How to launch a refrigerator from an inverter

Frequent breakdowns of the inverter compressor of the refrigerator and how to check it

If you look at the world around you, you can see that the technology made it a more comfortable place for life. In this context, the refrigerator also did not stay behind. It has become more productive through the use of inverter technology. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with how to check the inverter compressor of the modern refrigerator for performance and learn about the causes of breakdowns.

Everyone knows that the compressor is the “heart” of the refrigerator. Remove it, it will turn into a useless device. Therefore, it is worth knowing how this device works.

The role of the compressor is to compress the gaseous freon into hot liquid. This liquid passes through the condenser unit to cool it before spreading inside the refrigerator. When this hot liquid circulates inside the coils, it removes heat from the refrigerator to the environment. Then Freon passes through the capillary tube and falls into the evaporator. There, under the influence of low pressure, he cools to.23, after which he enters the internal heat transfer. It lowers the temperature inside the case. As a result, the gas returns to the compressor, where the entire process is repeated.

How to direct start inverter refrigerator compressor without control wire

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We described the scientific work. Now let’s look at the mechanical side of this process. The compressor turns on when the temperature inside the refrigerator reaches a certain threshold value. He continues to work until he cools down to a calibrated level. When this temperature is reached, the device automatically turns off. This process continues with regular switching on and off.

Whenever the compressor turns on, this causes a surge in current consumption. He also makes noise. You can hear the distinct sound of a working refrigerator not only in the kitchen, but even in neighboring rooms. This continuous inclusion and off also leads to wear.

The principle described above refers to both standard and inverter compressor. However, inverter is distinguished in that it works continuously, unlike the standard.

The difference between inverter and standard technology

As said, the inverter compressor works similarly to the standard device. However, engineers made a number of improvements, therefore, thanks to inverter technology:

  • Inverter compressorneusias is injected in conjunctional producers. He is continuing to work, nosrading. Therefore, a cold.Produced.Produced.
  • Non.Splash consumption, because it does not need to be constant for a constant power of turning off. Takimobraz, there is economies in electrical energy.
  • Also, thanks to continuous operation, it takes place for a member of the.

But the best aspect is that inverter technology saves electricity as temperature stabilizes. The variable engine speed provides saving from 20 % to 40 % of electricity.

However, the inverter engine also has a shortage (if this can be called a disadvantage). Inverter technology refrigerators are relatively more expensive, compared with the standard. Nevertheless, consumers win because they can save on energy consumption when they use refrigerators working on an inverter compressor. Electricity savings throughout the entire service life of the refrigerator easily compensates for the difference in the purchased price.

Run the refrigerator from the battery, test invert

Always dreamed of going to the taiga with his refrigerator, but how to make a two.Chamber refrigerator work without light. I decided to operate at home for testing for testing.So we start the refrigerator from the battery, the inverter test 600 watts CNBOU.

He tested the inverter on the ability to work as source of alternating power for the refrigerator. Inverter power is only 600 watts, while the peak power of only 1200 watts.

Although the refrigerator consumes about 100 watts per hour and it depends on which refrigerator, there is more consumption. But at the start of the refrigerator, the load that he takes, when the compressor is launched, can be 10 or more times higher, and even when pumping the compressor, the power is also not small.

In other words, a modern inverter should be at least 1000 watts and have a peak. At least closer to 2000 watts for the normal operation of the refrigerator. But I wonder how the Chinese inverter behaves with such a load.

The human brain is very inquisitive, he needs to try everything out, there is still time until the summer, so I’ll come up with something and then we will wave the whole family on vacation not at sea. And in the taiga mother. We will harvest wild berries and wilds!

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The principle of operation of the inverter compressor

To maintain a constant temperature in the refrigerator, the constant operation of its compressor is required. However, electric motors operating at full power quickly heat up and can fail.

An additional advantage of the inverter compressor is the absence of brushes on the electric motor, which over time are erased and require replacement in the service center

launch, refrigerator, inverter

Therefore, ordinary compressors work rhythmically, periodically turning on and off.

Their work cycle can be represented as follows:

  • When the refrigerator is first turned on, the signal of the high internal temperature is transmitted from the thermal attemptor on the electrorel. It launches the compressor at full power and initiates the cooling process.
  • When the temperature decreases to the programmed level, the refrigerator is disconnected. The engine of the squeezing element ceases to work.
  • With a subsequent increase in temperature inside the refrigerator, the relay again starts its work. The cycle is repeated.

