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Falf fireplace with your own hands: 80 models (with a detailed description and photo)

Once you imagined that you were sitting by a cozy fireplace with a cup of coffee, Christmas is approaching, you plan how to decorate the fireplace shelf for winter holidays and realize that you do not have a fireplace. It is no good. Apartment in a high.Rise building and lack of finances, this is not an excuse. To make a false fireplace with your own hands, you only need a desire. You won’t believe it, but in fact, artificial fireplaces are quite simple and often very inexpensive. See these 30 amazing ideas on how to make a false fireplace with your own hands with step.By.Step photos, description and links to the instructions that you will want to install in your home today!Each fireplace has its own personality and unique charm. There are a lot of ideas of false fireplaces that can be done relatively quickly and inexpensive. And although this is a small selection, but we hope that these ideas will somehow inspire you. Right now the ideal time to make such a project will still have time to make a false fireplace for the New Year and Christmas! Here you will find the simplest examples of false fireplaces from boxes, usually these are interesting projects for children for winter holidays. There are also models of homemade fireplaces made of drywall, wood, plywood, wood-bruise, papier-masha and other materials.

To decorate your apartment for the New Year, make an artificial fireplace from a cardboard box with your own hands. First cut the cardboard box, glue the adhesive tape to the wall and draw the shape of the fireplace. Then cut rectangles from cardboard so that they correspond to the edges of the opening of the fireplace. Fix the seams, cutting the cardboard at right angles. Glue with hot glue to the corner and add cardboard triangles. Bend a thin piece of cardboard to get a bend, and glue it to the upper part of the shape of the fireplace. Glue the rectangles.

If necessary, strengthen the supports so that the fireplace retains the shape. Repeat these steps.It’s time to make a fireplace shelf. Draw a shelf on another large piece of cardboard. Cut and glue. Close open seams with a wide painting ribbon. Glue the back of the fireplace below with hot glue. Paint black.Colored aerosol paint. After drying, add inside and glue black paper to the wall behind the fireplace. Cut bricks from white cardboard. Attach with double.Sided tape. Decorate with light New Year’s decorations and fill the false fireplace with lights on batteries and artificial candles.

Of course, there are many ways to implement such a project, this simple false fireplace is similar to the previous one, but the design is fundamentally different. If you want to know what the author came up with in this case, read the instructions on the site, link under the gallery. But first prepare white and black thick paper, cardboard and jewelry. Stockings, tinsel, garlands.

Types of fireplaces

Three varieties of fireplace are most popular:

The number and type of boxes required for the manufacture of the fireplace are selected in accordance with the specific design and its design.

To give the design, the greatest stiffness is built and placed inside it a frame of wood.

The easiest fireplace without schemes from improvised materials

You can make a beautiful New Year’s Fallen Kamin without a building corner, schemes and other wisdom. We begin crafts with the fact that we collect materials. We take what was found at home:

  • Basis: Cardboard boxes from shoes, household appliances, cookies, sweets, children’s toys, porridge.
  • For gluing: glue “Titan”, “Dragon”, “Atlant”, construction PVA, hot glue, liquid nails, tape.
  • Additionally: stationery knife, scissors, decor elements.
  • Glue the boxes in a column about a meter high and 20-30 cm wide.
  • Create a second similar column.
  • Put the columns nearby and determine with the width of the fireplace.
  • Glue the boxes between them in the upper part.
  • Cut the back from cardboard and also glue.

That’s all. The false fireplace is ready. Even if you do everything slowly, the workflow will last from the force of 1 hour. Then it remains only to decorate it beautifully. For example, glue the boxes with wallpaper with imitation of brickwork (the easiest option).

Advice. Try to use dense, not crumpled boxes. When gluing, do not leave gaps. To make the design neat and durable, it is better to rewind it once again with tape.

Cardboard fireplace decor

After the frame is collected only a pleasant activity remains. This is a decor. Here you can show your whole imagination. The classic version is an imitation of brickwork. To do this, you can use wallpaper with a brick pattern or foam. The most colorful option is the use of foam. To do this, you need to cut narrow stripes with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm from it. After that, create a stencil, the size of a brick, and cut the required number of parts from foam from foam from the foam. For a greater effect on the front side, you can apply longitudinal stripes that will simulate a fired clay pattern.

If there is a desire to make artificial bricks, you can use thin foam.

