again.

As you can see from the video, the first launch was not successful, which heard from the voice message. We repeat the launch.

Run calibration for Optical Flow B Calibration mode. performed in the same way as Optical flow A calibration.


After the calibration is completed, we return the vacuum cleaner to the database, in the Mihome application, we turn off the “experimental functions”, launch the vacuum cleaner for complete cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will be able to normally clean and successfully return to the base, described at the beginning of the problem will have to leave.

According to personal experience, the vacuum cleaner is much better begins to navigate in space, performing moving between rooms, not bumping on obstacles and successfully returning to the base from the first time.

How to synchronize the application with a robot vacuum cleaner

Synchronization of the MI HOME application with any device from the Smart House system will not deliver difficulties even to the novice user. The first stage. just download the program on the phone or tablet, which are planned to control the robot vacuum cleaner. In order for synchronization to occur as quickly as possible and without errors, you must first charge household appliances for cleaning and turn on the device.

In the absence of access to Wi-Fay, you can use the usual mobile data transfer that each cellular operator offers.

Next, in the application itself, select the device add to adding the device and click on the appropriate section with household appliances. Thus, the device synchronization process and the phone will start automatically. If synchronization fails occurs, manufacturers recommend reloading a robot vacuum cleaner.

Successful synchronization shows the appearance of the corresponding icon on the main screen of the mobile device.

It is used in virtually any technical invention. Voice control technology has become relevant not so long ago, but has gained wide popularity. The special development of such management began after the release of the “smart home” system. If we consider a robot vacuum cleaner, then connecting the soundtrack is definitely necessary.

Voice commands can be set in the system initially. Or a person himself can create the desired script. The owner of the equipment clearly and loudly pronounces the command. This is required in order for the device to properly fulfill its intended purpose.

For some reason, most models of robotic vacuum cleaners do not have a voice assistant. But the exception is Xiaomi, since the financial party and technical capabilities allowed to create a personal assistant. Xiao AI.

Xiaomi voice control implementation:

  • It is necessary that the selected model works on the Mijia smart home platform. The remaining settings are made in the Mi home app.
  • Going to the settings, will remain register the working scenarios of voice commands.
  • Choose key phrases: start or finish cleaning.
  • For Russian-speaking users, it is more expedient to connect the voice assistant to Alice for more correct recognition of commands in the native language.

How to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi: step-by-step instruction with video

Currently, robot vacuum cleaners not only have excellent functionality, but also most have the ability to connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Connecting to the phone or tablet significantly expands the possibilities of the robot and allows the user to fully enjoy the variety of provided functions. So, in the application, you can set up a cleaning schedule, track the movements of the robot, battery power, and even limit the cleaning area. In this article, we will look at the sequence of steps on how to connect Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Wi-Fi for the first time. In addition to step-by-step instructions, we strongly recommend that you watch a visual video review at the end of the article.

How to manage the cleaning process

You can control Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner from your smartphone. To do this, there is an application in which you can set a cleaning schedule, route and control device parameters. The application intuitive will show the user how to create a smart card of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.

To manage and control through the application, you must follow the following steps:

  • download the “Mi Home” application for Android or iOS;
  • choose a Europe, USA or Singapore server, because some options are blocked on Chinese servers;
  • create an account or log in to an existing account;
  • In the “Adding Device” item, select MI Robot;
  • On the body of the vacuum cleaner, press and hold for 5 seconds the icon with the image of the house to the beep. This will indicate a successful connection between the application and the device;
  • select Mi Robot and specify the Wi-Fi network used;
  • set the main location of the device and complete the setup.

With a complete cleaning, a map is built, dividing a large room into squares. Then, along a zigzag path, each square is cleaned in turn. Each square of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is re-passed. After completion, the robot returns to the base for charging. If the docking station is moved to another location, the robot vacuum cleaner will return to the place where it started cleaning.

Partial cleaning is the cleaning of a surface with an area of ​​1.5×1.5 meters. To do this, you need to put the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in the right place, press and hold the “Home” button for 5-6 seconds. The device will start cleaning and return to the base when it is completed.

