How to make a stove in the country with their own hands

How to make a simple but effective oven?

This option can serve as an alternative to the simplest metal heaters. for example, burzhuyka. With this stove, you can heat the room, cook food, and even admire the flames.

The design takes just over half a square meter. Unlike full-fledged stoves made of bricks, this one does not require a foundation. The weight of the structure is not so great to make a strong base. it is enough to put a strong board.

The stove can be made in a day. One of the advantages of this option is that the first heating is possible in the evening. Certain skills are necessary, but they do not go beyond the skills of the average male.

As a side note! No training in the construction of stoves is required. But it is necessary to observe the poryadovka. this will make the construction as effective as possible in the context of its potential.

What will be needed for work?

This is not only a simple, but also a budget option. For the construction of the structure will be required:

  • brick:
  • fireclay. 37 pcs.;
  • red. 60 pieces.;
  • the ash door;
  • the door of the firebox;
  • grate;
  • latch;
  • Cast iron hob.

Binder: clay mortar. You will need about 20-25 liters of mixture.

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The first thing to do is to determine the location of the stove. Since the weight of the structure is low, there are no restrictions inherent in traditional brick solutions. Fixing sturdy boards or suitable alternative material, the “foundation” is thermally and waterproofed.

The role of an insulator can play a non-flammable material. for example, basalt wool. Put polyethylene or roofing felt on top of the foundation. The size of the latter corresponds to the size of the foundation plus a small allowance.

make, stove, country, their, hands

Pour a 1-2 cm layer of sand on top. The substrate is levelled. It is important to make the base flat. the quality of construction and ease of subsequent work depends on it.

Masonry diagram

  • The first row is placed on the sand, without mortar. A dozen bricks are aligned strictly on the level. The bricks are mortared with the mixture in thin layers, then the ash-pan door is installed at the end. The door is wrapped around the perimeter with asbestos cord, which compensates the thermal expansion of the metal.
  • After fixing the door with the wire, place the second row according to the scheme. The ash-pan is being shaped.
  • Chamotte is used (it has a yellow tint on the scheme). After masonry work, a grate is placed over the ash-pan.
  • Before that, bricks are laid flat. In this row it is put on the rib. Form a flue duct, inside which make the basis for the partition. One of the bricks (it can be seen in the picture) is put “dry”. After that mount the firebox hatch, which is wrapped several times with asbestos strips before installation. But it is necessary to do it so that the door opens well upwards. Fix the element with wire and a couple of bricks.
  • Again lay the brick flat, duplicating the previous row.
  • Again the turn of the “rib” is the second and last row, in which the bricks are put like this. The exception is the next row, in which one of the walls is formed by laying on the edge. Wipe the walls of the chimney with a damp cloth.
  • The bricks are laid flat according to the scheme. The back wall is made, again using the “on the rib” format.
  • This row closes the firebox. A couple of bricks should overhang the firebox, so that the flame is shifted to the middle of the hob. in case the stove will be used as a fireplace (without closing the firebox door).
  • The bricks are slightly shifted to the back wall to prop up the door of the firebox. Before the brickwork, lay strips of asbestos, soaked in water. This ensures the sealing of the gap between the ceramic and cast iron. Directly on the clay mortar, the cast-iron panel can not be put, otherwise the difference in terms of thermal expansion of materials will lead to cracks.
  • At this stage starts the formation of the chimney. The last one, according to the plan, should smoothly expand to the back side. But bricks are used only for the chimney base. The rest is made of light metal. Otherwise, the excess weight of the element can lead to a shift in the center of gravity of the stove.
  • Here mount the damper, sealed with strips of asbestos. It is recommended to coat the latter with clay mortar beforehand. This is the final row, which completes the erection of the oven directly from bricks with their own hands. The remaining couple of rows are given to the chimney, which will then be joined with a lighter metal channel.

After that, remove those bricks, which on the 4th row were laid “dry”. At the same stage the chimney flue and the surface of the stove are cleaned from debris.

Finishing work

The simplest stove does not imply serious decorations. The only decoration is to whitewash. It is recommended to add a little blue and milk to the composition. this will protect the coating from the formation of yellow plaque and bleaching.

