How to make a paper machine easy

How to make a car out of paper: step.By.Step description how simple and quickly build a quality machine (75 photos)

Boys of preschool and primary school age like to play with toy cars, but not everyone is able to cook such a product on their own. Some are even interested in how to make a car out of paper to erect a collection of their labors, as well as develop specific skills, among which abstract and creative thinking.

Additionally, fingering motor skills and fantasy improves, since a coincidence requires decision.Making by how to properly collect small details and glue everything together without noticeable strokes.


Paper Park Park is regularly replenished with new models. Most of them develop in a universal scheme with minimal differences in details. So that the origami-car or bus looks realistic, finished figures finish, not relying only on silhouette resemblance. In some cases, this technique allows you to get two completely different in the function of vehicles from one model.

School bus

School buses. Native to the USA. Since 1915, they have been used in rural areas for transporting children to the place of study. Even earlier. In the 19th century, the same goal was horse.Drawn carts, known as Kid Hack. Unlike ordinary crews, they loaded from behind so that noisy children would not scare horses. With the advent of the first trucks, Kid Hack carts began to be installed on the chassis instead of a standard body. As technical progress develops, cars with a removable passenger salon turned into stationary school buses.

In 1939, a single standard for children’s vehicles was adopted. In total, there were 44 points in it, including an indication, to paint the body in bright yellow, which is clearly visible even at dusk. The main entrance to the salon was now not at the back, but in front, next to the driver’s cab so that he could watch the loading. The rear doors also left, but only for emergency landing.

American school bus, thanks to attractive design and high security, “took root” in many countries. Since 1999, his analogue appeared in Russia. True, in addition to yellow, buses for transporting children are no different from the rest of the passenger transport.

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Make a school bus-is easy. It will need a square of paper, 15×15 cm with one yellow side, as well as black and colored markers.

  • Start with the inside. Fide the lower edge by 1/3.
  • Fold the rectangle in half from left to right. We reveal.
  • We lower the corners down.
  • Tut up their peaks to twist the shape.

Fold the left corner as shown in the figure.

We bend the upper edge. In this case, the angle from the previous step, using the reverse fold, is removed upstairs.

We draw the details of the bus with a black marker: window frames, doors, wheels, headlights. Apply an identification inscription and icon. Color markers or pencils are portrayed by a driver and young passengers. With such a bus, you can decorate the postcard on September 1 or by the teacher of the teacher.

Once upon a time, the first school bus was created on the basis of the truck. The art of origami seems to turn back time and offers the reverse option. The model of the school bus easily turns into a truck, it is only worth Change the color of the paper. And, of course, abandon the finished details:

The second option

The alternative model of the bus is made even easier:

  • At the original square we plan a vertical axis.
  • Fold the sheet in half the horizontal.
  • We bend the upper edge, combining with the lower.
  • We lower the angles diagonally.
  • We turn the workpiece.

To complete the model, it remains only to draw windows and doors:

We fold the car using the original technique

Origami technique came to us from Japan. It is the art of folding intricate figures from ordinary paper.

A machine made using origami can be used for different children’s games. In addition, it will get a good gift from it. If you fold it out of a paper banknote, then such a present will appeal to the adult.

  • Roll a rectangular sheet of paper across its long side.
  • Bend the right and left upper edges inward.
  • Hard the resulting bends back and turn the ends of the sheet in the direction from the wrong side.
  • Bent bends of internal corners will be a car body, triangular bends inside. Wheels.
  • Bend the corners located on the right to get the headlights. Also curl the left corners, but in the direction outward.
  • Take care of the decor. To do this, cut the triangles from colored paper and stick them on the headlights.

Machine from improvised means

An equally exciting occupation can be the creation of a machine not only of paper, but also by improvised means. To create, you can take several figures from a cylindrical cardboard, glue them with pre.Colored paper.

After that, a small rectangle is cut out and bend slightly. It will be a car chair. You can use lids from plastic bottles as wheels. In conclusion, it remains only to decorate the machine.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the creation of paper models is a very exciting and useful activity, the main thing is to adhere to step.By.Step instructions on how to make a machine with your own hands. The video shows a master class on paper machines.

Combined machine

When engaged in the manufacture of paper cars, over time, the child will begin to strive to make crafts more complex design. Therefore, mothers and dads must think in advance ways to complicate homemade machines.

Ideas can be gleaned on specialized websites of the World Wide Web or come up with ourselves. The easiest way to complicate the manufacture of paper cars is to use other materials in addition to paper.

We will analyze the manufacture of a rather popular model of a home.Made machine. You will need a sleeve from toilet paper. It is also worth buying a set of colored paper, glue and felt.Tip pens.

Pour the sleeve with a colored paper sheet of the selected color and leave to dry for a while. Then, using a stationery knife, cut the hole in the upper part.


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Do not forget to leave the cardboard for the driver’s place. Take a sheet of cardboard, mix wheels and steering wheel on it, carefully cut it with scissors.

make, paper, machine, easy

Now take care of the resulting elements. That’s all. You just have to glue them to the appropriate places.

If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend time with your child, then take a closer look at the manufacture of paper machines.

From the process you will enjoy both your baby and you. It is also worth remembering that such creativity contributes to the development of fine motor skills and the formation of imagination.

