How to make an air cooler with your own hands

Making air conditioner by ourselves at home

Air conditioner is one of the most important household appliances that helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. You can buy it at any hardware store, but the price will be quite high. Not every person can afford additional financial expenses, therefore the best solution in this situation will be a production of an air conditioner with their own hands. Such design will be much cheaper and more economical.

Before making an air conditioner at home, it is necessary to study in detail its design and principle of operation. Owning this information, you can choose the most effective version of a homemade structure, which will work qualitatively and do not waste a large amount of electricity. Besides it is important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of such conditioners, as well as to weigh possible risks.

Advantages of designs made with their own hands:

  • 1. A properly assembled device will cool the air in the room quickly.
  • 2. To perform the work you will need a minimum amount of materials and tools, which can easily be found in specialized stores in the city.
  • 3. Monetary costs for a homemade air conditioner for the home are much lower than for a factory device.
  • 4. Due to the simple design, the repair of the device does not require special knowledge and skills from the owner.

In addition to the listed advantages, the ready-made apparatus has several disadvantages. They must be taken into account before buying materials and starting the assembly. Otherwise, you will get an inefficient device that will not be able to perform the functions assigned to it.

The disadvantages of a homemade cooler include the following:

  • Strictly limited time of work;
  • The need to constantly replenish the stock of ice;
  • Cooling only one room in the apartment;
  • high power consumption, which entails significant financial costs;
  • strong increase of air humidity indicators;
  • Difficulties of service and maintenance of operability.

How the ordinary air conditioner works?

In order to reveal strengths and weaknesses of self-made coolers at first it will be useful to understand the structure of traditional split-systems and how they work. Such climatic unit consists of several parts and units:

make, cooler, your, hands
  • An external and internal radiator, called a heat exchanger;
  • The radiators are connected to each other by copper tubes, where the gaseous substance circulates, freon (technical name: refrigerant);
  • There is a compressor on one line, which creates excessive pressure and forces freon to move along the tubes and to condense;
  • a special expansion valve is cut into the second line.

Important. The principle of operation of the refrigeration machine, which air conditioner is, is based on the freon ability to evaporate at low temperatures, due to what the heat energy is transferred from the premise to the street.

The refrigerant constantly travels in a closed circle, evaporating in one heat exchanger and condensing in the other one. The algorithm of heat transfer looks like this:

  • Freon enters into internal cooler (it is also internal module of split-system) as liquid. The flow of room air, blown by a fan, passes through the fins of the heat exchanger, causing the refrigerant to heat up and evaporate. At this point, there is an intensive extraction of heat from the air environment of the room.
  • Then gaseous freon enters the compressor, which increases its pressure. The goal is to compress the substance to the point where it condenses in the outdoor radiator, where the temperature is even higher than in the room.
  • Once in the external heat exchanger, blown by its fan, the refrigerant changes to a liquid state and moves through the tube back into the room. At the moment of transition it gives up to the outside air the heat taken from the room.
  • On the way back, the liquid freon passes through the expansion valve to lower the pressure so that it can evaporate into the internal radiator. After that the cycle repeats.

Note. All processes in the split system are controlled by an electronic unit with various sensors.

make, cooler, your, hands

As you see, the device of factory air conditioner and the principle of action is quite complex. It can be realized in home conditions by technically competent specialist in this field, but not by ordinary user. Yes, and it is necessary to spend money on spare parts. Makeshift designs of cooling devices are much easier and cheaper to produce.

How to make an air conditioner with your own hands from a fan: 5 ways

When it is hot we want more than anything to decrease the temperature at home, so it will be possible to do household chores and have a rest comfortably, without breaking a sweat. And when the thermometer reaches 30 degrees we especially want to buy an air conditioner, but the price is too high. What to do? You can try to make an air conditioner from an ordinary fan. it is simple and does not take much time. But you will enjoy a pleasant coolness!

There are several variants how to make an air conditioner with your own hands at your home in order to escape from the heat. We tell you more about them.


