How to make a robot vacuum cleaner talk

Talking robot vacuum cleaners: funny voice packages

On the Internet there are many videos, in which the authors shoot their robot vacuum cleaners, which speak in Russian. In addition to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner performs the function of cleaning the room in automatic mode, it is able to notify the Russian voice of errors, swear when colliding with objects of interior. It’s funny enough when your smart helper drives around the apartment and grunts, and sometimes the robot vacuum cleaner swears in foul language. In this article we will guide you to the best talking robot vacuum cleaners with Russian voice and show you a video with their voice.

Russian firmware Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner

In order to flash the Xaiomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner first version, you need:

  • Find and download the firmware package with the extension.APK Not to search for long :
  • To find out the token and ip-address of the vacuum cleaner, install on your phone app for vacuum cleaner Xaiomi in Russian: Mi Home. In the application, go to your account, select Application Settings. Network Information
  • Then open the file with the application settings, downloaded in point 1. Looking for mirobot.Ini and type in the values of the token and the IP address
  • You can install the robot vacuum cleaner with root rights. To do this, open a file with the extension.bat. Press numeral 1 in the opened window (meaning the first firmware item) and Enter. The loading time can be about 6-7 minutes.
  • Flash it in Russian to make a robot vacuum cleaner. Russian speaking. Press number 2 and Enter, then choose the desired voice package and press Enter again. On completion of the download (waiting time. about 20 seconds), the vacuum cleaner beeps.
  • Your robot vacuum cleaner says.

Important: The battery of the vacuum cleaner should be more than 20%

Choose language pack for download

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to determine the choice of voice packet for the home assistant. At present, there are already:

  • Leather Bastards package, based on the popular meme. It can contain curses;
  • Scarlet (Alice) supports voice clearing zones.
  • Yandex’s Alice paired with replicas of the housewife Kuzy from the Soviet cartoon of the same name;
  • Maxim’s male voice. Original addresses to the master, such as master and your highness, can be found here, making you feel a bit like a palace owner with subjects. Also, this package is louder than the others by default;
  • voice-over of the droid BB-8 from the Star Wars series; with popular phrases from the cult Soviet films Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession, Operation Y, Gentlemen of Fortune; Winnie the Pooh;

Almost all packages support commenting on basic actions:

  • creating a virtual wall or touching it;
  • scavenging.
  • returning to the charging station;
  • start cleaning;
  • creation of a room map;

It is worth noting that these packages may not be installed on all models of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners. For example, for vacuum cleaner 1S only standard russian voiceover is available.

In addition, Xiaomi has a sub-brand Mijia, and some devices overlap. So, for example, the Mijia LDS vacuum cleaner fits the same packaging and installation instructions as the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Simple instructions

  • Uninstall the default Mi Home app.
  • Download and install Mi Home Vevs app. To install the app from the APK file, enable this option in your phone settings.
  • Login to the app, go to vacuum management and open the current list of standard voice bundles.
  • Replace the main file.bundle in the /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com folder.Xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/rn/1000004//Android to the above.
  • Open the app, select the desired voice package.
  • Uninstall the app and restore the default app.
  • Have fun with leather bastards or Winnie the Pooh.

How to connect a robot vacuum cleaner to Alice

With multiple voice assistants, you can clean your apartment and enjoy all the benefits of a smart home. The most convenient for Russia is Alice from Yandex. Easy connection and control, as well as the ability to synchronize with all Xiaomi Smart devices makes it the choice of almost all owners of robotic vacuum cleaners. Let’s learn how to connect your robot vacuum cleaner to Alice and spend even less time cleaning.

Before we start

Before proceeding to the firmware procedure, you need to consider the following:

  • Only one language package can be “uploaded” to the robot vacuum cleaner at a time. They are switched through the official Mi Home app. That is, voice files are downloaded and installed each time.
  • The factory firmware of the robot vacuum cleaner does not check the voice files. The software contains only a link to download the data package, which will later be installed in the internal memory.
  • To install the “custom” language pack it is enough to “slip” the vacuum cleaner third-party files at the link it requests. Respectively, it is not necessary to modify the firmware itself. It is enough to use a specialized application, which allows you to switch the packets when the robot vacuum cleaner requests the data.
  • Previously, in order to install a third-party voice pack, you had to get the serial number of the device and its “identifier” (token). Now you don’t have to do that. Special software does all this automatically, the user only has to specify which voice pack he/she wants to install to the vacuum cleaner.

Yesterday talking home appliances seemed like a miracle, and today we take it for granted and get upset if the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi does not speak, and before it spoke perfectly.

