How to make a New Year’s decoration on a fireplace

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands by the New Year

The main winter triumph is approaching and in its anticipation I especially want to create an atmosphere of warmth and magic in the house. New Year‘s fireplace is a fabulous attribute of the holiday, bringing a feeling of joy and anticipation of miracles.

And although a real fireplace in houses, and even more so in apartments, is rare, you can give yourself a cozy hearth by making a false fireplace. The easiest option: make a New Year’s fireplace with your own hands.

In the reflection of the candle

What can be put on a fireplace for the New Year? Of course, candles.

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The game of living lights and the flame of the hearth creates an atmosphere of comfort, home peace and relaxation. People say that you can look at the fire endlessly. And it is true!

Popying the old saying: “You can’t spoil the porridge with oil”, let’s say differently:

In a large living room and on a capacious fireplace of fireplace, you can safely put a number or two candles. You get an interesting effect if the candles are of the same color, but all of different shapes and heights.

You can do with several pieces, putting them on a plate with a Christmas tree and cones in addition. He who loves the English style of the interior will take care of a beautiful candlestick and high candles who love pompous. Will put a luxurious candelabrum in two three candles, figurines or trays “Subbature”.

Use high glasses with Christmas toys, balls or beads. This is the design of the fireplace shelf is spectacular, because on the New Year everything should shine, as when serving the festive table. And bright toys even gleam through the glass, catching the flame of candles standing nearby. Figures of New Year’s characters, small artificial Christmas trees, vases with dry branches and cones may well be adjacent to them.

We decorate the front side

Everyone who decides to decorate the New Year’s fireplace is primarily conceived about socks that are traditionally hung on its front side. By giving, Santa Klaus leaves small gifts in them for all residents of the house.

In order not to deprive loved ones of the opportunity to enjoy such surprises, be sure to highlight at least a little space for such a decor. Bright socks with thematic symbols, embroidered names and images of fairy.Tale characters can be hung on separate hooks or on a common thread to place like a garland throughout the width.

In addition to socks, do not forget to decorate the facade of the fireplace of other New Year’s paraphernalia. Any items corresponding to the holiday can be used: soft toys, sledges, gift bags or gift packaging themselves.

You can make independent garlands independently in the New Year’s style. For example, hang multi.Colored Christmas balls or cones on the thread. Or cut fabulous characters from thick paper or felt. In the photo. A simple garland made on deer stencils. Through the felt elements of the thread, the thread is covered, which holds the composition.

You can use anything as elements for garlands. Cards for New Year’s topics, congratulatory cards, family photos, paper flags or calendar sheets are suitable.

Complete the design of the front side with another stroke. A cozy blanket, rug or pillow. A little fantasy. And your fireplace will have a place for cozy evening fees in the family composition.

Production process

The basis of the fireplace structure will be a cardboard frame. For its construction, it is best to use dense cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard for packing large household products will be the most suitable. If the packaging from the TV is preserved, then the perfect frame is already ready.

  • Clean and polymer glue, which will be attached to decor elements.
  • Wide adhesive tape, it is better to take a male bilateral.
  • White paint. For painting cardboard the most suitable will be dispersion.
  • As a cutting tool, scissors and cutter will be required.
  • Painting brushes and foam or sponge.
  • Old fabric napkins or fabric flaps.

Depending on the idea, other materials should be provided. For example, stucco molding from polystyrene material. If there is a remainder of liquid wallpaper, then they will find application to create volume.

How to decorate a fireplace for the New Year

Decorate a real and fake fireplace by the same jewelry. Only in the first case you need to observe safety precautions. For decoration, you can simply take a traditional New Year and Christmas attributes:

Color solutions

In most cases, each person associates in their imagination winter holidays with four main colors: blue and blue, red and white. If you look closely, you can notice that almost the entire New Year’s decor is made in such a color scheme.

Of course, if desired, this palette can be expanded as much as possible:

  • For the design of the hearth, you can safely use jewelry in orange color, which will be associated with ripe citruses. Over, such a tone sets a special mood and atmosphere, filling it with warmth and comfort, which is very relevant during the period of winter cold.
  • New Year‘s decoration of the fireplace can be performed in emerald color. He is associated with nobility, aristocracy and wealth, filling the interior with luxury and calm.
  • Such colors as a rich burgundy, gold, silver and sophisticated pink can enhance the flame effect.

It is important to clearly feel the face of a harmonious combination of shades. If we decorate the fireplace with a decor in a warm range, then here will be ideal yellow, orange, red and burgundy, but the company will be a blue, blue and green tone.

Golden, silver and white decorations fall into the neutral zone, but they are not recommended to use the living room with fireplace as the basis of the interior of the living room.

New Year’s decoration of the fireplace

New Year’s Eve. Associated with home warmth, so one of the main symbol of the celebration is the fireplace. It is customary to lay out gifts near him, the whole family is going to congratulate each other and say warm words near him.

Simple decoration of a false stone

The decoration of the fireplace for the New Year is a fairly responsible task, but it is easy to complete it. The main thing is the presence of a festive mood, imagination and various stationery devices. It is best to decorate the interior with the whole family. This will allow you to do everything fun and fervently, receiving warmth and joy from communication with loved ones before the start of New Year‘s Eve.

Safety requirements

Before the start of the decoration, you should think through all the elements that you are going to use in decoration. Do not forget that a fireplace is source of fire, compliance with security is an important point when choosing materials. It is advisable not to use flammable materials for decorating the lower tiers and platforms on the floor.

