How to install a new freezer chamber

Installation and connection of the atlant refrigerator

The right choice of place is the key to uninterrupted and long.term work. Before purchasing the device, clear measurements of the room should be made. The device cannot be placed near the heating equipment or centralized heating emitter. The distance from the heating device to the refrigerator should be from 50 cm or more. If the kitchen has a small size, you can use foil to protect the refrigerator. It is fixed to the surface of the refrigerator. Foil will be a reflective subject.

It is not recommended to install equipment near the window. Any overheating of the equipment can affect the deterioration of the quality of work.

The device should not be placed near the wall. The distance from the refrigerator to the wall should be from 9 cm or more. The device should not be installed on the heated floor, this can provoke excessive overheating of refrigeration equipment. It is not recommended to install refrigeration equipment near the sink. this is dangerous. The humidity of the kitchen should be no more than 80%.

Reliable floor for the refrigerator

Before installing in the room, carefully study the floors. they must be quite strong and motionless. It is impossible to install a large-sized refrigerator on the coating, which differs with softness (4-5 layers of linoleum) and freely spring-for example, on the thickness of the thickness of up to 3 cm, located with a large gap. Because of the vibration, the motor will buzz louder, especially at night, and will soon fail.

If the coating is planned and spring, protect the surface of the floor with a plywood with a thickness of at least 4-5 mm.

It is better to install equipment on concrete. such a floor can withstand even a two.door two.chamber unit of the maximum height. The finish of the coating can be any, but for bulky equipment, a tile base is more suitable.

Warm objects next to the refrigerator

To install the freezer and refrigerator, the rooms are considered in the distance from the heat sources. If you do not follow this rule, the unit will quickly fail. The compressor operates constantly, because the device heats up, as a result, the air inside the chamber needs to be regularly cooled. With prolonged operation, the thermostat fails in such conditions, and soon the engine.

Microwave and refrigerator

Often, unfortunately, the kitchen area makes every centimeter save. It is difficult to place all the necessary equipment in a 5-8 meter room. We have to get out. One of the popular options is the microwave on the refrigerator. This solution can only be practical when the refrigerator is not very high, so that it is convenient to use the stove.

If the answer to the first question is positive, the second arises: is it possible to do this in terms of security?

If the microwave is used only for defrosting and heating food, and not for full cooking, then it does not heat up much. In addition, there are no such refrigerators that are cooled through the upper surface. So in this case, the answer is “yes”, so you can place the technique. At the same time, it should be noted that the furnace should remain technological clearances from the back and on the sides, they are necessary for normal operation.

install, freezer, chamber

The best option would be to install a microwave oven not on the refrigerator itself, but on the hinged shelf above it (while distances in height can be minimal, the shelf may practically touch the top of the refrigerator). This will not let the stove legs remember the lid of the refrigerator, and will also provide ventilation for both devices.

Gas stove and refrigerator

If the whole technique is, then there are no problems. This option is more common: the stove and the oven are built into the headset, and the refrigerator is bought as an independent unit. If the oven stands in the “column”, then it does not heat the side surfaces (more precisely, they have thermal insulation). In this case, the proximity is possible, but in compliance with the technological lateral gap for the refrigerator. The gap between them can be hidden by a decorative bar to the tone of furniture. If the oven is integrated below, and above it there is a gas hob, it is better to divide them from the refrigerator, at least a narrow cabinet or a bottle. Gas is very heated not only what he cooks, but all the air around him. Even a gap of 5-10 cm will not save between the technique, the refrigerator will have nowhere to give its excess heat, and it may fail. In addition, an open hob near the vertical structure is not practical. You all the time will have to rub fat spray from the wall of the refrigerator.

For justice, it is worth noting that many housewives are simply forced to put tiles next to refrigerators due to a catastrophic shortage of place. Only 5-10% of them refrigerators really quickly (in 4-5 years) broke.

