How to make a refrigerator into a foam machine

Do-it-yourself cold box from improvised means-tested technology

In the presence of knowledge and all the necessary spare parts, make a functional home.made refrigerator quite easily.

You should start with the assembly of the body of the future device. A variety of materials are used for the production of Larya:

  • Pieces of laminate. due to the presence of special grooves, the structure is easily assembled and the strength is characterized;
  • Foam. fragile material, is easily processed, not afraid of moisture;
  • Wood.fiber plate or wood.fiber slab. without special processing is afraid of moisture;
  • Foam and technoplex is used to warm the external walls of buildings;
  • Plastic box with a lid (tool box).

In general, who was lying in the garage or on the balcony, it will suit, most importantly, it is from the outside and inside to warm the box.

Experience shows that the best option for a home.made refrigerator is extruded polystyrene foam.

  • low level of thermal conductivity. only 0.031 W/(m ° K);
  • relatively high strength (the denser the material, the stronger);
  • resistance to moisture;
  • little weight.

In addition, the material is easily processed, and the parts made from it are perfectly glued with ordinary liquid nails.

How to make a box of a homemade refrigerator from polystyrene foam

Collecting a box for a future refrigerator is quite simple. For blanks, it is recommended to purchase several sheets of polystyrene foam 5 mm thick. This material is sold by sheets in size of 1200×600 mm, and the inexpensive price for one element will not hit the Between themselves, the details of the box are connected by ordinary mounting foam. You can’t do without roulette, knife, pencil and level in work.

  • A wooden or cardboard box of medium dimensions is taken as the basis of the template. In its size, parts of the polystyrene foam or stationery knife are cut out details. walls and lid.
  • Mounting foam, they are interconnected. A layer of foam is applied to the surface of the sheet, after which the loading must be connected, allowing them to dry for 10 minutes. For successful consolidation, it is important not to move the sheets until completely dry. For maximum thermal insulation, it is recommended to make the walls of the refrigerator double.
  • The lid of the refrigerator should be cut so that it completely closes the space of the carash.
  • After completely drying out the box, it can be painted. Polystyrene foam absorbs paint, so it is better to paint it in several visits.
  • From the inside, the refrigerator with liquid nails is glued with ordinary insulation with aluminum foil.

The finished box already holds the cold perfectly, but in order for it to produce it, the box should be supplemented with a cold converter and the necessary elements for it to work.

How to make a refrigerator into a foam machine

DIY car refrigerator

I have long wanted a refrigerator in a car, otherwise I arrived in the heat to the river to relax with an overnight stay, and the river does not give the desired cooling temperature for the foam =) and just on a long trip the desired thing.

I’ll start with the results, suddenly someone will not want to read entirely =)

Here is such a refrigerator!) 50 liters.

I did not agree very carefully, but it was a pen test, and it performs its functionality at 100% all the more in cash costs, since the like in stores cost from 8000 rubles., my costs 3 sheets of foamyplex for a piece of sandwich panels element dumplier glue glue system of tower.type cooling system Electronic thermometer. A total of about 2,000 for all costs (foam, a sandwich panel and thermometer did not buy, were available, so about 1 thousand costs for glue and on the cooling system of the element dumplings =)).

Now in the numbers for tests (all the tests spent 24 hours): a small reservation, the tests were carried out from the computer BP, and for some reason it could not withstand such consumption (2 cooler element dumplings 2 indicator LED, on the fork and one insert in the box to indicate the button on the button. ) and Voltage sagged until 10V (the idea accidentally came to try measurements on the final test, when I mounted the distribution station for devices) So I think the result should improve the Elepenter Peltier on the 20% of the car network, unfortunately, there is no longer a marking for purchase for Aliexpress Tec1-12706

Test. an empty refrigerator (I recall, this is a volume of 50 liters!) After about an hour, the temperature with room (25 g.) fell to 15 g. And so it lasted a day unchanged, it would be 13-14V-I think up to 10 gr. I would go down, especially if the sensor is attached to the place of blowing from the element dumplings, then there is below 10 g. Shows. Well, when the refrigerator is not empty, I think I should also improve the result, the volume will be much less required for cooling.

Test. 2 cold batteries just from the freezer, a bottle of half with water is also frozen1. 15 minutes later from room (25 g.) lowered up to 5 g!2. After 12 hours, the temperature rose to 8 g. Ice in a bottle melted about 25%.3. After 18 hours, the temperature rose to 10 g. Ice in a bottle melted 50%.four. After 24 hours, the temperature rose to 12 g. There was no ice in the bottle.

