How to grind coffee without a grinder

The mortar for grinding. the way of the century

An even older method of grinding coffee beans is the mortar. It takes time and effort to get the right result, but it’s well worth the effort. The process of grinding coffee in this way is the most natural way. That’s how our ancestors used to get the consistency of coffee beans.

Today it is not only possible to grind coffee beans in this way. The output is a powder mixture of high quality, suitable for brewing a drink in different recipes. To make it easier to adjust the degree of grind, the coffee beans are ground in small batches just before brewing.

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How to grind coffee without a grinder

If you’re into true coffee rituals, you probably have a coffee grinder among your kitchen utensils. But the grinder or bean grinder is a mechanical device. No matter what its quality, sooner or later it will break. Have you ever had an early morning feeling of despair when you realized your coffee grinder had “blown its guts out”?? Yes, you may not have literally sobbed, but you were close to it. You have to admit, a broken coffee grinder is not the best way to start your day. Don’t count on kiosk coffee or ready-made coffee to cheer you up before your morning coffee break. Even if your coffee bean grinder works properly, it just might not be on hand. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you don’t have ready-made instant coffee, but you do have coffee beans and water. Don’t worry! We’ll show you how to grind coffee beans with gadgets you can find in almost every kitchen. Going on a Journey?

[attention type=green]In any drugstore or large supermarket you will find at least a couple of devices suitable for grinding coffee beans. Even if you have difficulty using them, you can always go from simple and crush the coffee beans with a large stone. But before you do, take a look at some of the other options.[/attention]

Grinding types

It is important to choose the right grind when brewing a beverage. It comes in five varieties:

Coarse particles bring out the full flavor when brewed in a coffee pot or French press. Medium-sized particles look like granulated sugar and are ideal for use in drip coffee makers. How to prepare a beverage, read the article “Types of coffee grind and what it affects”.

If you prepare the drink in a coffee machine or a geyser coffee maker, it is better to use a thin version. The perfect Turkish-style drink is made from powdered beans.

Going outdoors brings changes to the daily routine. Only it is not worth refusing a cup of coffee in the morning, even away from civilization. Lack of electricity is no excuse for a resourceful person. If someone has taken with you a grain coffee, you can grind it even with a stone or hammer.

Some people buy only ground coffee in stores. Therefore, they have no problem with making their favorite beverage. And they do not think it is necessary to buy a coffee grinder.

However, a problem may arise if a friend dropped in as a gift a rare kind of grain. The desire to try the drink can be great. And then very useful tips, thanks to which you can grind coffee without a grinder.

When vacationing in the countryside, you don’t want to change your habits either. But if the local store only has coffee beans, then sometimes even the presence of a coffee grinder will not help to turn them into a full-fledged drink of vivacity. After all, in the villages, they often have long blackouts.

Instructions for grinding the beans

First it is necessary to determine the degree of grinding. They make a beverage from the resulting powder at once and do not need to store it. For 1 cup of coffee is enough to pour 2 tablespoons of beans. Gourmets know how to get a better beverage. the beans should be heated in a dry pan before grinding.

If after grinding and brewing the drink there is powder left, it must be sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

In a hand grinder

It takes more time and effort to grind with a manual grinder, but the beans do not overheat, so you get a more aromatic and tasty beverage.

Manual device consists of 2 millstones. One at the bottom of the device, the other is rotated with the handle. Pour the measured amount of beans into the container, and turn the handle for about 15-20 seconds. The powder is used immediately for brewing.

Important! Do not use the grinder for other products, otherwise the coffee will absorb someone else’s smell.

In an electric coffee grinder

The beans grind faster in an electric grinder. Of these are distinguished:

Bladed or rotary. electric models, with which you get a coarse and medium grind. The integrated knives grind the beans for as long as the user does not turn off the unit.

The volume of the container is designed for a drink for 3-4 people. Instructions:

  • open the lid;
  • Pour the beans into the container with the knives at the top;
  • turn the device on;
  • check the time;
  • wait, switch off the machine;
  • open the lid and retrieve the powder.

But the intensity of grinding in this case can not be controlled. Then you can sift the grind through a sieve and pass large pieces through the device again.

Grain grinders. suitable for fine quality grinding. The beans are ground in special hoppers. The distance between the rotating millstones can be adjusted, and the type of grinding depends on this.

It’s easy to grind coffee in a miller grinder:

  • set the distance between the blades and set the desired degree of grinding;
  • Pour the beans into a special container;
  • turn on the device;
  • Wait and pour out the ready powder.

Grain devices. the most preferred option for lovers of the drink, they have a wide range of grinding.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder

Basic grinds for the carob coffee maker can be obtained without the use of a special grinder. Kitchen units, meat grinders, blenders are used to grind. But be sure to check whether these units are equipped with nozzles for processing hard food and spices.

Pour the coffee beans into the container for the processing of solid products and turn on the desired button. After 3-5 minutes the brewing powder is ready.

Manually grind beans in a mortar or use a hand mill. But it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve the desired result.

