How to fix the hob to the countertop

Installation of the GEFEST electrical hob with your own hands

The other day I had to participate in the installation of the Gefest electrical hob. It turned out that everything is very simple. This work can be done with your own hands. However, there are several nuances that you need to know in advance. So, installing the GEFEST electrical hobs with your own hands.

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How to make a hob in the countertop

Built.In technique in the kitchen is very popular. For example, an electric or gas hob. Unlike an ordinary kitchen slab, they are more compact, which definitely has its advantages.

They are especially relevant if there is no need for the oven. I simply built the hob into the countertop, and the free space under it can be used to store kitchen utensils. Very comfortably.

Regardless of what specific model you prefer. With power supply from a power grid or working from gas. All of them are installed according to one principle. Only the connection method differs. But let’s talk about this later.

One of the main requirements for high.Quality insertion of the hob in the countertop is the thickness of the kitchen countertop. It should be at least 40 mm.

What tools will be needed

In order to integrate the panel into the countertop qualitatively, it is necessary to use the appropriate tool for this.

It will not be necessary to purchase some special power tool separately-you can do with the most ordinary tools that are in almost every house. Except perhaps an electric jigsaw. If it is not, then you have to buy. Or, as an option, ask someone from friends.

Tools and materials that will be required to integrate the hob into the kitchen tabletop:

A self.Adhesive seal will also be required. As a rule, it is included with the hob.

How to mark it correctly

Before installing the hob, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for its installation. There are all sizes for the correct insert: the indentation from the front edge of the countertop, as well as the depth and width of the panel.

Before starting work, it will be necessary to compare the sizes for the insertion specified in the instructions with the real sizes of the hob panel.

If everything matches, then you can start preparatory and installation work.

A template is attached to some models, which is applied to the surface of the countertop, and is circled along the contour. If there is no template, you will have to make markings manually. But there is nothing complicated here.

To make markings on the kitchen countertop, first we glue the masking tape on its surface, and already on it we make marks with a pencil.

You can, of course, make markings on the countertop itself, but with tape it will be more convenient. If you were mistaken somewhere and incorrectly drawn a fishing line for a trimmer, the tape can be peeled off and a new one can be glued to the countertop.

If the hob is integrated above the retractable kitchen boxes, then in this case we glue the masking tape over the side walls of the lower module of the kitchen set.

Then, using the square, we transfer the line of the outer edge of the walls. Retreat from these lines 5 mm.

Next, mark the distance from the front edge of the countertop. And then from these marks we put off a distance equal to the depth of the hob panel. Then we draw perpendicular lines, thus noting the contours of the future cut.


As a result, we get a square or rectangle (depending on the size of the hob). Be sure to check the diagonals, after which we drill holes with a diameter of 10 mm in the corners. The electrolobian saw will be inserted into them.

Cut the hole

To cut the seat for the hob, it is best to use a file on a laminate with an average tooth (with an T101B index).

We insert a jigsaw file into one of the drilled holes, and then proceed to cut the seat.

Many experts recommend first to make a cut closer to the edge of the countertop, then from the wall. After that, it is necessary to cut first the left side, and then the right.

Why exactly? Because on the last cut your left hand will be free, and you can hold the countertop from below. This rule is relevant for right.Handed.

Lefts should be done differently: after the front and back is cut out, first cut out the right side side, and then the left side.

It is important that there are no bullyings on the sole of the electrician. Otherwise, in the process of cutting the kitchen countertop, you risk it to scratch.

Many people forget about this (applying the sealant)

The cut on the countertop must be treated to protect against moisture. Often, silicone sealant is used for this. But it is practically not absorbed into the wood-cutting plate, and over time exfoliates.

We recommend using a more reliable option. PVA glue D3. This glue (with index D3) is well absorbed and perfectly fills the pores in the wood-based stove.

We apply it with a conventional brush. For the best result, the glue is applied in two layers with a break between the application of the second layer. 30 minutes.

For additional protection of the ends of the carved opening, you can also use aluminum tape. Preferably heat.Resistant. But if you do not want to overpay, then the usual.

How to install a gas hob with your own hands: step.By.Step guards

The installation of a gas hob includes the following stages:

  • Marking of the countertop and drank holes;
  • Sealing the cut and fastening of the countertop;
  • Preparation of the panel for installation;
  • Connection to the gas line;
  • Installation and fastening of the hob;
  • Testing tightness and performance.

Let us consider in detail each of these stages.