So that the temperature sensor often does not work, it tunes in the working interval. For example, the refrigerator starts at a temperature of 5 ° C, and the shutdown at 2 ° C.

In order to additionally reduce the number of inclusions with shutdown, you need to set the most suitable sensors settings, with which the operation of the unit is automatically controlled

This principle allows you to avoid when starting the engine of frequent voltage drops in the house, which negatively affect the operation of the rest of the household appliances. By the way, if you regularly have problems with the voltage, do not wait until the electrical appliances break. It is better to immediately choose the right home stabilizer.

The inverter compressor has a slightly different method. Its structural feature is the presence of a built.In inverter. A device that converts alternating current into a constant, and then vice versa.

Such actions make it possible to achieve arbitrary voltage parameters and the frequency of electricity, which is supplied to the engine or coil.

In one UPS it is undesirable to connect an inverter compressor and a heating pump at the same time. Starting currents at the start of water pumping can harm the refrigerator

By setting up the characteristics of the current, linear regulation of the compressor is achieved, and it itself is never completely turned off. Only the frequency of rotation of the electric motor or the speed of the piston changes.

As a result, the colating formation smoothly increases or decreases, adjusting the temperature inside the refrigerator to the programmed level.

The inverter principle of operation allows maintaining the temperature regime at the same level, excluding its fluctuations in the range. This is especially important for the camera with zero temperature, where the difference of 1 degree can significantly affect the quality of the stored products.

Thus, the inverter protects the compressor from working with maximum load, providing a lower noise level, saving electricity and protecting it from breakdowns.

The absence in the design of the inverter compressor of the abrasion parts can significantly reduce the number of challenges of the master for planned and unscheduled maintenance of household appliances

Inverter refrigerator: Pluses and minuses of the compressor

No modern cuisine can do without the necessary set of household appliances, among which a refrigerator plays an important role. In order for the device to serve for many years, one should deliberately approach its choice.

To date, refrigerators are very different from those produced several decades ago, and the main difference is the compressor. In addition to ordinary ones, there is another type. Inverter refrigerators.

To make the right choice, and buy a quality product, you need to familiarize yourself with the features, principle of operation, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these models.

Many are known about the presence of the compressor in the refrigerator, but not everyone knows about its varieties. Modern production technologies allow you to produce equipment with inverter compressors (for example, they have Samsung or LG company). This type is not yet so popular, but, now it can be bought from the world’s leading brands. According to experts. Behind the inverter engine a great future.

launch, refrigerator, inverter

4 main types of compressors

There are four types of compressors-ordinary, linear, inverter and line-inverter.

Samsung inverter models

Among the leading world brands producing home equipment, Samsung Electronics can be distinguished. Its assortment contains not only refrigerators with a linear compressor, but also with inverter. The second type is characterized by its effective energy consumption, reduced noise and high cooling power inside the chambers.

Depending on changes in temperature outside or inside the refrigerator, the engine begins to increase or reduce the number of revolutions per minute. This allows you to maintain the necessary temperature in the chamber, which means that it retains the products for fresh and maintains optimal humidity.

The noise level of the Samsung inverter refrigerator is only 38.5 dB, which is 10% lower compared to conventional models. Such a technique will not interfere with a comfortable rest and sleep.

Running my refrigerator on a Power Jack Inverter

Another important plus of Samsung products is effective energy consumption. Compared with ordinary refrigerators, then inverter use energy 40% less. Any buyer must be pleased with this factor, since as a result, the equipment will save him on paying for bills.

Inverter engines allow products inside the cameras to be stored much longer, and at the same time remain fresh. It’s all about the normal level of humidity, which provides this type of compressor.

Samsung promises customers high quality assembly quality, as well as its reliability and durability. That is why it provides a ten.Year guarantee for this technique.

Is it possible to refuel inverter refrigerator by pressure

The above method refuel inverter refrigerators in service workshops. Few people can afford a manometric distributor at home, so instead you have to use household scales and one pressure gauge. Put the cylinder on the scales. Otherwise, the gas station does not differ from the method presented above.

The presence of weights is a key factor. It is impossible to season the inverter refrigerator only by pressure. New generations of refrigerators need less freon, all gas from the cylinder will not be required. And an error even in 5 g can cause the refrigerator out of order.

There are risky craftsmen who do not use the scales or the pressure gauge in the handicraft workshops, filling the eye, then expecting the freezing of the evaporator. So work is unacceptable.

