How to hem jeans by hand without a machine

How to hem jeans with preservation of the factory seam

When it says so, it does not mean that you will not have to cut anything. On the contrary, in this case you can hem jeans, preliminarily removing the factory seam.

To do this, you must first make a markup. It is enough to step back from the factory seam by 2 cm.

  • Cut off the excess fabric;
  • To hem the jeans with the preservation of the factory seam, you need to join the individual sections (pant leg and bottom with the factory edge);
  • Make a stitch;
  • Using an iron to give the seam the desired shape, it must be smoothed so that the front side is not visible protruding bumps.

How to Shorten Your Jeans While Keeping The Original Hem || How to Hem Jeans (By Hand)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial

You can also do the stitching with your own hands. Use the same technique as in the above case. Stitch is called “back of the needle”, with each subsequent stitch is made with an indentation of 1 cm back, it overlaps the resulting gap.

When it is necessary to shorten pants with preservation of the factory edge, 2 parameters are taken into account: the accuracy of performance, the strength of the thing in this area. By these criteria, handmade stitching is inferior to machine stitching. For beginners and amateurs without enough experience is difficult to connect pre-cut pant leg with a factory edge without defects.


Shortening a pair of jeans is very comfortable with a seam stitch. How to do it correctly?

Sew seam without gaps. The needle is inserted into the exit of the previous stitch. The direction of the stitch from right to left. The thread should be in the middle.

  • Insert the needle to the right of the thread at a distance of 5 millimeters.
  • On the left side, put out at the same distance. You will have a beautiful stitch.
  • Then insert the needle at the beginning of the stitch. Drive out 5 millimeters to the left of the thread.

Tools and materials required

When choosing a way to hem jeans by hand, you need to prepare everything you need to do this right away:

  • Scissors: choose the sharpest so as not to spoil the fabric;
  • Different types of pins: tailor’s, special needles for dense materials;
  • Marking tools: a crayon, a piece of soap or a fade-out marker;
  • thread;
  • bobbin (if you plan to hem the edges of the piece with a machine);
  • ruler.

Creative hemming

Jeans youth and children’s jeans are hemmed with the use of finishing elements:

  • As a trim and just to lengthen the jeans, different materials are used: natural leather, denim fabric of a different color.
  • The seam of sewing on the extending overlay from another material can be decorated with your own hand embroidery.
  • You can form the cuffs, lapels of plaid fabric and apply a colored fabric for edging s.

Carefully made hemming with preservation of the underwired edge, allows a perfect fit for expensive jeans, and creative gives a second life to a favorite pair, pleasing to home and others. A simple job of repairing and fitting jeans can translate into a future sewing hobby.

How to shorten jeans without a sewing machine

The bottom edge of pants can be finished by hand. How to hem jeans? Procedure:

  • Lay the thing out.
  • Draw a chalk line of length at the ready, guided by the marks.
  • Fold up the width of the factory hemming.
  • Draw a second line.
  • Turn the thing inside out, iron.
  • Fold the bottom so as to combine the decorative stitching and the second line.
  • Sew up the edge with neat stitches.
  • Cut off the excess material left on the wrong side.
  • Sew around the edges.

How to shorten it properly

Without a sewing machine yourself shorten jeans can be several ways. The choice will depend on personal preference and expected results.

The “bachelor” method

Our own quick way to shorten jeans without a sewing machine was invented by unmarried men. This tiphack has become popular with the fairer sex as well. Thanks to it nothing needs to be sewn. Its main feature is the simplicity and originality. To do this, the following conditions and actions must be performed:

  • Double-stitch jeans to the correct length;
  • The second time you need to add one centimeter;
  • trim the excess material;
  • Use “Moment” glue on the inside of the first hemming;
  • Gently wrap it inside and press it down, hold it in place for a few minutes.

All the same steps are done with the second pant leg. This old method helps to shorten pants without hemming and keep them in this form for a long time.

Shortening denim pants with glue

jeans, hand, machine

Sewing pants with hot fix tape

Nowadays the special thermal adhesive tapes are very popular for manual processing of denim trouser bottoms. They are made of polyamide and provide a strong adhesive bond, as well as ensuring that the aesthetic appearance of the garment is preserved for a long time. At the same time the pants will not be hemmed with threads. Tape the pants with a hot iron. This way you can hem both new and old garments.

Sewing up pants with duct tape

The preparatory step

An important step is to determine the correct length of the jeans. They should not be too short, otherwise it will give the impression that you have grown out of them. Pants that are too long will collect dust from the road and gradually become flared out.

  • Pull the jeans on and turn the lapel to the correct length. It’s best to have someone help you do this. Look in the mirror a few times to see if your pant legs are short.
  • Sew the lapel with thread or mark its place with chalk.
  • Remove the jeans, remove the pins and turn the legs inside out.
  • Make a mark 2 cm below the previous mark.
  • Trim the excess fabric.
  • Where the seam will go, fold back the fabric by 1 cm to prevent the edge from flapping.
  • Sew a few stitches to fix the seam location.
  • Put the jeans on and check if you have found the correct length.

If you are satisfied with the result, sew the seam in one of the following ways.

After trying on, put the two legs together and check that they are the same length.

How to shorten jeans? Without a sewing machine!

Recently a colleague at work noticed me in new jeans and asked where I buy jeans for my height. Her surprise was boundless when I said that I myself sew jeans without a sewing machine (for lack of it).

jeans, hand, machine

�� Shorten Jeans by Hand & Keep the Original Hem! Easy way to take up jeans without a sewing machine

I always used to hem my jeans at a repair shop near my house. Done qualitatively with the preservation of the factory stitching, that’s just lately turnaround time could take a week. This has ceased to please me, and I started looking at old hemstitched jeans to understand the principle of hemming. All turned out to be elementary simple. I should say that I do not needlework in general and sewing is not mine to put it mildly. But if I can do it, then everyone can). Next is step by step.

The hardest thing in this process. Measure the desired length (which will shorten). Next, we make the marks on both pants (or you can stab with a pin). Note that we will hemmed jeans with the original bottom stitching, and it is still about 1 cm.

Turn the pant leg on the wrong side and iron. I do this so that the fabric in the process of hemming “did not move.

Turn the pant legs out again. You should get something like this.

Next, we try to sort of pull out from under the bottom of the original stitching of the jeans and hem with neat little stitches. Not like in the photo, of course. This is for illustration)). I choose a thread to match the color of the jeans. Under the light blue, for example, quite fit the white.

jeans, hand, machine

This is the way to hem jeans without a sewing machine. Always turns out very neat and no one ever guessed anything) In many shops do exactly the same, only on a sewing machine. I know of other ways, but that’s another story)

Ways to shorten a pair of jeans

Many denim pants have nice scuffed seams, mostly at the bottom. If you keep them, then the fold will not be noticeable. Pants can be hemmed in several ways:

The process of taking measurements There is also a creative trouser bending. It lies in the use of finishing elements. Step-by-step work process:

  • Various fabrics can be used for finishing: real leather, denim a few shades darker;
  • The seam can also be decorated to your liking;
  • You can make the cuffs-turns out of white fabric and use colored material for edging the

A well-done crease with the preservation of the underwired edge, helps to fit well expensive pants, and trim a second life to your favorite pants, and will impress people. It’s also important to mix and match your jeans properly. They go with almost any shoe, except summer slippers. Look good with shirts, tops or sweaters. Jeans are rightly considered a versatile clothing. They are worn in all seasons all year round.

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