How to fry potatoes on an electric stove

Fried potatoes with chicken fillet

The potatoes can be cut in slices, strips, wedges or bars.

Sauteed Potatoes. The best pan fried potatoes

You’ll need: 500 g potatoes, 350 g chicken fillets, 2 garlic cloves, 0.5 tsp.л. Dried oregano, ground black pepper, salt, 80 ml of vegetable oil.

Preparation: Slice potatoes and fillets. Heat oil in a frying pan, add potatoes and fry for 10 minutes. Add meat, spices, salt and mix. After 15 minutes squeeze the garlic through a garlic press and take it off the heat.

General principles on how to fry potatoes with a golden crust in a pan

Specialists in frying potatoes, as strange as it sounds, have special secrets on how to make the dish most delicious and attractive in appearance. Let’s look at what rules are important to follow in order for these roasted tubers to turn out with a ruddy crust?

After the tubers have been sliced, it is important to soak them in ice water for a few minutes (20-40). This will draw out the starch, which means it will roast, not stew, when frying. It is the starch, as professional chefs point out, that prevents potatoes from browning to a golden crust.

After sliced potatoes have been in water, it is important to dry them before frying. You can use regular paper towels, on which you need to put the slices for five minutes. Remember, excess moisture, like starch, interferes with the formation of a nice crust during frying.

Before sending the chopped product to the frying pan, you need to heat the oil to a boil, and the fatty product is not to be spared. The more hot oil in the pan, the rougher the crust, and you can remove the excess fat during cooking or after the potatoes are cooked by placing them on paper towels and then on a dish to serve.

Do not cover the pan with a lid when frying, under the lid the moisture accumulates and you get the product stewed, not fried.

Fry the potatoes in small portions, so they can be quickly fried and do not break while cooking.

For fans of delicious brown potatoes I picked up some simple and very tasty recipes for frying this vegetable in a pan.

Crispy Potatoes with Lard

And this recipe is from my daddy. It has one secret ingredient.

  • half a kilogram of tubers;
  • Fat with meat layer. 100 grams;
  • onion. 1 pc.;
  • spices to taste;
  • The secret ingredient is half an apple with neither core nor skin.

Slice onion as you like and apple in thin julienne strips. Cut the fat into small strips. Heat up the pan and add a little oil, so it won’t get too greasy. The lard will melt. Put the lard on the very hot pan. Reduce heat to medium. When you notice that the layers of meat on the salo have turned white, add the potatoes. After 5-7 minutes turn it over. Wait another 4-5 minutes and turn again.

Then add sliced apple and onion at the same time. Fry and stir-fry for about 10-15 minutes more. At the end add spices. You can sprinkle it with coriander. Salt, pepper, stir. Add an apple and the flavor is delicious! Try.

How to fry potatoes so they don’t fall apart and are crispy: secrets that usually ask for money

In fact, often instead of the desired crispy potatoes you get mush.

The potatoes fall apart, and they look and taste like boiled potatoes.

Let’s look at the chefs’ basic secrets for which they manage to make crispy potatoes with crust.

Choosing non-starchy potatoes for frying.

If you don’t know about the variety, choose yellow and red fruits with thick skin.

Fry the potatoes in a cast-iron skillet with a thick bottom, but never in a nonstick pan.

This pan is designed so that nothing will stick, and that means no crust.

Properly slice the potatoes. The potatoes can be sliced, shredded or sliced. Make sure that the pieces are the same size.

After the potatoes are cut, they should be soaked in cold water to wash out the starches. Then they should be dried with paper towels.

Before frying, heat the pan so much that a little smoke appears. Then pour oil and put potatoes in a pan in an even layer.

Roast over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. During this time, the bottom layer will have crusted over. There is no need to put a lid on them.

After 5 minutes we turn the potatoes with a wooden spatula and fry them until they are ready.

Salt the potatoes 5 to 7 minutes before they are ready, not before. Salt draws out moisture, so if you add salt to the potatoes in their raw state, they will get soggy and stick to the pan.

Fry the onions separately and add them to the potatoes a few minutes before they are done. Garnish the ready potatoes with herbs.

And if you put a little butter in the pan 2 minutes before it’s ready, it will enhance the flavor of the finished dish.

Probably the best way to fry potatoes. Take regular Olive Oil (never Extra Virgin. it contains volatile substances and is used only for salads). It’s a waste of money to fry potatoes in it and it spoils the flavor of the potatoes themselves).