In the case of using a rolling pin, hammer or smooth stone head, the beans are placed in a bag. Crush the coffee by hand through the plastic bag until it reaches the desired size. Tools available include a hammer, rolling pin, garlic press, hand mill, mortar, knife. Read “How to grind coffee without a grinder” for details.

Submersible device

Now let’s see if you can grind immersion-type coffee in a blender. This device differs from the stationary device in the fact that a special nozzle with knives is immersed in the bowl.

To grind grains, choose a model with 4-6 foot blades, which are at different heights. Also choose a narrow, tall bowl.

Grind grains with an immersion device should be as follows:

  • Pour so many beans into the bowl that after dipping the nozzle, they do not completely cover the blades;
  • Choose the lowest power setting;
  • periodically turn off the machine, take out the nozzle and clean the particles that are stuck in it.

After you finish grinding, thoroughly rinse and dry all parts of the device.

Coffee grinders were quickly replaced by special coffee machines. The need for them has decreased, and as a result, they can be found in stores less and less often. In addition, in the modern world, people are used to buying only the necessary equipment. it does not take up unnecessary space and does not lie idle in the kitchen.

Lack of a grinder is not a reason to buy only powdered product or to pay extra to grind beans in a coffee shop. There are alternative options on how to grind them:

How to grind coffee without coffee grinder or any tools

It is important to remember that it is necessary to grind grains, adhering to all safety rules. The whole process has to be elaborate and risk-free, otherwise it is better to buy already ground product.


Of all the household utensils, the blender is the most reliable helper. It allows you to grind even the hardest products. It is powerful, especially modern models. For example, modern food processors have a small grinder: it is usually of medium power, but it does the task well.

Another option is the chopper attachment. It is usually used to grind cereals into flour. The attachment performs the function of a coffee grinder, but it is also not very powerful. Before using any attachment must read the instructions: if there are direct warnings, you can not use the attachment for coffee.

A simple instruction on how to grind coffee in a blender:

  • Pour no more than 100 grams of corn into a small bowl.
  • Next, turn on the blender, but only for a few seconds. you need to see how it copes with the task. Generate the grinding process a few at a time.
  • To grind evenly, periodically remove the bowl and shake it.

Cereal shredders, especially low-powered ones, should not be operated for long periods of time. If the blades of the jug overheat, they will impair the blender’s function. Solid products themselves are a load for the machine.

Another option if there is no special chopper attachment: try using an immersion nozzle. It is more difficult to work with, because the top of the blender will be open. so you need to ensure yourself safety. Immersion nozzles do not always have high power, so the grain is not always completely chopped.

How to grind grains: in a special cup pour the product, then immerse the nozzle and at low speed, as carefully as possible turn it on. The total working time is not more than 2-3 seconds, then we give the nozzle a rest. To prevent the contents from flying out of the bowl, it should be covered from above, if possible.

High power stationary blender acts as a coffee grinder. It is also turned on at 2-3 second intervals. The main advantage of high-powered devices: they make the finest possible grind. Additionally, the container is turned off and shaken. The result is a medium grind, but in a large volume. In the end, the bowl should be thoroughly cleaned. the best option is warm water with baking soda. Only a soda solution will get rid of the characteristic aroma.


A more time-consuming method is to grind coffee with a meat grinder. The alternative is suitable for the safe grinding of beans. There are 2 types of grinders. electric and mechanical. The main disadvantage of the meat grinder as a substitute for a coffee grinder: you can not get a fine grind.

The first thing you need to do is to wash the meat grinder thoroughly, especially inside. Then all the parts must be dried. First time you get a coarse grind, you often have to grind it anew. The fineest grind can be obtained only after several passes through the grinder. After also thoroughly wash all the parts, and dry everything well.

Spice grinder

The main function of the mill is to grind various spices. The devices have different power, construction, features of operation. The mill is suitable for working with a small number of grains, or alternatively, you will have to do the same process several times.

The mill grinds the beans for 1 cup of coffee at a time. This mill has the same working principle as a meat grinder. to get a fine grind you have to repeat the same process several times.

The oldest mills are made of wood because it absorbs odors very well. It is better not to grind coffee in a wooden appliance, because it will have an unpleasant aroma. After coffee wood will also be difficult to clean. too much complexity with minimal results.

Other disadvantages of the mill, even if it is made of more durable material: there is a high probability of overheating. which is dangerous for both the unit and for humans; the cutting parts quickly fail. the device is not designed for hard beans. Using the mill as a coffee grinder, its owner reduces the life of the device. This method leaves an unpleasant and acrid smell. the most difficult thing to get rid of.

Methods for making ground coffee at home

It is very easy to prepare Neapolitan coffee in a geyser coffeemaker. The lower reservoir of the device is filled with water, covered with a filter and closed with a lid. The upper part is filled with fine ground coffee. When boiling, the water fills the coffee tank, turning it into a delicious invigorating beverage.

If you want to brew a beverage of coarse ground coffee beans, a French press is a good idea, because it is heated up by pouring boiling water in and out of the machine. Then put 3-4 teaspoons of coffee in a glass, pour a small volume of boiling water over them, and stir. After 30 seconds, the glass of the French press is completely filled with boiling water and infused for 5-6 minutes.

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