I will not write about the inhabitants of cities in the European part of Russia, who are languishing because of the abnormal heat. If you personally do not belong to them, or you adore heat and feel perfectly well among heated concrete and asphalt, then do not read this post.

So, the heat is sick of it. Not everybody can afford a “real” air conditioner, and it is not only a question of money. The queue on installation of split-systems is already booked up for a month ahead, and the floor conditioner, which does not require installation, is an agramadnoisy fool, which will take the precious space of the city apartment for 9-10 months a year stupidly and uselessly. Fans are of little use, t.к. they are still blowing the same hot air, which does not bring relief.

But, as you know, the new. is a well forgotten old thing. There is such a thing. Evaporative conditioner, which, due to its simple principle, can be constructed with one’s own hands. In Inet one can meet descriptions of such self-made conditioners, but the offered constructions are rather labor-intensive to make, and a modern citizen of a megalopolis has so little free time. And not everybody dares to drill-saw-cut-paint in his apartment.

But there is a way out! Being such a busy city dweller, I invented and tried out an evaporative air conditioner that is sculpted out of shit and sticks of improvised materials in literally 15 minutes. The tools you will need are:. arm. 2 pcs.a screwdriver. 1 pc.Materials:. exhaust duct fan. 1 pc. (can be bought at any building market);- a flexible corrugated aluminium ventilation pipe. 1 pc. (bought in the same place)-wire with plug. 1 pc. (again, in the same place).Total budget. a few hundred wooden ones.

The fan should take the maximum capacity. I found the most powerful of the household for 300 cubic meters.m / h, all more powerful were industrial, and therefore noticeably more expensive and noisy. Please note that it must be aspirated, i.e.е. blow to the side where the pipe is connected to it.

So. The pipe a little bit stretch and bend as shown in the photo (it perfectly bends, stretches and holds shape). The lifted end of a pipe with the tape or self-tapping screws we fasten to any support (I used a cardboard box from under the same fan). Connect the wire to the fan and insert the fan into the pipe.

Pour some cold water into the pipe and loosely, loosely lay in the water with cotton rags. When they are soaked with water, refill the water, so that there is a little water over the rags. All I got a layer of water and rags in a third. half of the cross section of the pipe. All. Switching on!

After half an hour of work, when the water has cooled down, the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet pipe is as much as 5 degrees. the improvised air conditioner lowered the temperature from 31 to 26 C! Pouring snow-ice scraped off the walls of the freezer into the tube over the water gave another 1 degree. YES.

Follow-up. It is unreal to drag the tube with water inside (it bends), that’s why it makes sense to improve the construction, fixing it on some support. It is possible to tape everything to a suitable board, it is possible to invent a more elegant holder. It all depends on your imagination.

make, cooler, your, hands

Yes, it is known that the cold air, being given to itself, goes down, that is why the outlet cut of the tube has sense to direct a little bit upwards, and to put the construction itself not on the floor but on a table or night table so that to cool not only your feet.

With a pipe diameter of 150 mm, a length of 450 mm filled with water and a 300 cc fan.m/h my device, of course, was not able to cool the whole room. However, it is quite capable of creating a comfort zone around the workplace or bed. Now I am sitting at the computer in a pleasant coolness 🙂 How to increase productivity if you need to? You can increase the length and the cross-section of the pipe, put a more productive fan, assemble a few devices into a battery. Also, I haven’t yet experimented with the amount of water and rags and their material. In general, the potential for improvement is great!