Wait until the potatoes are golden brown, and only then, using a spatula, carefully turn them over. Don’t stir the potatoes too often: ideally, you should only stir them 3-4 times during the entire frying process. Fry the potatoes on a moderate heat. Salt the fried potatoes 3-5 minutes before they’re ready.

Crispy and tasty home fries without too much trouble

French fries can be cooked at home without too much trouble. All you need to do is follow a few rules and you will have crispy and tasty potatoes.

Ingredients: half a kilogram of potatoes; salt to taste; cooking oil.

Fried Potatoes

Delicious fried potatoes. recipe unusually popular. And this is more true than ever, because the recipe for fries is uncomplicated, always tasty and endlessly varied. Fried potatoes with onion and fried potatoes with bacon, fried young potatoes and fried potatoes with garlic, fried potatoes with egg and fried potatoes with stew. Recipes familiar and favorite from childhood, when fried potatoes often appeared on the table. This recipe reminds you of the traditional recipes and suggests new ones that are no less delicious. Read more about fried potatoes.

One of the most popular ways to pan-fry potatoes. Fried potatoes with onions. Fried potatoes. Like borscht: everyone has his favorite recipe. However, there are still a number of general rules that must be observed when frying potatoes. This recipe makes the perfect fried potatoes: in one piece, very fragrant, with onion, garlic and a crispy crust!

Yummy country-style potatoes are easy to cook not only in the oven, but also in the pan. You’ll need smooth potato tubers with thin skin, fragrant spices and a little bit of your effort. Ready potatoes turn out with a crispy outside and a soft inside!

Fried potatoes. It sounds very delicious and homemade! I want to share my recipe for golden and crispy fried potatoes with onions!

That’s the best fried potatoes you’ve ever had! Be sure to cook potatoes according to this recipe. They’re delicious!

Sometimes you want real fried potatoes with their unique delicate flavor inside and crispy crust outside, with your favorite flavor of spices, sprinkled with rings of juicy green onions. There are many different recipes for fried potatoes. We are sure that everyone who makes such a dish has his own secrets. ♪ We’ll show you one of them ♪.

You like fried potatoes? This is my favorite recipe. These potatoes are great for Lent, and they’re a perfect side dish to meat.

The most delicious fried potatoes for dinner. What could be tastier than potatoes?? The perfect dish for Lent. Tasty and nourishing.

Fried potatoes. It’s very delicious, and roasted potatoes with tomato paste. Even tastier. The potatoes are browned with the onion, and then soaked in the tomato, gaining a bright and interesting flavor, and becoming softer and juicier. It’s so simple, you just have to try it!

The recipe for these potato pancakes is as simple and straightforward as possible. They are made without any flour or eggs but they keep their shape and get crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We add garlic for spice and flavor, and onions and sour cream make it juicy, but the main ingredient is, of course, the potatoes. Everyone’s favorite potatoes.

A little Indian food today, nothing complicated, it’s all made with ordinary ingredients! But it’s so good, it’s bombastic! Bombay Potatoes! To tell you the truth, the first time I cooked potatoes I had no idea they would be so delicious! Repeat at your leisure!

The secrets of making delicious and crispy French fries at home.

Combine fried potatoes with tomatoes and cheese and you get a completely new dish in a Mediterranean style. Yummy crispy potatoes, juicy tomatoes and everything is covered with a layer of stretchy melted cheese. the perfect combination.

Almost everyone likes these fried potatoes with garlic and herbs. Try adding lemon zest and juice and this dish enlivens in a new way.

Mushrooms in sour cream and potatoes with mushrooms. These are classic, very tasty combinations. In this recipe, we combine together mushrooms, potatoes and sour cream. will taste even better. Fragrant wild mushrooms, sweet fried onions, soft fried potatoes with a crispy crust and a light creamy taste that the sour cream sauce gives to the dish. perfectly!

It’s so good you’ll go crazy. 🙂 A normal boiled potato, which we mix into the dough, and a chicken and cheese filling! Fantastic, not a scone! Cook for sure, very tender, fragrant and delicious!

Cooking young potatoes is usually uncomplicated: scraped, boiled. and done. But if you add a few Asian touches, it’s a completely new, original and very tasty dish! In this recipe, combine the fried potatoes with soy sauce, garlic and honey, and fry a few more minutes. The cooked potatoes are covered with a delicious glossy crust, and inside. tender flesh. Sweet-salty taste with light spice.

Potato chips can be successfully prepared at home. The advantage over store-bought chips is obvious. No additives except spices.

A simple potato dish. very tasty and fast.