I think the result exceeded all expectations! The plans to make a double floor from the grill and put up some kind of container under the floor and ice, can stupidly make it in the package))) Pay foam and products cooled and without problems, this is in case of vacation trip, I won’t drive there there The battery from the battery.

Of the minuses: it turned out heavy, the cover is uncomfortable. I will redo the contact for the thermometer.

And now I will describe the process of doing work in photographs.

Foamyplex 50mm glued together a universal glue, mainly for insulation.

Here is such glue, it is like a mounting foam, but the gray does not expand since the foam, 1 cylinder was enough.

View without finishing and without mounted element dumplings.

The box itself is a finished form.

Set 2 radiator with coolers Elepe Peltier and mounting platform.

Trying on the radiator, the hole made 1: 1 under the element of the dumplings.

The installation site was put on foam, it turned out a little crooked, it was better to fix it.

Contacted radiators with an element of the dump, it turned out a little crooked, it was better to fix it.

View from the inside for an mounted radiator.

This is how I realized the contact for the thermometer.

DIY Foam Machine Summer Fun

The view is better. not very convenient as it turned out. you need to come up with something more comfortable, first I think 2 metal plates inside and 2 springs with summarized wires.

While this look from the inside, I used a span for sealing, it is soft and is pressed well, during the work of the cooler, the air seems to be not siphonite anywhere.

I mounted such a distributor with a switch and an LED indicator of the ON/Off.

Rein to the 13.5V stabilizer thermometer, possibly from the relay on the VCL/off temperature.2. I also want to sew a cover and make pens for convenient movement3. Make another lid without radiators, continuous, since with the turned off the element dumplings have bridges of cold and a good piece where a purely sandwich panel, which gives heat loss (cold trumer =)). thermoelectric refrigerator assembly instructions

To make a refrigerator on the elements of Peltier with your own hands, check out the instructions. The stages are described in detail and useful recommendations are given.

Materials and tools

  • Foam polystyrene. Sheets are suitable with a thickness of 50 mm;
  • the Peltier element;
  • Radiators with coolers. Can be removed from the old computer technology;
  • thermal paste; with a temperature sensor;
  • mounting foam;
  • wires;
  • plugs for connecting a car and/or outlet;
  • stationery knife;
  • measuring instrument and pencil;
  • soldering iron.

Assembly of the case

To ensure the geometric accuracy of the refrigerator case, a template is made. Its dimensions should be correlated with the necessary volume of the future device. Wine should have a height sufficient to place bottles.

Attention! As a template, a drawer of a box or box of suitable size is used as a template.

  • cut in size using a stationery knife;
  • are interconnected using mounting foam. For this, elements with foam applied to their surface are connected and left in a motionless state until the composition is completely dry. To enhance thermal insulation characteristics, they are made double.

The collected box is painted in the selected color by several layers.

Caring for your Blaster 3000 2-in-1 Foam Machine and Foam Cannon

A heater with aluminum foil is glued to the inner surface of the refrigerator using liquid nails.

In the absence of sheets of extruded polystyrene foam, you can use:

  • laminate. Special grooves facilitate the assembly of the structure. The material has sufficient strength;
  • Styrofoam. Well processed by cutting tools. Moisture resistance. The refrigerator from foam will cost cheaper than an analogue of polystyrene foam;
  • Wood.fiber plate or wood.fiber slab. Additional processing is required due to low resistance to moisture;. Ready.made boxes with lids are preferred. Suitable box for tools or water cooler.

Installation of a coolant

To ensure the effective course of physical processes within a portable mini-cold, installation is performed in the following sequence:

  • perpendicular to the side wall of the box from the inside an aluminum profile is mounted. It will be used to transfer cold to the interior;
  • A radiator is attached to the fixed aluminum profile, with which the redistribution of cold air will be ensured by internal volume;
  • Outside, the Peltier element is mounted on the profile. It is better to refuse the use of glue-mixing due to low efficiency. Shurups are preferred.

So that the car refrigerator provides the required temperature regime, three elements are used to cool the container. A block from a computer is used as a power source. If the refrigerator is connected to a car battery, you need an extension cord extension cord. To regulate the temperature to the refrigerator, the thermostat is connected.