I have already written many times that the philosophy of the creators of modern complex home appliances, whether phones or robot vacuum cleaners, is to automate as wide a range of tasks, settings and configuration options as possible, leaving the man only a rare opportunity to adjust the device to himself, and, as a rule, these are cosmetic changes.

So if the robot was working fine, talking to you and informing you of its status, but suddenly stopped doing so, we have very limited tools to do anything about it and fix the situation.

I have made some suggestions on what you can try in this case:

  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner has not been bumped, dropped or flooded recently;
  • If possible, update the firmware using the Mi Home app;
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner is paired with the Mi Home app on your smartphone, and check what language is set in its settings;
  • Well, it seems to me that the most reliable way is to reset the robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi to the factory state. If this method does not help, you need to take the device to a service center, a full diagnosis will be required, most likely you will need to replace one of the components: electronic components, shim-controllers and power circuits.
  • Often online stores sell Xiaomi vacuum cleaners intended for sale in China, and they do not work well with the program if it is displayed in another region, such as Russia. Make sure the region is set according to the country for which the cleaner was made;
  • Make sure the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is not running in Do Not Disturb mode, which can be set to automatic, that is, turn on and off on a timer;
make, robot, vacuum, cleaner, talk

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners learned to control via Yandex.Alice

In May 2019, Xiaomi officially announced that some of the manufacturer’s gadgets received support for the Yandex voice assistant.Alice, which is gaining popularity on the expanses of the CIS. Currently, all Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners and smart devices are compatible with Alice. For example, on Yandex.Market in the product cards it is indicated separately for the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (first generation) and an updated version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S (third generation). In this article we decided to tell the readers of the site Robotobzor how to connect Yandex.Alice to Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner and what functions are available in the Russian assistant.

To link Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with Yandex.Alice, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Install Yandex.Browser or Yandex application.
  • Go into the app and select “Devices.”.
  • Select Smart Home service “Add devices” plugin “Xiaomi.
  • Install the plugin and log in (enter the username and password from your Mi Home account).
  • Update the list of devices.

If you do it right, there will be a robot vacuum cleaner on the list, which can be controlled through a voice assistant. However, to date, the list of functions is quite scarce and the possible commands are: “Start cleaning”, “Finish cleaning” and “Pause”.

It is important to note that syncing the robot vacuum cleaner with the voice assistant can cause problems. For example, you will not be able to synchronize your robot with the assistant at the first time, an error will appear and offer to try to connect later. This may be due to congestion of servers, and in this case it’s really better to try again in a while.

The second popular problem. after authorization in the Yandex app, the robot vacuum cleaner does not appear in the list of active devices. This can be due to the fact that you have specified the region of China in your account, and when logging in you have selected Europe. The problem is solved quite simply. you need to go to your account in Mi Home, go to “Accounts permissions”, then go to “Yandex” and unlink all the services. After re-authorization you need to select the correct region and then the robot vacuum cleaner should appear in the list.

Please note that there may be a delay (from 1 to 15 seconds) in commands execution in the application. This is due to the fact that the processing of commands is done on Chinese servers, while the Yandex service is cloud-based.

In general, the idea of controlling the robot vacuum cleaner through the voice assistant Yandex.Alice can be quite promising and is quite a complement to the Smart Home ecosystem from Xiaomi. Waiting for the addition of new functionality and the latest news from the company!

Our video instruction on how to connect Yandex Alice to Roborock family of robots:

Top 5 best robot vacuum cleaners with voiceover

Xiaomi line with the famous Vacuum Cleaner

So, the first place is the most popular talking robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. On youtube there are a lot of video gags with a variety of voiceovers in Russian: Volodya and the cat, the so-called leather bastards (with the voice of bot Maxim), Winnie the Pooh, the female voice, my lord, etc.д.

make, robot, vacuum, cleaner, talk

However, this robot vacuum cleaner is the best not only because of its popularity, but also because of the optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality. A few years ago, the model appeared on the market and literally stirred it up, displacing all the competitors and taking the top of the main ratings. The reason: control via mobile app, high-capacity battery, high quality cleaning and stylish design. For all that, the price is less than 300, while big-name competitors cost over 500.

However, in 2019, the first generation of Xiaomi was replaced by its more functional brethren: Roborock Sweep One, S55, 1S, S6, etc.д. All of them can speak Russian if you set the language pack manually.

The video below clearly shows the best robot vacuum cleaners with voiceover.