The marking of the countertop and drank holes

Before installation, they study the instructions for the device for the device. It indicates the size of the cut and describes the marking process. It is made in two ways. To form a circuit, the panel is applied to the countertop and circled.

Or use a more accurate and reliable method, calculating and marking the place of mount:

  • On the countertop, the boundaries of the internal space of the cabinet are marked in which they plan to integrate the equipment.
  • Then find the center of the hole in which the panel will be installed. To do this, draw the diagonal lines from the corners of the surface.
  • Through the center (intersection of two diagonals), a parallel and perpendicular edge of the line of the line is carried out. They mark the dimensions of technology.
  • Direct lines are drawn on the marks. Thus, they get a rectangle that is equal to the size of the built.In device. It is circled by a marker, erase the extra markers.

Then cut holes. Why drill holes that are wider than the cutting canvas at the corners of the mark. They insert a saw of an electrician and produce a saw from the corner to the corner. To avoid chips, the edges are pasted over with masking tape. And so that it does not fall and does not break the countertop, it is fixed with clamps.

Advice. After cutting, check if the hob is good in the hole.

Sealing a cut and fastening of a countertop

So that the edges of the countertops do not crumble, they are emphasized, cleaned of dust and treated with adhesive composition. A sanitary silicone is suitable for woody stove, which protects the edges from moisture. It is applied with a spatula. To prevent the effects of high temperatures, use thermopholus or reflector from aluminum tape. After which the countertop is fixed on the cabinet.

Preparation of the panel for installation

Then the hob is prepared for embedding. Jicks are inserted into the technological holes. The scheme of their installation is indicated in the technical documentation and glued at the bottom of the technique. Fix a plumbing corner with sealing gasket.

Gas line connection

Connecting the panel to the gas line is performed in two stages. First, the hose is attached to the gas pipe. Flexible (sylphon) sleeve is attached through a plumbing shock or fitting. They wound flax clockwise on the carving. Then it is smeared with gas paste to compact the connection. A sealing ring is inserted into the hose nut. Parts are first connected with the hands, after which it is tightened with a gas key.

Filling in a Gap Between Stove and Countertop

At the second stage, the hose is connected to the plumbing corner mounted on the panel. It is previously passed through the hole in the countertop. When mounting, linen winding and pasta are also used.

Two eyeliners are used to connect the hob and oven and oven. The use of the tee in this case is not welcomed by representatives of gas services. They insist on wiring a gas pipe. This reduces the number of threaded joints, while the tightness and safety increases. Cutting cranes are installed on both bouncers, separately for the oven, separately for the panel. If the tee is used, then one general crane is preserved.

Reference. All actions related to gas equipment are required to be coordinated with gas services. This will avoid fines and alterations.


Installation and fastening of the hob

Installation strips that are included in the kit are attached to the panel and install:

  • The cut is laid by the sealant from the kit;
  • Insert the hob and level it;
  • The fasteners are tightened with below, clinging them to the countertop;
  • With a knife, cut off excess, protruding seal.

After that, check the reliability of fixation and proceed to the commissioning.

Testing tightness and performance

First check the tightness of the compounds. They are covered with soapy solution, gas is allowed and observed. If the solution does not bubbulate, then there is no leakage.

Check the eyeliner for the tightness of the gas service employee. He will draw up a conclusion and make marks in the gas book. In it will indicate the date of installation of a new slab, brand and serial number. It is not recommended to use the stove before its arrival.

After checking the tightness of the connection, proceed to the variable turning on the burners.

Reference. About a minute from the capes of new equipment will exit air, then gas will go.

For ignition, you use matches (not a lighter) or special piezoelectric devices. Burning should be uniform, without interruptions and flashes. The color of the flame is bluish-purple, without yellow and red glimpses, height-no more than 2.5 cm.

After the check, install the bars for dishes and begin to operate the device. If the technique is equipped with electric lighting, then it is connected to the network.

Method of connecting the panel: socket or connection block

There are two options to connect an electric hob to power:

Both options have the right to exist. The advice is simple, if the panels are with a fork, then put a socket. Contacts of the standard outlet for the stove withstand 32 amperes, and nothing will happen to them if you do not turn it off at load (turned on the plate).

The connection through the terminal is more reliable, although not convenient when repairing the panel or replacing it.

