How to insert a button into a multicooker Philips

How to insert a button into a multicooker Philips

Look for an instruction for a slow cooker. Skorovarka. Then you here. In our video, you can get acquainted in detail with the main operations with a pressure cooker (when preparing with increased pressure, you can cook all the dishes faster), as well as with the control of such a complex electronic device as a multicooker. In fact, of course, this is a complex device itself, but using it is quite simple. And he simplifies life, and does not make more complicated!

Good afternoon. We are pleased to present a multicooker Philips HD 2173. We hope that our video instruction will help you in using it. This multicooker has the function of the pressure cooker and can create some excess pressure inside itself, which helps to save time for cooking and preserving the beneficial qualities of the product. See how to open the lid correctly, and what efforts it requires. In the lid, we see the main working valve for dumping, which can be kept during cooking both open and closed. Just in case there is an emergency valve. Valves must be kept in its pure form.

On the other hand, we see a lid of a bowl with a seal. It is removable, which is very convenient for washing. The main value of the multicooker-bowl with anti-stick coating and the divided divisions indicating the minimum and maximum volumes. At the bottom of the multicooker there is a heating plate and a bowl control button. Without a bowl, the device will not work. Follow the purity of all surfaces. The bowl should be placed evenly and tightly on the bottom of the multicooker. In order not to get burned, you can use tacks. The kit, as usual, includes a measured glass and spoons.


On the front panel there are control buttons and display. Before cooking, you must decide whether you will cook under the pressure or without and set the working valve accordingly.

Touch control buttons, you need to adapt a little to them. The multicooker has the following programs. Under pressure. In the pressure range: cereals, soup, jelly, chicken, porridge, vegetables, meat, pastries. Without pressure, in multicooker mode: stew, casserole, fish, vegetables, cabbage rolls, pilaf.

For each program, the multicooker offers its own cooking time. You can agree with him, but you can change. Click the button for the operation under pressure, and regardless of or without we cook, and then the clock buttons, minutes change the cooking time.

We can postpone the start of cooking, for this there is a button. Starting a start, it also works with the clock buttons, minutes. We also see the Protection button from children, which blocks all the buttons, the start button that triggers the cooking process.

But the main button. This is a shutdown \ heating. She can cancel all the actions, and even the cooking process itself. But you can turn on the heating.


  • Multicar
  • bowl
  • power cable
  • Container-pairing
  • scoop
  • a spoon
  • beaker
  • book of recipes
  • Instructions
  • Silicone gloves

Instructions for multicooker mean the first cooking of rice by this process. We approached the question of the grandfather’s way: we wiped the heating element, bowl and lid with a soft damp cloth, wiped dry, made the first run with water and lemon. In subsequent operation, the slow cooker did not smell with plastic.


First of all, we, as usual, check the device for the ability to cook a kilogram of male food without complex manipulations. This time we choose a lymatic beans.

Limskaya beans with bacon and minced meat

This, of course, is not to stew, which should simply be folded with a set of chopped ingredients inside the multicooker, and then turn on the desired mode. The beans must first be soaked, then wiped, fry the bacon and minced meat, and only after that you can press the “Make a kilogram of food” button.

The multicooker copes normally with the roasting. No worse than electric stoves. In time. about the same. Extinguishing is also in the expected way, the beans are soft.

The verdict of tasters. It is the dish that you expect to get by putting the beans with meat to stew in a slow cooker. Bacon makes the recipe more interesting. If you like to have a lot of hearty food at home, this is a good option.

Judging by the forums, multicooker (any) is perceived by owners, including as an unit for the preparation of pilaf. Our team could no longer ignore this fact. The next test dish was pilaf.

Pilaf with lamb

It is worth paying tribute to the book of recipes. it describes the preparation of pilaf in sufficient detail and almost reliably. In the following description of the actions, the tips tells about Zirvak and offers to fry it on fatty fat.

We continue to experiment with hot in a slow cooker. Kurdyuk is excellent, zirvak is also preparing normally. The only drawback is a small diameter of the bowl: in the cauldron, turning the roasting and distributing it along the bottom is still more convenient.

