How to make a juicer at home

DIY juicer

The main thing in the press is a strong base and working mechanism.

  • Last layers through drainage grilles are laid prepared raw materials for spinning (crushed apples) in tissue bags;
  • With the help of the mechanism, oppression is lowered from above and presses the juice.

A good press squeezes 65-70% of the juice, leaving almost dry cake. It is quite possible to do this with your own hands.

The designs of a homemade press differ in terms of the principle of the main mechanism:

In the bulk of the structures, the pressure is on top, but in a combined version, compression goes in two directions: using a screw mechanism from above and a hydraulic jack from below.

The press for pushing juice consists of the following parts:

  • Stable bed;
  • A quadrangular or cylindrical case, inside which bags with talked apples are folded;
  • Wooden lattices, which are shifted by bags so that they do not spread;
  • The piston is naked, directly exerting pressure on the cake;
  • Subprack’s handle;
  • Working mechanism: a screw with a handle, a mechanical or hydraulic jack;
  • Chalice-Podon.

Single.Ash: juice through the holes will drain along the walls and through the bottom into the pallet;

Screw press for apples with a single oenceous case

  • Double: a continuous casing is dressed on the infantry metal cylinder a little more in diameter;
  • In the form of a continuous metal case with one drain hole from the bottom;
  • Assembled from wooden racks connected by hoops. A barrel. The walls perform the functions of the drainage grill.

There may not be a screw press for apples with a body of wooden rack corps at all-just a pyramid of wooden strata frames in a tray with a mouth below, under which a container for juice is substituted.

Hydraulic frame press

This design is simply and quickly mounted. For the lower stove, you can take a piece of countertop, for example.

Advantages of homemade juicer

If your farm has an old unused washing machine, automatic or activator, you can make a useful device for squeezing juice. The essence is to install a grater inside a machine.

The raw materials are filled through a large hole, after which it is grinded and the juice is squeezed out.

How to Juice at Home Using the Breville Juice Extractor with Joe Cross | Williams-Sonoma

The plus of this design is the ability to make juice in large volumes, which most of the household juicers cannot provide.

In addition, in a homemade device, a container for loading raw materials is much larger. Equipping such a juicer with a powerful motor will allow to receive about 20 liters of juice per hour. This indicator is enough to process apples from your garden and still help a neighbor.

make, juicer, home

Juperer from activator washing machine

To make such a juicer, you will need a machine “Oka” or “Siberia”. You can use other options equipped with an annexing device and an activator on the bottom of the tank. Consider the step.By.Step manufacturing of the device:

  • From the washing machine we take out the activator and shaft.
  • We mount another or the same shaft with chopped thread.
  • From stainless steel, we cut out three knives, which we fix on the shaft by means of nuts. Knives should be rotated 60 °.
  • Insert a plug into the water opening for draining.
  • In a centrifug, we place a grid of wire with a thickness of 0.25 mm with a cell size of 1.5 mm so that it goes 4-5 cm over the side sides of the drum.
  • Close the hole in the rubber cover with a plug, which is included, after which we place it at the bottom of the centrifuge.
  • Using a solution of baking soda, we wash out the inside of the machine and all the elements that will have direct contact with the juice.

How to squeeze the juice

The process of obtaining juice is quite simple. To do this, you need to wash apples or other fruits, and load in a small volume into the tank of the washing machine. The device turns on, and the product is grinded using knives.

The duration of processing depends on a specific variety of apples and ripeness. After grinding, we get a mixture in the form of mashed potatoes and load it into a centrifuge for about 3 liters. Turn on the device and squeeze the juice.

After a few minutes you can take out the grid and shake the cake.

Flood collection device from wood

Why such a juicer is good

The main advantages of the designed design are as follows:

  • Performance. About 12 liters per hour;
  • Apples and other fruits do not need to be cleaned and cut;
  • Not required to be constantly near the device.

The presence of the pulp in the juice will directly depend on the raw materials used and the duration of its grinding.

Sokovyshka from frontal washing machine

The manufacture of juicer from the front washing is somewhat more complicated and will take more time. To design the device you will need:

  • A machine with front loading and a belt drive;
  • A pair of metal nets in size 300×60 mm;
  • Fasteners of bolts and nuts with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • Juice capacity;
  • Rubber plugs;
  • Pipe pipe;
  • Set of screwdrivers and end keys;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Electric drill;
  • Hammer and pliers.

