How to install the temperature sensor on the boiler

Thermostats for gas boilers

Thanks to the installation of a small box with electronics, you can save almost 30% of gas at home during the operation of the gas boiler. The devices are divided into several types:

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Central thermostat, according to experienced consumers, is able to ensure the safety of the entire boiler. This device is installed in conjunction with the gas equipment. It transmits information through wires, is powered from the mains and works autonomously from the boiler. The thermostat is necessary to regulate the operation of the heating unit.

Room and local devices help regulate the temperature in each individual room. This allows you to create the desired microclimate. For normal operation, it must be placed near the boiler, but away from doors and windows, otherwise the readings will be unreliable.

According to experts, thermostats for radiators will keep control of each individual heating appliance. Regulators are arranged quite simply and have a valve that regulates water consumption. The thermostat is equipped with a regulator that controls the decrease or increase.

Popular models

Here are the most popular models of room thermostats for heating boilers.

Zilon ZA-1

A typical representative of the mechanical category is the thermostat Zilon ZA-1. It is the simplest model with a relay output designed to work with equipment that supports the connection of “mechanics”. Temperature sensor response range. 10 to 30 degrees.

Protherm Exacontrol

Room thermostat for a gas boiler called Protherm Exacontrol is designed to work with heating equipment of the same brand. But it can work with any other boilers. It controls the temperature in the range from 5 to 35 degrees, but only in the heating circuit. For convenience, the device is equipped with an LCD display. The thermostat is designed for those who don’t need extra functionality.

SALUS Controls VS20WRF

Of wireless room thermostats for heating boilers we can highlight the model SALUS Controls VS20WRF. It is a multifunctional device, able to control actuators. It provides temperature control in the range from 5 to 35 degrees, can work by one of the plotted in the memory programs, supports connection of remote sensors. To control the current mode of operation, the device is equipped with a large liquid crystal display.

Why do you need a room thermostat for a gas boiler

Gas boilers are usually equipped with a simple system for regulating the heating medium. The user sets the temperature parameters with a mechanical, rarely electronic regulator.

Sensors, control the heating fluid in the heating system, giving a signal to the automatics, which turns off and on the gas supply. Such a device is ineffective, since it does not take into account the temperature of the heated room.

Room thermostat for a gas boiler, is designed for precise regulation. Installation of the sensor reduces fuel costs by 15-20%.

Selection criteria

Choosing a sensor, you should consider the compatibility of a particular model with the thermostat. Technical parameters and operating conditions of the device should also be taken into account.

The range of temperatures measured

In the temperature range from room temperature to 55ºC to 80ºC, the temperature sensor must be

  • The sensors must be particularly sensitive and must “react” to the slightest temperature change;
  • react to cooling/heating of the controlled environment with minimum delay.

Technical features

There are several technical details to take into account before installing a fixture. The type of device must be chosen correctly (immersion or fixture) and adequate space must be provided at the location.

Installed Smart House Sonoff TH with Temperature Sensor for Gas Boiler BAXI

Measurement conditions

It is required to create such conditions for subsequent measurements in which the negative influence of external factors on the accuracy of measurements would be minimized. In order to ensure stable and correct operation, the device must be protected from:

  • on the body of the coolant, moisture or dirt;
  • draughts, place away from cold bridges;
  • Make sure that the sensor is protected against direct sunlight and solar radiation and protected against external heat;

Do not place the device near electrical wiring, electrical appliances. If possible, shield the sensing element from sources of electromagnetic fields.

Characteristics of the sensor

There are several selection criteria that must be taken into account when selecting a fixture. The product should be selected according to its essential technical characteristics and performance features

  • necessity of power supply from external voltage source;
  • the speed of response to changes in the situation transmitted to the control device;
  • permissible error range of measurements;
  • possibility of operation under specific conditions of the serviced object.

Service life, maintenance intervals, need for calibrations

The warranty period of operation of a thermal converter is usually 6 months from the moment of manufacture, and the average service life is 8-12 years. Periods of service are determined by the manufacturer and given in the accompanying documentation on the product. The temperature sensor should be calibrated (verified) regularly using reference equipment. Usually the sensor is checked once every 4 years without installation.

The value of the output signal

The voltage output of sensors without external power supply (thermocouples) is low and ranges from microvolts to millivolts. Therefore the output signal is amplified before the subsequent processing.

The principle of operation of the mechanical thermostat

Mechanical room thermostat is the simplest version of a room thermostat, in which using a bimetallic plate the circuit is closed or open. Such a thermostat does not require a power supply.

The circuit by which it works is as follows:

Wiring diagram for a room thermostat

As you can see from the diagram, there are two ways to connect such a thermostat;

On the other side you need to connect the wires to the terminal box on the boiler control board.

You must first remove the jumper and secure the wire ends with screws.

This connection scheme is the simplest and is used on mechanical and electronic programmable thermostats.

In this article I will describe another circuit.