How to install a hob

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The idea of ​​independent installation of the hob can be somewhat frightened. After all, you will have to deal either with electricity, or with gas and at the same time work with a fairly expensive kitchen equipment. Nevertheless, none of the steps to install the hob is particularly difficult. You just need to do everything carefully and in the correct sequence from moonshine to the end.

  • You must know for sure that the power panel power is disabled. For verification, you can use the tester by probing all the wires. If a light bulb lights up on the tester, then there is still electricity.
  • Be sure to remember how the wires of the old hob, since the new hob will be connected similarly. You can sign the wires and take a picture before turning them off, so that later it is easier for you to remember.
  • Seek for help to someone to remove the hob from its nest, as it will be quite heavy. [1] X Source of Information
  • If there is no camshaft, then you need to contact a professional to install it.
  • You should also check that the old hob that has the same current requirements as the new one, otherwise the work of a professional may be required to connect it. Many old hobs have only a 30-ampere electric circuit, while new often go 40-50 amperes. [1] X Source of Information
  • Measure the length and width of the hob and subtract 1.5-2.5 cm on each side to determine the opening parameters for installing the hob panel. [2] X Source of Information
  • You may need to remove the tile from the countertop (if it is covered with tiles) around the place of work before starting to cut the hole.
  • To cut a granite countertop, you need a circular saw with water supply. As an alternative, you can hire a professional for this work, as granite is difficult to saw carefully. Also, after cutting the holes, the stone should be treated with sealant before placed the hob in the hole. [2] X Source of Information

Remove all removable elements from the hob so that it is easier for you to put it in place. The hob can have removable burners, protective screens and other details, which should be temporarily postponed to the side. You also need to not forget to remove all packaging materials from the hob.

  • If you had to remove the tile, then you will first need to re.Lay the tile to the end in the surface of the hob, before installing the latter in place. You will have to wait until 24 hours until the solution freezes, before laying the hob in place. [1] X Source of Information

How To Install An Induction Hob Into Worktop

  • Red and black wires (colors can vary) the hob should nourish it with electricity. Attach these wires to the corresponding wires with the phase in the camshaft.
  • The white wire is neutral and serves to close the chain. The neutral wire of the hob should be connected to a neutral wire in a camshaft.
  • Usually a green wire is designed for grounding. Attach the grounding wire of the hob to grounding in a camshaft.
  • Connect the wires with each other using insulating caps for twisting wires. Comers the connected pair of wires and twist the cleaned ends. Wrap the cap on the twisted wires. The insulating cap will protect them from contact with other wires and potentially protect you from the occurrence of a fire. [2] X Source of Information

Install the previously removed removable parts on the hob. Return the burners, protective screens and other removable details to the place.

Rules for installing gas and electric hobs

The set of rules taken into account when installing the hob is little different from the recommendations for installing a kitchen slab of any type. Previously, you should get acquainted with the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer in the instructions attached to the product.

Important! With non.Fulfillment of the instructions, the manufacturer is exempted from liability for improper operation of the device or its breakdown.

Gas hobs

When connecting gas equipment, they always attract a licensed specialist. At least to carry out the control of the work performed.

Furniture in contact with the hob, should be made of non.Flammable materials. Cladding layers and glue fixing them should be heat.Resistant.

The device cannot be installed over refrigerators, washing, dishwashers and other similar equipment.

In case of installation of the hob over the oven, it must have a function of forced ventilation.

Electric hobs

When installing the hob, cuts in the countertop are not less than indicated in the integration scheme in order to avoid deformation of the structure with natural expansion as a result of heating.

Connection of the hob to the network is made when installing a separate power fork and a separate power outlet, according to technical data in the operating instructions. It is not allowed to connect the hob and, for example, the oven with one fork in one outlet.

It is not recommended to install the hob over the dishwasher. This combination leads to incorrect operation of the dishwasher due to the heat that is released during the work of the hob. Electric elements of the hob often fail due to condensation formed by the dishwasher.

If the space under the hob is used as a cabinet, a dividing membrane of heat.Resistant material with a gasket of asbestos fiber is installed under the lower line of the panel.

Attention! When installing the hood over the gas, electric or combined hob, the minimum distance of 650 mm to the hob along the vertical axis is maintained.


Before purchasing the panel, you need to know the width of the countertop. The dimensions of most panels are standard and do not go beyond 55-57 cm. In the documentation for the panel, not only the dimensions of the panel should be indicated, but also the size of the hole in the countertop to install the panel.