Ready blanks must be glued to the fireplace. They can seer the entire structure or only its parts. Bricks will look colorful around the arch and below the product. The rest of the area can be painted with ordinary water.Based paint.

If it is supposed to paint the product, then it must first be primed with plaster. One small package is enough for this.

Bricks must be placed in a checkerboard pattern so that the masonry is as close as possible in appearance to this.

Another element of decor can be a foam false.Ite. Simple elements in the form of geometric stripes can be made by yourself. Ornate monograms or sockets will easier to buy.

The effect of firewood

To make the construction look more realistic to light fire in it. Of course, fire and firewood will not be real, but the same decorative. Fire can be imitated by the following ways:

  • Using photography and poster with fire
  • Using a lamp with imitation of fire from fabric
  • With the help of LED candles that are installed behind firewood
  • With the help of New Year’s garland

It is easy to find artificial firewood. Large interior stores sell artificial faor or paper firewood. They can also be made independently. This will also need cardboard. It needs to be turned into a semicircular cylinder. You need to make such blanks 3-7 pieces. Then they must be pasted over with wallpaper imitating wood or painted.

You can install a photograph of this flame inside, and add real or homemade firewood in the furnace.

Decorative lattice

Another important and picturesque element of the fireplace is the decorative lattice. There are also many options for making the grill:

  • From the garden fence. To do this, one section of the lattice is enough.
  • From cardboard. The grate is cut out of the cardboard to the stencil and installed in the portal.
  • From a hard cable. Pieces of cable must be bent in the form of the letter S and stick it into the lower part of the fireplace.

Before installing the grille in the construction, it must be painted. For this, any paint of metal or golden colors is suitable. You can use two colors at once: first, paint the entire grill with dark paint, and then apply golden strokes. This will allow the product and give additional picturesquency to the product.

Christmas fireplace

How to make a New Year’s fireplace from boxes should be told separately, since this type of fireplace requires a separate decor and additional creative ideas. It makes sense to strengthen the frame of such a fireplace in manufacture from the inside with pieces of foam, investing from inside. The New Year’s fireplace should be strengthened due to the fact that it has more decor elements and more items are installed on it.

Such a focus will allow you to make an apartment or house more comfortable, and on New Year’s holidays will create the necessary magical atmosphere.

In addition, before installation, you should think about the question of connecting electricity. If you think about it after installing it, it may turn out that there is no outlet nearby and you will have to stretch the extension cord. The wires lying on the floor, romance to the interior will not add. If you think out this in advance, then they can be hidden for furniture and a fireplace.

It is also better to think through the New Year’s fireplace decor in advance. Perhaps this will require additional details and fasteners.

Lighting and staining the fireplace

New Year’s fireplace has many decorative elements, so it will be more harmonious to paint it with ordinary paint in a flat color. Brick masonry is best performed as decorative elements of foam only around the arch and along the edges.

make, fireplace

Completely brick fireplace and a large amount of decor will look too overloaded.

Christmas or other photos near the fireplace always get spectacular and memorable for life.

Advice. Before you make backlight and make fire in the fireplace, it is important to think about how gifts will be given. If you plan to put them in a fireplace or hang a boot with gifts there, then it is better not to glue a photo of the fire on the back wall of the portal.

It is better to arrange fire in a New Year’s fireplace with a garland with yellow lights or LED candles. It makes sense to install candles behind the firewood, so that only light from them is visible.

Other decor methods

After the New Year’s fireplace is installed, you should start its decor. Variants of New Year’s decorations:

  • LED candles on the upper shelf
  • Artificial or natural spruce branches
  • Tinsel
  • Garlands
  • Gift boots
  • Spruce paw
  • Photo frames
  • Hourglass

How to Start a Fire in the Fireplace: The EASY WAY

Important! Candles with natural hot fire cannot be installed on the upper shelf of the fireplace and next to it, as it is fire hazardous.

Homemade fireplace decor from boxes

It depends on the decor how beautiful the craft will look. Rich appearance gives the overlay of the body with polyurethane elements. They are placed symmetrically, having previously applied the markings. With such a decor, the fireplace is optimal to color white.

Polyurethane foam elements are glued symmetrically on a cardboard case on a completely white stucco background is poorly visible

In order for stucco molding to stand out from the white background, it is painted in golden color. Additionally, the entire body is opened with transparent water.Based varnish. It will be more convenient to wipe the dust from such a surface without damaging the decor.