Important! Protect the bricks and metal before the work. If you do not do this (for example, with a film), then the stains will not get rid of.

It is necessary to very well lubricate the joints between the brick and the metal of the chimney, as well as the joints between the ceramic and cast iron.

Be sure to cover the joint between the stove bricks and the floor. This will prevent the ingress of baking sand in the room. It is desirable to cover the joint with the sheet. Then make a skirting edging, which serves both as a decoration and an additional element that prevents the “foundation” backfill from falling out.

A functioning stove

The stove is ready. The entire process took no more than one working day. Even now you can try to make a low-powered kindling. You can’t use logs. only wood chips or paper. Wood burning will create too high a temperature, and the construction will crack. You need to give a week or two for the mixture to fully set. After that you can heat the house “the grown-up way”.

How to make a fireplace for dacha heating by yourself

The problem of heating a small cottage or cabin is usually solved in two ways. electric heaters are installed or a metal stove on wood. To build a stationary brick oven will be twice or three times more expensive. The least expensive variant. to make a heating fireplace for dacha yourself, using ready drawings.

Here are two original designs, developed and tested by our expert Vitaly Dashko. The main advantage of heaters is the ability to fully heat 2 adjacent rooms.


Wood-burning stoves for a vacation home are somewhat different from traditional heating stoves for several reasons:

  • The need for heating in most of the country house owners does not always arise, but only on weekends. Many people go to vacation at the cottage, not only in summer, but also in the cold season, and they need to quickly heat the house, which has a low temperature. So, it should quickly heat up itself and warm the room.
  • The size of a vacation home is most often small. For this reason, the stove for dachas should be compact in size.
  • A country house is not a country homestead, and there is no place to store large amounts of fuel. Therefore, the stove for dachas should consume wood economically with high efficiency.
  • Not all dacha cooperatives have gas, and electricity is an expensive pleasure. Many dacha residents use stoves not only for heating, but also for cooking. The ideal heater should be equipped with a cooking surface.
  • Holidays at the cottage. it is a lot of things to do and entertainment, and there is often no time to be distracted by the constant planting of firewood. That is why many countrymen appreciate a long burning mode in the stove.

That is, the ideal stove for cottages. compact, quickly heats up, economically consumes wood, has a cooking surface and can work in the mode of continuous burning. Is it possible to combine all these qualities in one heating stove?

This article discusses various simple designs for cold smoking stoves that can be quickly made at home and on the road. And on how to make a smoke generator for cold smoking, read here: https://gidpopechkam.How do you know how to heat your house?html

How to build a brick stove for your home or cottage

Despite the development of new technologies in the field of heating, the usual brick wood stove remains the main source of heat in many private and holiday homes, garages and various outbuildings. But the erection of even a simple heating stove costs money. the homeowner needs to buy materials and pay for the services of a master stove-mason. To save money in the construction we suggest you make the stove of bricks with your own hands. Below we will tell you how to build it correctly, we will provide drawings and masonry diagrams-arrangements.

Peculiarities of masonry

To ensure that the stove in the country, his hands laid, served for a long time, each row should be checked for right angles and the horizontality of the surface. The sequence of laying can be seen in the rowing drawing.

Cast iron doors of the ash-pan and furnace chamber are fixed with steel wire, which is immured in the masonry. Grind the grate with an angle grinder. In an extreme case, you can do it the old-fashioned way with a mason’s hammer, but in this case there may be a lot of waste on marriage. The area under the grate should be slightly larger than the size of the grid itself. Then, when heated, the metal will not move the brick.

Apply the mortar on the wet brick. Experienced stovesmiths do it by hand, not with a trowel. A good mortar is as easy to apply as soft butter spread on a loaf of bread.

If a brick has sagged lower in the masonry than necessary, remove it, clean the mortar, and lay it on top of fresh mortar. Otherwise, the new stove in the cottage will smoke a lot and leak soot. In contrast to the cement mortar, bricks must not be moved over the clay mortar!