The installation of the element dumplings should be carried out in compliance with a number of rules. Necessary:

  • observe the polarity of the wires. Incorrect connection will lead to the fact that the inside will heat up, and the outer part will cool;
  • timely remove heat from the upper part by installing the cooler. Without it, the element overheats. The intensity of the airflow output determines the power of the system;
  • fix the insulating gasket qualitatively. Its characteristics determine the effectiveness of the cooler;
  • In the process of installation between the parts of the element and the insulating plate, thermal grease should be applied;
  • For uniform distribution of cold and rapid cooling inside the container, another cooler is fixed on the inner surface. He will also prevent the appearance of condensate.

Refrigerators of a different type

If you need a freezer, you should try to assemble a compressor unit. It is characterized by fast and reliable freezing. It is difficult to make such a device yourself. One must have certain knowledge and have a compressor, evaporator and capacitor in stock. Such an unit can be installed in the trailer of the car, going to nature.

There are devices of the absorption type. They include:

  • Generator in which the mixture saturated with ammonia is supplied. After connecting to the power supply system, it boils;
  • a capacitor that ensures heat out of the refrigerator;
  • The absorber, in which, due to the difference in pressure, the water.ammonia solution absorbs ammonia vapors. The process is accompanied by heat release. To prevent overheating, it is cooled with water;
  • evaporator in which pairs of refrigerant stand out;
  • valves;. ensuring the supply of a sent ammonia solution into the generator.

All elements are connected together, forming a closed circuit. Only a master of education will be able to collect the refrigerator. Repair of such a camera is impossible.

make, refrigerator, foam, machine

Thus, the easiest version of the refrigerator for the car is the device on the elements of Dumpete. This is the optimal solution in a situation where a tourist bag-termmos does not suit. Hiking, 12 volts, will be a suitable option for giving, if you provide a special adapter for 220 V.

What can be stored in a portable refrigerator

In your own hands, an isothermal refrigerator, you can store almost any products, including meat and fish. However, preliminarily it is better to pack them in separate plastic bags. Despite the weather conditions, your provisions will remain fresh, and drinks. cold.

A homemade tourist refrigerator will allow not only to build the design of the desired shape and size, but also save a decent amount required to buy a thermogue or cooling box.

At the same time, one algorithm can make containers of different dimensions and use them for picnics, travels, summer fishing, and trips to nature. And if you make a mini-target, then you can put ready-made dinners in it and take with you to work or give the child to school.

Useful tips

So, if everything is clear, then you can proceed to the manufacture of a cold bag. But finally, we want to share some useful tips that will facilitate the process of manufacturing thermal drum and increase the efficiency of using such a device.

  • The thickness of the thermal layer. the more, the better. When you come to a construction store, buy a foilyisone from 0.5-0.8 cm, and foam-from 2-3 cm.
  • You can buy in a large construction store, and the price for it will absolutely not hit your Material consumption. from 1. 1.5 m.
  • It is better to choose a bag for a portable refrigerator from dense, water.repellent materials that have high strength and at the same time are easily washed from pollution.
  • Make sure that the handles and s are tightly sewn, and the fasteners are tightly closed the thermo-dryer. In good production models, external lightning is covered with a special Velcro valve. to reduce heat transfer.
  • For ease of use of a car chlor resour, you can sew a cover with handles on a plywood box. Do not forget to lay pieces of synthetic winterizer between plywood and cover, chopped blanket or any other insulation. thus, you protect the contents of the thermal container from rapid heating.
  • It is better to transport any thermal integrity in a large bag with other things or in the trunk of a car. Make sure that the portable refrigerator does not remain under direct sunlight, and try to open it as little as possible.
  • When thawing frozen cold accumulators that you made yourself, perhaps the appearance of condensate. consider this fact and take care so that the moisture does not spoil the products. For example, wrap everything in separate newspaper sheets.
  • When loading products into an autonomous refrigerator, remember that passes and voids inside the thermal container should be as few as possible. Do not forget to shift the products with cold batteries or ordinary ice packs.

