How to hide the air conditioner in the bedroom

Is it possible to hang an air conditioner opposite the bed

People spend most of the time in their bedrooms, therefore the question of the establishment of a system of air conditioning, which will make a stay in their favorite room as comfortable as possible, remains relevant and incredibly significant. Of great importance in this matter is the choice of split systems, its whereabouts in the bedroom and caring for it, so it is necessary to consider in detail all aspects worthy of attention. Otherwise, if the air conditioning in the bedroom is incorrectly installed, it can regularly bring inconvenience.

When installing the air conditioning, it is important to follow the following rules:

To install the air conditioner, you can use the services of masters or count on your own strengths. The installation technique of a wall model is always one and includes:

It is important after open gas and liquid valves and make sure that the compound is tight.

Thus, the air conditioner can be considered an important thing in the bedroom, which will help the household comfortably spend time in the room, and will also contribute to calm sleep. Sultry heat or increased humidity will cease to be a problem with this device in the apartment. With the right choice and installation, the air conditioner will certainly create a cozy microclimate in the room and will delight the household for many years.

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Types of air conditioners for installation in the bedroom

Air conditioners for apartments, including for installation in the bedroom, are divided into two types: monoblocks and split systems.

There are models of monoblock air conditioners who do not need to withdraw “waste” through a window or other device. But the cost of such devices is much higher than their counterparts.

Monochic type air conditioning (monoblock)

This type of air conditioning is the most popular today. But it has a number of serious disadvantages in comparison with mobile versions.

Split air conditioning system

Advantages of split air conditioning systems:

How to hide a ceiling air conditioner?

The meaning here is this: entering the room, you do not look behind the back and up, that is, the air conditioner block does not fall into your field of vision.

Of course, from other points of the room the design will be visible, but if you cast a cursory look at the entire room, then the air conditioner will not be striking. In addition, in width it approximately corresponds to the doorway, and the whole composition will look quite balanced.

Despite all the evidence of this decision, it is not used very often. The reason is that the installation of the air conditioner above the door is associated with some technical difficulties. A longer network of communications is required for the output, and this is more complicated and more expensive than installing the block in the conditional corner of the room closer to the street.

Placement above the door is effective in terms of using the air conditioner. when opening doors, the intensity of the flow increases.

hide, conditioner, bedroom

If you like this particular masking option, consult in advance with experts about how appropriate this solution is for a particular room. It will be annoying if you create the interior, based on this technique, and it will eventually be unrealized.

Installation over the window is an alternative option that is also convenient. For example, if this is the only narrow window in the room, the air conditioner forms a single plane with it. the camouflage principle here is about the same as in the option with installation above the door. With this arrangement, the air conditioning is turned off can be hidden behind the curtains, and when they are open, the light from the window will distract attention from the block.

Selecting wall decoration in the color of the air conditioner

If you choose a conditioning system in a standard white building, it can be placed on a white wall. in this design, the technical unit visually dissolves.

This is a good option for interiors where a lot of white is used. This is convenient for styles such as minimalism, loft, scandriy. here the white color is often the main one, and against its background the white building will be almost invisible.

Important: over time, the shade of the white block may change. For example, if this is the sunny side, there is a risk of yellowing under the rays of ultraviolet radiation. Accordingly, camouflage properties will significantly decrease, and on the white wall the case will still be noticeable. Although in this case you can simply repaint the wall, if you like changes and this is not a complexity for you. Such a forced adaptation of the interior to external conditions is difficult to predict, but this is also one of the ways to be interesting to hide the air conditioner.

You can go the other way. choose a gray, black or other color of the case, if there is such an opportunity. Such models are less common than standard white, and they cost more. But the result looks very expressive and fully justifies the costs.

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How not to spoil the interior air conditioner?

In the summer heat, in the big city it is comfortable to feel only in the premises equipped with air conditioners. However, the Internet is filled with disputes about the dangers and benefits of the installation of air conditioners, many myths are associated with them.

myth of air conditioners and comfortable climate

The first and main myth is that the air conditioners are “eating” a lot of electricity. This is not the case for a long time. One air conditioner in the hottest summer month, working at full capacity, will “eat” an average of 700. We will compare this amount with the cost of heating apartments in winter. In different areas, monthly heating payments are from three to four thousand per month. That is, heating expenses are many times higher than expenses for air conditioning. permissible spending on comfort.