Super Portable Walking-Stick Wood Stoves

When you build a stove in the country house, try to make the inner walls as smooth as possible. That way the soot will not get stuck on them, and it will be easier and less frequent to clean. The outside of the dacha stove must also be neat and beautiful. Carefully widen the outside seams with a fillet or with your finger. In the places where the vaults and horizontal partitions are formed, there should also be no gaps. It is better to lay such rows slowly, one per day, so that the lower rows have time to set, and the upper ones do not crawl.

Teplodar Matrix-100

Heating stove with universal chimney and instantaneous combustion

The model is designed for space heating, equipped with a hob, convection system and slow-burning mode, made of heat-resistant steel.

The device has an upper and rear chimney connection, which allows you to adjust the location of the furnace to the peculiarities of planning.

  • heat output. 10 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. top/rear;
  • functionality. long burning mode;
  • equipment. hob with 1 burner, box for ash;
  • chimney diameter. 115 mm;
  • dimensions. 326061 cm;
  • weight. 52 kg.

On one charge of fire wood the stove works about 8 hours. The unit heats the room very quickly and rationally consumes wood.

Of the disadvantages, users noted the lack of the kit cover for plugging one of the chimney outlets. In addition, based on the instructions for use, the height of the chimney must be at least 6 m, which is not always possible in practice.

The manufacturer recommends alternating between smoldering and intensive burning modes to prolong the service life.

  • Long burn mode
  • Glass window door
  • Cooking surface with a burner
  • Two chimney connection options
  • Rapid heating of the room

TMF Cinderella

Mini-burner stove with a burner. A good choice for a compact room

Modern, multifunctional, stylish heating unit. Improved version of the classic airstream with a modern twist. Has a rectangular shape of the body, which is made of heat-resistant steel with a hinged convector.

  • heating power. 4 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. top;
  • functionality. Long burn mode;
  • complete set. hob with 1 burner, ashtray;
  • tube diameter. 80 mm;
  • dimensions. 404630 cm
  • weight. 27 kg.

Convector panels on the sides to protect from direct radiant heat. Users positively evaluated the compact size of the device, the rapid heating mode.

Among the disadvantages note a small opening of the door, so the wood must be chopped into smaller pieces than for traditional stoves.

  • Compact size and low weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long term combustion system
  • There is a burner and a drawer for the ash
  • Easy loading of firewood. Door opens to 140°
  • The low height of the chimney quickly fills with soot
  • The risk of rupture of weld after 2-3 seasons of active use
  • Time of combustion. 3-4 hours

Vesuvius Mini

Budget, compact and simple stove-burner for summer cottage, garage or house-block

Universal oven designed for installation in utility rooms, has one combustion chamber. Can even be used outdoors as a temporary kitchen for cooking. This is one of the most affordable models, in terms of cost.

  • heat output. 5 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. top;
  • functionality. no;
  • Complete set. cooktop without a burner;
  • the diameter of the tube. 115 mm;
  • Dimensions. 453050 see;
  • weight. 20 kg.

Users appreciated the ease of use of the device, the lightness of design and speed of heating the cottage. Many people liked the length of the oven and the size of the door. parameters allow to put logs of different sizes into the furnace.

make, stove, country, their, hands

Among the disadvantages mentioned was the lack of an ash-pan and a cooking burner. Yes, and the design of the stove is primitive. However, for such an affordable price, few people pay attention to these disadvantages.

  • No slow-burning system
  • The door without glass
  • It is impossible to regulate the combustion intensity
  • No ash drawer
  • No burner

FIRE BATARE 7 anthracite

Good price to heat output ratio

A very stylish, economical wall oven with a good heat output. Equipped with a two-chamber furnace and a drawer for ash. The body is made of stainless steel.

  • heat output. 10 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. top/side;
  • functionality. Long burning mode;
  • complete set. Hob for 1 burner, a container for ash;
  • tube diameter. 120 mm;
  • Dimensions. 377668 cf;
  • weight. 51 kg.

With its small size, the furnace is able to quickly heat the room, and the presence of the cooktop simplifies the process of cooking. Great for homeowners who want to spend more time out of town even during the cold season.