Preparatory work

All unnecessary elements are removed from the washing machine (pump, sensors, filter, valve, control device), after which it is placed on the back of the bars and well fixed. Then the following steps are performed:

Production process

After preparatory measures, it remains to be the following:

  • The grid is fixed inside the drum by means of screws. For cleaning it can be easily dismantled.
  • For raw materials to be crushed, the ribs need to be sharpened.
  • The pipe is fixed to the drain hole.
  • Mount an electric motor.

The principle of work of the juicer

Before starting the assembled design, you need to verify its stability, as well as the uniform rotation of the drum without jamming. After that they wash out fruits and load them inside the machine.

If solid apples are loaded, then the drum should be filled in half. Soft raw materials can be put in more. A bucket or a pot for juice is installed under the drain pipe. It remains to start the engine in the pressing mode.

During the rotation of the drum, apples will be beaten, and from the resulting mixture. Flow the juice. As with the previous design, there is no need to cut raw materials on pieces.

The performance of such a juicer is about the same as in the option described above.

Press from the drum of the washing machine

From the washing machine you can make not only a juicer, but also the press, using separate details from it.

The design is quite simple, since there is no electric motor in it, there is no need for electricity, as well as in any complex structural elements. We need only a centrifuge made of stainless steel from the washing machine.

Since the part has holes, this allows you to use it for the goals in question. The manufacturing process consists of the following actions:

  • They take out a centrifuge from the tank and clean it of contaminants, after which the inner edge is cut off.
  • From a metal profile or corner, a frame and a stand for the design are welded. A hole under the screw is drunk in the frame and a nut is welded to rotate it.
  • To drain the juice is made or found a suitable pallet.
  • A circle is cut out of metal, equal to the inner diameter of the centrifuge, and welded it to the screw.

How to make a juicer with your own hands from improvised materials

Today’s household appliances market offers a wide variety of juice. However, the performance of most models is not so high, and the price is often “bites”.

That is why lovers of a freshly squeezed drink are interested in whether a juicer can be made with their own hands from improvised means.

In order to make the device at home, it is necessary to understand the principle of its operation, as well as know which household appliances are suitable for the future design.

The principle of operation of devices for squeezing juice

To create a good juicer, it is important to understand the principle of its work. Obtaining fruit, vegetable or berry juice can occur simultaneously or sequentially. Screw models extract it immediately at the time of processing, but their assembly will require time and means. Centrifugal devices first crush raw materials in a centrifuge, and after passing through the press.

According to the principle of the design, juicers are divided into the following types:

The simplest structure has a mechanical type device. It is he who is most often independently created at home.

make, juicer, home

The principle of operation of such a juicer is to provide pressure on raw materials with a piston, which begins to work under the influence of a simple screw mechanism. First, berries and fruits are sent to the oenic container.

Further, under strong pressure from the products, juice is squeezed out, which drips into the pallet through special holes in the walls of the basket.

No matter what design of the device was chosen. To make a home.Made juicer for apples, you need a basket for raw materials, a mechanism for grinding and spinning, a container for squeezed juice.

DIY manufacturing methods

From time to time, apple trees give crops on a huge scale. In such cases, summer residents do not know where to put the fruits to get maximum benefit from them. You can process apples not only in compote and jam, but also in the juice. Many gardeners avoid this type of workpiece for the winter, considering it too complicated.

All because the apparatus for domestic use is not able to cope with this volume of work. The purchase of professional equipment for one season is unprofitable. An excellent alternative to a purchased model is a homemade. She also quickly and efficiently fulfills her main task.

In addition, you can make a juicer both for apples and pears from improvised materials.

make, juicer, home

From a horizontal loading machine

You can assemble a device for squeezing centrifugal juice from the old washing machine. Such household appliances are equipped with many different modes, one of which is. It is he who will allow you to get juice from vegetables and fruits.

Instructions on how to make a juicer with your own hands from the washing machine, it looks as follows:

  • Check the engine for performance, and the drum for integrity.
  • Analyze the cars and remove the drum.
  • Wash the device thoroughly. Pay special attention to sealing elastic bands.
  • Places affected by scope and rust must be cleaned with sandpaper.
  • Check the functioning in spin mode using a tester. If this is not possible, find the wire responsible for the operation of the motor at high speeds. Mount the switch in the gap of this circuit.
  • Remove the pump pump and filter.
  • Rinse the old plum hose well or put a new.
  • To control and control the stream of juice, set the ball valve in the drain.
  • Seal all the extra plums. Only a hole for supplying water should be left, which is needed to wash the juicer after use.
  • Return the drum to place.
  • Fix the machine so that the load cover is on top.
  • Check the case for leaks. To do this, pour water for 15 minutes, closing the drain valve.

