How to Make a Home Wax for Depilation

Preparing for the procedure

Many girls and women are interested in how to do waxing at home. It is desirable to perform the procedure when the length of the hairs has reached 5-8 mm, otherwise the pain will be stronger and the process will take a longer time. It is necessary to prepare the skin by treating it with a special lotion before and after the procedure. These actions will eliminate the discomfort and redness, reduce pain. Do not use a means of high greasiness, it may hinder the removal of hairs.

If the area to be treated underarms, you should use deodorant with a spray gun during the week before epilation. During the period of critical days, it is better to refrain from mechanical treatment. Before the initial application of the remedy it is necessary to test for allergies by applying the composition to the elbow bend for a few minutes. The surface to be treated must be disinfected before epilation. To avoid infection of the injured skin, the procedure uses disposable gloves.

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How to cook wax for hair removal at home

An important role in the rite of beauty for every woman is the removal of excessive vegetation on the body. To achieve such a goal, there are many ways, but each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages. Weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that still in the first place for women is such a method of hair removal as wax depilation. How to prepare a wax for hair removal at home, as well as what is the proper care for the skin, let us find out in detail.

Methods of melting wax

When using wax for hair removal at home you can not buy for this purpose special devices, such as a heater for melting wax. Means that are available in the house, can well replace it.

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You can do it with a water bath.

Example how to melt wax in a steam bath

You will need a large saucepan, a spatula to stir the mixture, and a thermometer to check the temperature of the wax.

Important! The pan should be as large as possible, so that drops of hot wax can not splash out and get on an open fire. There is a possibility of fire.

After all that is required is prepared, you can proceed to the melting:

  • The pan is filled to one third of its volume with water, and the wax is placed in the center of the pan, the edge of which must always be above the water level;
  • This pot is placed on the stove, with a low heat, the contents are constantly stirred with a spatula;
  • The composition should be on the fire for 10 minutes, the main thing is that no water gets into the container with the wax;
  • Once a homogeneous consistency is reached, the pan is removed from the fire.

Additional Information. When melting the wax, it is preferably to do it on an electric stove, so that the paraffin, which becomes gaseous during heating, does not get on the burner’s flame.

Wax is also melted using the microwave oven. In this case, the only equipment you will need is a container of wax, a spatula, and a thermometer. The container must be suitable for use in the microwave.

The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • The material is placed in a container and sent to the microwave;
  • The oven sets the time required to melt the wax. How much time to set the timer? At the medium power setting, this time will be about 45 seconds;
  • After that, you need to make sure that the wax has reached the desired temperature, using a thermometer.

Important information! An incomplete container of wax heats up much faster than a full one.

Honey wax for depilation at home recipe

Of course, with what you’ve just read, you’ve decided once and for all to make and start using this alternative for depilating various parts of the body. Well, today we’ll show you how easy it is to make from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you have the following ingredients on hand.

Once you have gathered the ingredients, you should proceed to prepare them as follows, for this we have prepared a series of steps for you:

  • In a saucepan or any other container, stir the ingredients evenly. First pour in the honey, then the sugar, then the lemon and, if you have some natural oil on hand. Do this gradually, shaking the mixture periodically.
  • After that, let it stand for no more than 10 minutes and start heating it in the kitchen. The composition should be cooked over low heat and stir constantly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the container. You must remove it before it cooks or boils, as the ideal temperature for this wax is about 45 degrees. You can also do this in your microwave oven.
  • Finally, all you have to do is take the honey wax off the fire and let it cool until it reaches the ideal temperature you want to apply. We recommend that you estimate the degree carefully, because although its surface is normal temperature, it will be hotter inside. For this reason, apply only a small amount so that you do not doubt it.

As you can see, making natural honey wax with your own hands is easier than you thought, now just apply it and remove any area with it. Read on to learn how to do it.

Cooking Hot Wax

Use hot wax to treat your mustache, bikini zone, and underarms. dense in consistency, it hardens on the body in a layer and comes off without cloth or paper strips. To protect yourself from burns, you need to buy a special spatula with a temperature indicator. If too hot wax is stirred, NO will appear. such a mixture can burn. It is safe to apply it to the skin only after the warning light disappears. For hot vaxing at home, it is best to get hold of a wax melter: it is difficult to melt and mix the ingredients in a water bath, and then cool the mixture to the desired temperature.

The process of making hot wax is quite simple:

  • Put all the ingredients in a bowl for heating, and set the temperature of the wax-melter to 70 °C. Wax, paraffin, most rosin wax melts completely. Stir the mixture constantly.
  • Let the wax cool down to 42-45 °C. At higher temperatures, you can get burned, but the cold mixture will not grab on the hairs and will not vomit them out. It takes 25-30 minutes to cool, the wax will thicken, become sticky and viscous.
  • Apply the mixture on the problem areas along the hairline. The complexity of the procedure is that in sensitive areas (bikini, underarms) hair grows in several directions, you need experience and skill to successfully apply and most painlessly remove the wax from these areas.

How to make wax from sugar and citric acid

Recipe for wax with citric acid

Ingredients: Sugar. 10 tbsp. л. Citric acid. 1 tsp. л. Water. 3 tbsp. л.

In a saucepan put citric acid, add three spoons of hot water, dissolve. Pour in the prescription sugar, stir, put on the stove. Cook over low heat until caramelized. Periodically pick up a little syrup, drip it into cold water. As soon as the homemade mass begins to set in a caramel ball, cooking must immediately be stopped, pour the paste into the crock for later cooling.