You just can not think of it !!! Foam generator from a plastic canister

With the right manufacture, attentiveness and compliance with our simple recommendations, your thermal mosque or auto.chronicle will pleasantly surprise you with their effectiveness, reliability and durability. At the same time, it’s nice to realize that you were able to save a tidy amount, because in the store such a purchase will cost a significant amount. You can make several thermal gain of different volumes-small boxes for an individual snack in the office or in training, 4-5 liters for purchases or modest picnics, roomy backpacks of 10 liters for large companies and impressive blanks, etc.D. Now, knowing how to make a cold bag with your own hands, it will not be difficult for you!

Homemade refrigerator on the Peltier element

DIY car refrigerator on the Peltier element: drawings, detailed photos of making a home.made description.

This homemade will be useful primarily for motorists, when traveling to nature, to the forest or to the river to the beach, the presence of a car mini refrigerator is very relevant.

In the summer heat in the refrigerator, you can store perishable products and cool drinks, of course you can purchase a ready.made option, but do it yourself will cost much cheaper.

Making a car refrigerator.

We will cool the air in the refrigerator with the help of the Peltier element.

In fact, this is a thermoelectric converter in the form of a small plate, when it is connected to an electric current, the temperature difference occurs in the plate, one side of the plate heats up, the second on the contrary cools down. We will use this feature to work the refrigerator.

  • Polystyrene foam (the author used a sheet size of 1200x600x50 mm).
  • Peltier element (can be purchased in radio stores).
  • Two radiators with coolers from old computers.
  • Thermal paste.
  • Temperature controller with a sensor (sold in radio stores).
  • A piece of wire and a plug for connecting a car cigarette lighter.
  • Foam mounting.

We proceed to the manufacture, first of all from the sheets of polystyrene foam, we will make the case of the future mini refrigerator.

Polistyle foam is a very good heat insulator, even after turning off the refrigerator from electricity, it will keep the cold inside the container for a long time.

The figure shows the size of the case, but you can make the box in its size depending on the required volume of the refrigerator.

A leaf of polystyrene foam is easily cut by a clerical knife, all parts of the box are glued with mounting foam, after applying foam, the parts must be pressed for 5 minutes while the foam grabs.

Now the refrigerator will install the cooling element.

To cool, we will use the dumplings element, when it is connected to the network 12 V, one side becomes very cold, it will cool the air inside the refrigerator. The second side of the element will heat up hard so that the device does not burn out, you need to remove heat, you can do this using a radiator and cooler from a computer.

Cooling device for a car refrigerator.

But if from the inside to the Peltier element simply put the radiator, then it will begin to freeze, optimally install the cooler for uniform removal of the cold from the radiator.

For good heat transfer, between the radiators and the Peltier element, apply the thermal paste layer. We connect radiators together with standard brackets that are used to mount a computer system board.

We test the device’s performance, connect it to the battery for 12 V.

In fact, the device is a plate, on the sides of which radiators with coolers working on blowing are fixed on both sides.

We install the device in the hole of the box, the cooling side inward, the slit between the opening of the case and the device are covered with sealant.

External block, radiator with cooler for removing hot air.

To adjust the temperature, install the temperature controller with the sensor, the wire itself with the sensor must be pulled through the hole into the container. The refrigerator is ready, include it in a car cigarette lighter or directly to the battery of 12 V and use.

One element dumplings cools the refrigerator to a temperature of 3 ° C, at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C.

At 30 ° C on the street, a temperature of 6 ° C is stably maintained in the refrigerator as in a regular refrigerator.

Master Class

A bag designed to create a small refrigerator should be chosen first. The beach option is also suitable. Only then purchase material for a cold-boner case in the store. Decide on the number of thermofolga. The cutting of the details will need to be made without a pattern of handles.

If the bag does not have a large round bottom, then the walls of foil can be connected using a sewing machine (if the thickness of the finishing material allows). In other cases, you need to use tape.

No less interesting version of the refrigerator where you can cool the drinks, it will come from the following materials:

  • A bucket where there was a paint (from any material).
  • Metal grid (Calculation to make yourself).
  • Small cable screed (about 30 pieces).
  • Maslar tape.

The sequence of all works:

  • Eliminate old paint in a bucket and paint it white with a spray can.
  • On the container housing, draw three rows of circles with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm, you need to place them at a certain distance from each other.
  • With the help of a ring saw, drill holes along the planned circles lines.
  • Now you need to cook compartments for drinks. A regular bottle (jar) 2-3 times wrap with a small net, but not very tight. Layers need to be tucked by screeds. Externally, the grid should resemble the cylinder. in size of the bottle.
  • In the cylinder should be put a wiper made of terry fabric. At the bottom you need to put a piece of foam or absorbent fabric.
  • You can place several cells in the bucket. This will be the parameter by which you can determine how many bottles will be cooled. When going to use a bucket for cooling, you need to moisten it with water.