The most funny begins when the time of independent work of the multicooker comes. She is pilaf both by default program time, and prepares 30 minutes according to the recipe. The feeling that this period, perhaps, would not be enough, did not leave Stirlitz to the signal about the completion of the program. The rice at the top of the pilaf was dry and solid, but below. on the contrary. The team decided to trust the feelings and, adding water, put the device for another hour. But it wasn’t there: smart multicooker does not make it possible to show excessive initiative in rice. I had to put it for half an hour, then mix the pilaf (otherwise the lower layer threatened to turn into rice pudding) and put again for half an hour. Through three iterations, the experimenters considered the dish ready.

The verdict of tasters. Despite the fact that the rice partially fell apart, the dish turned out to be quite worthy. But this, given the fuss with the program, is more likely the merit of products than the multicooker. The group of experimenters remained with their opinion that pilaf is better to prepare in more traditional ways.

Our next test is baking. We chose an apple pie from the book of recipes on the principle of “quite easy to cook”.

Apple pie

This dish of one friendly experimenters of grandmother is called “guests on the threshold”. It is for the reason that it is quickly and simply preparing. The biggest problem is to get the finished pie from the bowl.

Bake all products except cakes, instructions are prescribed with an open lid, which forces the experimenters all 40 minutes with curiosity to observe the preparation of the pie.

The verdict of tasters. For the set time, the pie was normally baked and did not burn to the bottom of the bowl. But outwardly it looked not like the pinnacle of confectionery art: crooked, whitish. It’s good that there were no guests on the threshold.

Examples of using

The simplest cooking. According to the recipe, pour cereal into the bowl, pour water, but not higher than the maximum, tightly put the bowl in the slow cooker, turn on the network, select porridge, we agree to cook 10 minutes. Start, stir 2 seconds. There is heating, heated, and cooking went. we see a return report time.

At the end of us, the mode of maintenance of heat awaits us. Turn off this mode like this:. Hold the Start/Turning button 2 sec.

But for rice, let’s turn off the transition to maintaining heat, we do not need it. We extinguish the light bulb by pressing the heating button and start. Heated, there will be no transition.

Let’s try to disagree with the default cooking time by default. We click on the soup, blinked, change the clock, click time again, change minutes. We will cook soup for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Thinking. And the slow cooker begins to grumble at our slowness. We decided to change the temperature. But no. In the soup it does not change. Start. Cooking immediately began.

For baking, we are offered 45 minutes. We change time for 1 hour and 45 minutes. And the default temperature is 130 and we can change it. Plus, 140 degrees. Start.

It is better to fry with an open lid, there is no temperature adjustment here. I don’t like it, then you are to a multipoire.

But after cooking you can use the handles with silicone protection, it is very convenient.

Remember the delay button. Soup, cook 1 hour. Button select what to change. hours or minutes, do not touch the clock, change minutes. The soup will be ready exactly after 4 and a half hours, because the program does not have an exit to the operating mode.

Now the most interesting. Multiper. Multipovar program has the widest possible time and temperature settings. 2 hours of cooking are changed for 1 hour 10 minutes. The proposed 100 degrees. Change 130. We want to see the dish ready after 6 hours. Start. The expectation process has begun. At the right time, cooking will begin. This light will light up.

It’s easier to warm up a cold dish up to 70 degrees. It is possible of course it is difficult through the program, but you can. They turned on with one click, the heating time is counted, they turned off with one click.

If you have very curious children or animals, then block the buttons. Keep a delay. A lock appears. The buttons do not react. Disconnect the protection in the same way.

The multicooker has no cancellation button. Enter the starting mode either through the start and immediately turn off, or tolerate while the slow cooker is glowing for your inaction.

Carrying for multicooker requires care. If you wash the accessories in the dishwasher, follow the modes. All on your conscience. The casing of the multicooker is very nice, but likes to leave fingerprints. Wipe it with a soft cloth.

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The Philips HD3039/40 multicooker does not turn on. repair chronicles

If the slow cooker does not turn on and the display does not burn, then most likely such a breakdown is associated with the power supply of a multicooker or problems in the control panel itself.

The clock on the display can show time, as they eat from the battery on the control board.

We open the multicooker housing, only four screws fix its bottom.

With a cursory examination of the food wires, in the heat.resistant tube you can identify the, which is fixed with the clamp to the metal case.

We free the clamp and move the tube from the heat.subject.

We check the thermal object, if it has a cliff, it means that it has worked and must be replaced, the multicooker does not turn on for it and does not turn on.