Micane imitation is performed crumpled wet paper

The fireplace shelf with imitation for marble looks beautiful. For this, the surface is glued with crumpled paper. They do not use glue. The paper is just wet on the shelf. After drying, the texture will remain.

Liquid wallpaper decorate brickwork

It is better to convey the imitation of the texture of the stone by liquid wallpaper. First, bricks cut out of cardboard are glued inside the portal. The details of the emulsion with the addition of the brown tint are stained. When the paint dries, liquid wallpaper is applied.

Some tips and ideas

Of course, the proposed scheme of action can be supplemented by you with some other nuances and details. For example, you can paint the entire false fireplace for brickwork. Or to choose another color suitable for the interior of your home.

In addition, the fireplace can be decorated with various decorative elements: on the upper shelf you can arrange vases, figurines and other New Year’s decorations. And the deepening of the fireplace can be protected by a real forged fence, suitable in size. On the wall above the fireplace, a Christmas wreath will look great with your own hands.

Supervision craftsmen even make a backlight at the bottom of the fireplace, which will further imitate the burning of flame, but this, as they say, is from the category of higher matters. In the video proposed below, you can also find a lot of useful information on this subject. Happy Holidays!

Corner false fireplaces from the boxes with your own hands

If there is little space in the room, then you can build an angular fireplace structure out of the boxes. How to make a New Year’s fireplace out of the corner shape, our instructions will tell.

First you need to find the installation site of the fireplace and remove the measurements from it. The box should approximately fit the size of the angle. From below, a semicircular cut is made in this way as to bent the cardboard parts neatly inside. On top you need to make cuts in the form of two arcs, so that the back of the box is folded with a triangle in the shape of the angle of the room. From the inside, a triangular box must be fixed with tape or polymer glue.

Unnecessary details of the box from the back side cut off and form the shape of the triangle under the walls. The frame of the corner fireplace must be glued with paper or painted with white paint. After that, bricks or film “under brickwork” are glued to the dried workpiece.

From plywood or thick cardboard, folded in several layers, make a fireplace shelf of the desired angular shape and glue the film “under the tree”. On the front side, the fireplace regiment several centimeters should protrude above the base of the structure. It is glued with bilateral construction adhesive tape to the base.

To simulate fire in a niche, you can put firewood and put candles.

Master class “Fireplace from cardboard boxes

Dear colleagues I want to share my skill.

I always dreamed of making a fireplace in kindergarten, that year the guys and I made a fireplace for the group.

But today I want to present the fireplace I have done for my daughter at home. She really asked me about it.

The fireplace creates an atmosphere of comfort and body, cold winter evenings. In addition, creates a New Year’s mood. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us, fit perfectly into the interior of the daughter’s room, which she is very pleased with.

It took me very little for my work. In the Ermolino store, I took 5 medium.Sized boxes and I had a 32.Inch diagonal box. I bought a panel of two shades in the form of tiles in the construction store, glue “Titan”, a large piece of polystyrene and patterned plinths and plastic corners of the smallest size. I also needed a stationery knife, tape and transparent, and of course, a garland, three birch logs.

And finally I started work, my daughter photographed my job.

Before, I connected all the boxes and glued them with glue and tape, and on top I cut off the size of the foam tabletop and glued.

When everything grasped well, I started the design of our fireplace with plastic panels. The previous two fireplace and the guys and I made from boxes and ceiling tiles, it also turned out very beautifully, but now we had to get a fireplace as a result, which would always stand. And therefore it should be more thorough.

And so I was distracted. We proceed to the gluing of the panels, those that I have a light shade. Plastic panels are very easily cut by ordinary scissors. And the drawing in the form of tiles helps us a lot in this.

Then I started glorification with panels of a gray shade of the niche of our fireplace. Before, I sealed the back of the niche with ceiling tiles, in the tile I made a small incision for a garland fork.

Then I sealed our countertop and began to glue corners, and after skirting boards.

There was no limit to happiness when we connected the lights for the sample.

We have to add New Year’s decor. I also made a ceiling tile a flashlight and a deer.

And then our joy and fantasy knew no bounds.

Here we have such a beauty. Everyone had a New Year mood, even a cat.

Our idea has come true. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us to stand and delight us, in the evenings we turn on the lights.

I wish everyone warmth and believe in dreams! All in your hands! Health to everyone!