If the plate is ordinary (separately), then its side walls are heated hard. It is strictly not recommended to put such a technique next to the refrigerator. The refrigerator will not only not be able to cool, it will heat up. According to the reviews of the hostesses with this location of the devices, the temperature in the refrigerator rises by 2-3 degrees from the installed. That is, with 7 degrees exhibited, it will actually have 10. In addition, the compressor will work in enhanced mode, which will significantly increase its wear.

Battery next to the refrigerator

The same problem arises here: the refrigerator needs to cool. Of course, it is advisable not to put it near heating devices. And if they fried as an oven, then it is impossible at all. When there is no choice, then you should deviate from the battery to a distance more than indicated in the passport of the refrigerator.

It is better to put it where the air temperature does not exceed 32 degrees for refrigerators with the marking of S and SN, 35 degrees with the marking st.

The location of the sockets

Pay attention to the presence of sockets nearby. The best option is the presence of a power source near the device.

  • Lay in the project at the stage of construction of a direct wire from an electric shield.
  • Buy rosettes with grounding (small antennae on the case).
  • But even if there is no socket nearby, do not use a few extension cords. All energy from them will accumulate on the first “tee” included in the fork, the network will be overloaded. and this is a serious risk of fire.

The source of water is nearby

Do not install the refrigerator near the sinks, cranes, washing machines and water pipes: even if they are not close, spray will still reach the refrigerator. and you will hit the current from the body. The perfect distance from water is 2-3 m.

Necessary tools for installing the atlant refrigerator

When installing the device, a large set of tools is not required. The following are all those means of devices that are necessary for installing refrigerators of different models:

  • Wrench. Often comes in the kit to the device, used to regulate the height of the legs.
  • The level of laser or ordinary construction for adjusting the device horizontally and vertical.
  • Divorce key (“Alligator”) or Passatigi. If the device is equipped with a ledogenerator, it will require its connection to the pipeline with the supply of cold water.
  • FUM-toe (ordinary pack) to compact the location of the hose to the pipe in the presence of an ice-generator.
  • A screwdriver or a screwdriver for mounting decorative elements on the door of the device, if the refrigerator is

How to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator Atlant

For convenient use of equipment, an instruction for the Atlant refrigerator (two.chamber) with 2 compressors was created. How to eliminate small problems in the operation of the device and take care of it to extend its operation? These issues excite buyers of household appliances. This manual contains all the necessary recommendations.

For convenient use of equipment, an instruction for the Atlant refrigerator (two.chamber) with 2 compressors was created

Atlant. an example of price correspondence and quality. It is intended for storing and freezing foods. In the freezer, you can place containers for food ice. Low temperature inside the freezer allows you to store freshly frozen products for a long time.

When working a refrigerator camera, the freezer can be disabled, as they are served by two different refrigerators. The two.compressor apparatus operates in the “Storage” and “Freezing” modes. In order to avoid electric shock, the refrigerator must be connected via an outlet with a grounding contact.

Accommodation and installation

Prepare the room in advance in which the Atlant refrigerator will be located. The area of ​​the room should be at least 5 m², and the height should be at least 2.5 m. The correct operation of the device is possible when maintaining a certain temperature regime in the room. The optimal room temperature is 18 22º C. Recommended air humidity. no more than 75%.

The device should be located in a place protected from direct sunlight. You need to put it at a distance of at least 1 m from heating devices, for air circulation, it is necessary to leave the space of 5 cm on each side. Remove the packaging from the apparatus, free all the components from the film. It is recommended to wash the refrigerator with a soap solution and wipe it dry dry. You can install all component products yourself or with the help of a master.

Prepare the room in advance in which the Atlant refrigerator will be located

It is necessary to transport the freezer, carefully fixing it, shifting with foam to prevent beating along the road. Please note that when transporting in the cold season (less than 10 ºС), you must wait 4-5 hours at room temperature before connecting the device to the network.

What the equipment consists of

To understand how to make a cooling camera yourself, it is important to first understand what such equipment consists of generally. This will make it possible to meaningfully approach the task, not to waste your time and prevent mistakes. Also, understanding the structure of such an installation will further improve its.

