How to get smooth legs after waxing

Shaving your legs: rules and mistakes

If you are completing a course of laser hair removal, this article is not for you. We’re going to talk about how to properly shave your legs. Yes, as statistics show, this topic is very relevant even in the XXI century.

The symptoms of ingrown hairs on the legs

Redness and swelling around the pimple;

unpleasant painful sensations when pressing;

With inflammation, a pimple with white pus around the ingrown hair.

“Even a good-quality razor will leave your skin slightly traumatized. And in the traumatized skin, hairs change direction in growth and begin to ingrown, not finding their way to the surface. However, inflammation does not appear in all.”.

After waxing or depilation on the skin in the area of the hair follicles are often visible red spots. It is folliculitis, inflammation of the hair follicle after an injury, which can be considered a natural skin reaction to hair removal (with or without the root). As a rule, if you observe hygiene, after 1-2 days, these points disappear, the inflammation passes.

Why do you need preparation for hair removal?

To begin with, let us remind you what waxing is. It is a procedure of hair removal with the root, that is, with the concomitant destruction of the hair follicles. There can be a variety of methods.

Using wax or wax strips.

Шугаринг, когда вместо воска применяется разогретая паста на основе сахара.

Hardware photo, electro or laser hair removal, which is performed in a beauty salon or clinic.

Electroepilation with a device for home use.

And although the most popular way is still depilation (shaving legs with a loom or the use of depilatory cream), the effectiveness of hair removal is still ahead of her. But it’s also painful. To reduce this almost the only, but a big disadvantage, you have to prepare the skin.

Although, of course, there are several other important reasons to prepare:

Reduces skin irritation after the procedure;

The risk of red spots and inflammation is minimized;

smooth, legs, waxing

Pros and cons of shaving legs with an epilator

The epilator refers to electrical devices that allow mechanical removal of hair by pulling it out with the root. It works on every hair with precision and removes it for a long time. On average, the effect of hair removal lasts from 1 to 3 weeks, which is more effective than shaving legs with a regular razor or use a wax.

When considering whether it hurts to shave legs with an epilator, it is worth noting that the procedure can deliver unpleasant sensations. To avoid discomfort and remove hair painlessly, many girls use anesthetics or folk remedies. From our article on the link you can learn in detail how to properly do painless epilation at home.

If you follow the rules of the device will help qualitatively epilate legs and provide many benefits:

  • Ease of use, the possibility of application, even for beginners;
  • There is no need to use cosmetic products for shaving;
  • Availability of additional attachments that allow you to shave hair in all places;
  • With regular epilation hairs become thinner and rarer;
  • The possibility of carrying out the procedure at home.

Besides painful sensations, epilation has some disadvantages. There’s also a high risk of irritation, blood vessel damage when using an epilator. It often happens that after the procedure the hairs ingrown into the skin and lead to inflammation of the epidermis. To avoid inflammation, read our article on how to get rid of ingrown hairs after epilation.

How to get ready for epilation with an epilator

Before epilating legs epilator necessary to properly prepare the device and the skin to the process.

Preparing the machine

Before each procedure, the head with tweezers must be treated with an antiseptic (you can use regular alcohol). If depilation is done for the first time, it is desirable to “play” with the device, to lead on a part of the body where there is no hair to feel the device and learn to hold it correctly. Some people find it painful to shave their legs with a machine, but the process is often less susceptible with painkillers.

Skin preparation

Sensitivity levels vary. Much depends on the structure of hair: the harder and thicker they are, the more painful promises to be depilation. But you can significantly reduce the discomfort of epilation with an epilator, knowing the simple rules.

  • Scrub your skin well, shortly before the procedure. Scrubbing perfectly removes dead epithelium particles, making it easier for the hairs to come out.
  • Just before waxing your legs, so that the pores are opened as much as possible. It is useful to massage with a coarse washcloth, it will reduce the pain.
  • Before shaving legs with a machine, the skin should be dried with a towel and lightly powdered with talcum powder.


The volume of the waxed area on the legs is large enough. Not every woman is ready to suffer the pain of hair plucked from the root for 15-25 minutes. If you have a high pain threshold, you can take a tablet of any suitable analgesic 20 minutes before the process.

Ice packs, Menovazine or Lidocaine spray can help reduce skin sensitivity.

Home methods of hair removal on the legs

Advantages: low cost and availability, it is easy to carry out the procedure without special equipment.

Disadvantages: low efficiency, short-term effect.

There are also folk methods of hair removal. Use peroxide, tinctures of plants. hemlock, walnuts, mixtures of iodine and ammonia, manganese and other options. Its effectiveness is questionable, and so is its safety.

Shaving is the quickest and easiest option. It takes just a few minutes to shave hair, but the result of this hair removal cannot be called durable. The hair is removed from the surface of the skin-the roots are left untouched, so you have to shave your legs again after a couple of days. In addition, the growing hairs become tougher. When shaving you have to be very careful not to cut the skin and not get a “burn” from the razor.

This is no less popular depilation method, which uses cream with cosmetic ingredients to remove hair at the base. In 5-10 minutes after applying the cream you remove it together with all the hairs. It’s a painless experience, so it’s a good option for people with a low pain threshold. In addition, depilation cream takes about the same amount of time as shaving. With the use of depilation cream, you can forget about possible cuts. The cream is easy to use at home: Veet has designed a special hair removal cream spray for you, saving you lots of time.

Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

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What to do after waxing is not allowed?

There are far fewer restrictions and discomfort after waxing and sugar paste depilation than after hardware procedures, but there are.

The first necessary actions will do the master: his professional care will free you from the problems than to wash off the wax after waxing and how to protect the traumatized skin first of all. Next, you will act, or rather do not act on your own.

After depilation it is impossible:

  • Within a day to bathe in natural bodies of water and visit the pool to avoid infection and dangerous inflammation;
  • within a day, and preferably longer, go to the sauna, massage, to the gym, do wraps to avoid additional loads on the traumatized skin and also accidental infection;
  • for at least 2 days should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, exclude visiting the solarium;
  • After waxing or sugar depilation of the bikini zone it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse at least for 1 day.

Care for dry skin after depilation, epilation

One of the main components of the image of the modern fashionable woman is a well-groomed smooth skin. Therefore, the list of mandatory cosmetic procedures for the modern girl necessarily includes the removal of unwanted vegetation on the body. It’s not uncommon for skin to look bleak after such procedures. Instead of the glamour that attracts men’s eyes, dry and flaky skin appears. Let’s talk about how to fix these unfortunate problems.

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