  • Long combustion mode
  • Slot convectors
  • Two ways to connect the chimney: top and side
  • Hob with a burner
  • Easy installation

Breneran AOT-14/02

Powerful bell-less stove. an interesting option for a spacious cottage

The product is a round steel firebox with full-metal pipes mounted in the body to enhance convection. Body is painted with heat-resistant enamel.

Unlike competitor models, the design includes 2 combustion chambers. In the lower compartment the wood burns, and in the upper compartment the combustion of gases is carried out. Spike-less stove. The wood is not burned on the grate, but on the ash from the previous firing.

  • heat output. 18 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. back;
  • functionality. Secondary afterburning, long combustion mode;
  • complete set. box for ashes;
  • chimney diameter. 150 mm
  • dimensions. 598494 see
  • weight. 130 kg.

During operation, the massive body stores thermal energy and then gradually releases it, maintaining the temperature in the room for several hours.

Before you buy a device is worth remembering that the chimney length should be at least 7 m, according to the instructions, you will also need a container for condensate drainage. Model works well with dry wood only.

  • Suitable for large rooms. up to 160 sq. м
  • Burning time. up to 10 hours
  • Control of combustion intensity
  • There is a drawer for the ash
  • Economical fuel consumption


A vertical stove with a spacious ash drawer and the ability to regulate the level of the flame

The unusual design of this narrow vertical stove fits well in small rooms. And the self-cleaning glass system allows you to enjoy the magical view of the flames at any time.

  • heat output. 5 kW;
  • chimney connection. rear;
  • functionality. technology “clean glass”, adjusting the level of the flame;
  • equipment. Ash container;
  • tube diameter. 120 mm
  • dimensions. 339135 cm;
  • weight. 60 kg.

Users love the ceramic glass door, which has a reliable lock, providing protection from sparks and intense heat. In addition, the model is equipped with a hob, which makes it possible to cook food on it.

In order to consume wood more rationally, experts recommend alternating horizontal and vertical stacking in the furnace. So the wood burns more slowly.

  • Attractive design
  • Clean Glass System
  • Wood can be piled vertically
  • Control of combustion intensity
  • Low weight and easy installation

Brandenburg Prism with cast iron plate

Functional wall mounted stove with ceramic finish

High-efficiency wall-mounted stove-fireplace, designed for heating living spaces up to 120 m³. Equipped with secondary afterburning system.

  • thermal capacity. 5 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. rear;
  • functionality. technology “clear glass”, the level of flame control;
  • equipment. container for ash;
  • tube diameter. 120 mm;
  • Dimensions. 339135 cm;
  • weight. 60 kg.

Cast iron door glazed with special glass that can withstand temperatures up to 800° C and has a self-cleaning system.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this wood-burning stove is its cost, which not every cottage owner can afford.

  • Beautiful design
  • Removable ash drawer and compartment for firewood
  • Cooking surface with a hob
  • Clean glass system
  • Large heating power

Kratki Koza K7

Cast iron stove-fireplace from the Polish brand. Beautiful workmanship and quality assembly

Highly efficient cast iron stove with a glass door is well suited for heating living quarters, cottages. Case and furnace material. heat-resistant cast iron. The model has interchangeable side panels.

Among the competitive stoves, the Kratki Koza K7 stands out due to its interesting design. Such fireplace will become a decoration of a living room of the cottage.

  • heat output. 7 kW;
  • chimney connection. back/top;
  • functionality. technology “clean glass”, “cold handle”;
  • equipment. ash container;
  • tube diameter. 130 mm;
  • dimensions. 545641 cm;
  • weight. 75 kg.

Cast iron covers of fuel compartment and ash drawer. It is possible to regulate the air access to change the intensity of combustion.

If you believe the reviews of users, it is a good functional model, which quite justifies its

There are some complaints about smoke leaking through the gaps near the doors. However, this is not due to poor sealing of the stove, but due to illiterate connection of the chimney and insufficient draft.

Easiest Tin Can Rocket Stove Hybrid. No Drill Required.

make, stove, country, their, hands


Premium multifunctional heating stove with burner and oven

Wall oven is designed for domestic premises with a capacity of 240 m³, equipped with an oven. With compartment for storing and drying firewood, cabinet material. heat-resistant steel, firebox. cast iron.