We replace it with new ones, it is important to take into account the temperature of the new heat.subject, it should definitely coincide with the old one (on this multicooker is 152ºС).

The should not be soldered, to connect, it is necessary to use crimping terminals.

As you can see, the slow cooker works, and thermal objects most often burn out of non.compliance with the rules of loading products. If after the replacement the thermal object of the multicooker is again burned out, it is necessary to check the temperature sensors, etc.D.

It is impossible to delete the from the power chain in general, since it is dangerous, in case of an emergency, this is the last line of protection!

The display is not highlighted and the buttons do not work

PHILIPS HD 3039/00 multicooker. When included in the network, the display is not highlighted, not a single button works, shows only time and that’s it.Tell me what could be the matter?

It is necessary to at least make out and see if everything is in order, if you want to know what is with her indiscriminately, then you need to contact the services of a fortuneteller

It looks like a problem in the control unit. Trust this business to specialists.

Take it for repairs to check the control unit.

Problem in the management board. The control microcircuit burned out.

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Repair of the multicooker Philips HD3039/40 (does not react)

PHILIPS HD3039/40 multicooker when turned on blinks for hours. All the buttons are not responded to pressing all the buttons. Sometimes minutes change independently.

PHILIPS HD3039/40 multicooker

The multicooker Philips HD3039/40 is quite easy to disassemble, just unscrew the floor of a dozen screws.

The internal device of the multicooker Philips HD3039/40

We start inspection of the multicooker from the power supply, checking the output voltage. Marking of the power supply BT1-PFF40C-A/B-P11.

BT1-PFF40C-A/B-P11 power supply board

Viva Collection Philips Multicooker HD3037/70

The owner independently tried to disassemble the multicooker Philips HD3039/40 and drove the paths in the power supply unit. As a result, two paths burned out.

Power supply unit

We clean this section of the board with alcohol and restore the tracks.

Check the presence of output voltage with BP. it is.

Next, we notice that the multicooker Philips HD3039/40 meets a short.term squeal to press all the buttons except the “Minute” button.

Checking buttons

We disassemble the front panel and measure the resistance of all buttons. Poem marking: RD110910-02C. The resistance of all buttons except the “Minute” button is equal. Her resistance is about 1.8 com.

Problem button “Minute”

Conclusions of the “Minute” button from the back of the board

After replacing this button, the multicooker Philips HD3039/40 reacts to pressing all the buttons and works normally.

Refined multicooker Philips HD3039/40

Good advice, thanks to the authors. Only in my case did one mode turn on and the slow cooker did not respond to the buttons. Measured the resistance of the button, which turns on this mode, the resistance “floats”. 50 kOhm, 120, 170, overload. Washed the board with alcohol. voila, everything worked

The reason may be in the button. Too dirty should be a fee.

Andriy, please tell me where you can buy such a button? I have the same problem only with the clock button, I fell it out, the slow cooker works without it, I want to put a new one.

As far as I remember, this is a common button. Sold in any radio component store.

I took out such a button from the remote control on the radio control. Watch old toys or old TV. This is a clock button, generally sold on the Internet, only they are different.

I started to blink all the buttons and screen on my multicooker, the buttons do not react. What could it be?

Check the voltage at the output of the power supply.

Hello. They changed the button, the clock earned normally, but the slow cooker began to bask and did not respond to pressing no button. Tell me what could be the problem.

Hello. Check the buttons again. Perhaps somewhere something is soldered incorrectly or faulty button.

PHILIPS HD3039/40 multicooker, normal power, almost does not respond to the buttons, almost because sometimes something is melting not to turn it off, I checked the buttons 4 out of 8 resistance 60-70 kilom, they are also replaced or normal resistance?

PHILIPS HD3039/40 multicooker, normal power, almost does not respond to the buttons, almost because sometimes something is melting not to turn it off, I checked the buttons 4 out of 8 resistance 60-70 kilom, they are also replaced or it is normal resistance?

The key opening key broke. I glued it, but it does not work out. If anyone had such a problem and he solved it, please respond to.

Good afternoon. When this slow cooker is turned on, the menu sunbathes, when you press any button, everything is rotten and on the display “02” the relay is triggered and 3 diodes on the keys are glowing. No longer responds. There are no descriptions in the instructions of such errors. I would be grateful for the advice.

