How to make a desktop fan is more powerful

How to make a fan from a small motor. “Eternal” mini-span: is it possible to make it? Option #1. Model made of hard plastic

You are sitting at the computer, outside the window, there is no air conditioner. The hand is already tired of endlessly fan the newspaper, and sweat from the forehead drips to the keyboard. Familiar situation? If there is no extra money, a home.Made fan will help. To make it, no need to run to the store for details. Everything you need for blower is in the house. Do not know how to make a free fan at home? Follow the text!

The last item can be lowered if you make a USB fan with your own hands. The computer has a voltage of 5 volts. You will need a cable to connect the printer, an old “mouse”, or any unnecessary device with a USB cord.

If you are a lover of self.Use, you probably have a useful trash in the house. Otherwise, you do not need to know how to make a fan with your own hands.

In a box with unnecessary spare parts, an electric motor was not found? You can make a fan from a motor from an old drive or a broken toy. Consider a few examples of how to make a mini fan from improvised materials.

How do Computer Fans Work?. LFC#221

Kuler fan

This is the easiest way to make a home fan. For manufacture, we need a cooler from an old computer. This part itself is already operational, we will only have to correctly connect it with the wire.

If the future fan is in the immediate vicinity of the computer, then a standard USB wire is suitable as a wire. The unnecessary edge of the cord with a small connector is cut off and clean the wires. Similarly, we clean the wires from the cooler.

Sometimes there are more than two wires in the cooler and USB-shnour, remember, we need black and red two wires in one and another element. We don’t need the rest.

After stripping, connect the red wire with red, black with black, the compounds must be insulated well. After isolation, the fan is already quite working, it remains to come up with an original stand to his taste and glue it to the cooler. All! The device is ready!

The speed of the coolean device is quite high, so you can safely use it like a fan for drying hands.

Installation method

Household fans can be divided by type of installation. There are not many options: fans can be installed on the floor or on the table, as well as be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling.

For residential premises, table, floor and ceiling fans are most often used. The choice of one or another method, as a rule, is dictated by the characteristics of the room (there is no place for a floor fan everywhere), a design solution, as well as security issues (in an apartment in which there are small children, the fan is best placed in an inaccessible place).

Note that ceiling fans are often combined with a lamp, which also saves free space. They are usually placed above the bed, dining table or over the recreation area. They are also often installed in country houses. On terraces and in arbors.

Table fans, as a rule, are acquired by virtue of their compactness. To maintain comfort at the workplace.

Maxwell MW-3548 GY desktop fan

Failure fans are good thanks to their mobility (they can be easily moved from place to place). They are also characterized by a fairly high power and usually a rather large angle of rotation, which makes them a universal solution for both home and office. Radial fans are almost always floor.

Fans with a wall.Mounted installation method are not very popular. The reasons are clear: such a fan is deprived of mobility and is able to “serve” only a predetermined section of the room.

Finally, we mention portable fans. Devices operating from the battery. They can also be found quite rarely. Often, users stop the choice on a compact USB fan, which can be powered from a computer port, charging for mobile phones or a portable charger (PowerBank). The power of such devices is small, however, in cases where the most compact solution is required, they may well be used (for example, at the workplace).

Review of market models

Here are an example of several models of devices available in the Russian market.

Bladeless fan, a small inexpensive desktop fan of a non.Closed type. Produced in China. The cost is about 40-50. A minimum of functions, small power (12 W) allow you to get an air flow that is quite acceptable for desktop devices.

Relatively inexpensive Chinese Bladeeless Fan

Another budget option with a minimum functional set is FAN Leader, according to suppliers, Polish production. Also in a desktop, in the same price range, but a slightly larger power. 35 watts. A characteristic feature. The working area is made in the form of an oval. Note that this form is found in many models, for example, Orion Or-DSO2.

make, desktop, powerful

Fan Leader

Well, for comparison, consider the original design. Model Dayson Hot Cool. This device is produced in the floor. It has an air heating function. Turbine capacity. 40 watts, in the heater mode. 2 kW. There is a remote control, an information board indicating the selected mode and a given temperature. For all this pleasure you will need to pay about 500. 540.