The cooling camera includes the following elements:

  • Capacitor.
  • A tube.
  • Directly refrigerator itself.
  • Evaporator.
  • Compressor that provides promotion through the pipes of the refrigerant.
  • Thermoregulator. He supports the necessary temperature level inside the equipment. It is precisely the thermoregulatory system that is periodically turned off and turns on the compressor.

over, filters, drainers and devices for automatic control and control of temperature can be installed in the new refrigerators. This allows you to maintain stable operation of the device and avoid malfunctions.

It is worth knowing! You can store a ready.made homeless freezer in different rooms, but it is best to place it in a dry basement with electricity.

How the design works

All of the above elements of the freezer are interconnected by tubes and form a kind of closed system. It is on it that when the device is operating, the substance is circulating that freezes at minus temperature.

A fairly large role in such a process is assigned to the pressure of the refrigerant inside the cavity of the tubes. Thus, the lower such pressure, the less the temperature of the “boiling” will be.

With constant operation of the freezer, steam from the evaporator appears into the capacitor. There it is cooled by air and is converted back into the liquid. Fans are also used for large freezers that greatly lower the total temperature of the device radiator.

To date, modern automation systems make it possible to carry out the process of freezing and defrosting products without human participation. To achieve this level is quite simple even in a home.made unit. To do this, you only need to clearly follow the instructions presented below.

Remember! When buying new spare parts for the refrigerator, it is better to make a list in advance. If a person does not understand much what he needs to purchase, it is better to consult with a specialist in order not to buy excess.

Installation requirements

The first thing to talk about is what requirements are presented to the installation of the freezer and connecting to electricity in the house. In order to correctly make installation, the following points must be observed:

  • No matter how you decided to install the case. in a niche, in a kitchen set or next to the wall. In any case, you need to take care of the air gap from all sides. The minimum distance from the side walls of the case to the partitions should be 5 cm. Below the gap should be 5-8 cm, and from the back wall no less than 5 cm.
  • The installation of an integrated freezer under the hob is strictly prohibited. If you want to install the case in one of the lower sections of the kitchen, do this as shown in the photo. from the opposite side of the stove.
  • The freezer can be installed in a cold room, which cannot be said about installing the refrigerator. However, anyway, if you decide to place the equipment in an unheated room, for example, on the balcony, be sure to read the technical passport, which indicates the climatic class (permissible operation temperatures).
  • Make sure that the wiring will be able to withstand the load when connecting the freezer. As a rule, in old houses and apartments, the network is old, maybe even without grounding. You need to use powerful wiring with a grounding contour. To do this, you might even have to replace the wiring in the house with a new.
  • If in your chosen model there is no function of automatically closing the door, use such a trick as twisting the two front legs. A small bias of the case back will not allow the door to open if you have not completely closed it.
  • If the cord does not reach the connection point, it is better to transfer the outlet yourself than to use the extension cord. Connecting the freezer to the network through the so.called “carrying” is not recommended to use, They are extremely unreliable.

That’s all the requirements for installing the freezer in the house. As for the installation process itself, it is quite simple, which you will see now.

How to Convert a Fridge/Freezer to a Fermentation Chamber.wmv

install, freezer, chamber

The main process

About how to correctly install and connect a freezer with a traditional case, as shown in the photo, you can’t say much. Given all the above requirements, it is necessary to unpack the purchase, choose a suitable connection place for it so that there is a rosette nearby, and set the case in level. Any skew can negatively display at work and the life of the equipment, so it is better not to joke with this moment.

It is a little more difficult to install a freezer in a kitchen set. To do this, you also need to take care of the close location of the outlet, screw special mounts into furniture (if required), well, carefully install the freezer under the countertop.

There are also modern models of freezers for the home, which are represented by leaving boxes, as shown in the photo. This option is very convenient, but at the same time expensive. Installation and connection is similar to the version. the equipment is mounted in a special niche and connected to the mains.

You can clearly see the process of installing equipment in the video below:

Here, using this technology, the freezer is installed and the network connection with your own hands is carried out. As you can see, everything is quite simple and even a person who does not work with the assembly of furniture and an electrician will cope with this process!