Recipe for wax with citric acid

Equally popular is a recipe that uses citric acid instead of fresh lemon juice:

  • It is prepared from 5 small spoonfuls of sugar, 2 small spoonfuls of water and the same amount of citric acid;
  • In a metal dish you need to combine until a homogeneous composition of sugar and water. This mixture should be cooked, stirring continuously, until it acquires a golden hue;
  • To check whether the paste is ready, you can do the following: hook a little of the mixture with a spoon and drop it into a glass of cold water. Ready paste will form a thick ball, and uncooked will begin to dissolve and will have a jelly-like appearance;
  • When the mixture in the pot is ready, it is time to add citric acid to it. Immediately after adding the mixture, you need to stop boiling, but continue to stir well;
  • In the end, you should have a mixture without grains. At this point the preparation process can be considered complete. Now you need to cool the mixture.

Another variant of the mixture for shugaring is prepared with honey. Use it only if you do not have and have never had any allergic reactions to honey. Prepare such a paste should be as follows:

  • Take a glass of sugar, two big spoons of honey, ¼ cup of lemon juice, one big spoonful of water;
  • Then the ingredients are combined and boiled in the same way as in the classic recipe;
  • The mixture has a caramel color. At this point, you need to stop boiling it, pour it over, and cool it down.

The rules of waxing at home

To wax depilation, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. Waxing can be done by yourself. You need to choose a suitable composition, heat it to the optimum temperature and apply it evenly to the desired area of the body. The effectiveness of the procedure largely depends on the competent preparation, technique of execution of epilation. If all the subtleties are observed, the result can last up to several weeks, there will be no complications on the skin. From the article you will learn how to properly perform waxing yourself at home.

All you need for waxing

For depilation will require the following consumables and special devices:

  • Strips for depilation (can be used in rolls or sliced).
  • A special heater in which the cassettes are inserted.
  • Wax in cassettes or cans.
  • Cream or oil.
  • A spatula will be required for the can wax.

It is worth asking experts about the best wax for depilation. This will depend on what parts of the body you want to treat, and on the type of epilation. The procedure can be performed with warm, hot, cold or film wax.

Currently, there are several types of material: some are used to remove facial hair, others are considered more effective for removing vegetation in the bikini area, others are used to remove hair from the legs and armpit area. Wax can be purchased in cassettes or jars. Recently, manufacturers have begun to granulate the wax, as in this form the material is able to melt much faster.

If you have no experience with self-depilation at home, and you are wondering what kind of wax is suitable for this procedure, you can use the recommendations of professionals. You can use cheap materials, during the first sessions due to lack of skill they are consumed uneconomically, so there is no point in spending money on expensive products from popular manufacturers.

Set for depilation

To carry out this event at home using wax, do not necessarily need to purchase all the necessary tools and materials separately, to save money it is better to buy a ready-made set. Such kits include everything you need: a device for heating, which is a wax depilatory, or ready-made strips for depilation at home. In some kits you can find additional devices and tools, such as a set of grooming products or a spatula with a temperature indicator.

The most popular kits are those of the following manufacturers:

Kits include: strips for cold hair removal, wax in a jar or cartridge, paper or cloth strips or roller applicator for easy application. Choose sets should be based on personal preferences. It is worth considering the fact that the kits can be universal or designed for a specific area of the body.

Recipes for making wax

If you want to wax depilation at home, and at the same time trying to save as much as possible, the ingredient can be boiled yourself, and instead of a purchased heater, you can use a water bath or a microwave oven for heating. To do this, you need to understand the intricacies of preparing the mixture, heating it without using a special device, as well as in the manufacture of wax strips.

To make wax for depilation at home, you will need the following ingredients:

To heat the ingredients it is recommended to use a water bath. so it will be much easier to heat all the ingredients and control the melting process:

  • After the mixture has formed a homogeneous mass, it should be slightly cooled, after which you should add glycerin.
  • For the mixture to give off a pleasant fragrance, you can add a few drops of any essential oil.
  • When the prepared mixture has cooled down, it can be used to remove hair.

In between procedures, the finished mass is stored in the refrigerator.

You can also use to make a mixture for depilation another recipe. The following ingredients will be required:

  • It is necessary to mix the juice of ½ lemon and 340 g of natural honey, to the resulting mixture add 100 ml of water.
  • Boil the mixture over low heat, gradually stirring.
  • When the honey is completely melted, add another 100 ml of water to it.
  • The resulting mixture is kept on a low heat until it acquires the consistency of thick syrup.

The resulting composition can be used immediately after it cools down, the product is stored in the refrigerator.

Before each use, the mixture should be heated in a water bath, but you can also use a microwave oven for this. In a water bath, the composition is heated to the desired temperature for about 10 minutes, and for heating in the microwave will require 45 seconds. To make waxing strips most often used strong cotton cloth or thick waterproof paper. The material is cut into strips of convenient width and length.

The principle of removing unwanted body hair with home wax

The process of depilation at home is almost identical to the salon procedures.

DIY Sugaring Wax Recipe and Tutorial

It is important to follow the basic rules:

  • The skin must be clean and dry.
  • Do not use body cosmetics for a day before the procedure and the same amount after.
  • The composition for the application must be liquid, temperature of about 45-50 degrees. Control it better with a special thermometer.
  • The mixture should be applied in the direction of hair growth, and removed in the opposite direction.
  • Over the applied wax special strips are glued (they can be replaced by a natural cloth), pre-cut to the right length.

A little practice and the procedure will not seem complicated. For convenience, it is better to apply the wax on a small area of the body, repeating the process if necessary (no more than three times on the same area of the body). All movements should not be sharp, the remaining individual hairs after removal is better to pluck with tweezers.

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