A wonderful example of the original products of Dayson Hot Cool

Finishing the topic of the review, we give a comparative table of the Dynson lineup and the Chinese analogue of Unico Ion.

Name Dyson AM-01 Dyson AM-02 Dyson AM-03 Dyson AM-04 Unico Ion
Estimated cost, 260 310 340 345 fifty
Functionality cooling cooling cooling Cooling/heating cooling
Air flow rate (max), l/s 450 600 700 130 450
execution desktop Floor Floor Floor Desktop
Manual adjustment of the angle of inclination
Manual height installation
Automatic turns for 90 °
Smooth stream velocity adjustment
Noise level (max), dB 64.5 63.0 65.0 64.0 60.0
Power consumption (max), WT 40 65 65 2000 35
Packaging dimensions, mm 547x356x152 1007x190x110 1480x450x280 579x200x153 580x330x180
Weight (gross), kg 1.80 3.35 4,30 2.47 2.50

How to make a fan from a plastic bottle

Favorite raw materials of “crazy handles”. Plastic bottles. Are almost perfect for creating their own fan. The upper part of the standard round bottle is well suited for the propeller. You need to cut off part with a traffic jam just above the glued label.

  • Part of the bottle with a cork will be blades. To do this, the plastic must be cut before the cork so that several different petals are obtained. Through one petals are cut off at the base. The remaining are the future blades of the propeller.

Lobes for a fan from a plastic bottle

  • To give the blades the shape and twist a little, you can use a candle or lighter. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the plastic is soft and can light up. The task is to warm it up a bit, and not set it on fire.
  • The cork will be the base of the propeller. It makes a hole in the size of the engine axis. So that the connection holds tightly, you can put it on glue.
  • Now is the time to think about the foundation. The rest of the plastic bottle is also suitable for him. A hole is cut in it to tightly place the plug with the blades at right angles. You need not to forget to weight the base. Nuts, bolts or any other metal objects.
  • On the base, a hole for the button is made and the chain is collected. There is also enough space for power supply.

Feeling field when working with a plastic bottle extensive. You can use several bottles at once. One will become a propeller (more precisely, part of it), and the second will be a solid foundation. But then additional materials will be needed. For example, ordinary drinking tubes.

Simple and light bottle fan

Laptop stand from the old cooler

The most difficult moment will be the manufacture of the case. Depending on the weight of the device, you will need the corresponding material. For example, thin plastic can break under the weight of a heavy laptop, netbook is much easier, so a plastic stand is also suitable for it.

The whole process of manufacturing a USB fan will not take much time and will consist of such stages:

  • Attach the cooler itself to the back of the plastic or wooden structure and mark with a pencil or self.Tapping screw;
  • Retreat from the intended mounting points and cut the fan hole using a knife or an electrician;
  • Using screws or bolts, attach the USB fan to the body; Rice. 1: screw a USB fan
  • To ensure normal placement on the table, glue or fasten the legs to the stand (both four in the corners and two solid at the opposite edges are suitable), their height should be greater than the thickness of the USB fan;
  • From the USB cord, cut the unnecessary end, in its place you will find four veins, you will need two of them for power, usually red and black, and the second two must be cut so that they do not interfere; Rice. 2: from USB take a red and black wire
  • Cut insulation from the edges of red and black core, approximately 10. 20 mm;
  • If the output of the cooler remains in the form of a terminal, insert the ends of the USB wire into it, otherwise the wire from the fan must be cleaned, like the cord; Rice. 3: clean the wires of the cooler
  • To do this, cut the engine power wires and remove the extreme insulation from them by 10. 20 mm, combine with the output of the power cord, solder and insulate.

Homemade USB fan is ready to use as a cooling stand for your laptop. Please note that it is better to hide the wires of wiring the wires under the case and glue it with island or glue so that the wires do not dangle from vibration. The USB fan itself can eat both from the device connector and from the outlet through the adapter.

make, desktop, powerful

Centrifugal fan engine adjustment

In 85% of cases, the engine in the washing machine is collector. Such, by the way, work from direct current. The direction of rotation is determined by the polarity of the voltage.

About the revolutionary adjustment scheme. The principle of operation of the centrifugal fan requires the use of spin modes. Find a thyristor scheme that controls the cutting angle and configure in the necessary way. For maximum revolutions, connect the engine to the 220 V network. We consider the questions that a centrifugal fan is, and how to make it.