The stove is decorated with a natural stone. talcochlorite. Top perimeter edging to protect the user and to serve as a towel warmer.

Special feature of the MBS Magnum PLUS. Oven and a convenient niche for warming up food.

  • heat output. 12 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. back/upper;
  • functionality. extended lighter, “cold handle”;
  • complete set. Ash container, cooktop with burner, oven, wood compartment, niche for heating food;
  • tube diameter. 120 mm;
  • dimensions. 958560 cm
  • weight. 168 kg.

Impressive size and no less impressive thermal power allows you to heat large areas. Demand for the model is limited to a high price tag. for about 80 thousand.

  • Cooktop with hob, oven and niche for warming up food
  • There is an ash drawer and compartment for firewood
  • High efficiency. 89%
  • Large service area. up to 80 sq. м
  • There is a protective rail

Harvia WU100

Heating and cooking stove with two burners from the Finnish brand

The Finnish brand specializes in the production of equipment for spas and saunas, but the model Harvia WU100 is designed for home use. The unit is perfect for a country house or a hunting lodge.

The stove is made of high-quality cast iron and is equipped with a spacious ash drawer and a window door. The model features two burners of different diameters.

  • heat output. 6.7 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. rear;
  • Functionality. regulating the level of flame;
  • Complete. a container for ash, a hob with two burners, a compartment for firewood;
  • The diameter of the pipe. 115 mm;
  • dimensions. 367557;
  • weight. 85 kg.

High quality build quality of the stove. Thanks to the cast-iron furnace unit slowly gives the accumulated heat, so the number of loads the furnace can be reduced.

  • Hob with two burners
  • Door with glass window
  • High efficiency. 80%
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Hob and furnace made of cast iron

Kratki Koza K9

Capacious furnace, stylish design and high heating capacity

The design of the fireplace stove attracts the attention of many customers. Such a unit will be a decoration of any cottage. In addition to its appearance, the stove has a good heat output and a large furnace.

Burner in the model Kratki Koza K9 is not provided, but it can be placed on the place allocated for the chimney. In this case the connection to the chimney will be at the back.

  • Thermal power. 13 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. top/rear;
  • Functionality. adjusting the level of the flame, the system “clean glass”;
  • The equipment. a container for ash;
  • pipe diameter. 115 mm;
  • dimensions. 776655;
  • weight. 160 kg.

Reviews on the operation of the furnace are mainly positive. Users are satisfied with the heating power. the house heats up in 40-50 minutes. The wood burns and smolders in the furnace for 4 hours, after which the stove cools down slowly and continues to give heat to the room.

There are isolated complaints about smoke seepage from behind the door. However, this situation can be observed if the unit is not used properly and there is insufficient draft in the chimney.

  • Nice design
  • Large firebox and clear glass
  • Good heating power
  • The stove heats up quickly and keeps good heat
  • Two options for connection to the chimney

MBS Olymp plus

Practical solution for a country house of 50-60 square meters. м. universal stove-fireplace with a hob

Serbian-made stove MBS Olymp plus boasts a cast-iron firebox, good combustion power and attractive design. Model is suitable for homes with an area of 50-60 sq.m. м.

The unit is universal. in addition to heating the room, the stove is also designed for cooking. The door with glass allows you to watch the flame and control the intensity of combustion.

The stove is lined with natural stone, along the perimeter of the cooking surface there is a protective rail, which can be used for drying towels.

  • thermal capacity. 12 kW;
  • connection to the chimney. rear;
  • Functionality. long burning mode;
  • complete set. a container for ash, a hob, a compartment for firewood;
  • pipe diameter. 120 mm
  • Overall dimensions. 488560;
  • weight. 131 kg.

The manufacturer in the technical documentation for MBS Olymp plus says that the continuous burning time with a single charge of fuel is 5 hours. However, users say that the wood must be inserted every 3-4 hours.

  • High heating capacity
  • There is a protective rail around the perimeter of the stove
  • Attractive design
  • Compartment for firewood and drawer ash drawer
  • Cooktop with burner

Main design features

The standard metal stove consists of the following basic elements:

  • firebox;
  • ash pan;
  • Tank for stones (if the stove is created for use in the bath, in other circumstances such a tank can be dispensed with);
  • hot water tank (if necessary);
  • fire grates;
  • chimney for smoke extraction;
  • doors for the firebox;
  • ash door for the ash pan;
  • chimney shutters.