The second myth is connected with the installation, while earlier

The main thing is to remember that a bad idea will be to buy an air conditioner in the hot season. The price of all appliances of the apartment climate will rise by summer by one and a half to three times. Put the air conditioning preferably at the repair stage. And even if you do not install the blocks during the repair, then the communications should definitely be considered at the stage of developing the design of the apartment along with the design of the electrical wiring, sockets and switches. Communications of a standard air conditioner include wiring and copper tubes. If you do not think in advance in advance to install them in the interior, then you can ruin the entire aesthetics of the new apartment sticking out of the wall with cable channels and plastic boxes.

The third myth is due to the fact that air conditioners are dangerous for health. Some believe that the cooling substance Freon is toxic. Indeed, Freon heated up to 250 ° C is dangerous and used even in some wars. But in home operation, this temperature is impossible. Household freon is not dangerous and is used in the same refrigerators. One air conditioner is not able to harm the ecology, but with improper installation and disposal, it consumes too many extra resources.

Some connect frequent diseases of children with air conditioners. “Blowing” may not from any air conditioner, but only from incorrectly installed. Incorrectly displayed power and temperature modes, an incorrect installation location can lead to colds. With a thoughtful approach, this can be avoided. The air flow should not have obstacles on the way, and it is also impossible to direct air to people, especially for sleeping places.

Many people fear that pathogens are “breeding” in the clogged filters. To avoid this, air conditioners need to be cleaned. Modern ion filters can be washed just under a stream of water, 1-2 times a month. It is for this that you need to correctly consider the place of installation and access to the air conditioner, follow the operating rules. You can not close access to the internal unit with cabinets or furniture.


No matter what your internal block you have. With the help of furniture, you can make it almost imperceptible. The air conditioner is hidden behind bars or facades.

Air conditioning in the interior of the living room. Rio de Janeiro. The Yamagata Architecture project

Air conditioning in the interior of the bedroom. Rio de Janeiro

Air conditioning in the bedroom. Studio Twenty Seven Architecture project

Air conditioning in the kitchen. Rio de Janeiro

Air conditioning in the children’s room. NATOCADESIGN project

Air conditioning in the living room. Ongong project

The lattice reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner, therefore, to save electricity, it can be shifted or lifted in hot times:

This option is suitable for minimalistic modern internal blocks of air conditioners:

hide, conditioner, bedroom

Surprisingly, not many manufacturers think about the appearance of the internal block of the air conditioner.

With a decorative panel:

The block itself is hidden either in the walls or in the ceiling, only the gratings of the air ducts appear outside.

Air conditioning in furniture space

The split system can be fully or partially closed in the modular blocks of furniture or rack. It is enough for you to allocate one of the many wall shelves in the room to close the wires and blocks of the air conditioner. Such a simple opportunity not only distracts unnecessary attention from the body of the device, but also allow you to focus on brighter accents in the interior. In addition, you will always have access to equipment.

Air Conditioner hiding ideas

No matter how stylish your air conditioning is, it still will not look harmonious indoors. This is especially true for an individual style in the interior that does not imply attention on the technique. Using the blinds to hide your split, you can easily coordinate the operation of the device even with a closed curtain. This is a convenient and simple way that is available to each user split systems.

Color selection

Color selection is an affordable technique offered by manufacturers of climatic technology. Some designers make suitable wall decoration so that the white air conditioner does not differ from it, but this is a mistake. It makes no sense to change the principles of your own vision of the room, since in stores you can buy even a black apparatus. This hint has long turned into an optimal way to create an integral picture of the interior. Taking advantage of the model with a pleasant shade, it will be possible to easily hide the inner block, turning it into a small decor.