DIY powerful fan

It is very hot in the southern regions, nothing will prevent you from getting such a “supermarous” portable fan.

You can take an 18-volt engine of an electric drill, a propeller of a radio-controlled aircraft and a battery from a laptop. 4 Volta is the best option, besides not too noisy when working. With 12 volts, the device will be super.Powerful, loud and will “rattle” (due to vibration) on the table.

The required components of the motor and batteries are the most expensive parts. You can buy a cheap used drill with a spoiled battery and just use the motor. Used batteries for laptops usually have 6 cells and cannot work if one cell is dead. You can buy these batteries for nothing and take work cells to make a powerful battery (http: // wwww.Instructor.COM/ID/Free-Lithum-ion-Battle-Pack).

  • PC electric motor electroderly;
  • Laptop battery;
  • Plastic fan blades;
  • 1/8 “Plywood;
  • Plywood and bars 2×1 “engine mounts;
  • Switch (in our case 2p2T switch for 2 speeds);- electric cable.

Super high speed fan from 12v brushless fan

Check the engine and batteries fix the engine with the fan to something solid. You can try to apply different stress on it to adjust the desired wind power. In our case, current 1 turned out to be ideal for a 4-volt battery.5a. 8-volt battery for good power corresponds to current 3A. Use 4 batteries, 4 parallel to 4v and 2 sets of 2 parallel batteries of 8V. So at low power there will be enough about 5 hours, and at high power for about 1.5 hours. Connect the 2p2T wires to switch between the sequential and parallel circuit.

Creating an air duct and engine mount first 2×1 bars ”glue with each other to get the letter T. Measure the pieces so as to provide the propeller about half the inch of the gap on each side. After gluing the bars, round their edges to give them the flituas. For mounting the engine, cut 2 triangles from wood.Soak a piece of plywood 1/8 “in water, and then bend it and let it dry. You can cut 3 strips 3.5 “with wood fibers perpendicular to the workpiece, to be easier to bend it. Use the bars fastened with the letter T as the base paste it with 3 pieces of plywood with the floor of the joints and leaving one joint. Then glue 3 ends of the letter T with the plywood plywood. It is also important to try on engine mounting to make sure that a sufficient gap has been left. Then cut two pieces of 1/4 “plywood about 4.5×1.5 to form the support of the duct in the upper part. Glue these supports to the duct and to “T”.

Glue a piece of wood to the “t” to stop the engine from sliding back, because the motor pushes the air forward, and at the same time the engine is then pushed back. To fix the motor from below, you can use 2 ZIP.

The battery layout use a 6-element battery battery for power supply. For a bicycle fan in motion, you need a 12V fan. As a desktop fan 4V or 8V is more than enough.

make, desktop, powerful

Sold the wires to the engine two wires with a section of 14 to the engine. Smell with electrical tape. So that the wires do not fall into the blades, fix them on the fan support.

Testing. Burn the engine in parallel with 2 sets of 3 combined cells. The voltage should be about 11.8th century. Even the multimeter should show 3.38 a. The multimeter has some resistance, so the current is actually. About 4a. Than 47 watts. This is. Already a very powerful small fan. At 16 in this fan can already decently push the bicycle.

Propeller protection installation rotates too quickly, so you need to establish protection. With the help of nippers, cut a circle from a large fan protective grill so that its radius is more than an half-inch duct. Come on the wire around the duct. Then glue the front and back with hot glue.

Set the switch install the switch. Now the fan can easily turn on and off. You can use a 2T2P switch, and get two rotation speeds.

Fan improvement ideas

The presented basic model can be applied in order to increase the air flow or give it a more aesthetic type.

We bring to your attention several options on how to do this:

    Combine several propeller into the block. This design will blow tangibly stronger, but the consumption of electricity will increase. Connect the devices in parallel to provide the voltage acceptable for their operation.

The manufacture of a compact desktop fan from the cooler is, first of all, a creative process that brings joy from independent solving a household problem and constructing your own device. Of course, it will also be possible to save some money, although the amount will turn out to be very insignificant, because such devices are presented in online stores at a more than affordable price.

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