What’s in the box

  • Basic Blok power cord
  • Polovnik for rice and soup steam plate
  • Merged cup memo for safety precautions
  • Interior stainless steel bowl
  • Booklet with recipes Warranty coupon
  • Remove all packaging materials from the device.
  • Remove all accessories from the inner pot.
  • Carefully clean the parts of the electric pressure cooker before the first use (see. chapter “Cleaning and maintenance”).

Preparation before cooking

  • Keep the handle of the lid and turn it counterclockwise until the upper cover stops moving, then raise the top cover.
  • Remove the inner pan from the electric pressure cooker and place pre.washed products in the inner pan.
  • Wipe the inner pan on the outside dry, then place it back in an electric pressure cooker.
  • Install the top cover on an electric pressure cooker and turn it clockwise. You will hear a click when the upper cover closes correctly.

Make sure the pressure control valve and the float valve are clean and not blocked.

Make sure that the outer surface of the inner pan is dry and clean, and there are no extraneous residues on the heating element.

To cook

For products that expand during cooking, do not fill the internal bowl with foods and liquid by more than 1/2 volume.

When preparing rice, monitor the indicators of the water level inside the inner pan. You can adjust the water level for different varieties of rice and at your discretion. Do not exceed the maximum amount indicated on the inside of the internal capacity.

Before preparation, make sure that the float on the top cover has lowered.

  • Follow the instructions in the section “Preparation before cooking”.
  • Turn the pressure regulator to the stop.
  • Insert the plug into the outlet.
  • The power indicator begins to blink.
  • The indicator “Support for pressure” lights up;
  • The heat conservation indicator lights up (Keep Warming).
  • Electric pressure cooker begins to discard pressure.
  • When the pressure is reset quite, the float drops.
  • When preparing a soup or viscous fluid, do not discard the pressure, turning the pressure regulator for ventilation, otherwise the liquid can leak out of the valve of the pressure regulator. Wait until the pressure disappears naturally and the float does not drop to open the top cover.
  • The terms of maintenance of the pressure will begin the return countdown when the working pressure is reached.
  • After the preparation and reset of pressure is completed, you can press the cancellation button (heating/canceling) and turn off the electric coir from the network to turn off the function of maintenance of heat or when it is not used.

Make sure that the upper cover remains open all the time while you cook food in the “extinguishing/frying” mode.

To select the “Heating” function, press “Start/Heating”.

  • Follow the instructions in the section “Preparation before cooking”.
  • Turn the pressure regulator to bake or seal.
  • For slow cooking, stewing and yogurt, turn the pressure regulator to the stop.
  • For baking, turn the pressure regulator to bake.
  • Power indicator begins to blink.
  • On the screen flashes the time of cooking.
  • After the cooking function is selected, press the pre.installed timer.
  • The unit of measurement of watches begins to flash on the display.
  • A unit of minutes start to flash on the display.

Assembly and disassembly of a pressure regulator

  • Do not disassemble the pressure regulator during cooking. Always turn off the electric pressure cooker from the network and wait until the pressure decreases sufficiently for this.
  • To disassemble the pressure regulator:
  • Turn the lower screw counterclockwise until it weakens.
  • Raise it and remove the pressure regulator.
  • Set the lower screw back to the regulator.
  • Make sure the regulator indicates a closed position. And again insert it into the steam valve.
  • Before cleaning the electric pressure cooker, disconnect it from the network.
  • Before cleaning an electric pressure cooker, wait until it has cooled enough.
  • Wipe with squeezed and DAMP fabric.
  • Be sure to remove all the remains of food adhering to an electric pressure cooker.Heating element:
  • Wipe with squeezed and DAMP fabric.
  • Remove the residues of the food squeezed iAMP fabric.Sealing ring:
  • Soak in warm water and wipe with a sponge.Inner cover:
  • Remove the removable inner cover. Soak in warm water and wipe with a sponge.
  • Wipe Damped with soapy water.
  • To wipe the control panel, use only soft and dry fabric.
  • Be sure to remove all the remaining foods around the valve of the pressure regulator and the floating valve.
  • Disassemble the pressure regulator, moisten it with warm water and wipe it with a sponge.
  • Remove the remaining food from the valve of the pressure regulator and the floating valve.

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