How I Installed Air Conditioning With My Hands

The summer has come! This year summer in the Ural region is more pleasant than ever.Just recently we had a joyous event in our family. an increase in living. of living space. The apartment is spacious and light, high floor, not in the block, all the windows face west, which means that in the afternoon on any clear day the sun burns so that the apartment turns into a spacious light bath. Curtains and blinds make life just a little bit easier.Already at the stage of purchase it was clear that it will be necessary to put an air conditioner, and maybe two.Now I will try to tell you about what awaits a man, who knows this technique only by the ON/OFF button in his workplace.The goal is. we are saving money. We were saving up until June. I should say at once that it is worth buying climate control equipment not in season when it is in high demand, i.e. air conditioner in summer, heater in winter, but vice versa.I bought my air conditioner in June for 13940, now after two months, its price tag is already 11540.While the money is piling up, began to quietly learn the in different firms, what was my surprise when they called the amount of 22 thousand. What a bummer, I’m just in time for the New Year with the air conditioner.I did not expect such prices, in stores you look at a price tag of 9-15.р. Well, 16-20 if the model is very sophisticated, and there 22 for the most simple model. I decided to take a look and read what is what.As a result we have a few ways:1 Installation through a climatic company. at the output we have an air conditioner, installation, a guarantee on the quality of the product factory and the company, we have more important company warranty, with a marriage it will destroy itself, a guarantee on the installation, as well as some time of free service and discounts for post-warranty service.2Purchase of air conditioner in a store and further installation either by a firm with which this store has a contract or by an outside firm dealing with installation. what we have, air conditioner at the store price, installation for a separate price, factory warranty on the product, a warranty on installation and also service. it depends on how much the firm untwists you.3. purchase of air conditioner in a store and further installation, through the third cousin of my aunt in my father’s line, possibly Petrovich. we get air conditioner at store price, installation. as you have agreed, factory warranty, a guarantee on installation. as the case may be, after-sales service. Petrovich will explain everything.4Buying air conditioner in a store and installation by yourself (if you know everything about it). factory warranty.

In principle, as any other normal person with income below average, I leaned towards the second and third option, but in the absence of familiar Petrovich third option fell away by itself.And here I am happy with the sum of 16 thousand.р., I’m ordering an air conditioner, at the rate of 3t.р. out of that money to install it, in fact there’s 2 thousand left.Enough on the Split-system STARWIND TAC-09CHSA/BR (set of 2 boxes) 13940rub.

The next day I start calling companies for the installation of air conditioners. I call one, they say well 5500-6000 thousand, the second. the same price tag, the third. those in general as they learn that the room adjoins a loggia, prepare 7 thousand, and there we will deal. I’m shocked.Followed by a week of stalling and searching for the best budget solution.That is the end of all lyrics.I decided to take the hardest way and try to install conditioner by myself.

How I Installed Air Conditioning With My Own Hands. Not an instruction manual for action. Before you do that, I even watched dozens of videos about the “installation” and read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on forums of people who actually install climate control equipment. In addition to this work as an electrician and have the ideas and skills to install electrical equipment.

The installation of the indoor and outdoor unit itself is no problem.

The external unit to install a little bit more difficult, a situation when you can not do without a tower or a professional moldboarder. In my case everything is simple, the outdoor unit will hang on the parapet of the loggia.The outdoor unit is installed on special brackets, which are sold separately (by the way the package does not include no brackets, no copper pipes, no wires, who did not know). Bracket I decided to make myself, this is what came out of it

Installation is elementary, screwed the amplifier to the level, drilled holes planned in advance, screwed bracket, in fact for the parapet is not necessary to get down because drilled everything from the inside, from the outside will only need a wrench to hold the bolts.Outdoor unit elementary put on the bracket and screwed, it is better to ask for someone to back it up, God forbid not to drop it, I helped my wife, there is even a video of installation of the outdoor unit.

Then comes the most difficult part. laying the route. It is necessary to drill a wall so that two copper pipes, a drainage hose and an electrical cable can pass there.

How to make a home air conditioner with your own hands from cardboard

It’s cool to have a powerful drill with a thick shank and an industrial vacuum cleaner. But I drilled some holes with an ordinary peorator, a 32 gauge drill, it took me two hours to make the neighbors happy, and then I covered the whole room with dust. The difficulty was also in the fact that the brick house and the thickness of the walls is 700mm.