Chinese-style fried potatoes with vegetables. Not only an appetizer, but also a hearty side dish. Adding soy sauce, ginger, garlic and chili peppers give this dish a bright flavor with a spicy twist. And the base of roasted potato straws, with sweet peppers and onions will provide a hearty and juicy. Try it!

Fried potatoes with eggplant. An unusual everyday dish, simple, unpretentious, but with a twist of its own. Eggplant cubes remind mushrooms, give the ruddy potatoes juiciness and make the classic dish much more interesting both in taste and appearance!

Exceptionally delicious fried potatoes in tempura.

Potato and zucchini dredniki. A simple dish for vegetable lovers. The peculiarity of this recipe is that they are cooked without eggs, which will certainly please fans of the vegetarian diet.

In a popular magazine I found a recipe for fried potatoes served with beans and chicken fillet. Made by. I liked this dish, so I’ll take it as a note. Here, from time to time I cook for my family, and I recommend such an unusual stir-fry.

You can make your favorite dreniki as an original snack if you add grated crab sticks to the potatoes!

Draniki made of finely grated potatoes turn out tender and appetizingly bright.

There are such simple dishes, which are not inferior to the holiday ones in taste and appearance. Fried potatoes with salted wild mushrooms is exactly this variant. Appetizing potatoes with a thin, crispy crust and slightly springy, salty, incredibly tasty and fragrant ceps. the perfect dish for weekdays and holidays!

Skoblyanka. is an ancient Russian dish, the main feature of which is a mixture of two completely different types of meat, cream and mustard. The dish turns out very fragrant and nourishing.

Potato pancakes (darniki) will be even more filling and tasty if you add cheese and ham to them.

Fried potatoes. Such a favorite side dish in our family that I make it almost every week. Adding an apple to fry gives the potatoes a completely new, slightly sweet flavor and a pleasant fruity aroma. Combination of crispy potatoes and tender apple slices. simply amazing!

The combination of grits and potatoes in one dish may seem unusual, but once you try the ready dish, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result. Perlove porridge turns out crumbly, fried potato slices with onions supplement it and make the taste more interesting. By the way, pearl porridge with potatoes is a traditional Lithuanian dish, very famous and popular. Perlovka in this version is also called “glass porridge”. If you haven’t tried this variant of pearl porridge yet, then do it. it’s delicious!

Juicy Potato Casserole with Brynza.

Nourishing and tasty golden pancakes made of pumpkin and potatoes are very good for breakfast.

Tasty, nourishing and unusually dressed salad. “Chafan”. The recipe belongs to Asian cuisine, but it consists of our usual ingredients: potatoes, beets, meat and carrots.

Today I’m going to share with you the secrets of making delicious potato pancakes with cheese. I’ll also tell you the recipe for the sauce made of chicken hearts, which, in my opinion, goes perfectly with potato pancakes.

Pan-fried potatoes. a favorite nourishing budget dish. Very interesting variation of this dish. potatoes with cabbage. The recipe is simple and brief, but the result is simply amazing. When fried, the cabbage becomes very fragrant, soft and browned, perfectly complementing the golden potato slices!

The potatoes cooked in this recipe fully justifies its name. It’s tender, soft, just melting, with a crispy crust and a magical creamy flavor. This wonderful side dish for meat and fish dishes is cooked with almost no input from you.

Vegetable casserole according to this recipe is prepared in a pan. Roasted vegetables. potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots. Combine with eggs. Then we lay the egg-vegetable mixture on a pan, add a layer of grated cheese for a nice flavor, and bring to the readiness. The casserole is unusually tender, with a creamy flavor and a slight garlic flavor.

Roast potatoes are much more tasty, flavorful and nourishing if cooked with minced meat. Slices of brown fried potatoes mixed with fried minced meat and onions. for this dish you don’t need anything else except homemade pickles!

A very nice and tasty Nest of the Grouse salad for a feast table. We’ll make the base for the salad with chicken fillet, eggs, fresh cucumbers and onions. Roast potatoes go well with these ingredients. Unusual Salads for New Year 2022 will please your guests!

Simple and unusual, tasty and healthy, inexpensive and appetizing. we’re cooking pancakes of potatoes and pumpkin.

Georgian vegetable stew is prepared with greens and hot pepper.

Potato pancakes will taste even better if after frying they are baked in sour cream.

Appetizing and tasty fish dish baked with potatoes.

Fried potatoes, recipe with mustard sauce. Such fried potatoes turn out very fragrant and delicious. Any herbs can be added to mustard sauce.