Placement of the refrigerator in the kitchen

An ideal place for installing a refrigerator in a small apartment or Khrushchev. at the end of the kitchen set. Do not have an unit at the beginning of the room, Its dimensions will only strengthen the negative perception of a closed space.

As for the color, for small rooms it is better to choose white or metal shades. This will visually expand the space. Owners of large apartments can afford different color options, including designer models.

In the niche

The most optimal option. By installing a cooling unit in a niche, you will protect it from direct sunlight, pollution and mechanical damage. At the same time, if the place allows, then you can place cabinets and shelves for storage over it, leaving the necessary gap.

If the niche is not provided for the planning of the apartment. it can be equipped independently.

IMPORTANT. Consider the placement of this design with the architect. Sometimes this requires a special permission in state institutions.

How to make a niche for a refrigerator made of drywall

In order to make a good niche to install the refrigerator, decide on the place, and then follow the algorithm:

  • Comers the ceiling and walls if necessary.
  • Install a socket.
  • Make the frame of the desired size from the profiles so that when installing the device, air circulation is provided.
  • Speak it with GKL sheets.
  • Get the niche with decor depending on preferences.
  • Place the refrigerator in level.
  • Connect to the network.

At the entrance

Often at the entrance to the kitchen there is a free space that is empty. It is worth a closer look at him. this may be the perfect option for the refrigerator, especially in small apartments. Having placed half the unit almost outside the kitchen, you will clean the space of the room itself from the overall device, making it thereby spacious and free.

However, this method implies the rejection of the kitchen door or the expansion of the doorway. In this case, the refrigerator will visually look less against the background of a large opening.

IMPORTANT. This method is not suitable for narrow kitchens and rooms with long corridors.

The refrigerator can be installed at the entrance to the kitchen from the corridor, the main thing is that it does not interfere with free movement around the apartment and fit into the overall design. This can be done by decorating, for example, using stickers, magnetic or barrels. options

By analogy with the washing or dishwasher, you can place the refrigerator under the countertop. There are small units up to 0.5 meters high on sale, but the most popular models are made no more than 0.6-1 meters. You can successfully hide the refrigeration equipment behind a furniture set. As a result, you get a single.door cabinet that fits into the overall design of the kitchen space. The interior will look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

This installation method involves the absence of the back wall, the presence of a deaf box and the installation of the unit is not on the floor, but on the bottom of the cabinet. The kitchen facades are fixed on the doors of the refrigerator with special fasteners.

Ideas for the location of the refrigerator outside the kitchen

A household device is not necessary to place in the kitchen. There are not so few options for its placement. It can be installed outside the dining room, for example, in the living room, corridor, loggia. However, think through all the nuances of such a decision in advance, as well as the ability to create favorable conditions for its functioning.

IMPORTANT. When choosing a place for installation, take into account the climatic class of the household appliance. The level of operation temperature depends on this or another refrigerator. Often its value is within 10-31 degrees.

On the loggia

So, if your apartment has an attached balcony to the kitchen, then you can install a refrigerator on it. One of the options is to unite the loggia with the kitchen, having previously received technical documentation for this and, having settled all legal points. Such a redevelopment will add space, light and place.

Under the stairs

You can put the refrigerator under the stairs, especially if it is small in size.

ADVICE. Take care in advance about the heat car, otherwise the unit will quickly overheat in the closed space and will become unusable.

In the pantry

If your house has a small pantry, then it can be used under the refrigerator. Additionally, you can place shelves for storing products there, then almost all provisions will be in one place. Typically, such closets are located next to the kitchen, so you will not need to go far for products.

ADVICE. If you dismantle the door of the pantry, you get a kind of niche in the wall for the location of the unit.

Can I use the freezer as a refrigerator

The minimum temperature of the device is in the range of.8 to.10 0s. The products placed in it will be stored longer than in the refrigerator, but at the same time they will be frozen.

