How to freeze strawberries in the freezer

Rules for storing freeze-dried strawberries in the freezer

For the result of freezing strawberries, both with and without sugar, to please, it is necessary to ensure that the products in the freezer are stored correctly:

  • Frozen fruits and berries should be separated from other foods so they retain their natural flavor;
  • The packaging must be airtight, no matter whether it is a bag or a plastic container with a lid;
  • the volume of each frozen serving of strawberries should allow eating them in one sitting, without returning them to the freezer;
  • if you freeze several batches of berries, you should put a sticker with the date of freezing on each briquette or plastic bag. It is important to remember that berries in the freezer are stored for no more than one year.

Freezing strawberries with sugar in the freezer for winter (without cooking)

Our freezers are the stash that should store not only the obligatory foods meat and dumplings, but also desirable fruit and berry preserves. In the strawberry season, you can’t cook anything out of it: jam, compotes, jams and a bunch of different desserts. Sugar-rubbed strawberries keep well in the freezer even without boiling and resemble strawberry sorbet, which you can enjoy instead of ice cream. All you need to do is defrost it a bit, and serve it in bowls or muffins. This variant is one of the best recipes for berry preserves without cooking. Even the most inexperienced housewife can handle it without any special culinary skills. This billet is not subjected to heat treatment and as much as possible preserves all the useful substances, as well as the taste of fresh berries.

Whole berries

Immerse the strawberries in a bowl of water and leave for a few minutes to get rid of sand and dirt. Then rinse again under running water in a colander. After that, you should dry them, and only after that should you cut off the sepals.

Then put a layer of strawberries in a deep bowl, cover with sugar, put another layer of berries and add sugar again. Continue to stack in layers, alternating fruit and granulated sugar. Let the strawberries run free.

Then carefully transfer the berries into plastic containers, cover with lids and put them in the freezer.

With the sugar

Sugar greatly improves the taste of the winter strawberries.

Dry method

Put the clean, dry strawberries on a tray or tray covered with clingfilm and put them in the freezer for several hours.

How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries

Prepare plastic containers and granulated sugar. When the berries are frozen, take them out of the freezer and put them in containers, sprinkling them with sugar. Then put them back in their permanent storage.

As a raw jam

You can make strawberry jam for the winter in the freezer without cooking. Frozen raw dessert has fewer calories than regular (unfrozen) desserts, and it’s not as sugary because less sugar is used.

Wash and dry them, remove the stems. Then crush them with a wooden crusher until they become juicy and weigh them. Add 300 grams of sugar per kilogramme of strawberries and mix together. Leave it for a few hours to let the sugar dissolve. Stir several times during this time. Then place them in bags or containers with lids and put them in the freezer.

The mass of berries with sugar can be put in a mold with small cells to get a fruit ice, which can be consumed in the summer as well.

As a mashed potato

Wash and dry the strawberries on a towel. Then pulverize it in a blender. Add sugar or honey to taste. For 1 kg of mashed strawberries 100-200 grams of sugar is enough. Fans of sweeter preparations, can increase its amount. After adding it, whip the mass with a blender again. Then strain into containers and cover with lids. Place in the freezer until winter.

Grate with sugar

Mash the strawberries with a fork.

Pour the granulated sugar into the cooked strawberry puree, mix well. For 1 kg of berry pulp you need to take 0.5 kg of sugar. You can change this ratio according to your own preferences.

Spread the grated strawberries into plastic containers, cover them, and put them in the freezer. Instead of containers, you can use thick bags, which should be sealed with tape.

Freezing in strawberry pulp

Wash the strawberries, then lay them out on a paper towel. When they are dry, cut off the sepals and place some of the berries in plastic containers.

freeze, strawberries, freezer

Grind the rest of the fruit with sugar in a saucepan at a ratio of 2 to 1.

Pour the prepared berry mixture over the strawberries in the containers. Place plastic containers in the freezer. Whole berries, preserved in this way, can be used for making desserts.

How to freeze strawberries in syrup

For this method use either small or large berries, which are cut into halves, quarters, cubes, slices. Only ripe strawberries, without greenish spots, are suitable for this method. They may be slightly wrinkled, but without any signs of rot. They are cleaned of the stems and washed, then dried on a paper towel.

Syrup for strawberries is prepared from the following ingredients:

Add ingredients to liquid brought to the boil. It is allowed to increase the concentration. for this take sugar and water in equal proportions. You can also add juice to the syrup to flavor it. Once the base has cooled, it is poured into ice cubes. Then, slices or whole berries are dipped into the syrup. The “cubes” will freeze for no less than 8 hours, depending on the temperature in the freezer.