Grates are installed in the firebox above the ash pan. If there is a need to install a hot water tank, the tank is usually attached directly to the stove or slightly above it. In order to heat water, a flue pipe is usually passed through the vessel.

The doors mentioned above will prevent small embers, wood and sparks from flying into the room to be heated.

You can use sheet iron, drums, pipes 50 cm and larger fire extinguishers for the body of the metal oven. Prefabricated pots are preferred because.к. This greatly reduces the amount of welding work required.

Build a rocket stove in one minute with 4 blocks! Survivalist how to with 50 year old Farm Girl

Before using the pipe to make a stove, carefully examine its condition for rust and other damage. If you find holes, patch them. In areas with the most serious damage, you can make a door for the ash drawer or furnace of the stove.

What does it mean. simple?

It is further understood that a simple stove, which is possible to quickly make their own hands, must meet the following. requirements:

  • A person who builds such an oven does not need to be deeply versed in stovemaking. Ideally, he does not need to know anything about it at all;
  • The stove should run on low-quality waste fuel with a thermal efficiency (this is analogous to the efficiency of heat machines) of not less than 35-40%;
  • The brick stove should not require a long drying time after construction and “run-up” furnaces to bring it to its rated heat output;
  • It should consist of no more than 115-120 bricks, so that all the necessary materials can be brought at once in the trunk of a car or on a trailer to it;
  • Stove fittings (doors, cooktops, burners) should use the most common (so that used ones can be used) and/or cheap ones;
  • The masonry of a brick oven should not contain complex joints, sawn (cut with an angle grinder) bricks, transitions from red brick to fireclay brick and steel embedded.

Varieties of outdoor stoves

When choosing a design, many factors are taken into account, but the main ones are the performance and purpose of the device. Take into account in advance what dishes on the outdoor oven will be cooked more often, how many people they are designed for. Other things to think about. financial possibilities, assessment of one’s construction skills.


This hearth is notable for its simplicity and versatility. This design allows you to cook, roast or bake the food. The body of the appliance is made of brick. At the bottom there is a furnace compartment. On top there is a platform on which the dishes, grates, rotisserie or skewers are placed. This is the simplest outdoor oven, the functionality of which can be somewhat expanded: for example, to install additional shelves for dishes or products.


This pretty design is more often installed not in the open air, but in enclosed gazebos. But in the first case, it serves as an additional decorative element. To make the cooking possible, above the firebox there is installed the grate, which serves as the support for dishes, skewers and grates. Such a heater can be made of stone, brick or metal, and then it is tiled.


Barbecue is a frequent attribute of country life. It is a rectangular container with holes in the bottom for air inflow. In the upper part of the design cut out hollows for fixing skewers. In this case, metal thickness of at least 6 mm is often used. This material can successfully resist the heat coming from the coals. Designs are made on legs (wheels, skids), embedded in concrete.

Stove with a stove

The design with a hob is the next device, claiming to be “the simplest outdoor oven”. This option is chosen by those dacha owners, who periodically go to the site, and they need the stove for heating food or water. The body is usually made of thick sheet steel or cast iron. To protect the product from thieves, the stove is either portable or attached to the foundation with embedded mortars.

Russian oven

This traditional design is not the easiest outdoor oven, but it can be a great decorative element of the site. It is used for cooking, smoking food, frying. If you make the hob removable, then in the Russian oven it will be possible to cook kebabs. It must be hidden under a roof, because the clay from the moisture will soften. To build such a device you will need from 2500 to 3000 bricks, the exact number depends on the size of the oven.


Such an exotic stove is made of refractory bricks or stone. In finished form, the construction has an unusual shape: it is a large jug, which not only does not spoil the view of the site, it also looks very exotic. Often a simple barrel is used for its manufacture, it is coated with clay inside and outside. Cooking involves all surfaces of the vessel: its throat and walls. On top of the racks the cauldron is placed and the grates are placed.

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