To diversify the classic potato pancakes, you can add paprika, green onions and nutmeg to them.

Tasty and nourishing dish made of common ingredients. Potato pancakes can be made with different fillings. With cabbage, with mushrooms, with sausage, with mixed vegetables. A very wide field for experimenting with stuffing. This is a recipe for potato dumplings with grilled stuffing and cheese.

A classic dish with an original serving that will please all your guests. To prepare the vinaigrette, fried chips and fragrant garlic dip are used, which gives the dish a spicy appearance and bright flavor.

Crunchy and spectacular cocktail salad is sure to please your guests and loved ones. This salad with chicken and potatoes, of course, requires some effort, but it is worth it. Treat yourself and your loved ones with this interesting salad, and it will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you have leftover cooked rice from yesterday in the fridge, cook this dish of Asian home cooking. You also need a small piece of bacon, an onion and a couple of potatoes. The set of products is not much, but the dish turns out nourishing and delicious. You must try it. it’s a gastronomic treat!

Spanish potato tortilla. is kind of like an omelet with potatoes or a casserole cooked in a pan. The potatoes are first fried with onions, and then mixed with eggs and various additives (in this case. with sausage) and cooked under a lid. The potatoes turn out soft, moderately salty, the egg binds all the ingredients together well, the smoked sausage gives a nice flavor and aroma, and the paprika. interesting color.

How to cook fried potatoes? Traditionally, fried potatoes and meat are made in a pan. This is how to prepare young potatoes fried whole, fried potatoes with eggplant, fried potatoes with sausage. Before you cook fried potatoes in a pan, you need to pour the oil and warm it well. This is the answer to the question of how to cook fried potatoes well, so that they are ruddy and crispy. And then you can experiment. Delicious fried potatoes with chicken, fried potatoes with minced meat, fried potatoes with pork, fried potatoes with meat and mushrooms. This meal is hearty and very nutritious. If you’re interested in how to make fried potatoes less heavy, you’ll like the recipes fried potatoes with tomatoes, fried potatoes with zucchini, or fried potatoes with sour cream. Separately worth mentioning how to cook fried potatoes with mushrooms. The most fragrant are fried potatoes with wild mushrooms: fried potatoes with chanterelles in the pan, fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms, fried potatoes with podberezoviks. They are the ones that make the most delicious roasted potatoes with mushrooms. The recipe with photos says it can be both fried potatoes with fresh mushrooms and fried potatoes with frozen mushrooms. It is also worth mentioning that the most decorative of the mentioned recipes looks fried potatoes with chanterelles, a recipe with photos will confirm it. If no wild mushrooms are on hand, roast mushrooms and mushrooms are cooked. The recipe with photos suggests that such fried potatoes with mushrooms and sour cream are especially delicious. Baked potatoes in the oven with mushrooms and onions. The dish is even more flavorful. Modern housewives are happy to cook the dish “fried potatoes in the multicooker”. Recipe with a photo fried potatoes with meat in the multicooker or fried potatoes with mushrooms in the multicooker will tell you how to properly use this miracle machine, so that you get a really crispy fried potatoes, pictures of which already beckon and demand to cook it immediately!

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Frying mistakes on the induction stove

How to cook on an induction stove? Here’s a list of the most common mistakes.

  • Pan not heated enough: food sticks and no crust forms.
  • The appliance is on full power: the center of the cookware heats up, while the periphery remains unheated.
  • Non-stick pan is used at high power: the surface overheats. In addition, such utensils are not suitable for frying steaks (cast iron or steel skillets are needed).
  • Oil is poured on the heated frying pan: interacting with the hot metal, it oxidizes and begins to burn. A simple rule to remember: oil requires a cold surface, and food. Hot.
  • Use olive oil instead of sunflower oil: it starts to burn and smoke at a lower heat. As for the butter, it is better to mix it with sunflower oil.
  • Food from the fridge or freezer is used: when frying, it burns the surface, while the inside remains raw. There are exceptions. you have to stick to the recipe.
  • Wet food is placed in the pan.
  • Stirring too often.
  • Dishes are not washed properly.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. It’s important that the oil is really hot. It should not burn, but if you hold your hand above the pan you should feel the heat coming from the oil. Place the sliced and dried potatoes and immediately cover the pan with the lid.

To ensure that the potatoes do not fall apart when frying, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • to choose the right type of potatoes and frying pan for frying;
  • Cut the potato tubers into equal, medium-sized slices;
  • Heat the pan well before cooking;
  • salt the dish 5-7 minutes before it is ready;
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