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Is it possible to close the gas pipe with siding: the rules and subtleties of the gas pipeline masking

You are going to sheathe the house with siding, but found that the gas pipe was carried out too close to the wall? Natural gas is a dangerous substance, it is not for nothing that all the works related to it are strictly regulated. Agree, neither problems with the gas service, nor the threat of an explosion after decoration, you need.

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Every year, dozens of people die from explosions and the fire of household gas, and hundreds of more housing are lifted. In most cases, the cause of the tragedy is precisely the incorrectly performed re.Equipment. If everything is done according to the instructions, the fresh facade will not only be beautiful, but also safe.

Representatives of the gas service are not concerned about the beauty of the facade of your home, their requirements are reasoned only by safety. We will talk about compromise options on how to close the gas pipe with siding, in which the result will meet all the standards and look aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, we will figure out what norms exist and what are the requirements.

We go to the trick, or the rating to help

We note right away, nothing can be hung on a gas pipe, but you can create the illusion that the pipe has not at all filled the pipe at all, but the well.Conceived and conceived rating is possible. Hooks, various shelves and holders are usually attached to the rating. Since its basis is horizontal guides, this method is perfect for masking horizontal sections of pipes.

The essence of the method is to paint a gas pipe in a color that is most appropriate for the color of the selected railing. The latter are often chromeled, made under bronze or copper. Railing is mounted just below the gas pipe. All objects are hung on the railing pipe, but due to the proximity of the location and similarity of the surface, the gas pipe will look as part of the general system. The solution is great for interiors made in a modern style.

Application of a rail system

If anyone does not know, the rail system is a railway pipe and various accessories, devices and devices suspended on it. The gas pipe can be used in such a quality, observing the known caution.

Firstly, it is not recommended to overload it or modernize it.

Secondly, this use is possible if the pipe is in the required place and is placed horizontally. If the pipe is located above the working area of ​​the kitchen, it can be painted with the required paint and hang hooks with utensils.

hose, stove

Another option for using the rail system is to arrange the rails so that they hide the gas pipe as much as possible. The latter will only have to paint the required paint, which will make it as inconspicuous as possible.

General requirements and standards

In order for the approval process to go smoothly, it is better to familiarize yourself with the main positions of the gas system in residential premises in advance. As a cheat sheet, you can use a regulatory document. Snip 2.04.08-87 (current version).

In the room, natural supply and exhaust ventilation must be established in the room, that is, there should be a window with opening windows/transums and a ventilation channel with good thrust

If the walls and ceiling consist of flammable materials (wood), they must be plastered or lined with metal sheets.

Gas pipes serve to transport fuel to consumers. Plates, oven, columns, so the location of the equipment is important at least pipe wiring.

The height of the ceilings in the room where the gas stove is installed should not be less than 2 m 20 cm. If it is an attic or an extension with an inclined ceiling, choose a place suitable for regulatory parameters

The distance from the stove to objects located through the passage (for example, to the table) should be at least 1 meter. This contributes to free movement in the kitchen

The element of shut-off valves-a crane to turn off the gas supply-should be at a distance of 0.2 m from the stove (it is possible to install on a pipe hidden under the countertop at an altitude of 0.75-0.80 m)

The room in which a gas stove or column is installed must be separated from the next room/corridor door. It is forbidden to leave the opening in the living room open

The gas stove must be moved away from the wall covered with non.Combustible material by at least 0.07 m. If the equipment is installed in the corner, the rule applies to both walls

To connect the gas pipe and household appliance, the use of flexible hoses (rubber.Tape sleeves, bellows hoses) is allowed

hose, stove

To connect the consumer (oven, slab) and gas pipeline use a fitting. The eyeliner is carried out at the height of its location

Pipes for internal wiring should be made according to GOST 380-88 (for ordinary products) or GOST 1050-88 (for high-quality products)

It is also necessary to know that the shut.Off crane from the pipe cannot be cut off. This is a mandatory element of the gas system. Over, when changing the location and replacing the gas crane, it is necessary to ensure that it is in direct accessibility.

If it is placed under the countertop, then access should be available through the cabinet door (without the rear wall) or through the opening fragment of the countertop.

How to hide complex interweaving from pipes

The hardest thing is to close a ball of pipes, valves, adapters so as not to violate the SNiPs and instructions. The task is complicated by the presence of a boiler and counter.

Hiding “bizarre bends” of equipment in a plasterboard or metal deaf case means violating all the rules. At the next check, the control authorities will detect a violation and write out a fine.

If you remove the gas pipeline in the box, then only observing the following instructions.

  • Be sure to use non.Combustible materials for construction.
  • In the design, provide access to all valves, cranes, meters and connecting details: goals, fittings, adapters, plugs.
  • All work on the transfer, cut of pipes are carried out by specialists after the approval and approval of the project with the gas service.

Sometimes it’s easier to sew the wall entirely with drywall, making small hatches with doors in the frame through which all the necessary valves, counters and other objects will be available.