Selection of a temperature sensor should be carried out taking into account the following criteria:

  • range of measured temperatures, the sensor must be as sensitive as possible and respond to changes in heating with minimal delay;
  • technical features of the installation: immersed or fixed, whether there is enough space for mounting, etc. д.;
  • measurement conditions under which negative influencing factors can be minimized;
  • the characteristics of the sensor: the need for voltage, the speed of the transmitted signal, the measurement error, the permissibility of operation in specific conditions;
  • operating life, maintenance intervals, need for calibrations;
  • output signal value.

Immersion thermostat for the boiler

Thermostats with an air temperature sensor for the boiler

Better to maintain a microclimate in the room help sensors that control the air temperature in the room. They are commonly called thermostats and have the word “air” added to them.

Thus it turns out that the thermostat simply keeps the temperature of the coolant in a certain range, and the thermostat works more accurately, stabilizing the microclimate of the room.

If the air in the room will be additionally heated by any sources, such as sunlight through the windows or from the heat of electric appliances running, the thermostat will not soon feel these factors, but the thermostat will quickly react, saving energy and resource of the equipment.

    Thermostats work as a part of electronic automatic devices, have a certain range of temperature stabilization and by their design can transmit information to the logic and control unit:

They all need a power supply. The former are powered by the circuit’s power supply units, while the latter run on built-in batteries or rechargeable batteries.

To save their energy, intermittent mode is often used, when the air thermostat takes measurements for a fraction of a second and transmits them to the logic unit, and then turns off for a few minutes. The following measurements are repeated according to a similar cycle.

    The quality of the maintained room temperature is affected by the place of installation of the thermostat. For example, it is necessary to take into account that:

Manufacture of thermostats and air thermostats for electric boilers is engaged in many world-renowned manufacturers.

    The devices provided by companies are popular:

When selecting a temperature control scheme, you must select the temperature sensor for the specific conditions of its operation, taking into account the needs of the consumer.

Room temperature sensor for gas boiler

On a large area of the living space, it is advisable to use weather-dependent automatics. Under these conditions, the boiler has the function of replacing the loss of thermal energy.

Outside the room sets a special remote sensor, according to which the boiler operates. To choose the best mode of operation and properly configure the equipment, it is better to contact a specialist.

In the absence of special devices have to regulate the boiler manually, focusing on the temperature of the coolant. This is quite inconvenient and quite uneconomical. But if you buy a room thermostat and set it correctly, you can notice a number of advantages.

For example, the room is set at an optimal, comfortable temperature for living. 22 degrees. Threshold of operation of the most powerful and high-precision thermostats. 0,25 degrees.

As soon as the value set by the user reaches 22.25 degrees, the automation shuts down the heating system and circulation pump. Until the sensor signals to the boiler that the temperature has dropped to 21.75 degrees, the system will not turn it on. As soon as the signal is received, the boiler starts working to heat the room.

Air cools down much more slowly than the coolant in the heating system, so you can use the thermostat to reduce the cycling of the boiler ignition and circulation pump. When the weather is sunny outside and the room warms up a few degrees from the sun’s rays, the heating system saves energy and rests.

Thus, by ordering a room thermostat for gas boilers in the online store or elsewhere, you can even go away in the winter, leaving the house and not worrying about whether it will be warm and comfortable.

Room thermostats need a constant supply of air for normal and proper operation, so they should not be covered with curtains or blocked by furniture. Devices adjacent to the electric temperature controller can interfere with the correct operation of the device: lights, televisions, heating devices, located nearby.

Programmable electronic room thermostat allows a comfortable temperature at any time and is easy to set or change. Time timer allows you to set a different pattern for heating on weekdays and weekends.

Programmable room thermostat allows you to set individual heating rates for each day according to your lifestyle and maintain the temperature at home at all times, regardless of the presence or departure of the owners.

Selection rules

When selecting a temperature sensor for the heating boiler, first of all the following own installation parameters are taken into account:

  • How, where and how the regulator will be installed.
  • Maximum allowable dimensions.
  • Operating range of temperature control and regulation.
  • Sensitivity limit.
  • Designed for mounting. outdoor, room, overhead or immersion.
  • Basic and additional functions.
  • Possibilities of control. through the panel, by remote control, at a distance.

How does the gas boiler work

The functioning of the device is represented by reading not the temperature readings of the heat carrier, but the level of intensity of air warming in the room. The room sensor is adjusted to the temperature parameters comfortable for the occupants. When the air in the room is heated above the already set limits, a special signal is sent to the automatics, according to which the intensity of combustion of fuel is reduced. Decrease in temperature, on the contrary, resumes the work of heating equipment, which provides rapid heating.

The design of remote type thermoregulators is more effective as compared to the heating sensors built into the heat generator. In addition to economic efficiency the remote thermostat installation has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • autonomous work;
  • Comfortable heating of the air;
  • accounting for ambient temperature;
  • automatic change of heating intensity.

The installation of a thermostat eliminates the need to constantly monitor the boiler. The built-in sensor independently selects the most economical mode of operation, and thanks to the daily and weekly control program the heating system operation becomes maximum efficient and comfortable.

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