Possible difficulties

There may be some difficulties when using the robot vacuum cleaner. They often have simple solutions.

  • The robot vacuum is no longer shown in the app. The reason is the loss of communication between the utility and the device. As a rule, this can happen when changing the Wi-Fi network, when updating the firmware. To fix the problem, you need to reset the robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the inclusion button and “home” to voice alert. After that, re-add the device through the application;
  • device freezing. At the same time, the robot vacuum cleaner does not respond to commands from the application and pressing the buttons on the panel. Reboot using the Reset button will help;
  • The robot stopped charging. In addition to the lack of voltage in the network to which the docking station is connected, contacts can be closed. After cleaning against contamination, the charging process will be restored;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi does not draw a map. The reason can be low battery charge.


Stylish design. An unencumbered classic in white with a black elongated “monitor” around the edge, it will look great in an apartment in any situation and will appeal to almost any hostess. Compact body, the height of the device is only 82 mm, so it can drive under the bed and various furniture. Equipped with a soft bumper, which guarantees the protection of your furniture from scratches and other damage.

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner there is a powerful turbo brush, which, due to its fast rotation, provides a quick collection of large debris in the room, works like a broom.

This is the only Xiaomi vacuum cleaner that has two side brushes, due to which it cleans well in the corners and along the walls of the house.

Plates for docking with the base 2 pieces and are located at the bottom of the case.

This robot is equipped with a laconic transparent container 2 in 1 dust collector and water tank. Due to the transparent plastic, you can control the amount of dust, debris in the tank and, if necessary, clean it. Volume for dust 0.68 liters and for water 0.2 liters.

This volume is enough to clean rooms up to 70 sq.m. The design of the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to remove the container, as well as clean and rinse it. Water poured through a special hole located on the container housing and closed with rubber lid.

The gadget is equipped with high-traffic wheels with a good tread, due to which it can easily move on carpet and overcome thresholds up to 1.7 cm high

Dimensions and weight: Width 35 cm Depth 35 cm Height 8.2 cm, Weight 2.8 kg


The vacuum cleaner runs on the meringue of a first-class Japanese NIDEC engine, which indicates its trouble-free and long-term operation. The service life of such vacuum cleaners is 10 years or more.

The manufacturer equipped it with a turbo motor with a suction power of 2200 Pa and a 3-stage filtration system. Due to this power and filtration system, it removes even microscopic dust particles.

Cleaning type dry and wet
Type of sensors infrared 4 height sensors, 5 obstacle sensors.
Cleaning area limiter magnetic tape
Building a room map There is
Suction power 2200 Ra
Peculiarities Cleaning time limit Programming by days of the week Timer Smartphone control Works in a smart home system
container type for dust 0.60 l and for water 0.20 l
Garbage bin in the base there is
Fine filter there is
Obstacle Height 17 mm
Number of filtration stages 3
Suction power 25 W
Noise level 65 dB
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 2500 mAh
Battery life up to 90 min
Battery Charging Time 120 min

This robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with dry and wet cleaning functions. Wet cleaning is carried out at the expense of electrostatic microfiber attached to the removable device panel. Water from the tank dripping through the holes on the fabric and the device with a damp cloth wipes the floor indoors. The humidity level can be adjusted in the smartphone application.

The base of the device G1 is compact and stylish, it will look great in any room.

Rubberized bottom for the most durable installation on the surface. The chip of this base can be hiding the excess wire from the power supply to the base itself and close the lid.

How to use Roborock S7

Roborock S7 can be controlled via Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa, as well as through the Roborock app. Popular smart home apps Google Home and Mi Home are also compatible with the new product. Of course, you can control the robot using the buttons on the vacuum cleaner itself or using the remote control in the Roborock app. Now the S7 has added a convenient child lock button to prevent curious children and pets from activating the device.