If you want to remake your freezer in the refrigerator, then on the forums on the Internet they offer to perform the following actions:

At the same time, many argue that it will not work to make a refrigerator from a static freezer, but the units with the No Frost function are possible to redo it, but the unable products will be strongly weathered.

Museum of the freezer craft

Features of the work and technical characteristics of the device of this brand we will consider using the example of the BD (W).4250X model. The unit is a freezer-operating freezer at a temperature of 10-32 0C.

The temperature inside the freezer is set by placing the thermoregulator handle in the desired position:

When loading products into the stall, the distance to its edge should be at least 12 cm. Leaving liquid food in glass containers or drinks in tin cans, glass bottles is prohibited inside the unit. I also do not recommend putting warm and hot products in the freezer.

Otherwise, the rules for operating the freezers of the brand craft do not differ from the requirements specified in the instructions of such units.

Some models have a Super Frost function, which allows you to lower the temperature inside the chamber to.38 0 p.

Frost Larus: device and installation rules

Home cold »Information on industrial refrigerators» Frost camp: device and installation rules

Frost Lari are used in everyday life, hotels and, of course, at trade and food enterprises.

Accepting applications for maintenance and repair of freezers, our masters often face the fact that the owners overload them with excessive volume of products and violate the elementary installation rules.

But before telling about the requirements for the operation of this freezer equipment, consider their device.

The device of the freezer Larya

Structurally freezing camp is a box with a lid, inside which is a camera for storing products and healthy baskets. On the front panel of the freezer hull, the control panel with light indicators is usually located (it can be in the lower corner or in the middle closer to the lid) and temperature controller.

The nodal device of the unit is almost identical to the device of a household refrigerator, with the only difference being that the main elements of the unit have a different location due to a horizontally oriented structure.

The main aggregate nodes of the freezer Larya are:

Recommendations for the installation of freezer Larya

The mistake is the opinion that the freezer camp does not require any strict rules when installing compliance with any strict. When leaving for applications for the repair of freezers, the masters of the service are increasingly witnessing a neglect of refrigerated technology.

Remember that before installing a sweater, it is necessary without fail:

  • Delete the packaging outside and from the inside of the device,
  • Check its complete set,
  • wipe the product body and inner surfaces with a damp cloth;
  • Leave the freezer camp for 2 hours not connected to the outlet (this minimizes the risk of refrigerant defects as a result of negligent transportation).

Rules for installing freezer Larya

  • The freezer is installed on strong and hard floors.
  • When installing a cabble, it is necessary to leave the distance between the walls of the case (side and rear) and walls (at least 15 cm) for normal air circulation to avoid overheating of the compressor.
  • The unit is installed away from direct sunlight, radiators, kitchen plates, etc.

Diagnosis of a malfunction without further ordering. 1500.

are indicated for work without the cost of spare parts and supplies. The specialist will be called the exact amount after the inspection of your technique.

The departure for the Moscow Ring Road is paid separately for 40 for each kilometer.

Refrigerator chamber replace|how to replace refrigerator evaporator/freezer replace in urdu/hindi

Our service center “Home-Hold” for the work carried out by the masters provides a guarantee of up to 3 years, in addition to the guarantee for the installed spare parts. Subject to the rules of operation prescribed in the instructions for the product.

Warranty for the spare parts used in the repair

The warranty period for the spare parts provided by our service center varies from 3 months to 2 years. All spare parts are applied to the warranty subject to the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of a receipt on the repair carried out.

The presence of spare parts in the warehouse

We cooperate with the largest suppliers of spare parts, which allows most of the original parts used to have or make them a quick order.

Refrigerator installation: is it possible to put a microwave and flowers on it?

Installation of the refrigerator or other cooling devices (BHP. household refrigeration device), despite its apparent simpleness and ease of operation, still requires certain conditions that qualitatively determine the further working equipment. Therefore, in the instructions attached to the refrigeration equipment, a number of sequentially compiled points are spelled out, allowing these conditions to comply with. The rules for transporting BHP are also of considerable importance. About where and how to install a refrigerator,

Transportation and unpacking

It is desirable that representatives of the company or outlet where you have washed the device are transported, as they will do it professionally and safely. In the case of independent transportation, it will reasonably check the working condition of the refrigerator on the spot and demand from the seller to fill out related documents and warranty coupon.

