How to make a feather duster from a washing machine

Making a drum for the removal of the feather

To create a drum of the feather picker, you need to have a beaters.

FlyLady Feather Duster Demonstration

The purpose of the part is to remove feathers from carcasses. Making beats at home is considered inexpedient. The only option is to buy in specialized stores selling agricultural products. It is possible to buy the part in online stores.

For a homemade design, you need to purchase about 100 pieces of billet.

There are several sizes of beaters. Big size is necessary for goose, small beater fingers are for cleaning quail.

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The existing varieties of beaters are shown in the table:

Purpose Description of beating fingers
For small birds Length. 4,5-5,5 cm, diameter. 1 cm. The advantage. the horizontal notches. Used for partridge, quail
For feathering chickens and ducks Length. 9.7 cm. The main advantage. removal of main plumage and small down. No damage to bird skin
Versatile type Suitable for big birds: geese, broilers, turkeys. Characteristics: optimal toughness level, big notches. Part length. 9.3 cm
Parts for industrial machinery Made of high-strength rubber. Used for linear-roller types of machines (industrial production). The dimensions of the pin: length. 14 cm, diameter. 1,95 cm
Parts for raking feathers How to use: installed on a rotating disc. Effectively removes feathers

How to make a feather stripper from a washing machine?

Assembly of the machine for feather removal consists of several steps. Remove motor from washing machine housing first. It is important to consider this point: when the machine will work, water will flow into the tank. Since the bottom will have to make holes. under the bits, the water flowing down will get on the motor. This must be prevented. Perform these actions:

  • Remove the bottom and remove the motor.
  • Remove actuator with drive.
  • Take out all the electrical “stuffing”.
  • Put a rubber hose on the shower head. will be needed later.

Let us look at the assembly step by step below.

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Setting the operating mode

The drum in the bird washer must rotate in one direction. If it rotates alternately in different directions in the washing machine, you should reconfigure its work to the correct mode. How to do it? Disconnect the cabinet and bottom and connect the wires in the right order. The ends of the wires are connected to the power cord. The washer has a hose. It is not needed in the birdwasher, so it is cut off. The hole is sealed with sealant.

Making the holes

When the hose is removed and the wires are rearranged, proceed to connect the bottom of the structure to the body. Remove the screw and plug from the drum. Then, having dismantled it, proceed to create the device, equipped with “fingers”. it is necessary to attach the ribbed elements. Procedure:

  • Drill the holes. A special drill bit is needed. a stepped type. The dimensions of the holes depend on the bit. they are made 3-4 mm smaller, to strengthen the attachment.
  • When the plucker is turning, feathers and water should come out of it. To do this, make extra holes in between the holes for the bits. bigger holes. Put a dish of some kind at the bottom to receive the drainage.
  • To facilitate mounting the rubber “tentacles”, the holes under them are smeared with machine oil.
  • To protect the motor from liquid penetration, a special protective casing is made. It is made from a plastic container.


  • Steel corner is used to create a support for the motor.
  • Connect motor to 220 V.
  • A metal frame is welded from a corner. the body of the machine must be at a distance from the ground.
  • Pulleys are to be installed. they are also taken from the washing machine. Small pulley is placed on the motor shaft, big pulley. on the shaft of the activator.
  • Connect the pulleys by the belt. so the motor transmits the motion to the activator and the bottom of the chicken drum rotates.
  • Check the strength of the attachment housing and motor. they will experience strong vibrations, and if fasteners are unreliable, they can simply fly off.

Here the assembling is finished. All that remains is to install a hose with a shower nozzle, prepared in advance, on the edge of the tank. to water the carcasses with water.

How to make a feather duster from a washing machine

Homemade feather stripper assembled from the tank and rubber parts placed on its inner surface. These parts are called beater fingers. they are the main part of the device. You can’t make these ribbed elements yourself. you have to buy them.

One washer-digger can hold up to 120 cranks. each. However, this is the only major expense to be incurred when creating a homemade from an old washing machine. Everything else can be found at the farm. a feather scraper, assembled with your own hands, will not cost you much. But the result is great: your fuss with plucking will be replaced by an electromechanical machine.

When purchasing the beating fingers, consider the size of the birds you want to pluck. Beers for quail are not suitable for geese, broilers and other, larger animals.