Volkswagen “Juke

In 2003, the last car of the Käfer (Juke) model, owned by Volkswagen, came off from the conveyor of the plant. He appeared on the market immediately after the Second World War and for half a century of existence managed to win the title of “the most massive in history”, as well as enter the top of the best sold. The basic design of the “beetle” was so effective that it was never radically reviewed.

Developed the model German designer Ferdinand Porsche. The founder of the company of the same name. In 1934, he introduced a prototype of a budget and practical car “for four adults” at a car dealership in Berlin in Berlin. It was assumed that thanks to a low price, Juke will be available to the general population, thereby fulfilling the dream of every German about family transport. Adolf Hitler, who at that time led Germany, skillfully played at this desire and turned Volkswagen into an advertisement for the achievements of Nazism. After the Second World War, unpleasant associations prevented the “Zhuk” for a long time to win the international market.

However, decades later, an unpretentious car became the favorite of American hippies. “Children of flowers” decorated it with pacifist slogans and plowed the roads of the country, spreading the ideas of freedom, equality and brotherhood. Here is a truly unusual story of a car born to promote the values ​​of the Third Reich, and after becoming a symbol of love and peace.

Charles-Osseltin model model

The modernized Hatchback Volkswagen “Juke” is still in demand among lovers of car classics. It is not surprising that the legendary veteran attracted the attention of the famous Origamist Charles Esseltin and inspired him to create a realistic paper model.

For a car we will need a square sheet, size 21×21 cm. Esseltin advises choosing a paper slightly denser than “kami”, but at the same time plastic. A good option is a “sandwich” from foil and silence. Two types of paper are connected together and glued with diluted PVA or wallpaper MC.

  • We collect the source sheet in a “double square”. Turn it with an open edge to ourselves. We plan a diagonal fold.
  • We divide the upper part in half.
  • We bend the angle back.
  • We lower the edge to the first fold on the arrow. In this case, the angle from step 3 rises.
  • Pull by the top, revealing all the folds.
  • This is how our car looks in the profile at this stage.
  • We raise the front layer up, bending along the dashed line. We repeat the same action on the reverse side.
  • Open the side part and fold the model so that the white side of the sheet is outside.
  • We bend the rest.
  • On the front layer we lower the upper point to the right corner, and then the left. This is what the finished bottom of the model will look like.
  • Fold the three upper layers to the midline. One of them will rise from point x. We bend it to the lower line.
  • This is what the finished fold looks like. Repeat it on the three other sides of the figure.
make, paper, machine, easy
  • We fold sections on dashed lines.
  • Repeat the steps 13. 15 on the back.
  • We bend and open the lower lapels on both sides.
  • Fold the part marked with color. Repeat on the back.
  • Fold the ends on the outer and upper side of the wheels. Repeat from the back.
  • Bend the edges inside to the same distance, which is in step 19. They must be parallel to the central axis. Repeat the action on the back.
  • Open the bottom and form the top of the model. At point X, open the layers and press on the inside. Thus, we form a hood and trunk.
  • Fold the layers behind the wheels inside the model.
  • We look in the middle of the product. We bend the inner layer, combining points x and j.
  • Fold the bottom of the wheels. The larger our car, the stronger they can be rounded.
  • On each side we pull one layer. A and a´ towards the center. Lines for the trimmer CD of layer A will be located an arc inward, and the sides of the ss´ and dd´ move towards each other. External points B and B will disperse.
  • View from above. Smooth one end so that the folds are parallel to the midline.
  • The next action in the figure looks more complicated than in fact. We make a smoothed fold by about 2/3 of the hood. Squeeze the corners so that the front part “looks” straight and down.
  • Bend the ends inward. They must fit to the front.
  • Raise the bottom up as far as possible.
  • Now we lower it as low as possible the top of the hood.
  • To finish the headlights of the car, just refuel the protruding valve to the edge of the bumper.
  • To highlight the license plate on the trunk, we make an arbitrary fold in parallel to the edge of the “glass”. Since the “beetle” has a rounded back, the fold should be brought closer to the window line as much as possible. We make the opposite bend. If all operations are carried out carefully and accurately, the lower edge should turn out to be a straight line.
  • We bend the sharp corner to the stop.
  • Using the edges as guides, we fold and open the car where they meet.

Crafts of woods from wood

Wood is an excellent natural material and is suitable for the manufacture of children’s toys. You can use it for crafts.

For work, you will need a set of tools and adult help, but in the end you get a great craft.

As a material, you can apply scraps of bars that remained after the repair, or cut out the necessary elements from plywood.

It is important to process the elements qualitatively so that they have a smooth surface. And provide elements with a safe and strong connection.

As a result, it will turn out not just crafts, but an excellent children’s toy made of natural material.

There are a lot of ideas for crafts. The main options are easy to perform, do not require the purchase of expensive materials, and the master class on their manufacture is easy to find on the network. As a result, you will get excellent toys for the child and new ventures for joint leisure.

make, paper, machine, easy

Features of self.Manufacture of car from paper

To create a craft, a paper machine can be used both ready-made schemes taken from the Internet, and use your own imagination and come up with something of your own.

In addition to ordinary white paper, it is advisable for you to purchase a set of colored cardboard, glue, markers and pencils. You may also need wooden sticks and matches.

Craft. Fire engine

In this case, the size of the car allows the use of 3D technology. If you make a product made of polymer clay, then the crafts of a fire engine can be used during games.

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