Installation in the living room

If you are worried about the question of where it is better to hang the air conditioner in the living room, then much depends on the size of the room and technical characteristics of the system. Modern devices models are characterized by a stylish design, so they fit into any interior, but still do not mount the device directly opposite the door. The following areas are preferred for installation:

When choosing a place, take into account the design of the device. It is important that it harmoniously combines with another technique installed in the room.

Rule one: should be as lower as possible with noise (preferably, 19-21 dB)

For a comfortable rest in many air conditioners, there are special operating modes. First, quiet mode of operation. It can be supplemented by turning off all sound signals and backlight.

There are more complex work algorithms, let’s say a special night regime in which the air conditioner gradually lowers the temperature in the room by 2-3 ° C, simultaneously simulating night cooling. And an hour before the “rise” the air temperature rises again to comfortable for wakefulness. Kentatsu models (comfortable sleep ”), Samsung (Good Morning function) and other manufacturers have such models.

Rule second: preferably the presence of a comfortable “night” mode of operation

A significant cause of discomfort is a too intense flow of cold air. Direct air flow aimed at a person increases the risk of getting sick.

If the bedroom area is limited, then it is best to hang the air conditioner over your head, so that the air flow is directed at the legs that are covered. Still, we sleep, as a rule, under the covers. Cold air entering the head increases the risk of colds and other health problems.

Air conditioning in the children’s room

Installing air conditioner in the children’s room is the most important question. Children are susceptible to temperature fluctuations, they quickly get sick, and their body does not yet have immunity to fight diseases.

The children’s room is usually divided into three zones:

Perhaps it will be difficult to choose a place for the air conditioner so that he does not blow any of these zones. As an option. you can redevelop the room, taking into account where you are going to mount the internal block.

Choosing a model

This question arises in the first place. The air conditioning in the bedroom should have noiselessness, power, but at the same time be not too expensive and stylish.

Before buying, you should take into account a number of factors.

  • The area of ​​the room. The power of the device will be directly related to square meters in the apartment. If the room is small, then the choice of a large air conditioner will be inappropriate. The dimensions of the device must correspond to the size of the bedroom.

If the room is up to 20 square meters. m, then the air conditioner must have a power of 2 kW if 10 kV. m. then 1 kW and t. D. It is also worth considering the location of the bedroom: whether the sunny side is one window or more. These factors play a significant role in the effectiveness of cooling the air conditioner.

  • The cost of the device. Stores offer many brands of air conditioners with various characteristics. The main thing is in this matter. not to overpay, but also not to save too much. Otherwise, the wrong choice will negatively affect not only the comfortable environment in the room, but also the health of households.
  • Air conditioner form. Devices can be floor (mobile, stationary) or wall. The first option has its advantages, for example: such air conditioning can be rearranged from the room to the room if necessary, it is suitable for a small bedroom, the device does not need installation. But this device cannot be called silent, during its operation, the compressor is heated, so the air itself heats up.

In addition, floor air conditioners are sold with hoses that need to be removed through windows or windows, so they often prefer wall models.

  • Personal preferences. Everyone wants the air conditioning not only to fulfill its purpose qualitatively, but also look stylish in the interior, harmoniously complementing the atmosphere. It happens that a model that has the worst characteristics has an attractive appearance, and an inconspicuous, at first glance, air conditioning can have a quality set of characteristics. It is important to find a device that combines an attractive form with internal filling.

In general, any air conditioner must have certain characteristics.

  • Quiet mode. None of the family members will like to sleep for the loud sounds of the device. Therefore, for the bedroom you need to choose soundless models with the possibility of reducing and fixing the noise level.
  • Temperature night regime. The installation of such a timer is important for creating comfortable conditions. In addition, electricity is saved in this way. The temperature and subsequent self.disconnecting of the device are maintained.
  • Ionization. Not all air conditioners have this system, but specially charged particles in this case will contribute to the good condition of the household, which can be compared with vigor from visiting the waterfall, sea coast or mountain slopes.
  • Drawing. Using such a system, air conditioning will help get rid of excess moisture. Everyone knows an unpleasant state with increased humidity: a person is stuffy, he can hardly breathe. Air conditioner in this case will help make air dry.
  • Cleaning. Some modern models are equipped with a filter system, thanks to which the air is cleaned of various aromas and dust. In some air conditioners, the filtration level is so strong that even dust mites are eliminated. Such a function is the best suited for people suffering from allergies to dust.
  • Air heating system. The so.called winter block will be necessary to warm the room into cold winter nights. Thus, one purchase can be combined with the air conditioner.