The construction of such a household appliance, as an air conditioner, is quite complicated. The system of air cooling operates due to the transfer of heat from one zone to another: in the hot season. from the house to the street, and in the winter months. from the space behind the walls of the apartment inside it. For the circulation of warm air masses is responsible special substance. freon, which, if necessary, boils and turns into a gaseous state, getting a low temperature.

The temperature of air in the room and pressure of freon, called refrigerant, is controlled by an electronic control unit, which begins to work after receiving signals from special sensors. Since the functioning of the air conditioner is a complex process, it is not easy to make a system for cooling the air environment yourself.

Self-made conditioners are notable for the fact that they operate as a result of blowing the air in the room through the cold objects. This object can be pieces of ice, or devices that produce cold, which are used to store food in the bags during their transportation in the summertime.

Air conditioner with my own hands

During the warm period many people who do not have home air conditioner start to search the variants of escape from the heat. Most often this “salvation” is a fan or absolutely useless mini-conditioners, representing a fan and the reservoir of water. Such conditioner not only does not cool, but on the contrary makes it only worse, though during the first half of an hour it seems that it has helped. The temperature goes down by half a degree and it becomes deceptively cool, after that the humidified air begins to heat up rapidly and it becomes not only hot, but it is stuffy too.

This thing doesn’t help in the heat

Today we will not repeat others’ mistakes, we will try to “hack”, oops, that is to assemble from improvised means something, remotely resembling a device for creation of comfortable temperature in a hot day, namely a self-made conditioner. And it will cost us all even cheaper, than the described above useless mini conditioner from Aliexpress.

As always, to bore you with purpose, I will begin from afar.

Being a man of an older generation, I grew up in the country where an air conditioner was a luxury and a split-system was generally perceived as something unattainable, therefore in hot summer evenings thoughts about how to improve microclimate in an apartment visited me several times, but they all usually were limited either by understanding that it is necessary to set air conditioner or by a fan, on which in the best case it was possible to put a wet gauze, which was enough for five minutes until this gauze dried up.

In the course of time the air conditioner has ceased to be a luxury, new opportunities emerged and the thought of constructing my own cooler has gone into oblivion, but this summer it became necessary to improve the microclimate in the workshop, where there is no sense to put an air conditioner, and there is no place for it there.

Challenge accepted, so let’s start making.

By the way, in my experiments as a rule I use the cheapest units, a part of which I try to make myself, because it is banal and uninteresting just to buy ready and to install, even if I speak about the fasteners, that’s why in all my self-made products there is a touch of that sloppiness and post-apocalyptic, because often the process is more important than the result. Will be so this time, so do not kick too much, but, in fact, kick as you want.

Ice and cooler

Mini air conditioner with their own hands can be made from such parts:

  • tin or plastic container;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • drill;
  • old CD;
  • Cooler (mini-fan);
  • USB cable;
  • ice.

The container is drilled at the bottom all around the perimeter for the suction of air, disk carefully drilled in several places. At a distance of 1/3 from the bottom, screw in three self-tapping screws that will hold the disk in position. Ice is placed on the CD, the entire structure is closed with a lid, on which the cooler is rigidly mounted. it will draw the cooled air from the inside. We connect the old USB cable to the cooler and the other end to the socket of the system unit or laptop.

For users to learn the entire manufacturing process, there is

Conditioner made out of cans

It is possible to make a self-made conditioner for a house from improvised materials and even without use of electric power. For this you need to prepare a large number of two-liter plastic bottles and cut off about one-third (top) of each. The bottom part is not needed, but from the caps will need to cut off the flat (also the top) part. Next you need to take a sheet of plywood. Its size should correspond to the size of the window (or its sash), in which the homemade conditioner will be inserted.

Every fifteen centimeters, the holes are made in rows all over the plywood. To do this, use a feather drill bit or a wood crown. Next, the bottles are inserted into the holes, and the caps are screwed on the back side of the plywood. Handmade air conditioner is ready. After placing it in a window frame without glass with the wide sides of the bottles outside, the cooling will begin to work.

You should not expect miracles from such an air conditioner. depending on conditions, it can cool the air coming from the street no more than 3-5 ℃.

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