“For cute ladies”! Caskets made of cardboard boxes in the technique of decoupage to all good day! I bring to your attention the manufacture of caskets, which will be very useful for storing our ladies’ accessories.

Household appliances from cardboard boxes for the role-playing games of preschool children thanks to the gender education of preschool children depends on the successful formation of the child as a person. Gender education of children.

How To Create & Edit A Relaxing Fireplace Video In Premiere Pro Video Editor! Make Fireplace Videos!

make, fireplace

Decorative fireplace fireplace. Master class Hello, dear colleagues, Happy New Year 2018! Happiness, health and all worldly benefits to you in the new year! And I want to share.

The photo report “Decorations are needed, the scenery is important”. The use of cardboard boxes in the theatrical activity of children, the outstanding Russian scientist Lev Semenovich Vygotsky wrote: “It is necessary to expand the experience of the child if we want to create quite strong foundations.

Fireplace? Easily! Master class good evening, dear colleagues! On the eve of the New Year, ideas overwhelm teachers, we are sophisticated, invent, spy and embody.

Master class “Decorative fireplace” fireplace is a heat source and a symbol of the well-being of older preschool children and younger students [/ Purpose: Create conditions for development.

With a real spark

And now let’s see how to make a fireplace fireplace with a rude flame dancing in a furnace. The imitation in it of burning firewood and reflections of fire in the firebox does not in any way cancels, on the contrary, only all it together will give a complete illusion of the healing this fireplace.

make, fireplace

A way to supplement the imitation of flame references and unfinished firewood described above with natural tongues of fire is known. These are candles in non.Combustible bowls, see. Rice.:

How to make a real fire in a fireplace out of boxes

Loading real fuel into a cardboard fireplace and setting it aside, of course, it is impossible, especially since there is no chimney. But with candles, certain precautions should be observed: organizational (may readers forgive us inevitable formalism for the New Year) and technical.

Security measures

Actually, using open fire in a living room is a serious violation of fire safety rules. Over, there is a festive table nearby, and on it is a strong alcohol that burns very well, and a Christmas tree with paper jewelry. But what can you do, the New Year without a light is not the same new year. Firefighters are carefully prepared for it on their part; We will be ready and we.


The main means not to turn the New Year with a spark in a fireplace into a nightmare and disaster. You, dear owners. Make yourself a New Year’s fireplace out of boxes with real fire only if you celebrate it culturally, without a merchant revelry, and without losing your head. And if you have a New Year’s norm, that someone, without reaching the hourly belts to the Urals, is already sleeping in a mustache, someone washed off with champagne cosmetics, and someone is trying and trying to get out of the pelvis with dumplings-no need. It is also not necessary if you meet the New Year Children-Children.


The above painting a firewall or gouache mentioned above is valuable not only in decorative terms. It creates a non.Combustible layer on cardboard, t.To. The pigments of these colors is mineral. But this is not enough. It is also necessary to make the cardboard if it touches the flame of the candle, and it does not light up for at least 10 minutes, and, preferably, extinguished the dangerous candle.

The way to make wood materials refractory for some time is also well known and is widely used in wooden construction. This is the impregnation of antipyrene substances. Manufacturers of wood building materials use the drill: when heated, it emits a large number of vapor of crystallization water, non.Toxic and inexpensive. We need to soak the cardboard in a greater concentration, so that, suddenly the soaked surface will touch the flame, it will immediately knock down a cloud of vapor of water. To do this, make a solution of drill tightly. A glass for a pan.

Dilute the drill in glass (preferably) or enameled dishes in hot water. After using the solution, pure water is poured into the dishes, boil it, pour boiling water, and the dishes are washed with cold water twice (glass after boiling can be washed once).

Impregnate a solution of drilling boxes from the inside and outside, until they glue them into the blank of the fireplace. Impregnation is carried out with a cooled solution. So that the blanks do not crumble, impregnate a moderately moisturized solution with a brush several times with pauses of 5-10 minutes. Impregnation on one side is considered completed if the other was slightly moistened by the touch. Then the workpiece is allowed to dry and the other side is impregnated for the same amount of passages. After that, the workpiece is dried a day.

Note 4: Newspaper tubes for simulating brushwood in the fireplace are soaked in a solution of drill for 3-5 minutes, then dried, painted, formed and glued. If a durable decorative fireplace is made with impregnation by water-polymer emulsion (see. Above), then its blanks are impregnated first by brown.

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