Small leaks do not have to eliminate. When they are detected, it is necessary to first evaluate the importance of the location of the crack, and then decide whether the repair is needed.

You can create a juicer from a machine without a case. So the device is less bulky. In addition, the lid during the alteration will have to be changed to a metal. It should have a hole for loading raw materials without stopping equipment.

Bend the sealing gum

From a mixer for construction solutions

A juicer made for apples can have a simpler structure. For its implementation, you will not have to specifically look for the necessary details, which are not at hand. Fruits can be crushed by a construction mixer.

Previously, the tool must be prepared. To do this, several bolts are cut into its lower part. A large.Volume iron bucket will be required.

In its walls, it is necessary to make several holes through which the juice will exit.

  • To increase performance, the mixer is planted on the drill. Thus, the number of revolutions increases.
  • The fruits are placed in a clean bucket and crushed.
  • The resulting mass is sent to a bag that will separate the cake from nectar.
  • Expressed under the press. To get the maximum amount of juice, it should be quite heavy.

The complexity of this method in the manufacture of the press. It should be very heavy to completely squeeze the juice. As it you can use a jack.

Method for making grater and filter from washing machine

Now let’s take a closer look at how to make a juicer with your own hands so that it quickly crushes juice from apples. To do this, you can use parts of an old washing machine with traditional horizontal loading of linen. The automatic machine is disassembled, the drum and its casing are removed, as well as the bracket with bearings with bearings. Bearings should be in good condition, if necessary, they are replaced.

The drum is similar to a sieve, through which the juice will drain from apples. There should be one hole in the casing through which the juice will be assembled in a jar, pan or bucket. The remaining holes are covered with rubber lining, pressing them with plates on bolts. The plates should be made of stainless metal.

Since juice from apples and other fruits contains acids, a home.Made juicer should be equipped with stainless materials that do not distinguish hazardous substances.

In order to make a grater, cut a circle of steel 2 mm thick with a diameter of 22 cm and a second circle made of thin steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm of the same diameter. Thin steel will play the role of gasket to increase the rigidity of the grater. The gasket must be attached to the bottom of the drum-syt on three brass racks. Previously in it, as well as in a grater, five holes are made for fastening on the screws of graters.

Now it is necessary to fill the teeth that will cut the fruits. To do this, a circle of steel 2 mm is fixed on a faner with a thickness of at least 10 mm. Then the circle is divided into the same sectors (usually up to 20 sectors) and the chipper is packed by the zabines. The marking should be performed very accurately, so that in the process of work the grater it does not shift and is located strictly in the center of the juicer.

So that the juice flows clean, it is necessary to reduce the holes. To do this, a grid with cells with a diameter of about 1 mm is filled inside the drum. The smaller the holes, the home.Made juicer will give more transparent juice.

From a activator type machine

The centrifugal juicer can also be made from the activator.Type washing machine. Activator and shaft are removed from the bottom of the tank, the shaft of the desired diameter is installed. Three knives are installed on the thread of the shaft at an angle of 60 degrees. The drain hole closes. A stainless steel grid with a cell of about 1.5 mm is laid on a centrifuge wall with an overlap of 40-50 mm. A complete rubber lid is put on the bottom, plugged with a cork. Everyone is washed with drinking soda. The timer relay is disconnected or its toggle switch is switched.

Apples are lowered in a tank for moving knives. Fruits for 20-30 minutes are crushed. At a time, no more than 3 liters of mashed potatoes are moved to a centrifug, so that it does not result in. After 2-3 minutes, a mesh with waste is removed.

The assembled device prepares 10-12 liters of juice with pulp per hour, works with juicy fruits. To remove the precipitate, the juice is defended, and then passed through gauze.


Powerful garden juicer with your own hands

This article will be interesting to the owners of the big garden. In it, the author of the channel “1000 duplications and tips” will show how he made a powerful garden juicer.