After delivery, unpack the refrigerator, carefully remove the packaging material and save it. This is necessary so that when you find any shortcomings, you can return the refrigerator back.

In this case, it is also necessary to have all the attached documentation. According to the instructions, check the configuration in case of inconsistency, inform the delivery service or the organization that has implemented the refrigerator.

Installation and connection of the refrigerator

How to install a refrigerator correctly? First, make sure that it is not damaged, there should not be dents, chips and scratches on the surface. Remove dust from the surface of the device and back wall and unnecessary objects (for example, residual packaging). Install all parts of the device that are included in accordance with the model.

Adjust the height of the refrigerator with the legs, it should stand in the kitchen on a flat surface to avoid unnecessary vibration and interruptions in work.

In addition, the device should be put so that it has a small angle of inclination back. This is necessary so that the door is closed under its own weight and for the outflow of melt water into the tank installed on the back wall from below.

What else is important so that the installation of the refrigerator in the kitchen is carried out correctly?

Provide uninterrupted food supply, since the BHP of some firms, as a rule, is western, are very sensitive to voltage drops, and this can disable the device.

Information about the permissible parameters of the refrigerator’s operation, the manufacturer usually places on the back wall of the device itself.

The best option will be the use of a household transformer that will help to achieve the desired stress.

Check the serviceability of the cord and sockets. Make sure that the wire is not overheated anywhere and the insulating layer has no damage over the entire surface, that the fork is also working, and then turn on the refrigerator in the outlet and set the temperature controller in the middle position.

Before you start using the refrigerator at full strength, let it work for 3-4 hours, then check the temperature and make sure that the refrigerator and freezer work properly. At the same time, pay attention to the sound of a working device, it should be quiet without characteristic clicks and crackling.

Most modern refrigerators, as a rule, work silently, and the moment of “sleep and wakefulness” of the device can be determined by the light indicator on the front panel of the refrigerator. Some models also have sound indicators.

When familiarizing yourself with the instructions attached to the refrigerator, carefully study the rules of cooling, freezing and storage of products. This will avoid damage to products and the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator.

Place for installing the refrigerator

Where can I put the refrigerator in the kitchen? A place to install a refrigerator in the kitchen is an important point that requires close attention, and a number of rules are applied to it.

The device should not be under the influence of direct sunlight, it is better to put it in a ventilated and dry place of the kitchen away from heating devices.

How to install a cold room?

Between the walls of the refrigerator and the wall, the boundary of another device or furniture should be free space (at least 5 centimeters in the cold season and 10 centimeters in the warm season).

This is necessary for free circulation of air and protection against overheating and breakdowns, as well as premature corrosion of metal parts of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator door should open freely and close, for this you need to provide the corresponding space, it should not be overloaded with products to avoid distortion and violation in the work.

If during the incorrect transportation or installation there are damage through your fault, then the instructions provide contact details of service centers in which you can seek help.

It is not recommended to carry out repairs independently due to violation of the rules specified in the warranty coupon. Damage to a different nature is eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer.

Proper installation work will ensure a long uninterrupted operation of the refrigerator and your safety.

Important nuances

Is it possible to put the microwave on the refrigerator? If for a microwave, you can find another place, then it is better not to do this. Since the rules of technical documentation are prohibited to establish a microwave on BHP. It happens that you can’t do without it, and in this case, use some recommendations:

  • Make sure that around the microwave there is a sufficient air outflow space and the furnace does not adjoin the cabinets;
  • put a wooden stand between the instruments;
  • Do not put the microwave on the refrigerator if you use it often and for a long time;
  • The use of microwaves should be convenient.

Is it possible to put flowers on the refrigerator? Knowledgeable lovers of indoor plants do not advise doing this, since this is not the best place for good growth and condition of plants. The reasons for this in lack of fresh air and the exposure to the magnetic field of the electrical appliance.