  • The disadvantages of such a decision can be called a decrease in the area of ​​the room, the bite to legalize redevelopment, construction work and additional expenses for the purchase of materials.
  • The simplest option is to include the pipe in the interior using its painting in the color of kitchen facades or kitchen apron. You can picturesquely decorate the equipment with ornaments, decorate with colored threads or artificial vines. Free flight of fantasy for people who like to create masterpieces with your own hands.
  • Easily and simply fit into the interior a boiler, a column and other industrial equipment if the kitchen is decorated in the loft style. It welcomes rails, metal parts, open technical devices. In the photo, a gas pipe in the kitchen does not attract attention. She is decorated with shelves and rails.
  • If the client does not want to leave the equipment in sight, or the style design requires a laconic solution, then you need to remove everything for the facades.

With an individual order of kitchen furniture, you can plan at the place of accumulation of pipes and valves the upper and lower cabinets in the amount of existing equipment. The main condition is the availability of devices for inspection.

Important. For air circulation, insert a ventilation grill into the bottom and roof of the cabinet covering the gas boiler. Or make cuts in them. This promotes air ventilation.

Pipe. Part of the interior

Using decorative textiles

This decor option will allow more organically entering communications into the interior. There may also be a lot of options. The most popular materials are twine, tenki cord, rope.

A decorative rope must be tightly wrapped in pipes. To fix the rope during the refueling of its ends, it is necessary to use glue. You can add decorative elements. For example glass beads, shells or artificial leaves and flowers.

Decorating with a decorative twine.


Decorative bamboo looks non.Standard, in addition, it has an identical to pipes, which allows it to be easy to mount, just choose a bamboo of the desired diameter.

Chrome bar counter

If the kitchen has a bar stand or rails. This element will fit well into the interior. You just need to choose the correct diameter of the railing and pass through it a gas hose.

Instead of a bar, you can use a flexible hose, pass it between the cabinets and the countertop into the prepared hole.

hose, stove

If the pipe is located horizontally, it can also be beaten by their Rail Ingama. The rail system includes innumerable shelves, hooks and suspensions for placing all kinds of kitchen utensils. To make the pipe look aesthetically pleasing, you need to clean it to shine and cover it with chrome paint. The main thing is not to overload.

You can also fix the rails so that the pipe is between them and the wall. You just have to paint it either in the color of the railing or in the color of the apron to make it even less noticeable.

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Prohibited techniques for masking pipe

The most popular masking methods will help not only hide an unattractive element, but also reveal their creative imagination. Even standard drywall lining can be expanded by decoupage style design.

There are a lot of options for how to hide a gas hose or a pipe in the kitchen, but not everyone can be used in a particular case. For example, any independent actions to circumcise and transfer part of the pipeline (gas) are categorically prohibited. Such work can only be carried out by a qualified gazur from the service serving this house.

Over, in advance inconsistent redevelopment of the gas line entails penalties and most likely, you will have to return the entire structure to the initial location.

Performing serious installation work by a master of self.Taught without qualifications can entail deplorable consequences not only during operation, but also during operation

According to the Rules of SNiP to arrange gas supply, the following manipulations with a gas pipeline are prohibited:

  • Start the pipe into the ventilation system;
  • Hide a gas riser with a whole plug in the form of a fixed box;
  • Sealant casing;
  • Drown in the wall.

It is necessary to adhere to all these rules, first of all, for security purposes. The near.Tube zone should be open, in order to avoid gas accumulation during its leakage. Residents of the apartment will not be able to find out in time about the existing threat, if this zone is tightly blocked. It will not be able to miss a specific smell in time.

It turns out that the most suitable method for masking a gas pipe in the kitchen is the use of decorative ventilated shields, with removable elements. To make sure of the correctness of the technical project, you have to contact the gas service to the master.

Shift attention

If you selected a stylish modern headset, added an interesting decor, and the kitchen turned out to be harmonious and expressive, who will notice a gas pipe against this background? But if this element annoys you and does not give rest, close it with a bright picture, creating an unusual gallery on the upper cabinets.

If the pipe is located quite high from the stove and occupies a horizontal position, throw LED garlands with warm light on it: in the evenings they will create a cozy romantic situation, and the pipe will serve as a practical addition.

How to decorate a gas hose?

A gas stove hose under plaster or tiles is a vital decoration option. There are many ways to avoid unpleasant consequences, while aesthetically aesthetically hiding the hose under decorative finish. In order to close the gas hose, the following types of materials can be used:

Almost any finishing material is suitable for masking a gas hose. The main features of the design should be: free access and ventilation.

Before starting work on arranging a decorative decoration of a gas hose, you need to consult a specialist-guess.

It is advisable to entrust the organization of activities to professionals, since the arrangement of a gas hose refers to a vital issue.

You should regularly check the condition of the gas hose and all connections to it. With the slightest smell of gas, you need to immediately contact the gas service to check the possible gas leakage.

hose, stove

And you know why you can’t hide a gas hose under plaster and tiles in the kitchen? Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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