If you need to squeeze the juice from a pair of buckets of apples, just buy a household juicer.But, with large volumes of initial products, you will not regret if you do something similar for yourself.The author will collect and experience this garden miracle.Link to drawings, description of characteristics and advantages. At the end of the article. The author’s father was brewed by the author’s father.He has such an idea. A tank for crushed fruits will stand below, wants to fix the crusher above.And then the jack will hang.But the author does not like the engine position. It is also incomprehensible how to pull the belt.These are the pensioner who get pretty welding seams.The author will improve this design, cut off the excess and polish.The engine will be attached to this plate.I made hinges from the pipes, all this will be attached to the frame approximately like this.Below, for stability, welded two pieces of a square pipe.The finish line is still far away, but it will be like that.Welded hinges, hung the engine and made a support under the tank of the crusher and from the square pipe.Under the belt tensioner adapted the old steering rod.Everything turned out very simple, cheap and compact. Both shafts are now located below. So much safer and prettier.380 volt engine. Later, perhaps, will convert to 220.And the engine from machine guns connects a short piece of cable.The thinnest wire, earthen, cuts out.The rest connects to the engine.At the other end, the earthen wire also cuts, the rest connects to the machine.On this side of the machine, it connects the cable going to the outlet.This green-yellow wire of the earthen. Builds it up and screws it to the engine body.Above the trap of the crusher welcomed such a visor. Later he will shorten him.I dismantled the entire structure and prepared for painting.Cleaned the rust with a corner grinder with a reference disk and degreased.Steel details are covered with acid soil.Then applies silver metallic.Painted everything, even a tank of a stainless steel crusher.After painting, it applied varnish, which is the same until the morning.The author made the author’s knives out of stainless steel, about them there were great doubts.Many make knives from disc saws because they do not need to be balanced.But disk saws can rust, especially in an acidic environment.He adapted the shaft and pulley from the industrial sewing machine.The author will try to eye knives. For balancing, I fixed the thread in the center of the shaft, twisted it.Then I looked in which direction the shaft during rotation deviates harder. A heavier knife has done a little already.The lower knife of the crusher rotates in a couple of millimeters from the bottom. The second. 7 millimeters above.At the beginning he collects a crusher, everything is simple here.Installs a shaft, a veneer, a pulley, a stop washer and a nut.The nut fixes the puck, bending the edges to it.Proceeds to the assembly, puts the plate in place.It is possible without this nut, but since it is, it twists it.Now sets the motor.The tensioner screws up to the end.And screws it to the plate.Puts the crusher tank in place, it is attached on both sides with nuts by 10.Puts on a belt and pulls a little.Screws the machine, drilled holes in advance and cut the thread.The cable carefully laids and fixes with screeds on the frame.Checks the crusher, everything works fine, quietly enough.The tap is screwed to the tank, the juice will flow only when it is necessary.On the bottom puts an oak grill.Now inserts an oak chain mail. Juice will flow along the walls between these bars.You need to make an intermediate lattice. Although the jack is 5 tons, even without intermediate sieves, he will not be able to squeeze the juice well. If you install gratings every 15-20 centimeters, then the cake from apples will be almost dry.

And finally, the last stroke. Without protection, apples will fly out of the crusher. Many make a crusher three times higher. The author decided to adapt the lid from the old juice, which will be attached to the crusher with ordinary rubber bands and hooks.

In addition, it will perform the funeral function.Now everything is ready, the protection of the tray had to be shortened, it interfered with a jack.As a filter at the beginning, a linseed bag was used. Only those that fell on the press were launched by the press.Cut off rot and washed.

About 40 liters of crushed apples should enter the tank. Let’s see how long it can be filled.A bucket of apples is crushed in 30 seconds.Half of the tank has already been. A couple of minutes went to install an intermediate lattice.Ten minutes later the tank was filled.

They pulled a bag, laid the lid, block, hung a jack.Opens the crane and the juice has already gone.The jack of the jack came completely, puts another block, then another.Despite the fact that he could not stand it and burst the bag, the juice gathered two and a half buckets.

For a few visits, the entire cycle of work was debugged. And the author says with confidence that this juicer justifies itself by 300%.

Linen bag was replaced by polypropylene. Sugar bags showed themselves excellent. Linen bag hardly stretched out of chain mail. Polypropylene come out with a whistle, besides, they are stronger and well filter the juice.

Cake is almost dry and easily shakes. It is enough to rinse and apply again.