Selecting operating temperature

The refrigerator after connecting to the mains should not be filled immediately with products. It is better to give him time to adapt to the temperature regime. Typically, the working cycle of the refrigerator consists of 10 minutes of work and 20-30 minutes of rest. So that the refrigerator can start normal work, should pass at least three cycles from the first inclusion. Some models for entering the operating mode may need up to three days.

Depending on the model, the cooling mode may be different. It is recommended to first set the temperature inside the refrigerator 5 degrees and control the condition of the products. If it turns out that they quickly deteriorate, then the temperature should be reduced.

When setting the optimal mode in the freezer, it should be borne in mind that the temperature in it should not be above zero. For long.term storage of products, modern manufacturers recommend a temperature not lower than.30 degrees, but in practice it is usually enough and.twenty. over, the propagation of microbes stops already at.18 degrees.

The temperature adjustment inside the refrigerator can be carried out using a mechanical thermostat. In this case, then the temperature is set by turning the regulator handle from 1 to 7 or by the pattern of the scale to the mark “Max” or “Colder”. “1” on the scale corresponds to the highest operating temperature, and “7” or “max”. the lowest.

Modern refrigerators are often equipped with an electronic method of temperature setting. To do this, there is a control panel on the door of the unit. The required temperature regime is chosen by simple buttons press. On the most advanced models, touch control panels are installed.

In refrigerators with electronic control, instead of thermostat, special sensors are used. thermistors. They are installed on the evaporator, in the refrigerator and freezers, and even on the ice agenter, if such an option is present. Sensor readings come to the electronic control board and after processing are a signal to turn on or off the compressor. The electronic control method provides a thinner and accurate setting of the refrigerator operating modes.

Fires protection from voltage drops

Refrigerators are extremely sensitive to voltage drops in the mains. The slightest voltage jumps affect not only the efficiency of these units, but also on their serviceability as a whole. The main cause of sharp voltage drops is the constructive imperfection of our electric networks. It is impossible to predict these differences, therefore, voltage relay and stabilizers are used to protect home appliances.

Voltage control relay

It is recommended to set the voltage control relay if the jumps in the mains are quite rare and the voltage in the home network is mainly stable. This relay is a device with the ability to read the parameters of the electric current. When the voltage exits the limits of a given range, the relay tears the electric circuit.

After normalizing the voltage in the general power grid, the relay automatically closes the circuit and resumes power supply power supply. This device also built the function of resuming power with a delay (after a certain period of time), which is especially important for refrigerators, which, in case of short-term power outage, it is recommended to include in the network 5-10 minutes after the power resuming in the mains.

Modern voltage relay is of three types:

  • stationary, which are built into the electrical panel of an apartment or house;
  • to protect one consumer (device);
  • To protect several consumers.

The relay of the first type has the most complex design and is mounted at the entrance to the room. It protects the entire technique in the house from voltage drops, but its installation requires certain knowledge. It should also be borne in mind that the relay protects the network from unacceptable voltage drops, but not from short circuits. To do this, use circuit breakers.

When choosing a voltage relay for your home, you should know the nominal value of the electric current, which can pass through the introductory auto switch. For example, if the capacity of the circuit breaker is 25 amperes, which corresponds to the consumption power of 5.5 kW, then the operating characteristics of the voltage relay should be a step higher, that is, 32 amperes (7kW). If the switch is used for 32 amperes, then the relay should withstand the electricity of 40-50 amperes.

Surge Protectors

In the case when there are constant voltage drops in your house, the relay will work several times a day, de.energizing the whole house. In this situation, it is recommended more practical, albeit more expensive, a way to protect home electrical equipment. It consists in the use of voltage stabilizer. This device is able to smooth out voltage drops in the external power supply and issue a constant value of 220 volts at the output.

Stabilizers, depending on the type of connection, can be local and stationary. Local ones are connected to the outlet and protect from one to several devices. Stationary stabilizers are connected to the introductory power cable and protect all home electrical equipment.