Using the voice assistant is probably the easiest and most convenient way, but the Roborock app offers more details and nuances. Therefore, even if you use voice commands most of the time, it still makes sense to find a place for the application on your smartphone.

On first launch, Roborock S7 will map your space, build a map using LiDAR, and automatically create rooms. Subsequently, they can be edited and given names, by the way, like the robot itself. Primary cleaning for obvious reasons takes a little longer than the subsequent cleansing, but still passes surprisingly for such an accurate display.

In Roborock application before the user opens the possibility to edit the room to combine or divide space, establish restricted areas, start spot cleaning, set the cleaning type preferences for each room and even set the required sequence Housekeeping.

For wet cleaning in Roborock S7, it is not recommended to use anything other than water. It may seem that the use of hot water in the tank is a great way to get rid of sticky stains, but it is worth noting that the manufacturer categorically does not advise it, because hot water can deform the reservoir and cancel the product warranty. As a last resort, use warm (not hot)!) water.

In the application settings, you can track the status of consumables. This allows you to timely replace filters or brushes, as well as wipe the sensors in time, preventing the vacuum cleaner from “going blind”. The functionality allows you to set a daily cleaning schedule, activate the Do Not Disturb function, turn off the battery charge indicator on the top panel of the S7, and configure carpet cleaning options. Roborock S7 can create maps and adjust settings for four floors of a house at once.

The thought of buying a robotic vacuum cleaner haunted me for a long time. But I decided on this purchase, only after my friend bought it and began to brag. Realizing that the device is really necessary in the household, I started choosing a model, reviewing YouTube videos.

I settled on Xiaomi, this model, t. to price ratio. the quality is perfect for me. Ordered in prof. Store. In the box, the vacuum cleaner was in collapsible, but it was not difficult to bring it into working readiness, it was more difficult to download the application to the phone with its control and configure it. The vacuum cleaner is connected to Wi-Fi, you can manage it with work and starting directly from a mobile phone. It looks compact and pretty, I have white. There are 2 buttons on the top panel: power on and return to base.

Included with the vacuum cleaner was a small comb for cleaning the brush from hair. I have long hair, plus I have a daughter with long hair and hair in our apartment abound. But this comb is not very convenient, I clean my hair by simply cutting it with scissors, but even this is not very effective. Since the vacuum cleaner is also intended for wet cleaning to it goes a water tank and a rag conveniently fastened to it.

For the cleaning of our apartment with an area of ​​67kv.m of a full water tank is enough for 2 times, the dust tank is the same. There is no dust bag, this function is performed by a plastic transparent container with a filter.

What are the advantages I saw after using this vacuum cleaner and are there any at all? Undoubtedly!

  • Firstly, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner even without being at home. I periodically launch it from the streets when I walk with a child. And 40 minutes is enough for the house to be clean by the time we arrive.
  • With this technique, it is not at all necessary to wash the floor every day, it is enough, I think doing it once a week. After all, daily wet cleaning will keep the floor clean.
  • It fully justifies its cost, personally I have never regretted buying it.
  • This device will definitely not be removed into the closet, because having tried it 1 time, I want to use it yet and more!
  • Can do scheduled cleanings. For example, I turned on my cleaning at 9 am and at 8 pm daily. Very comfortably

The only thing before cleaning, he needs to create conditions, it is desirable to remove small toys and objects. For example, in my practice, the vacuum cleaner chewed on a sock. He was not pleased with this, he had to save an assistant.

In a word, the device will definitely not be necessary and useless in the box. I think the hosts will definitely appreciate it.

It’s a pity that such a good toy plays so little. A year later, the vacuum cleaner stopped fully charging. For a day, the charge goes no higher than 56%. I looked at a lot of information on the Internet, tried to wipe the contacts on the vacuum cleaner and the charging station with a regular napkin and alcohol, turned it on and off for a day. I changed all consumables, but the robot did not start charging normally. Now he just cleans 1.5 rooms and falls asleep on the go, before reaching the station. Like it or not, I’m disappointed, I’ll look for where to turn it in for repair. camping edge came to the battery.

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