How to freeze strawberries for the winter in the refrigerator without sugar

This is the easiest and simplest way to preserve berries by freezing. Only plastic containers or plastic bags or cut plastic bottles and the strawberries themselves will be needed.

The strawberries should be freshly picked. The less time will pass from the moment of picking to putting the raw material into the freezer, the better. They must be firm, whole, with dark red flesh and not too overripe. That way they retain their shape better after defrosting.

For the procedure, it is convenient to pour water into a dish with berries and, making movements with your hands, carefully wash them. This must be done very carefully, since the victoria is a very delicate berry, it is easy to crush. Repeat the operation several times, changing the water until it is clear.

A sieve is better to use plastic or enameled. In a metal dish, berries oxidize when in contact with the surface, lose vitamins and become darker.

You can do it with a special tool, a shortened cocktail strawberry tube.

Now you have a very tasty and beautiful whole strawberries in stock.

You can decorate desserts and cocktails with it, make salads, boil compotes, add berries to muffins.

How to freeze strawberries for the winter in the refrigerator with sugar

Let’s start with this variant, which is a bit more complicated. Although the word “difficult” does not fit here. It just takes a little more time and effort.

Freezing strawberries with sugar for winter

  • Let’s pour sugar over the strawberries and mix them gently.
  • We put them in a separate container for freezing. It is convenient to use disposable plastic containers, which are now available in almost every store. It is better to freeze in small portions “for 1 time” to take out, defrost, put into action without residues.
  • We put them in the freezer and then use them in winter at will: for glazing cakes, for desserts and baking, for cream, and you can also eat them just like that.

Ways to freeze strawberries

There are different methods for freezing berries, so that everyone can familiarize themselves and choose the most appropriate.


The easiest way, which does not require much labor, to freeze whole fruits using dry freezing. Prepared berries (washed and dried) are placed on a tray or food film and placed in the freezer for 1.5-2 hours. Then the frozen fruit is carefully placed in a container of plastic in 2-3 layers with their tails up, covered with a lid and sent back to the refrigerator.

How To Freeze Strawberries.

In syrup

For syrup freezing, you can take both whole small strawberries and cut into halves. First of all, the syrup has to be prepared. Dilute 1 cup of sugar with 1 liter of water in a saucepan and put on the fire. When the liquid has acquired the desired viscosity, the pan is set aside and the contents are allowed to cool down. The prepared berries are placed in a container in 1-2 layers, and then they are filled with the cooled syrup.

Then put everything in the freezer. To save space in the freezer, you first place a plastic bag in the container. Then carry out the described procedure. When the contents are well frozen, remove the bag from the container, tie it well and place it in the freezer. This briquette will take up much less space.

With the sugar

Strawberries can be frozen with sugar. In this case, remove the stalk. Approximately 300 grams of sugar per 1 kilogram. If desired, the granulated sugar can be ground into powder on a coffee grinder. The fruit is placed in a plastic basin and poured over with sugar.

Then put it on a shelf in the refrigerator at a temperature above 0 ° C. When the berries give juice, they are moved together with the sugar into storage containers (containers). Be sure to drain the juice there.

In the form of a purée

Any berries can be frozen as puree. You can take the fruit crumpled, with mechanical damage, but you can not use rotten specimens. This will trigger the fermentation process.

To grind strawberries it is better to use a blender. Sugar can be put to taste at once and placed in a container for freezing. Another option would be to freeze just the puree without adding sugar. It is thrown into the puree only when defrosting.

On ice

Strawberries can be frozen in ice molds. You can place berries in them and add water to the voids. After that, the cubes are taken out and placed in a plastic bag or container. This kind of strawberry ice is used to make cocktails or drinks.

How to freeze strawberries for the winter

Friends, welcome to our delicious and homemade!

How to Freeze Strawberries, 3 Ways Including 1 Lazy Way

And you have already harvested strawberries for the winter? In addition to strawberry compote and jam, I also make sure to freeze the strawberries.

How to properly freeze strawberries for winter, so they retain their taste, shape, and useful vitamins? Many hostesses ask themselves this question when stocking up on fresh berries for the winter.

As a side note: it is convenient to freeze strawberries in food containers or bags. You can’t refreeze strawberries repeatedly!

Today I will not reveal America, but still tell you my ways, how I freeze strawberries for the winter. I freeze strawberries in three ways, namely: whole berries, pureed strawberries without sugar, and strawberries with sugar.

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