Funny voiceover of the second generation Xiaomi:

make, robot, vacuum, cleaner, talk

Most often Xiaomi robots buy on Aliexpress, below is a link to the best prices.

The new Okami lineup

In the fall of 2019 came out 3 new Okami robot vacuum cleaners, we talked about them in a separate article: Each of the new products is good in its own way and will suit different conditions and budgets. Unites all three models high suction power (up to 2500 Pa), collapsible central brush and the ability to speak in Russian (russified alerts).

The new Okami robotic vacuum cleaners speak in a very nice man’s voice and have a voice specifically for Russia. In second place only because there is no way to install some original language pack, like Xiaomi. Nevertheless the characteristics, functions and quality of cleaning are on high level. Not for nothing these robots take a leading place in many ratings.

iClebo Arte and Omega

In the third place we placed another famous robot-vacuum cleaner, which talks in Russian, it is iClebo Omega. It can also be manually upgraded, which will result in about this kind of voice guidance:

As for the Omega itself, this robot is a more expensive competitor to Xiaomi. At the same time the characteristics and functionality are approximately at the same level, there is an important wet cleaning, but the drawback is that there is no control via smartphone. The new iClebo O5 has no this drawback and can speak Russian too, but it has standard tips.

Smaller colleague iClebo Arte speaks even more interesting. Popular video is Volodya and the cat, you can watch for yourself (caution, there is foul language):

The Everybot Arte is even more inferior to the above models, t.к. This robot is quite old-fashioned both in its functionality and characteristics. Nevertheless, if funny robot-vacuum cleaner voice (for example, when it swears) is more important for you, this option cannot be avoided.

Everybot RS700 floor sweeper

This machine is the best robot poloter 2019, which can also be taught to speak in Russian. However, not without intervention on the technical side, about this is told at

How to make a robot vacuum cleaner at home with my own hands. Как сделать робот-пылесос самому.

In general, this robot does not vacuum, but cleans floors, so the owners of homes and apartments with hard flooring, it may be more useful. The Everybot RS700 can also be used to clean vertical surfaces (tiles, mirrors, windows).

CleverClean AQUA-Series 03

And the CleverClean AQUA-Series 03 completes our list. This robot vacuum cleaner from the factory is equipped with a Russian voice (a pleasant female voice). It is not programmed all sorts of gags and swear words, only standard notification of the status of cleaning and other important details.

Nevertheless, when it comes to features and functionality, the 2020 CleverClean AQUA-Series 03 is one of the most versatile robotic vacuum cleaners in the price segment under 25k. rubles. It has control via a mobile app, interchangeable central units (brush or suction opening), a wet cleaning nozzle and several modes of operation. In general, the model is interesting enough, and if you need the Russian voice only for the convenience of using a robot vacuum cleaner, pay attention to this vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaner control via “Okay, Google

Xiaomi has a huge range of products and an even larger army of fans. Many of them in order to make their life easier have opted for such a manufacturer’s product as a robot vacuum cleaner. The range of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners is also very wide and it is easy to find the ideal device for you both in terms of functionality and price range.

All of these devices work through a proprietary smartphone app called Mi Home. Mi Home is the link between the user and the vast majority of Xiaomi smart appliances, allowing you to configure devices, control them and update the software.

In this article we want to tell you how to connect your robot vacuum cleaner to the application Mi Home, you probably have already coped with that on the day when you became the happy owner of the robot. We want to help you manage your vacuum cleaner even more easily, and tell you how to control your device using the voice assistant from Google.

To do this you need to perform a few simple steps on your smartphone running the Android operating system.

  • First, download from Play Market and install the Google Home app. Run the application for the first time, close it, and then run it again. Now at the top of Google Home, you can choose to sync with Xiaomi’s Mi Home app.
  • Congratulations! Oddly enough, the most important thing you’ve already done, there are just a few little things left to do.
  • Open the settings of your smartphone, go to “Google” and select the line “Services in the account”. Open the “Search, Assistant, and Voice Control” item here.
  • Open the “Google Assistant” menu item and go to the second tab called “Assistant”. Find the “Home Management” line and open it.
  • In the list of devices synchronized with Mi Home, find your robotic vacuum cleaner and assign it an alias. using this assigned name you will control it with the voice assistant.

That’s it! Now to start your robot vacuum cleaner just say, “Okay, Google” and say, “Sheldon, start” (instead of “Sheldon” the name of your vacuum cleaner you specified above). And to stop the device, use the command “Sheldon, stop”. Now you no longer need to go into Mi Home to run the standard cleaning. By the way, in exactly the same way you can control not only the robot, but also many other Xiaomi devices.

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