Local stabilizers are recommended to be used to protect the most sensitive household appliances. They can be operated with a stationary voltage control relay. Stabilizers of a stationary type are rather complex devices that are able not only to smooth out electronical differences throughout the home network, but also to automatically turn off the power when it reaches critical values.

The main criterion for choosing a stabilizer is the power. A stationary stabilizer should have a capacity of 15-20% more than the total power of all household electrical appliances used in the house. The power of the local stabilizer should at the same 15-20% higher than the power of the protected device, for example, the refrigerator.

How to install and configure a freezer camp

If you are only going to buy equipment, listen to our recommendations. It is forbidden to place it in an unheated room, so when choosing, pay attention to the climatic class.

Conditions for uninterrupted work

The instructions, the label indicates the climatic class. a combination of Latin letters. Each of them means the level of heat, at which you can operate the device.

  • SN. Subnormal. from 10 to 32 degrees.
  • N. normal. from 16 ° C to 32 ° C.
  • ST-subtropics-16-38 degrees.
  • T-tropics-16-43 degrees.

When installing, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. The breakdown due to non-compliance with climatic conditions will lead to a loss of warranty service.

Many are interested in: is it possible to put a light on the balcony? It is possible if the balcony is insulated and the temperature corresponds to the recommended.

If the room is too hot, the motor will work for wear, trying to cool the camera.

Most often, we use classes SN, N.

The principles of installation

Do you want the technique to serve as long as possible? Adhere to such rules:

  • You can not embed a device in furniture, it is designed for a separate placement.
  • The case should stand on a flat surface, do not stagger.
  • There should be a distance of 15 cm for normal ventilation between the walls of the Laria and other items.
  • Installation is carried out away from heating items, furnaces. Avoid sunlight hit.
  • Connection is carried out to a separate grounded outlet.
  • If you want to connect to the generator, remember that its power should be 2-3 times higher than the consumption of Laria.
  • After turning on, wait 2-3 hours before loading products into the camera.

Features of operation

What temperature is set in the department? It all depends on the strength and speed of frost. The device is equipped with one thermostat, which is most often located in the lower right corner. It is a rotary switch or wheel that must be installed in the right position. The temperature sensor will maintain a given value.

Position 1 means the lowest mark. For home use, position 4 is recommended. Mode 6 means super.commercial. will be turned on until you turn it off manually.

  • Green indicates a stable job.
  • Red. the compressor works to achieve the specified temperature. As soon as the task is completed, the lamp will go out.

The reduction of the red indicator can contribute to the temperature in the room, the frequency and duration of the opening of the lid.

  • When the regulator is switched to the OFF position, freezing stops, but the device does not turn off the power.
  • Overload of the department reduces the degree of cooling of products.
  • If you need to set a different temperature, switch the regulator gradually, to one division at a time. So the technique will have time to stabilize.

How to defrost equipment

When the ice on the walls reaches 5-10 mm, the camp needs defrosting. Before disassemble the contents of the chamber, a day before defrosting, set the regulator to the maximum value. So the products will last longer without cooling. Then:

  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Remove all products from the department.
  • Open the lid wide.
  • Expect while the camera is thawing. This usually takes about a day.

Some models have a plug for draining melt water.

Building a Salami Chamber/Cheese Cave. Easy Step by Step

  • Wash the walls and containers. Wipe the surface with a dry rag.
  • Connect the device to the network. Wait a few hours while the camera picks up the temperature. Download products.

Care and cleaning

You can wash the departments both when installing and during operation.

  • Disconnect the cooling on the regulator.
  • Pull the fork out of the outlet.
  • Wash the walls of soda moistened in a solution with a sponge. Wash baskets and containers.
  • Wipe the seal thoroughly. It should be kept clean to avoid mold.
  • The outer walls and the lid can be washed with a liquid detergent.
  • Wipe all surfaces dry.

Now you know how the stall works and works, how to care for it, so that it serves for a long time.

Advice in the end: when choosing, pay attention to the proximity of service centers, is it difficult to find spare parts for the model and components. Then no breakdowns will be terrible.

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