Round tank, tank walls protect juice from dust, garbage and OS. You can do without a tap, but not a single drop of juice will be lost with it.

Initially, the author was inclined to a square tank, but in a square tank such a chain mail from oak bars will not stand. Again, when there are fewer seams and corners, it is easier to wash.

A jack, probably would have been enough for 3 tons. He would be a little easier. The crusher pleasantly surprised, with three thousand revolutions per minute it turns out real mashed potatoes.

The speed of processing is also high. A bucket of apples turns into mashed potatoes in just 30 seconds. Less contact with air. Less oxidation.

If desired, you can screw additional spikes.

The holes with the thread is made with a margin, but it seems to the author that it will not be better.

The disadvantages include the neck of the funnel. Когда яблок в дробилке становиться мало, из горловины летят капли пюре, яблоки не вылетали.

You can solve this problem by making a spring or rotary damper. Or increase the height of the crusher by 20 cm. But, having made a crusher above, you will have to raise a bucket with apples above.

In the visor above the tray, a slot is specially left, the damper is not inserted into. After installing the damper, the crusher will be able to grind corn, wheat, and so on.

Washing machine for squeezing juice

An unused washing machine with an existing centrifuge can be used to make a centrifugal model. A juicer from a washing machine will cope with tasks such as grinding raw materials, squeezing and filtering fluids.

To facilitate your task, first of all, draw drawings with details. The drawing will allow you to draw up a preliminary plan of the future device and prepare the necessary tools.

The design of a home.Made juicer from the washing machine: 1. A tank of a washing machine; 2. Centrifuge; 3. Mesh liner; 4. Fruit bunker; 5. Grater; 6-sleeve-OS; 7. Guide pipe; 8. Engine; 9. Car tire.

To carry out the planned project, you should prepare a centrifuge, not a deformed casing, holders for mounts, bearings of various sizes.

The work is carried out in accordance with the algorithm:

  • First of all, it is important to clean all the parts from rust and scale that arose as a result of the constant effect of the powder. Using sandpaper, polish all the cleaned surfaces to shine.
  • The resulting design provides for the presence of only two holes. The first is to load the ingredients, the second is for the finished juice. All the rest should be closed with rubber inserts.
  • The next step, prepare the grater and laying. It is preferable to cut the gasket using an angular grinder of stainless steel. This will increase the reliability and duration of the unit service. You can make a grater by performing a few elementary steps. Drill the holes of a small diameter and divide the resulting circles into sectors. Fix the prepared element with screws, fill the cutting cloves.
  • The drum must be equipped with stiffener ribs, a net for filtering.
  • A polyethylene pipe can be used as a loading capacity. Fix it with metal corners. It should be screwed with some shift to the side, so that its edge is combined with the exit from the grater.
  • The pusher for products is easy to prepare from any wooden cuttings.
  • In order for the device not to fall below the grater level, put the limiter.
  • The more powerful the engine you use, the higher the performance of the device.

All parts must be well fixed, as well as electrical parts are insulated.

Before carrying out the first launch, clean all the details with the detergent. Be sure to make a preliminary start. This will identify unnecessary noise and tapping, which indicate an error in the design.

Download the fruits into the pipe, substitute the container, press them with a pusher. Squeezing juice should be made until you feel vibration. After the appearance of vibration, stop filling with new products, let the device work for the selection. Upon completion of the procedure, immediately analyze the devices on the parts and rinse them thoroughly.

In addition to our recommendations, you can seek help from videos describing clearly and in detail all the stages of construction.

The advantages of the design

If you have an old, unnecessary washing machine with a working centrifuge, consider that you found it application.

The essence of the standard juicer is that fruits and vegetables are thrown into a special hole. It should be wide enough for a whole apple, pear and other fruits. Then the fruits fall into a centrifuge, at the bottom of which there is a grater. After grinding, juice is squeezed.

The advantages of washing machine as a second.Hand person is that the volume of its drum exceeds the capacity of conventional devices. And if you use an engine that gives out 1,500 rpm, then you can quickly and effectively grind the fruits and get 10-20 liters of juice per hour.

Estimated prices

For a manual press, in which 25 liters of raw materials are placed, you will have to pay at least 20,000.

The average pneumatic press for squeezing juice from apples can be bought for 34,000. For a hydraulic device of a membrane type, sellers ask for 94,000.

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