For decoration, it is better to use toys and other elements made of glass, metal and plastic, but in a sufficient distance from the fire you can place products from wood, paper, fabrics. If we are talking about decorating a decorative fireplace, then the main thing is a harmonious combination of color and textures of various materials.

Features of the selection of New Year’s decoration elements

Classical Christmas flowers are red, white and blue, but this does not mean that you can limit yourself only to this color scheme. You should choose that palette of colors that is better suited for the overall interior in style, tone. A gold, silver tone, orange paints and green color fit perfectly into the New Year‘s decor.

Choosing color design, the main thing is not to overdo it with a variety of colors. Warm palette should not be mixed with cold tones. And such colors as white, gold, silver are appropriate in the New Year’s decor, they give the general picture a festive look, making the decor more vivid and magical. However, they should be an addition to a common decor, and not the main colors.

We select the color scheme depending on the color of the fireplace

When choosing a color palette for decorating a fireplace, the main thing is to observe the rules for combining colors in the room. Another important detail is the color of the fireplace itself.

Selection of color scheme in the New Year’s style

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If the fireplace is painted white, it is better to use red and white gamut when decorating it. This will help you: white candles, boots made of red fabric with white elements, various New Year’s toys, figures. All these elements create a feeling of New Year‘s magic and fairy tale. To give heat, brightness to the decor, you can add golden garlands.

Decoration using white and gold

The second option for decorating a fireplace is the use of gold and white colors. This design is warm and original. The following elements can be used to execute it:

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  • White twigs or wreath;
  • Large round glasses, placing yellow or white candles in them;
  • Copper, golden metallized leaves;
  • Golden garland;
  • Various figures, balls of white and golden colors;
  • For children, you can make a garland of sweets or fill them with glasses that we put on a fireplace shelf.

If the fireplace is made in brick color, it is better to use green color, as well as add silver and white elements. These combinations will immediately create an atmosphere of comfort and heat.

Brick fireplace in combination of white and green

As for the fireplace in black or dark color, here the emerald color should be the main. We dilute this noble color white, creating an imitation of snow, and you should definitely add brightness using New Year’s toys, balls, as well as tangerines and other fruits. Vintage and heat design can be added using forged candlesticks.

The decoration of the fireplace is a creative task, it allows you to completely change the overall type of interior, the main thing is to combine colors correctly, but the elements for the implementation of the idea can be chosen the most non.Standard.

Basic elements of New Year’s decor

The decoration of the fireplace for the New Year will not require you from you any special complex details and elements. Various improvised means are suitable for decoration, which will allow you to completely transform the general view. But there are New Year’s attributes that not only transform the fireplace, but also create a festive mood.

New Year’s attributes

Cones, spruce branches, New Year’s toys, candles and garlands. New Year’s decorations create a magical atmosphere, which has been associated with the holiday since childhood, they are indispensable elements of creating New Year’s decor. Consider the main techniques of jewelry.

Game with light

Girland decoration and light elements

New Year is the only holiday that is celebrated at night, so light accompaniment is of particular importance. Flashing lights and, of course, fire, a win.Win option for decorating a fireplace is to place a large number of candles, which are best placed in closed candlesticks.

Fir branches wrapped in garlands that can be placed on the fireplace shelf look beautiful. Various decorative foil elements interestingly reflect the light, create a special atmosphere.


Consider another simplest way to make a fireplace fireplace with your own hands for the New Year. From large cardboard boxes, you can cut down false stone-stones of various shapes. The simplest, base shape is created by a simple cutting of a rectangle on one side of the box.

To make the right cut, first of all measure the length of the box, draw it with a marker or manual. It is convenient to use a stationery knife and a metal spatula for cutting cardboard so that the cutting fishing line for the cutter is even. Bend the cut parts into the box to create the required volume. You can fix the elements with tape or painting tape.

After the overall contour is made, it can be strengthened by gluing the cardboard to various parts of the future fireplace on a double.Sided tape. First of all, it is worth strengthening the countertop located on top. The inside of the fireplace, the furnace, can be painted with dark paint, and the outer white. Such contrast will help distribute attention zones.

At the final stage, decoration is carried out, imitation of bricks, polyurethane molding foam and plastic corner are used. On the outside of the fireplace, you can stick a foam in the form of bricks or buy a plastic imitation of brickwork and also stick. Such an imitation of the fireplace made for the New Year will allow you to create a unique atmosphere of the winter holiday.

It is worth noting that the box from under the TV can be cut in a variety of ways. Here the main aspect is your imagination.

You can cut a hole in the box, symbolizing a real, classic focus in the form of a semicircle. To make an incision evenly, it is better to use suitable patterns, but even small irregularities in the future will not spoil the appearance of your product. For fixation, we use the same painting tape. The foam is great as a pedestal and countertops.

Decoration can be carried out in any way convenient for you, for example, use polystyrene and further, cutting out rectangles from it that simulate bricks. Uneven foam will give the appearance of a home.Made fireplace naturalness. In the future, such a fireboard fireplace can be painted properly and installed in the suitable place of your apartment.

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How to make a jewelry on a false fireplace

Options for decorating a decorative fireplace, which you specially made for the New Year, are almost the same as for a real hearth. There is one difference: you need to arrange not only the fireplace shelf, but also the “furnace”.

For this, you can use, for example, firewood:

And you can just put gifts or thematic decor in the resulting niche.

Although any New Year’s decoration of the false fireplace that imitate the fire, undoubtedly, win from any figures.

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