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Good question: where to install air conditioning in the apartment

To teach the installation of the air conditioner is an ungrateful lesson: it is clear that you are unlikely to install the air conditioner with your own hands. rather, invite specialists who will install all the rules.

The purpose of this article is to help you find a place for an internal block in advance. So that it is determined and consciously. And not a master on the principle: “I am so faster and easier to complete the installation”.

Where it is better to install air conditioning in the apartment for the internal block determine three factors. the proximity of the window, the location of the furniture in the room and the current stage of your repair.

one. Repair is completed. you only think about overhaul options and plan the interior design, it is reasonable to dwell on the central air conditioning system. Then the interior will not disfigure anything: the block is not visible, only the grille in the upper part of the wall, as in the photo. But the price of such a solution, of course, is incomparably higher than the usual split system.

If the repair has recently ended and you did not plan to “spoil” the finish, the only option remains. to look for a place for the internal block of the air conditioner in the apartment. We’ll talk about this

Window. it is possible to neglect the air conditioner on the window, and not on the internal walls. do not want to pull the diverting pipe along the room. This is understandable: as soon as the masters show you an ugly plastic box, which they are going to cover the “track” and declare the price by a meter (the farther from the window, the more expensive) you will most likely agree to the option “as close to the window as possible”. This is the first mistake of amateur repairs. Do how it will be convenient to use air conditioning, and not as masters more convenient.

Everything here is like with non.planned outlets in advance. you do not want to spoil a good repair, there will be open wiring and invoices. Ready to “dilute the dirt”. you can hide the tracks in the wall like any electrician. And do not become tied to the window.

Conclusion: Plan the installation site of the air conditioner and the fact of its installation in advance. It is important to do this in the process or even before the repair, and not upon its completion. When you have to choose either/or. finish or beauty of the air conditioner. Although, even open wiring for air conditioning can be made by a design concept (example in the photo).

People neglect people. the air conditioner should not be installed so that the flow of cold air is not directed into the head and back of people. that is, strictly at the workplace, the bed or in the back sitting at the table is prohibited to direct the stream. Otherwise, frequent colds await you. Please note that the air conditioner is located above the entrance to the bedroom. this option is possible only in a situation where the position of the block was planned in advance, before the start of the repair.

Conclusion: the best place where people do not blow in their heads and backs. And the air conditioner cools the maximum of the premises without striking. Designers most often choose a place above the door or orient the air conditioner on the door.


Где лучше повесить кондиционер в спальне?Решением для небольшой спальни может стать такое размещение кондиционера, когда поток проходит вдоль изножья кровати.

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Если развернуться совсем негде, выбирайте модель с разнонаправленным потоком воздуха. Такое расположение кондиционера в спальне хорошо тем, что когда вы работаете или отдыхаете, нижнюю створку можно закрыть, а подачу воздуха направить влево или вправо.

Важно: кондиционер в спальне должен быть расположен таким образом, чтобы основной поток воздуха проходил рядом с кроватью, не попадая на отдыхающих там людей. Вариант может быть нестандартным, как в примере на фото — блок интегрировали в подшивной потолок на манер центральной системы кондиционирования.

Над дверьюВариант кондиционера над дверью в спальне — один из самых распространенных и рекомендуемых дизайнерами интерьера. Уж лучше пусть дует в ноги, чем в голову спящим.

Рядом с дверьюВ ситуации, как на фото, когда выбрана дверь увеличенного размера и простенка над ней для монтажа блока не остается — можно разместить блок на соседней стене. Но опять же таким образом, чтобы дуло по ногам.

Напротив двериВ ситуации, когда конфигурация и размер спальни позволяют, кондиционер размещают на стене напротив входа. Опять же учитывая, чтобы поток воздуха шел параллельно кровати, не затрагивая лежащих на ней.

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