White paint, which covered the walls of the bucket, will reflect the sun’s rays, so that the temperature inside the dishes will not rise. Water evaporates through holes, due to which the desired microclimate will remain.

Karemat product

Most of all, people who are often on hikes know about Karemate. The karemat resembles a rug with good thermal insulation. It is used as a litter in a sleeping bag.

First you need to prepare a mixture consisting of water and ammonia nitrate. The latter can be taken with you on a hike in a dry form. The lid in the bottle must be thoroughly twisted.

Karemat will act as a heat insulator. It needs to be turned into a pipe. You should put drinks and cold batteries inside. The holes in the pipe should be plugged with clothes (this will keep the temperature in the inside of the refrigerator).

Accuracy when handling ammonium nitrate will avoid fires and explosions. Entering edible reserves can cause severe poisoning.

When using this method of creating a refrigerator, it is necessary to exclude contact with products. After preparing the solution, rinse your hands thoroughly.

Nature picnic is an event that will relieve working fatigue in adults. Children play in the fresh air and taste delicious reserves made by mom and dad. A refrigerator made by yourself from improvised means will perform its functions and retain the family budget.

How are all the working moments for the manufacture of the bag itself the refrigerator look in fact you can watch in the attached video.

Cold batteries. the necessary item for the bag refrigerator. And what does the usual diaper have to do with it? All answers in the video tutorial.

Foam box is useful anywhere. How to make it. everything can be seen with your own eyes.

DIY thermobox

Home.made thermal box made by yourself: Photo of manufacture.

Hi all! I made a thermobox into a car, a very necessary thing for traveling in the summer, always cool drinks and foods do not deteriorate at hand.

For the manufacture of a thermox used a foam (thickness 30 mm). Connected the panels with a lock, glued with mounting foam.

The thickness of the walls was 60 mm (glued two sheets 30 mm).

Additionally, the box glued 3 mm with a foil insolon inside, glued with “liquid nails”, and glued the seams of the insolo with aluminum tape.

I did everything by eye, the main thing is to be placed 1.5 liter bottles, and thermobox itself should be placed in the trunk of a car.

I experienced a homemade product as follows: placed four 1 in thermobox.5 liter bottles with ice, laid 6 and a half liter bottles of beer and yogurt on the top on top. Upon arrival after 700 km and heat about 30 degrees, the beer was very cold, while the ice almost melted.

A few days later we went to families to rest on nature. He also threw 4 bottles of ice and marinated meat and threw full thermal box warm drinks. An hour later, everything was cooled to a state from the freezer. In general, I am satisfied with the self.welfare, I recommend for the manufacture.

Also with one more similar homemade. a home.made mini refrigerator on the Peltier element.

How to make a refrigerator into a foam machine

Its advantage is that you can cut out rings of small diameter, because the central hole becomes close to the milling.

In connection with the construction of a new house, it was decided to ennoble the territory with paving slabs. For its independent manufacture, it is advisable to have a vibration

DIY refrigerator in the car (3 options, photos, step)

DIY passive autothermos

I don’t know if I chose the section correctly, but I decided that here this topic will be in place. I suggest everyone to share their experience Home Made here.

I myself want to share with teammates the experience of building a homemade, mobile-comedy refrigerator. The thing is very necessary, for trips to nature and to the sea, of course.

This year we will definitely go to the sea. “Brakes” and drinks, so as not to deteriorate, it is better to keep in the cold. And for this you need a refrigerator. Buy a cigarette lighter from a cigarette lighter for 4500 r. The “toad” does not give me. Therefore, even for the old car, it was decided to make a new, capital refrigerator with “cold batteries” in the form of frozen one and a half with water. The old refrigerator made of packaging cardboard served 3 trips to the south, and was ruthlessly thrown into the garbage dump (attached a photo below (not a garbage dump and a refrigerator)).

So what and how was done. The size of the refrigerator was chosen 400400300 mm, based on the size of the trunk in the previous car (it would take up a lot of space too much, and there would be nowhere to lay things).

Insulate, or rather heat.insulated, I decided to foamed insulation with foil on one side, 10 mm thick. Width 1.2 m, length 1 m. Price for today 90 r/1m.