Feather and down washing machine

How to make a feather duster with your own hands: an economical version from a washing machine

Feathering machineThe feathering machine can process up to 30 birds in 60 minutes. The advantage is the preservation of the marketable appearance of ducks and various birds.

The working principle of the device:

  • Rinse killed poultry with boiling water.
  • Throwing the carcass into the tank.
  • Turning on the motor.
  • Rotating the tank with a goose or other bird carcass.
  • Touching the product with the beaters (birds are thrown over the whole area of the drum).
  • Process of feather removal (duration. 2-3 minutes). Requires periodic watering of the product (for faster and more thorough removal of feathers). In addition, the water washes off unnecessary feathers and protects the carcasses from various damages.
  • Taking the cleaned birds from the homemade version of the device.
  • Processing the carcasses by hand (after using the device, the plucking process takes a small amount of time).


The special nozzle for plucking poultry can be attached to the drill or the rotary tool. than a dozen whipping fingers are attached to the aluminum nozzle. They are made of soft rubber, this ensures the removal of the feathers without damaging the skin and the carcass.

In two minutes, the nozzle removes feathers from all parts of the carcass.

Every piece of equipment comes with instructions. If you follow the rules specified in it, the chicken skin will not be damaged and will retain its marketable appearance.

Even the small farmer can buy a chicken plucking nozzle. The cost of the device is very low.

How the plucking machine works?

Homemade feather stripper is assembled from a tank and rubber parts placed on its inner surface. These parts are called bead fingers. they are the main part of the device. You can’t make these ribbed elements yourself. you have to buy them.

One chicken drummer can contain up to 120 fingers. per piece. However, this is the only major expense to be incurred when making a homemade device out of an old washing machine. Everything else can be found at home. a feather stripper, assembled with your own hands, will not cost you much. But the result is great: electro-mechanical system replaces the fuss with plucking.

Take the size of the quail to be plucked into account when buying the beaters. Quail skinning tongs are not good for geese, broilers or other larger animals.

Preparing parts

The first obstacle to making your own feather duster is the beaters. Where to get such specific rubber parts or how to make them? We’ve been wrestling with this question for a long time, found nothing suitable and finally agreed that the beaters are better to order. It is not going to be cheap, but I can assure you this is the biggest expense of making a feather picker. The rest is available almost free of charge.

You have to be very careful when ordering because the beaters for different carcass sizes are also different. The biggest beaters for turkey and geese carcasses, a little smaller beaters for broilers. Next come the beater for smaller birds, and the smallest for quail.

While waiting for the rubber parts we can take care of the washing machine. For making a removable washing machine, we will take an obsolete single-tank washing machine Oka. One condition. the washing machine must be fully operational. To remake the washing machine with our own hands we will be in the minimum. The only thing that must be done necessarily. to move the motor and the controlling electrics, which are under the washing tank outside the housing, more about this we will talk later. We do the following.

  • Removing the motor of the washing machine.
  • Dismantling the activator and drive mechanism.
  • Take out all the electrics and fold neatly, that later it was possible to understand that from where.

Parts of the washing machine are ready. Now we need to find a long rubber hose and put the shower head on it. We will need this attachment later, when the washer begins to function. We also need some tools:

  • Open-end wrenches of different sizes;
  • small adjustable wrench;
  • ratchet with a set of heads from 8 to 30 mm;
  • drill;
  • angle grinder;
  • step drill;
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • measuring tool;
  • multimeter;
  • marker.

Well, the bits have finally arrived, let’s start assembling the feathering machine with our own hands. We will try to describe the whole process of assembling, so that it was easier for you to orient when constructing your own equipment.

Feather-picking machine from a washing machine Malyutka

In the former Soviet Union small-sized washing machines Malyutka were very popular for some time. However, now almost no one uses them, although the equipment is of very high quality and still works. In order not to waste good things, if you have a desire, you can make a wonderful feather duster from the washing machine Malyutka. How to make it?

Making a drum for feather picking

Here we will talk about how to make a machine to remove the pen with a drum. Functionality similar to a drill bit, but in this case it will be longer. You will need a support axle for the drum.

The design can be made with a low-power electric motor and a simple pulley reducer. With this machine any number of birds can be processed which can be of different size. It remains to install the drum on the frame, hang a container underneath which the feathers will be gathered, and then start processing the birds.

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