To get started, the work must be purchased:

  • Countertop;
  • Gas hob;
  • Silicone sanitary sealant;
  • Maslar adhesive tape;
  • Gas connection hose;
  • Gas winding (linen or fum tape);
  • Multipak gas paste (for linen winding).

Installation of the hob in the countertop

As I wrote, in this article, I still chose an induction hob panel. Because I have no gas in the house, but I didn’t want an ordinary electric. Panel from the manufacturer Hansa, there will certainly be an article about it, but today is not about that. Today I need to install this hob in the countertop! Over, I never did this before, I just saw how masters do. But I didn’t really want to give 2000-2500, for installing the surface and therefore I decided to install it myself, in principle, I succeeded, I think you will succeed.

The article will be with pictures, so read and see everything in steps.

Guys for starters. Correctly calculate the wiring for your induction stove. Be sure to read the article so as not to redo the wiring several times!

1) tool. For installation (insertion) of the hob, we need an electrician, drill, roulette, pencils for marking and flat board, about 1 meter (I have left furniture) or a large ruler.

2) We determine the place where we will cut the panel, I have this place above the void for the oven. Of course, the panel can be cut over cabinets with dishes and kitchen utensils, but I think this is not very right.

3) try on the panel by eye. The main thing is that there is enough space left along the edges.

4) Now the most difficult should be noted the size on the countertop. To begin with, I determined the center, simply measured the distance (where installation will be made) and noted the center.

5) Now we take the book, it has all the necessary sizes, you need to try to observe them. First, I determine the gaps horizontally. That is, what size should be postponed from the wall and which one to leave to the edge of the countertop. Over, these dimensions are already indicated by the manufacturer, here they are in the picture. X and X1. X. 50 mm (to the wall), x1. 60 mm (to the edge). We put off these dimensions. I have a corner, it is 30 mm, so I put off another 20 mm from it and 50 mm. It is precisely 60 mm that remains at the end, you don’t even need to measure.

6) Now the size of “A” is important to us is the width of the stove, we have 560 mm, that is, 280 mm from the center (which we postponed). From the center at a distance of 280 mm we draw two parallel lines. And in the end we get all sizes. Look.

7) Now we take the drill, insert a drill by 8. 10 mm (to fit a jigsaw file) and drill. We need to drill three to four holes (you can three, then the last angle in which we will not be drilled. We will cut it to it). Here are my three holes.

8) Next, take an electrician and begin to cut the countertop, everything is strictly in size. It should be noted the dimensions that are in the instructions already with the gaps. It is difficult to sweat the countertop is difficult to saw, but after 20. 25 minutes everything was ready.

9) after simply remove the cut plate and remove it.

10) Remove the sawdust and try to insert the panel in place, everything should be fine! Did it according to the size of the manufacturer. The stove walks a little, that is, you can slightly move to the right. Left, as well as up. Bottom.

How to cut a hole

For the creation of a landing hole for the hob, three tools can be used:

To create an accurate and correct cut, it is better to use a hand cutter, but it is unlikely to be found in the tools of an ordinary person who is not related to the assembly of furniture. The second option is a jigsaw, even if it is not available, then the acquisition of this tool will not be difficult, its cost is not high.


The drill is always found in the house, but its use for pulling out the hole makes it difficult to install the hob. The cutting edge turns out to be uneven. This requires additional work on sealing the hole. Takes this process enough time.

In order to cut the hole with a drill, you need a drill in 8 mm, you can 10 mm. The principle of operation is to drill holes at a short distance. Inhalement is carried out until they become a single slot.

It is important to understand that the work is carried out only from the inside of the marking. It is required to substitute a stool inside the countertop under a cut piece, this will keep the furniture intact when the cut rectangle falls into the fall.

Making a hole using a jigsaw is much easier, but you need the presence of a drill. With it, it is required to make one hole that will be the basis of work. It is also possible to make a slot manually, but there is a danger of inaccuracy of creating slots. The first section can also be made with a jigsaw, but this requires a certain experience with this tool.

The main thing is to remember about precautions. For the cut part of the countertop, it is required to ensure a safe fall. This will eliminate the possibility of damage to furniture.

After carrying out the cuts of the holes under the panel, the edges of the slots are treated with silicone. If moisture gets in, the countertop for the hob can be deformed. This will lead to corruption of the appearance of the kitchen. It is more difficult to process the hole cut by the drill, since the torn edges interfere with the correct application of the composition, you will need to take a sufficient amount of time for this process.

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