How to Make a MINI Refrigerator At Home | DIY

The material of the case was the waste of our furniture production. a wood.fiber slab (or, if clearer, wood.fiber plate) 10 mm thick. Bought 2 aluminum corners of 1515 mm for 120 r. For both. Also bought by exhaust rivets 416 (100 pcs 50 p.) and 2 furniture bar loops of 30 r. Each. That’s all expenses. 295 r. Tools and equipment are borrowed at work (where the refrigerator was assembled).

Cutting off the corners, slowly, we begin to collect the box of the future refrigerator.

As a result of the “titanic” works, such a pretty box turned out.

On the lid of the box, I put a clicking lock and folding handle from wire. So that the finished refrigerator with packed food can be transferred in the hand. Otherwise he, stuffed with water and food, becomes very heavy! But, as they say, his burden does not pull.

Now proceed to lay the box from the inside with a heater. I decided that the bottom and cover would be pasted into 2 layers of insulation, and the walls in 1 layer. For gluing I used “liquid nails”. Having smeared the harvesting of the insulation with “nails”, he glued it to the wall and pressed it with a load. It was glued well, then tried to tear it off. the glued seal did not succumb.

As a result, after 3 days of work in free time from the main work (which there is not so much), it turned out such a pretty refrigerator with a folding upper lid on the latch.

In the corners or to the bottom, 4 one and a half liter bottles of water, or 6-8 half-liter, previously frozen in the freezer, will be fixed or laid. You can use mineral water, cold, and with gas, in the heat uh as invigorates. It is better to take a half.liter mineral water, this volume is the most practical. The bottles are not full of water, otherwise when the water freezes, the ice will expand and tear the bottle, and the products will swim in thawed water. To save space in the refrigerator, you can buy in the store a company “Cold Battery”. These are special packages or flat boxes with liquid inside, which are used instead of bottles (one large costs about 120-150r.). Only bottles with spring water are free! And even when the water begins to melt in them (and this is somewhere in a day), it can be used for cold washing or drinking.

Using the previous, cardboard refrigerator, food and drinks not eaten and not drunk along the road, they reached the sea with cold. In the new refrigerator at sea, we even brought our ice, it did not completely melt! This refrigerator can be used as a stool. I did not specifically paint, so that it was visible if something happens from the wood-fiber plate (for example, if it starts to warmer from the water). The refrigerator is completely satisfied, he justified the time and the little money spent on its manufacture. And there is a lot of benefits from him.

DIY passive autothermos

I’ll say right away. that this thermos auto.chronicle was invented by my friend Valera!! For which we are very grateful to him. Lives in the south, it is hot with us, so there are catastrophically not enough auto.chroniclers for products on vacation, especially if we leave a large company. Valera made such a thermos-hub with his own hands a few years ago, so he decided to do this.

Total, having bought a box for children’s toys. 350, 2 sheets of foam 2×50 = 100, 2 two skeins of metallized adhesive tape 2×100200, universal glue 80, mounting foam 120 total 850 and 2.5 hours of my precious time.

After two days, compotes from a thermos on the Dolzhanskaya spit. Over the side of about 40 degrees, the flight is normal:

Active refrigerator on an element DIRTHER with your own hands

Consumables: 1) Peltier element (were rarely used to cool computer processors) http: // = peltier_catref = 1_fln = 1_trksid = p3286.C0.M282HTTP: // 2) old boxing 3) pair of radiators from computers 3) wire and horseradish in a cigarette lighter.

Prelude: somehow boring in the evening, gently stacked computer jewelry from one place to another.By the will of fate, in one hand were the elements of Peltier, in the other radiators. And it was necessary to happen to Providence, the old Esky caught my eye.

In general, after a brew, a crazy thought occurred. Slue the refrigerator from computer rubbish.

Two radiators were taken, holes drilled. Esky made a hole for the radiator. I twisted everything with bolts and it turned out what happened. Outside, a cooler is installed from the processor, on the inside, natural convection.

Pluses = 1) it works. Cons = 2) one element is small. 3) the cigarette lighter heats up. 4) When working, the element not only moves heat from the inside. out, but also produces heat itself. That is, (suppose) when the temperature of the internal radiator drops by two degrees, the temperature of the external radiator increases by four, five degrees, something else was, now I am not right.

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