How to make a small car from cardboard


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Race cars are often confused with sports cars. But while the latter, despite the name, are designed for ordinary roads, the former are created exclusively for professional competitions. Задача конструкторов – сохранить устойчивость гоночного автомобиля на виражах, при движении на высокой скорости. Therefore, the appearance of monoposts differs markedly from that of sports and city-cars, which is reflected in the origami models.

How to make a simple car from cardboard | DIY

To create one of them you will need ½ of an A4 sheet of paper.

Handicrafts of a car out of a trash material

If desired, you can use various plastic bottles, trays, various original packaging for making car crafts.

It is possible to install seats in a transparent body made of a plastic bottle and place the passenger figures on them. The design does not have to be complicated. A bottle with a body and wheels is enough.

You can make an interesting racing car out of a can of chips, fixing the wheels of cardboard and attachments with toothpicks. Bright can does not require additional coloring. You will get an unusual car.

It is very easy to make a car with your own hands. For this you will not need special skills, you need to adhere to the following instructions:

    First, you will need to find a car that you like on the internet and print it out on a scrapbook page.

  • Next, the printed model needs to be glued onto cardboard material so that all sides are visible.
  • Now carefully cut out the car along the contour and glue it to the cardboard. You can print out the models on a special crafts site.

There are two types of cars for 3D models: colored and colored to be colored.

Both fun and learning

Once you experience the pleasure of working together, you can be certain that making crafts with children is more than just a fun activity. This is also very educational. Trying to make a car out of cardboard together with mom or dad, a child can learn in detail about the structure of a particular model.

During such an activity, it is easy to explain to your child what each part of the car is for, to acquaint him with different brands and types of cars. Direct participation of the kid in the creative process will contribute to the best memorization of new information. After all, every element of the handicraft he has the opportunity to touch and examine literally from all sides.

Making interesting crafts with children will allow them to acquire many skills. In the process of creativity kids:

    work with different materials, study their properties and main characteristics;

  • they learn to relate objects to each other, distinguish their size, volume, colors, etc;
  • develop imagination, fantasy, spatial thinking;
  • master certain skills (cutting, gluing, drawing, modeling, etc.). д. );
  • Acquire and improve social skills, the ability to work together with adults and peers;
  • get acquainted with the surrounding world, different objects and their purpose.

How to make a car from cardboard with their own hands

Cars. one of the favorite themes for children’s creativity, especially like this theme, of course, boys of all ages. For example, at Life Safety lessons dedicated to firefighting activities, children eagerly make mock-ups of fire trucks. Handmade fire-themed crafts always win prizes at school and kindergarten exhibitions of joint creativity of children and parents.

Previously, for this purpose used matchboxes, but now, when in stores a wide range of different paper materials, for this purpose you can safely use cardboard and colored paper. The main thing is that the material was of high quality and held its shape well. On how to make a car from cardboard with their own hands, you can read on the Internet and in specialized literature, as well as in old and contemporary children’s periodicals.

Soft car crafts

With their own hands can be done and soft machine. They can be used in children’s games, and as an unusual element of the interior.

The easiest way to make such a machine allows you to do without a pattern. You can use thick foam rubber as a filler. From it cut a rectangle whose size corresponds to the size of the product, and a smaller square. When superimposing a square on a rectangle, the base of the craft is formed. This base is lined with fabric.

Then the wheels are sewn to the product. They can also be made from foam circles covered with fabric. Or use conditional applique elements. Sew on headlights, mark the taillights. The simplest soft craft car is ready.

It comes in handy as a toy, can be used as a seat for a child while playing in the nursery, as a sofa cushion. Simple and original product.

Materials for making a car handicraft

Handicraft car can be created from such raw materials:

  • Plasticine;
  • Paper and cardboard;
  • Wooden strips, particle board;
  • Constructors;
  • Waste raw materials. corks, bottle plastic, toilet paper sleeves;
  • Styrofoam, foam rubber, polystyrene.

How to make a car from cardboard: scheme

Now on sale are printed diagrams of different models of cars made of cardboard. These are famous and popular cars of foreign and Russian companies. If you have a color printer, you can print them from websites.

Before you make a car out of cardboard, you must carefully cut it to the contour with scissors, not forgetting the white corners, which then spread a layer of glue.

Assembling such a model is not difficult. You just need to carefully smooth out the folds of the paper with your finger. But this will just be a static toy, all the interest of the child is in assembling and cutting out the model. You can collect them for the sake of the collection and keep them under glass in the closet.

The simplest wagons

Typical vehicle stencils are assembled using scissors, glue sticks, PVA, pencils, felt-tip pens.

Common options are units of colored paper, cardboard, origami, assembled in just a few minutes, if you know the technique of making reminiscent crafts. From you and the descendant will only need to draw everything that will be on the copy: windows, doors, other layers.

Press less firmly where you do not plan to cut with scissors. The optimal way is to follow the given dimensions given in the instructions.

If you have an inkjet printer at home uncomplicated solution will be the use of templates, available online. So, models can be downloaded and printed by anyone. It’s up to the master.

The only difference is the need for photo paper of sufficient density, at least 200g. Don’t skimp: go for glossy, which holds colors much better after drying.

The peculiarity of loaded moulages for the printer is the presence of volumetric movers. they are also cut out and glued. Involve your child to the assembly, so he will be as involved in the procedure as possible.

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