If there are no weights, but there is a pressure gauge, you can at your risk refrigerate as follows:

  • Remove the residual gas according to the standard scheme.
  • Set the Schroeder valve.
  • Site the air. After about 20 minutes of vacuum, connect a cylinder with a freon.
  • When the compressor is working, bring the pressure to 0.5 atmospheres. Wait 10 minutes until the system stabilization.
  • Start control the capacitor and temperature distribution. Listen to how the capillary pipe works, Freon should go on it exactly.

The advantages and disadvantages of the inverter compressor

The inverter type of compressor has its strengths and weaknesses. The advantages include:

  • Less electricity consumption compared to the linear type. Such refrigerators consume less electricity by 10-20%, since they work in full force only when the first turned on. After which the engine reduces speed and goes into the maintenance mode of the given temperature. Refrigerator with this type of compressors refers to A, and, and energy consumption classes.
  • A longer service life. Since there are no serious overloads in the engine, the wear of various parts of the mechanism is significantly reduced. This allows the technique to work much longer. For example, the manufacturer Samsung gives a ten.Year guarantee for its products, which indicates the reliability and high quality of household appliances with this type of engine.
  • Low noise. Everyone knows that refrigerators are not the quietest device in the house. Often, monotonous sounds emanating from them can bring a lot of discomfort. What can not be said about inverter models. This variety is able to work almost silently, and the sound can be heard only when the device is first turned on, when it is necessary to cool the camera to the desired temperature.
  • Maintaining temperature at the same level. Unlike ordinary refrigerators, where the temperature range is quite wide, inverter allow it to maintain it at the same level, without sharp drops. Due to this, products are stored in more comfortable conditions.

But the disadvantages of this type of engines also have:

  • High price. Compared to refrigerators working on linear compressors, inverter are more expensive, and not everyone can buy them. Over time, the technique will certainly pay off by saving on electricity.
  • Sensitivity before tension changes. In some houses, such a problem occurs quite often and the technique can seriously suffer. Therefore, to protect the device, you must additionally buy protective equipment. Manufacturers also offer models with the Volt Control system (for example, at Samsung), which will protect the refrigerator from sharp voltage drops. When a voltage jump, the device will go to the standby mode, and subsequently return to work on its own.

How to check performance

It is best to test the inverter without connected compressor, especially if you expect this device faulty. But, if you disconnect the wires from this spare part and try to start the refrigerator, there will be a message about the malfunction (if the refrigerator has a dashboard) caused by the fact that the inverter printed circuit board is not able to determine whether the compressor is connected or not.

Testing can be carried out in two ways. The first is a difficult way. You will need a digital multimeter with a min/max function,

Disconnect the compressor either from the printed circuit board or from the terminals. Then connect the counter to the two phases (red-blue), install it on the recording of the maximum and minimum voltage.

Then turn on the power and start the device. Let the inverter turn on and observe the increase in voltage. Write down the maximum voltage. The inverter will stop after a few seconds, and the voltage will drop to 0. Change the wires to measure the next two phases (from red to yellow). Write down the measurement, as before, and repeat for the last two phases (from blue to yellow). The indications of the maximum voltage should be the same for all 3 measurements. If the inverter works, then the printed circuit board needs to be replaced. If the readings are equal, then the inverter is working, and the compressor needs to be replaced.

The second method is simpler.A vipona will be inverted. First disconnecting thecopressorotklem. Connector STRISTROVER OF3FOVERS (polarity), turning on and. Let the curiosity be observed, you need to observe a worldwide. All 6 long.Blessed is aimetine.Cable.

The inverter will stop after a few seconds, and the LED will go out. If all 6 LEDs do not light up, the inverter is faulty, the printed circuit board needs to be replaced. But, if all the LEDs are burning, then the inverter is working, and the compressor needs to be replaced.

Principle of operation

All refrigerators, which use linear and piston compressors of classical performance work on the principle:

The inclusion of units occurs with an increase in temperature in the refrigerator above the temperature set by the user. Work control is carried out with the help.

The principle of operation of the piston inverter compressor of the refrigerator is as follows: after starting, the power unit turns on in full power, in order to bring the device into a set temperature regime in a short time in a short time. After reaching the required temperature in the chambers, the controller gives a command to the control unit about the gradual reduction of the engine speed to the minimum necessary to maintain a given temperature inside the device.

The principle of operation of the piston inverter compressor

Electricity on the apiary refrigerator through an inverter inverter 12-220 volts.

The refrigerator does not start how to connect the refrigerator via an inverter (not a clean sinusoid).I propose an option to understand the option.Electricity in the Apiary Fridge Through The Inverter 12-220 Volt

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